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August 2015

Mamma Musings

My 3 step guide to potty training

1 – The build up

This is key in my mind. Long before the actually training was underway we spoke about him going to the toilet, being a big boy like dada. While I would be filling the bath id let him sit on the toilet minus his nappy and often times he would go but not really realise what was going on. We bought a potty closer to the time and left it in the sitting room. At the start he firmly believed it was his new chair!! We kept explaining to him the purpose of it and he began to understand. My sister bought him a book called Pirate Pete which tells the story of Petes potty training. He loves his bed time story so this was a winner in the Mamma Fairy house.

pirate pete

2 – The supplies

I think in relation to the supplies side of potty training getting the child involved is crucial. We went together to Dunnes and he picked out the big boy pants he wanted. He also picked out the step for reaching as he calls it the “big toilet”. He picked out soft toilet wipes and a seat insert. Armed with his supplies he completely unprompted told the cashier he was a big boy now no more nappies. I took my cue from that and when we got home we “binned” the nappies. (Not really – my sister in law got them and the nappy bin, i didnt even know I needed such a thing until I had the boys see link for  more details on best diaper pails!). By letting him get the supplies etc, it became his decision to ditch the nappies.


3 – The patience!!

Without question the hardest part of the entire potty training journey. You need patience and an abundance of it. What we did was spend three days almost entirely house bound minus nappies, trousers etc. Every 15 mins on the button I lifted him on the potty, explaining to him all the time what was happening. Day 2 was pretty much the same only I started noticing him sitting on the potty without me putting him there. Day 3 another big improvement he began to realise himself what was happening and would go without me lifting him. Remarkably on the night of day 3 we woke up and he was completely dry. We have not had one night accident since he started, if he needs to go during the night he calls us and we take him, no drama and straight back to sleep. During those first 3 days there were of course the odd accident but it is essential you do not give out to them for it, it’s a learning process and getting cross will only set them back.

One thing that I will say don’t try to train them too early my son was 2 months shy of his 3 birthday as I was waiting for him to be ready. Some of the cues I noticed were him asking to have his nappy changed, telling me he was dirty and asking more questions about the toilet. My own mother gave me a great tip and that was not to get him too used to using only the potty and only in a specific spot so once I felt he was established, I would take him to the “big toilet” or when he went to my mothers house she had a different potty. It meant he was comfortable going in any toilet as I have friends who need to take a potty with them anywhere they go!

Hopefully the above helps and let me know how you are getting on.

Take care

~Mamma F

Mamma Musings

Confessions of a working mother

Note: This article reproduced below was written by me originally for Family Friendly HQ – see here

When people hear I am a working mother I often get those pity looks as if …..poor woman having to work with a young family. The truth is I choose to work. I like my job, in fact I even enjoy my job. I studied Business and Economics at Trinity College and went on to become an accountant that was over 10 years ago. Since then I have married an amazing man – a fantastic husband and a loving father and had two beautiful boys now aged 3 and the youngest is 4 months. Being a working mother isn’t easy, it has many challenges, it has good days and bad days. The key is to be organised and I mean super organised, I have lists about lists! I set out every evening for the following day, from clothes for myself and the boys, to tasks right down to the breakfast dishes for the following morning. Appointments are scheduled well in advance, diaries are synced. Being organised makes it a whole lot easier as too does having a great support network around you. I am lucky to be able to have both.

Of course I do feel the so called “Mummy guilt” being away from my children, however I make the most of the evenings, the weekends, the holidays. Once I come in the door everything else can wait, that time is time with the boys, the same goes for the weekends.

Growing up with working parents instilled a very strong work ethic in all three of us, we all went on to professional careers. Becoming a mother shouldn’t mean a switch goes off and you sacrifice the hopes and dreams you once had, you may have to take a different path but you can still get there in the end. I know I haven’t given up the goals and career aspirations I have set for myself. I do however accept that it will take a lot longer to get there but that is absolutely fine. The road may be longer but taking my boys on the journey with me makes it all worthwhile.

Being a working mother isn’t for everybody, for now at least I feel it is for me, as there is some grain of truth in the old saying – “Happy mother, happy child”.


Take care

~Mamma F


Reviews for Mama & Babas

Shoobee shoes review

I was very kindly sent a pair of Shoebee baby shoes for my 4 month old by the lovely Louise from Shobees. I will admit I was already a fan of Shoobees having bought them for my now 3 year old when he was at the cruising phase, following a fall against the coffee table which still gives me the shivers!

I’ll be honest I picked them up in Mothercare in a rush on my lunch break and once we began using them I totally loved the concept. They are made from super soft leather with brushed leather non slip soles. They are really easy to clean and being made from such soft leather they sit snugly around the babies feet. Prices wise they are great value at €15.99 as they last ages due to the soft leather and the elasticated ankle. Size wise they go from small (0-6 months) to extra large (18-24 months). My 4 month old’s pair are size small and they are ideal for him with plenty room still for his growing feet.

There is a lot of published research in this area with the consensus being that soft shoes are recommended especially in the very early stages of walking to allow for the development of the muscles.

What I personally like about them is that they are both trendy and functional. For my 4 month old, they keep his feet nice and toasty out and about as I find most other types of baby shoes slip off or he kicks them off and invariably I end up home minus one on a good day more often minus both!! As he moves into the crawling and cruising phase they will help him with gripping the wooden floors.

Shoobees now are my staple for a new born gift as for me they are one of those products that you didn’t realise you needed until you had them. They come in a great selection of colours and designs too.

Shoobees are available on line at, a list of stockists is also available on the site. My older sons first pair were purchased in Mothercare St Stephens Green.


Take care

~Mamma F


Maternity and Infant “Mummy My Way” Feature

I will admit I was more than a little excited to see an article I had penned in print! When I started out on this blogging journey I set myself a number of goals, as I do with most things I take on in life and getting an article printed was one of them.


The article features in the Maternity & Infant magazine, “Mummy My Way” section. Maternity & Infant is one of Ireland’s leading pregnancy and parenting magazines and is available bi monthly.

In the article I discuss being a working mum, I suppose when I began writing the article what I really wanted to convey was that I still have the same career hopes, dreams and ambitions as I did before having kids and I know I can still achieve them. Being a working mother has plenty challenges and you really do need to be super organised!

It is my own mother who herself was a career woman that inspires me immensely, she is an incredible support to me and my own family, she minds my boys while I work, she is a shoulder cry on and has also been known to have dinner on the table for me after a long day in the office!! She is incredible and maybe one day ill be half the woman she is.


Don’t forget voting continues in the Boots Maternity & Infant Awards, The Mamma Fairy Blog is nominated for Best Parenting Blog in the ‘For the Family‘ sections. See previous post here including link to vote.

So excited to be a finalist for best parenting blog

So excited to be a finalist for best parenting blog

Hope you enjoy reading and look forward to hearing your comments

Take care

~Mamma F

Mamma Reviews

Cardtrix – New loyalty App launch

I was delighted to be asked to attend the launch of Cardtrix – a new loyalty shopping app which was launched today in Stephens Green by the fabulous Pippa O’Connor.


Myself and my blog buddy OneYummyMummy attended the press call and subsequent demonstration in the Fitzwilliam Hotel, where the Pippa spoke about her thoughts on the app and Fiachra Woodman, Vice President of Aimira Global Innovation Lab, the company behind the production of the app itself gave a demonstration of it in use.

I will admit I was pretty excited about this app as I am that annoying person at the checkout who rifles through loads of loyalty cards before I find the correct card!! I am a little ott about loyalty cards. I have them all, from Supermarket ones, to hotel ones to petrol one and the list goes on.

This new app Cardtrix is going to be a godsend for me (and probably anybody who has ever had the pleasure of serving me or waiting behind me at a checkout). This app acts as a digital assistant managing my loyalty cards in one place – like a digital wallet. The app is supported by the major supermarket loyalty programmes from Dunnes to Tesco to Boots, as well as the likes of Debenhams, Costa, Topaz amongst other. I also understand over time new loyalty programs will be added. However I must admit my heart did do a little flutter when I realised I could sign up for cards I didn’t already have! (there wasn’t many!)

It is so simple to use, even for a non techie like me, you simply add in your card number manually or for the ones with barcodes you can scan them in. It literally took me a couple of minutes to upload my considerable collection of loyalty cards. The great thing about the app is that all I need to do now is show the app to the cashier who scans the relevant barcode and my points are added to my account. I can also check my balances, configure the types of emails id like to receive and it sets out the listed benefits for each loyalty program.

Now for the techie bit! The app – Cardtrix is available for both iphone and android phones free of charge from App Store and Google Play Store respectively. The app itself supports the loyalty programmes of 13 major retailers in Ireland. The company behind the development are Aimia, who themselves are global leaders in loyalty programs.

I will report back next week after my weekly shopping is done and let you know how I got on with using the app day to day.

For now, if you would like any further information – see

Take care

~Mamma F


My new website –

As a newcomer to the blogging world, what I really wanted was my website to reflect me! I didn’t know exactly what I wanted nor am I very techie therefore I need somebody patient to take me by the hand and help me get a website off the ground.

I literally stumbled across Bespoke Low Cost Web while on Facebook. I thought sure it cant hurt to price it. That I did and I was delighted with the price and went ahead with it. I’m pretty sure I am a tough customer, my lack of technical prowess coupled with a million questions at all hours of the day and night probably wasn’t that easy.

However credit where credit is due, they were totally understanding, patient and most of all were able to decipher the my non techie speak!!!

While I know this is slightly off topic, I just wanted to highlight a good service. If you are thinking of a new website or updating an old one – check them out, details below.

Take care

~Mamma F

Web Design Ireland(1)

Bespoke Low Cost Web Design.
Banbrdige, Co Down

Mamma Musings

My baby/ toddler Emergency Kit

When I was pregnant with my first son, my own mother said to me to have an emergency kit as it will be invaluable as kids have a habit of falling ill at 10.01 just as the late night pharmacy closes. I took this advice on board and created my emergency kit and if im honest it really is invaluable especially as when kids fall ill, teething etc, you cannot say to them – wait until the morning until the pharmacy opens therefore being prepared is key.
Below are the items I have in mine:
1 Thermometer – I have a Vicks one I received as a gift, it’s really easy to use.vicks

2 Pain relief – my emergency kit contains both Calpol and Nurofen and a recent addition has been Paralink

3 Teething relief – Calgel and Teetha. I have found teething can be worse when they are lying down at night time which is why I keep this handy just in case.


4 The Sniffles – Snuffle babe is the baby version of Vicks and I find it great for rubbing on feet when either of my two are a bit sniffly.

5 The Falls – plasters and lots of them in all shapes and sized!!!

6 Nappy rash – Caldescene cream and powder, find both brilliant for nappy rash.

My emergency kit also contains a list of emergency numbers, just in case – such as regular doctor, out of hours doctor and local hospital.

Ps – I am not a doctor or pharmacist!! And make sure to keep all medical supplies well out of the way of teeny hands.

Is there anything else you would add to yours?

Take Care
~Mamma F

Mamma Musings

Maternity and Infant Awards – Best Parenting Blog Finalist.

I actually cant believe I am writing these words, after a couple of months blogging – The Mamma Fairy blog has been nominated for an award and not just any award!! We are a finalist in the Maternity and Infant Awards under the category of Best Parenting Blog.

Click on image below and vote for me 🙂

unnamed (1)

This is the first year they have introduced this category for the awards and I am chuffed actually more than chuffed, im ecstatic to see my name listed next to bloggers I myself have admired and read throughout my pregnancies for support and guidance. I am really honored in my short blogging career to be considered in the same light as some my own favourite bloggers.

The Maternity and Infant Awards are great in that they are based on real parent reviews and views, making them even more rewarding and prestigious for the winners.

You can vote under three main categories, products, people and creche. Please do get your votes in to support your favourites under each of the above categories. There is also €1,000 to be won which would be an amazing prize!

We are listed in the Product category under “For the Family – Best Parenting Blog”. I would truly love your vote if you enjoy reading the blog.

I am looking forward already to the awards night where i will hopefully meet the nominees under the various categories of products I myself use and rely on, i do love putting faces to names!

Here is the link again to vote

Take care

Mamma F


The Baby Spot, Canadian Publication

The Baby Spot is a global parenting magazine based in Canada and I was very excited when I received an email to ask whether I minded if my review of Green Angel Eye Gel could be reproduced on their site. Naturally I jumped at the chance.

Please see below link to review.

I was pretty excited when I woke up this morning (17 Aug) to see The Baby Spot had reproduced another one of my articles on their website. This post discussed my top products going from 1 child to 2 in terms of what helped me make a busy life a little bit easier.

Please see link below to article.