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Sure you have to go again for the girl…..

This phrase bugs me, I mean really bugs me.

I have two amazing little men, a three year old and a five month old. The littlest man was barely born when I first heard this comment, in fact it was one of the mid wives who said it to me.

I had two difficult pregnancies, which included lots of medication and lengthy hospital stays, resulting in two c sections. I am so thrilled that my little men are fit and healthy boy, girl or otherwise pales in insignificant. Each nine month stretch was marred by worries, endless appointment, tests, scans – I look at those two men and think wow, how are you so perfect – my tough little cookies.

Each time that comment is said to me, I smile and nod politely however inside im screaming “do you not know how blessed I feel, to have such a tough time bringing them into the world that it really does not matter”. When my husband was telling people about the youngest man’s arrival into the world, somebody even said to him “congrats, but is your wife disappointed it’s not a girl?” The latest variant of the comment was said to me last Saturday night in out in our local restaurant – “you need a girl to look after you in old age”. Really?? Is that so – to be on the safe said ill put a bit by now for my own nursing home care.

I remember another incident when my first was born my friend had a girl a couple of weeks previous and the following sentence after the initial congrats was “I’m delighted I had a girl as a son is only yours until he gets a wife where as my girl is for life”. It might have been the hormones but I cried, real big tears when she said that to me, sure I’d only just brought him into the world, I have no intention of giving him up – not ever.

As a matter of interest I asked a close friend who has three girls and it was never ever said to her…sure you have to go again for the boy. Why do people give one gender precedence over another, why do I have to have a girl??

Yes, of course, if it happens I’ll be thrilled and she will be loved unconditionally like her brothers. However, if the Mamma Fairy house is destined to be made up of male fueled madness that’s ok with me too.


boys poem

Dont forget voting continues for the Maternity & Infant awards – The Mamma Fairy is nominated in Best Parenting Blog (See For the Family Section).  Link here to vote – just scroll down to the “For the Family” heading and there we are half way down. Many thanks

So excited to be a finalist for best parenting blog

So excited to be a finalist for best parenting blog

Mamma Reviews

Weaning Part 1 – the products you didn’t know you needed

ZAs you might already know we are in the throes of weaning here in the Mamma Fairy house.  Its something that I for some unknown reason dreaded! This is what prompted me to write this post.  There are a couple of products im using that are making the process a whole lot easier!




BabyPotz are incredibly handy BPA free containers that come in ten differentr sizes.  They are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe.  The are ideal for batch cooking. On my first I used ice cube trays in various sizes but the downside was they just weren’t portable and for us who travel a bit weren’t the most practical. I picked up a set of 20 3oz pots and lids in Bella Baby Maynooth, however they are readily available on line and in stores. They are not expensive at €8.99 for 20 as they are durable and I have been re using them over the last while and they are still in perfect condition.  I also have been using them for the oldest fella to send some snacks to playschool in.

There is also a handy associated website that I have been using for tips and advice  which is run by Siobhan Berry, a mum herself. Don’t forget good bibs will be essential, love this from BIBaDO.


Neven Maguire – Complete Baby & Toddler Cookbook

I got sent this book by Gill & Macmillian  which was perfectly timed as we were just getting ready to commence weaning.  This book is very useful, its easy to follow, straight forward and contain lots of different food combinations from the basic first tastes, to more exciting varied tastes suitable for the toddler years.

Its actually really handy for us, as I am using it for the littlest man and also the big man!  Slightly off the weaning topic but I love this size and presentation of this book!  What I like is that its encouraging me to try out additional tastes on the weaning journey for example, today’s batch cooking consisted of butternut squash with a pinch of cinnamon.  For my first I wouldn’t have been brave enough to be introducing herbs and spices this early but the little man devours it. There is also a nice section in the back for handy treats to make for parties or celebrations.



Ill be the first to admit, cooking isn’t my strong point but this book is incredibly easy to follow and the kids are enjoying more of a variety of foods as a result. Book is available in most book shops for €18.99.


Bio Kult Infantis

Not a product as such however this a live ‘good’  bacteria formula suitable for infants and toddlers. The formula also contains omega 3 and vitamin d.  I am not a doctor, pharmacists of health practitioner therefore im only taking from my own experience.  In my opinion from milk to solids is a big change for the tiny tummies of babies therefore I wanted help my littles man digestive system as best I could.  I received a sample sachet of this product which I used over 3 days.  I straight away went out and bought a box in my local chemist.

My little man was a great sleeper from 6 weeks from the time weaning commenced this went down hill dramatically! Rightly or wrongly I attributed this to his little tummy finding it hard to process the solids.  After 2 days there was a massive improvement.  We are one week in now using Bio Kult and he is sleeping much better.  Now it may be a total coincidence but im not taking a chance and im going to keep using them. A box of 16 sachets cost me €11.99.  I only use about a third of a sachet popped into his milk.

They are easy to use and what I like is they don’t have to be kept in the fridge like other pro-biotics I have used in the past making them very handy if you are out and about or traveling


Would love to know how your own weaning journey is going. If you have any comments or questions, don’t hesitate to contact on here, Twitter or Facebook.


Take care

~Mamma F

Reviews for Mama & Babas

Dribble stop top review

My littlest man has affectionately become know as “the drool monster” he has an amazing skill whereby he can soak a bib, his clothes down to his vest in seconds! My oldest man barely drooled so this is new territory for us.

I was kindly sent a packet of Dribble Stop Tops to review and I was pretty delighted to receive them and try them out on the little man.

photo 1

The details

These tops are identical to regular baby vests except they have a unique waterproof pocket on the chest area to protect the baby’s skin from the drool.

photo 2

Its so discreet you would barely know its there. The vests themselves are made from soft jersey cotton and are machine and tumble dry safe (very important in my view!).

I haven’t completely binned the bibs I still do use them at feeding time to capture those weaning spills!!

My thoughts

I genuinely adore these tops.  We travel a lot and I have such a fear of bibs on in the car seat but hate the thought of my little man being soaked through with drool so this is the perfect solution for us. They are also ideal for night time as my drool monster would have in the past woke up soaked, which is not good. I noticed he was starting to get a bit of  a rash in the crease on his neck but this hasn’t happened since we switched to these vest

An item like this in my view has to be able to withstand the washing and drying.  My dribble stop tops have been washed countless times since I received them back in August and they are still super soft and the waterproof insert is still perfect.

They come in packs of two, a plain white and a striped one (either blue or pink). Size wise they go from 0-3 months right up to 18-24 months. At Stg£13.99 they are pricier than regular vests but I do think the price is justified as for us, it saved on washing both vests and bibs.  Both of which we would have changed countless times a day and not only that they have stopped the redness that had been forming in  the crease of his neck.

Dribble  Stop Tops are available direct from the website here or through Amazon.

The lovely Emma and Tract at 2mums Ltd have kindly given The Mamma Fairy a packet to give away to a Mamma Fairy reader.  All you have to do is:

  1. Like The Mamma Fairy Blog on Facebook
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  3. Comment on the Facebook post to let me know you have done both.
  4. Sharing is caring 😉


  • This competition is in no way associated with Facebook
  • Winner entitled to choose size of vest
  • Winner picked 26th September 2015

Take Care

~Mamma F


Fairy Travels

Our weekend stay at The Connacht Hotel, Galway

We decided on a whim to book our first weekend break as a foursome.  Being honest I didn’t put a massive amount of research into picking the hotel.  I had heard from some of my friends that The Connacht Hotel in Galway was great and really child friendly so we booked in for the last weekend in August.

I had originally booked a regular room but my sister and her husband decided they would come with us and would babysit to let us enjoy the Galway night life!! Naturally we jumped at the chance.  I sent the hotel a message via Twitter to organise a change in room to the 2 bedroom apartment with the small kitchen (very handy with young kids!) and Emma organised it for us. (By the way she is a total credit to the hotel extremely helpful, no request was too much hassle)

We arrived on the Friday around 3 o’clock to a busy lobby, despite how busy it was reception was so attentive and welcoming. The lovely gentleman on reception talked through the facilities for us as well as those for kids (more on this below).

The Room/ apartment

Unusually the apartment was in the actual hotel, its actually more like adjoining rooms with a kitchenette.  It was spotlessly clean, and a great size and the kitchenette even though it was compact had everything you would need.  I loved the layout as it suited our needs perfectly.  The second bedroom had its own exit which was perfect for 2 couples on holidays. We had a lovely surprise when we entered the room.  Fruit and chocolates, both gratefully devoured by my 3 year old!



The child friendly facilities

The hotel was busy with families and I could really see why.  There was a kids club (Friendly Fellows) running during our stay, split into 2 groups 3 -5 and 6 -15 years.  In the evenings there was a film on which allowed the parents to enjoy dinner or drinks.  The kids club is fully supervised and located in the hotel itself which is great peace of mind for parents.

There is also a fantastic leisure centre on site (ill be honest I looked at it but didn’t use!) and a large pool. My son had his first experience of a swimming pool at The Connacht Hotel.  His uncle took him both mornings and he loved every minute.  The pool is  a great size – 20  meters and also includes a Jacuzzi. Check out some additional pictures here



The Food

We sampled the food in the restaurant on Friday night.  The Dada Fairy had the duck and I had the chicken pasta.  He is incredibly picky about his food being a farmer himself and he gave the hotel food a huge thumbs up in terms of quality.  The service was impeccable. I wish I knew the name of the gentleman who served us as he was fantastic.  The right balance of service and chat.

Everything else

During the day we brought the little men to Salthill where we enjoyed the aquarium and the amusements.  The rain was terrible but it didn’t dampen the spirits.

We sampled the sister bar An Pucan on the Saturday night, this place is a must when in Galway city.  The garden (outdoor area) is just fantastic.  It was as expected busy on the Saturday night but very enjoyable.

We have already decided we will be back next year as it is so family friendly having facilities for both adults and children.

The Details

We booked direct via the hotel website – had the best value when I was shopping around.

Take care

~ Mamma F