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Message in a Bottle personalised childrens book

Its no secret we love reading in the Mamma Fairy house, therefore when we were offered the opportunity to be part of the launch team for the personalised children’s book Message in a Bottle, I didn’t hesitate to get involved.


The Story

The basic premise of the book tracks the adventures of Kiki who travels the world to deliver a very special message.  The lovely thing about the book is that your childs name  and home location is mentioned throughout the book, concluding in Kiki delivering a special truly personalised message. This can to mark an occasion such as starting school, the arrival of a sibling or moving house – a lovely keepsake too.

For me, without question the level of detail in the illustrations is a must see, they are bright, colourful and engaging. Both of boys were so intrigued by them. The content itself is both educational and engaging.  It holds the attention of my pair which is no mean feat!

How to order

The ordering process is very simple and easy to follow via the website.  Delivery is free within the EU and the leadtime was very short for us.

This is definitely one to add to the Christmas book list.


Note: we have been part of the launch team and receieved a copy of the book for the purpose of the review.  However the views are my own and the boys where appropriate.


3 ways I know im married to a builder

I am married to a builder……….

My husband is honestly one of the hardest working men I know between his work as a stonemason, his farming and being a brilliant dad to the two wee men however……this leads me to a conversation myself and my colleague had recently.  Three reasons you would know im married to a builder…….she concurs by the way!

1 – Tools, tools tools…..

ehardware2They are everywhere and I mean everywhere. From big to small to everything in between. No space is free when he is finished his days work!



2 – Work wear

At this stage I could sell Hi-viz vests, the kids love trying them on (!!). He owns more wear wear than casual clothes….think this page  from Engelbert Strauss his brand of choice, they are everywhere.  engelTo be fair it makes the present buying easy, the washing not so much! For any other farming mamas out there, they do a great range of kids protective clothes. Something which I am very strict on when they are out on the farm.

3- Our house is never finished

I’m not complaining…. but our house is never finished. We  undertook a mammoth renovation project when we bought our new house 2 years ago and its still on going, extending up and out and all the rest.  He loves to keep working on the house basically because he can. I love his vision and his resolve to give me the house of my dreams. Im currently waiting on a beautiful kitchen from Cherrymore to arrive. Hopefully by Christmas we will be done!

Fairy Travels

Harveys Point Anniversary Trip

We got married in the stunning Harveys Point 5 years ago and make a point of returning each year.  This was the first year we took the kids!! I have such a grá for this hotel, our wedding day was spent here, we celebrated here the weekend I found out I was pregnant with my first little man.  We spent our first weekend without him here too!!

If you have ever visited you will know why – in a word its pure luxury but even more so its its staff.  There aren’t enough words I could use to describe the staff at this hotel. Its a testament to the hotel when my husband muttered to me over dinner that all hotel staff should be sent her to train! I’ll admit I was a tad apprehensive about taking the kids to the hotel, I was so wrong. The staff particularly at dinner and breakfast treated my kids like they were VIP paying guests.  They played with them, treated them and best of all Mamma and Dada had dinner out with 2 kids in tow with no stress! That doesn’t happen much!

The rooms

The rooms here are wow, they are huge! We booked a delux room with 2 doubles and it was huge! More than enough room for the Mamma Fairy family.  Most notably the room was spotless, fresh and so welcoming.  There is also a 2 person jacuzzi!! 😉

The Food

We had dinner and breakfast at the hotel and both are simply amazing (the pancakes!!! Yum – seriously yum).   At dinner time I spotted the owner Deirdre meeting and greeting guests.  Something which the tour group from the US who were seated next to us (and played with my youngest for the entire dinner – thank you for that!) really appreciated. With Harveys Point its the little things that combined make a top class service offering.  The same group were down for breakfast the same time as us (this time a lovely couple who visit twice a year from Galway entertained my youngest! – again thank you!).  The charismatic Noel Cunningham greeted his guests at breakfast who loved his infectious good mood first thing in the morning.

We also met the lovely Sarah who was our wedding planner five years ago at breakfast that morning too, again another staff member who went above and beyond to make us feel like we were valued guests.

This isn’t a free stay or a review – I paid for my stay. I am just a really satisfied customer who will continue to return year after year.  I was thrilled to see Harveys Point win Georgina Campbell Hotel of the Year 2017 – a very well deserved accolade.

For best rates I always book direct.









#officeyoga – excercising at your desk!

As many of you already know,  I work full time as an accountant which involves 40 plus hours a week at my desk. I read the findings of Lead scientist Professor Ulf Ekelund, from Cambridge University and the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences with interest. His research found that at least  one hour of physical activity per day, for example brisk walking or bike cycling, helps to negate the affects of such a sedantary day.

While preganant with the boys I developed chronic hypertension which went after my first but unfortunately is still lingering a year after my second.  When Furniture @ Work asked me to get involved in a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of movement at work as part of their #officeyoga campaign, I didnt hesitate to get involved. It is something I make a huge effort to do myself. They have produced a range of handy infographics which I have reproduced with permisson below.

Chair Raise Hands    Chair Spinal Twist    Chair Cat Cow Streatch

The above are so simple and easy for us all to try.  Given the amount of time we spend at our desk its important to look after your posture and over the course of the day make an effort to increase the amout of physical activity you do.  Im based on the third floor and  I always take the stairs up and back. Its much easier on the way down than up!

Has anybody any other tips to increase movement at work, do share them, would love to hear.


Take Care

~Mamma F


Note: This is a collaborative post


Marks & Spencer Back to school picks

Its so hard to believe it is nearly time for the kids to go back to school. If any of you are like me and leave everything to the last minute hopefully this post will help you get the last few bits and pieces sorted!

The basics

basicsI really think the key with school uniforms is good quality basics.  When you think about it, these clothes are in almost daily use and will no doubt take plenty of hard wearing. The M&S trousers come with a range of different options including adjustable wait, crease-resistant and with the stormwear technology which helps to repeal the dirt and mud stains as well as keeping dry in the rain.  They come in a range of colours and combinations of the above options.  For example see  here.  Similarly  with the skirts. They also come with the stormwear technology, adjustable waistband and variants of the different types of pleats.  Link here. 

Whether its shirts or polos you are after M&S have a great unisex range in a wide range of sizes – see here for the range of non-iron shirts!! I’m all about non-iron!! Again all the M&S school stock come in a range of colours.


mscoatsWhile most definitely a basic, this deserves a whole category to itself.  My mother always said, a good coat was crucial and I follow that advice with my own boys.  I have picked out my own favourites below.  Most of the coats come with Stormwear to keep the rain out and to repeal the mud and dirt.  Links for each are underneath. Starting from left to right.


  1. Padded Jacket – see here
  2. Pink coat – see here
  3. Black padded coat (comes in other colours) – see here
  4.  Cars print jacket  – see here (this one is currently reduced to €15 for €24, we have this one, its fab, go a size up as its quite small fitting.)

School bags

bagsSee opposite for some of my own picks. I attended the M&S press day back in June and as soon as I saw the Spiderman backpack I knew it would be a big hit in our house. The big man is superhero mad.  There are other avengers ones in the range.  For the whole range see here.  The sale is currently on and some of the Frozen ones are on sale, good value reduced from €19 to €11.


Hope this post is of some help for those last minutes bits.

Note: This post in in collaboration with Shopping Links and  M&S. 



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Smoothie loving with the Nutribaby

Since the Nutribaby arrived in the Mamma Fairy house, we have become smoothie addicts! It is such a handy way to get the little people in our house to eat vegetables.  Surprisingly one of the big hits is a beetroot smoothie.

Beetroot-berry-kale-and-banana-smoothieIm not particular about the quanites so roughly to make two childrens portions of the Mamma Fairy beetroot smoothies I use:

  • 2 cooked beets
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 apple
  • 3 small celery stalk
  • cup of water to give it a lighter consistency
  • some ice

There are so many variants of this smoothie based around beetroots for example substitute the apple and carrot for banana and kale. For us that’s half the fun trying out what works.

The nutribaby itself is a genius multi use product, it has five key functions including warming bottles/food, blending, steaming and sterilising.  nutribabyFor me the large capacity is a big selling point as I like to batch cook for both the boys.

Uniquely there is also an associated app which is full of tonnes of recipes broken down into age ranges. We have also taken some smoothie inspiration from the app and have tried the Melon, banana and melon smoothie – seriously good! ( see here for receipe).

For anybody interested in downloading the app, it can be downloaded from the google play store.

Other smoothie receipes which have got the thumbs up from the little men are:

greensmoothieThe Hulk – the big man named this because of its vivid green colour.  Simply spinach, celery, green apple and cucumber.

The One Mamma Likes – self explanatory! My own personal favourite, carrott, banana, apple, lemon juice and a small bit of ginger.

If anybody has any tasty smoothie suggestions send them our way!



(pic credit: Pixabay)

Note: I am a blog ambassador for Babymoov and am part of the #stresslessweaning campaign, for which i received some products to try.  All opinions are my own or the boys where appropriate.



The Mamma Fairy is 1

Well…. this month marks the 1 year anniversary of The Mamma Fairy Blog. Never in a million years did I think id still be here a year later and enjoying it as much if not more than the first few weeks. This blog started on maternity leave with my second and grew from there.  I never believed anybody would really be interested in my random ramblings……

TBS-Top-Mommy-Blogger-Badge-2016The last few days have been full of great news for The Mamma Fairy Blog.  I’m delighted to share that my little blog has been chosen as one of the Top 100 Mommy Bloggers of 2016 by The Baby Spot Magazine.  This is a huge honour. The Baby Spot is a highly regarded Canadian based worldwide online parenting magazine and to be recognised firstly by such a respected publication and along side some great names is really so overwhelming.

Secondly and hot off the press is the news that The Mamma Fairy blog has been short listed in The Parenting Blog category for the Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards.Littlewoods-Blog-Awards-2016-Website-MPU_Shortlist Again to be named alongside blogs that I would have followed and read before my own blogging journey is really exciting.  I never set out to earn accolades as a blogger however to be recognised is so flattering.  Thanks to everybody who reads and follows the blog, it is very much appreciated.

To finish I thought id mention some of my own person highlights over the last year. Without doubt meeting and forming new friendships has been my highlight. I have been fortunate enough to attend a number of events over the last year where I  can honestly say I could not have been made feel more welcome.  One particular event stands out and thats the Netflix London lunch. I had the fear big time heading off to London with two fellow bloggers I had never met.  My fears were totally unfounded – Kellie of My Little Babog and Sinead of Bumbles of Rice were so nice and welcoming and I thoroughly enjoyed my time.

Im going to enjoy a nice cold glass of white wine to celebrate the year the was.  Here’s to another blogging year. Again a huge thanks to everybody who reads the blog and do keep any feedback or suggestions coming.



Take Care

~Mamma F




Brilliant Buys To Keep The Kids Happy This Summer

The summer holidays are heading into the last few weeks and if you’ve managed to keep boredom at bay so far, you deserve a medal! If you’ve heard rumblings or you’re looking for new ideas, here are a few brilliant buys to keep the kids happy for the last few weeks.

Embracing Pokemon Go

pokemon_go_logoIf you’ve got older kids, the likelihood is that they’re tearing around searching for Pokemon. The new version of the retro classic has captivated kids all over the world. The good news is that there’s some great merchandise around. If you’re embracing the trend as a family, search online for Pokemon Go gear. You’ll find everything from caps to backpacks.

(Image source

Getting out and aboutairfield

It’s been a mixed summer so far in terms of the weather. But we’ve been lucky to enjoy a few days of sunshine and some warm evenings. The summer holidays offer a perfect excuse to get out into the garden and spend time together as a family. The range of outdoor toys is increasing year on year.  Invest in a modular climbing frame, which you can add to in the future. Buy some garden games like cricket, tennis or badminton. Have a look at sandpits and water trays for little ones. Go for aqua slides or water guns for older children, if your kids are like men water play provides hours of entertainment.

Finding Dory

The latest Pixar release has got everybody talking. If you’re a parent, you’ve probably already been pestered to book cinema tickets. If your kids are fans of Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, use this to encourage creativity. You can buy all kinds of crafts and art supplies adorned with their favourite characters. Look out for complete sets if you’re in need of an art cupboard clear out.

Paw Patrol

Paw Patrolpawpatrol is one of the most popular children’s TV programmes at the moment. If it’s a big hit in your home, try and channel your kids’ enthusiasm and create role play scenarios. You can buy fire engines, helicopters, and trucks. Encourage your kids to take on the roles of their favourite characters and have fun as a family. There are also lots of associated games you buy.  The big man got a brillant Paw Patrol board game for his 4th birthday.


Small world toys

Miniatures are big business in the toy industry this year. This type of toy is all about giving children a chance to act out real life scenarios. Small world toys give kids an appreciation of the world around them and encourage them to be imaginative. Playing together can improve their social and communication skills. Popular buys include Lego and miniature Disney Princesses and their pets. The beauty of ranges like Lego is that you can add to your collection over the course of time. There are also themes, which appeal to kids with a broad range of interests. You can buy everything from princesses in castles to mad scientists and dinosaur hunters.

The summer holidays are long (for parents maybe not so much for kids!), and even the most inventive parents may struggle to keep their brood entertained throughout. If you’re looking for inspiration for new toys, games, or treats, look no further. Hopefully, you’ve got weeks of family fun ahead!





Changing #BoardroomEtiquette over time

I was asked to get involved in a campaign with Calibre Office Furniture  to discuss changes in #boardroometiquette over time. I jumped at the chance. I have been an Accountant for the past 12 years therefore have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of board room behaviour!

officeboarThe boardroom can be a scary place, many a deal is won and lost there, key decisions, multi million decisions are made there, decisions that can have huge ramifications. I still remember my first ever experience of being in a boardroom. It was 2003, I was in college going into my final year and the Partner in the Accounting firm suggested I come with her for the “experience”. I had and still have huge admiration for this woman, she was the only female partner in a firm with 20 other males. She was the ultimate #girlboss in my eyes.  

This was a time when boardrooms were getting a lot of media attention in the wake of Enron and the introduction of the Sarbanes Oxley Act.  I remember walking into the comany offices and the secretary in this particular firm was sitting directly outside the board room in an open plan office of about 100 people smoking!! It just wouldn’t happen now.

Female representation

The first thing that struck me that day was the fact the Partner I was there to support was the only female.  workstationThe gender diversity agenda is something that is coming to the fore in most organisations now but we still have a long way to go.  Improvement is good and its come a long way since 2003,  According to the Gender Diversity Index, in 2015, women held 17.9% of the board seats on Fortune 1000 companies. As of August 2015, only 2% of S&P 500 companies had all male boards of directors.[source] This is a huge and welcome improvement from 2005, when only 12% of S&P companies had at least one female director on their board.


Following the meeting, we walked back to the office and she gave me some advice that 13 years later is still ingrained in my brain. Simple but oh so effective.

  • KISS – Keep it Simple, stupid. As she pointed out, the board room generally isn’t the place for minutia, it’s the big picture, the final decision so don’t get bogged down in the detail.
  • Fix your chair! I may have laughed at this at the time but I most definitely do this. She told me to always fix your chair especially in a board room and there are lots of taller people (men maybe!!) that to rise up my chair so as not to look like the kid, be on the same level.  I love this advice and to this day always do this.
  • Don’t rise to it and never throw the toys of the pram……not much explanation needed here. Cool, calm and measured, if only it was that simple!
  • Have empathy for each other, despite differences of opinion, having empathy is so important.  

Thanks Calibre  for the opportunity. Have you any office/ boardroom stories to share? Would love to hear them.


Take Care

~Mamma F


Note: This is a collaborative post

Mamma Reviews

Childs Farm Nappy Cream Review

childsfarmAs you might have seen from Facebook and Twitter, I am  delighted to join the team of brand ambassadors at Childs Farm. This means over the next couple of months ill be reviewing products from the range on my wee men.

First up is the Childs Farm Nappy Cream. The first thing that struck me about this is the packaging – I love the squeezy tube and size wise its perfect for throwing in the changing bag.  The texture of this is really lovely and in my opinion its super hydrating.  I’m in the prevention is better than cure camp and I understand this product works by keeping the cells plump to form a barrier against bacteria. As an aside I actually used this on my legs pre-tanning and it really hydrated them, I have really (really!) dry skin on my legs!

nappycreakThe product is suitable for newborns and upwards, dermatologist approved for sensitive and eczema-prone skin and  also listed as ‘cloth safe’ by the UK Cloth Nappy Library Network.

Childs Farm Brand

The brand itself uses natural ‘free-from’ ingredients and essential oils to produce mild and seriously good smelling products from newborns right up. The products are paraben, SLS free and are made with 98% naturally derived ingredients. A big plus for me.

Mamma Fairy Verdict

Overall thumbs up for us for Mamma and baba use. Lovely texture, really hydrating and it works for even the most sensitive skin. The big man has skin like leather but the little man is a lot more sensitive and no issues whatsoever with this product.


Note: I am a member the Childs Farm Brand Ambassador Team for which I review products to trial on the wee men.  All opinion are my own as always.