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January 2016

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Netflix – January What we have been watching

As you might remember from previous posts here we were delighted to be asked to join the Netflix Stream Team. We were already fans in the Mamma Fairy house so saying yes to this was easy!

So what have we been watching…..

Team Umizoomi

teamumizoomiMy 3 year absolutely loves this series. Its based around a brother and sister (I have always assumed they are anyway) duo and their robot aptly names Bot who race around Umi City solving problems with maths, shapes, pattern, colours etc. It is very age appropriate for pre schoolers and I can honestly say as far as cartoons go this is very educational and I really don’t mind him watching this one.

Toy Story

The Toy Story films are almost cult favourites at this stage. The 3 years olds Aunt buys him the characters for different occasions, we already have Jessie, Lots-O and Buzz and the excitement and anticipation awaiting the next member is just adorable. Toy_Story_2_title_cardThere are 3 of the films on Netflix and while he watches them all, Toy Story 2 is his firm favourite. This particular one shows the antics the toys get up to when Andy goes to Camp. Woody gets stolen and it’s the toys job to rescue him, the film charts the toys efforts to rescue him from Al, who is portrayed as the evil greedy toy collector.

The Toy Story films are the comfort films in our house, we grab the Toy Story crew (see above!!), the comfy blankie (as its known) and chill out on the couch. Cant beat cuddles with my little men.

Now for what the grown ups have been watching…..

Making a Murderer

Making_A_Murderer_TitleWho isn’t hooked on this??!! We are only a quarter of the way through this ten part Netflix documentary and I can safely say Steven Avery has generated many hours of discussion in the Mamma Fairy house. Is it possible for somebody to have suffered 2 miscarriages of justice?? Its gripping viewing, the ups and downs, ins and outs. Freed after almost 20 years of wrongful imprisonment to find himself back in again for murder. I almost feel sometimes like a member of his legal team searching for that clue or piece of evidence. I’m resisting the urge to watch it all in one go. For now the trials and life of Steven Avery is my Friday night guilty pleasure.

X and Y

We had my husbands teenage cousin staying with us for a weekend recently and I joined them for a movie and takeaway – X and Y was the chosen film. This is a lovely feel good type film. It’s based on the story of Nathan, a young boy with autism who struggles with his emotions, particularly understanding the nature of love. X+Y_posterHe is a maths genius and with the help of a good teacher he gets to the maths Olympiad wher he meets a girl. I wont reveal the rest! While it’s a really good feel good film, It does seem a little too good to be true and predictable. The teenager enjoyed it and liked the message it conveyed to him in relation to his own emotions.

Have  you been watching any of the above, would love to know what your thoughts were.

Note:  I have received a Netflix subscription and an Apple TV in return for writing blog post on what we have been watching.  All programme choices, comments, opinions and views are my own (or my sons where appropriate!!) 

Take Care

~Mamma F


Whirlpool and Catherine Fulvio interview

I had intended to write this before Christmas having had the opportunity to put my question to both Catherine Fulvio, Celebrity Chef and Whirlpool Ambassador and John Lowe, an economist but perhaps better known as The Money Doctor however we had some sad news in the Mamma Fairy house so I put blogging aside for a few weeks. Back at it now so you can expect quite the influx of posts from me. Where better than to start but the study conducted by Whirlpool which looked at the impact of modern life on our cooking habits and found that over 40% or 2 in 5 of us skip the evening meal as we simply don’t have time to cook. I can attest to that in the Mamma Fairy house, we both work full time as well as have 2 busy boys aged 3 and 10 months.

In repose Whirlpool have developed a range of new smart technologies, the first one being the new 6th Sense Ready 2 Cook Technology that can heat an oven to optimal temperature literally at the touch of button, rather than waiting up to 15 minutes to fully heat up.

Sounds pretty cool to me, it’s something I’d certainly be interested in. I don’t have one myself therefore I was delighted to be able to chat to Catherine Fulvio to see what she thinks about it.

1 -You are a busy mum yourself, have you found it beneficial on a day to day basis?

Absolutely! The Whirlpool 6TH SENSE ovens have intelligent pre-set options so you can literally cook the perfect pizza or lasagne at the touch of a button. Their settings mean you can almost cook on auto-pilot – and the results are always amazing!

Probably my personal favourite is the dough rising facility of the ovens – they literally halve the time the dough rises, meaning I can put fresh bread on the table so much quicker. I’m a firm believer in baking not buying if at all possible, so this is a massive time saver for me!

2 – In terms of functionality, is it fair to say, there is no compromise on quality of output?

Not at all, in fact I always feel like my meals are in safe hands if they’re cooked with Whirlpool! You can tell the research that’s gone into the 6th SENSE range because their new features address so many common problems. Having the oven switch on to optimal temperature instantly is a godsend, as is the crisp plate that allows perfect baking in the microwave.

3 – What is your favourite recipe to cook when the kids are starving and time is limited?

A pasta bake is always a winner midweek. It’s so easy to whizz it up especially with my Whirlpool oven which can heat an oven to optimal temperature literally at the touch of button.  And it’s even faster if I’m using up the leftovers from the Sunday Roast!

I also had the opportunity to put a number of question to John Lowe, also know as The Money Doctor. John , is a regular contributor in both print and digital media on money saving issues, tips and advice. He also introduced the popular Money Doctor App to help track spending and saving.

1 – A product that is both time saving and money saving is bound to get people interested.  From your own work have you seen this has increasingly become a key concern for consumers?

As they say, time is money and while most people look at the actual product they are using, they sometimes forget the underlying product without which the product they have saved money on, is actually costing a fortune to maintain. Example of this is petrol. How many times do we check the petrol pump prices of the various stations when it’s the actual car that is guzzling the petrol. The oven is a prime example. Saving that pre-heating time is time and money, both of which could be put to better use. Consumers are now looking at saving money from every angle.

2 – In your view is smart technology such as this the way forward for consumers to have more disposable income?

 Smart technology is the only way to go. As the first person to sell a mortgage on the interest in Ireland ( 23 years ago ) I have had a love affair with technology ever since. Technology not only betters and improves our lives making it much more efficient but it can also save us a considerable amount of money. You only have to look at online banking and see the significant savings from using technology for your current account and savings. “Let your fingers do the walking” is now passé – gone are the big thick directories it’s whatever search engine you use and you have the information. Sure even before you have finished typing the word, the prescriptive text kicks in and finishes it ! How many of us use the budget planner spread sheet to manage our annual income and expenditure ? The free Money Doctor app is a simple download that tracks all your spending for up to a month to determine if you are overspending, buying too many lattés, newspapers, magazines or in my case chocolate .. only discovered how much I was buying when I did my own spending record – a useful exercise. And free! Just remember income is your number one asset and it has to cover everything.

Many thanks to both Catherine and John for taking the time to answer my questions, who knows I may invest in one when we finally get around to doing up the kitchen (that’s a post for another day!!)

More on Whirlpool’s 6th Sense Ready 2 Cook Technology can be found on

Mamma Reviews

Mamma Fairy December Favourites

The Mamma Fairy monthly favourites for December was an easy one to write. December in the Mamma Fairy house was a month of highs and lows however there were 3 products that were in almost daily use.


1 Cocoa Brown Gradual tan

I am naturally quite pale and deep tan doesn’t work too well on me however I do like a nice natural healthy look glow and find the Cocoa Brown gradual tan very good for achieving this. It’s also really pleasant smelling. It’s tinted too when you apply so you can easily see how you are applying it. I find after about 3 days I have a nice glow and I maintain it after my shower each time. It fades quite evenly too which is a big plus as there is nothing worse that patchy faded tan.

I bought mine in my local Tesco however it is readily available in pharmacies.


2 Vivisical Gorgeous Growth Shampoo and Conditioner

I have quite long dark hair and prior to my little men arriving it was glossy and healthy looking. Two kids and little time later it was dry, brittle and not healthy looking at all. I have spent nearly 3 years of buying various different shampoos and conditioners and salon treatments to varying degrees of success. I attended the BloggerConf and in my goody bag was a the Viviscal Shampoo and conditioner. This is new to the market and we got an early sample to try out. I am not over reacting in the slightest when is say this is amazing stuff. After just one use, the difference was noticeable. As you can see from the pic above the tubes are well used, I use both every time I was my hair.

viviscalWhat I have noticed also is that it makes straightening or curling so much easier and leaves the most amazing glossy shine. I knew it made a difference when the Dada Fairy asked me what did I do to my hair that it looked great!

I will keep you updated on the blog when I hear the date its on general sale but seriously you HAVE to try this for shiny glossy hair. See for more information.


3 Jo Malone shower gel

I wore Jo Malone Wild Bluebell perfume on my wedding day and since then anytime I get the scent it reminds me so much of happy memories of that day. My perfume ran out early in the month and the Dadda Fairy gave me my Christmas present early, included with the perfume was the shower gel. I love love love this fragrance and adding the shower gel certain prolongs the lasting power of the scent.


I like perfumes that aren’t too overbearing, this Jo Malone scent fits the bill every time. I know the Dada Fairy purchased mine in Brown Thomas.