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February 2016


Chill Insurance Home and Lifestyle Survey

With polling day fast approaching, the main question being posed to many of our local candidates is how do we solve the recent spate of burglaries in the area. Figures released by the CSO at the end of 2015 show bulgaries are up almost 10% nationally but even more worryingly up almost 30% in my own locality.

This leads to be some interesting research conducted by Chill Insurance for their Home and Lifestyle habits survey, where they contacted over 400 Irish homeowners and asked them to tell them about their home safety habits (ie do they use a house alarm, what’s the most prized possession in their house, do their pets help with household security etc.) The results both intrigued and shocked me!!chillinsurancesurvey1

  • 57% of people described there home as “very secure”
  • 52% of people saying they always use their house alarm

I am a little obsessive about security and locking up our house following a break in when we had just moved in to our new house last year and the alarm had not yet been fitted. I was pregnant at the time and really got some fright. This next statistic could probably be doubled in my case!

chillinsurance 21 in 5 people spend up to 3 hours a year locking up their home!!

I would absolutely concur with the next finding (after my family of course), 33 % of people said that their family photographs were they most prized possession, jewellery only obtained 9%, I would have thought that would be a bit higher. I know personally there is some jewellery that has been handed down the generations that would rank a lot higher for me than the TV or my phone. (see opposite)

I think for me personally having had a break in really forced me to review my albeit quite lax at the time security arrangements.

Thanks to  Chill Home Insurance for sending me on the survey and associated graphics.


chill badge


~Mamma F

Note: This is a collaborative post.

Reviews for Mama & Babas

The Little Green Sheep Mattress Protector Review

The lovely people at The Little Green Sheep (see here ) sent us a mattress protector to try out on the big man’s toddler bed. Anybody with a toilet trained toddler knows the importance of mattress protectors!

Now, this is not just any mattress protector rather it’s an award winning product made from extra absorbent, luxury organic cotton and it is 100% waterproof. It really is super soft, there is a lovely texture to it.


While I know this is not the key feature of a product, I do like practical littlegreensheepproducts with nice packaging as I like to gift practical products to friends and family but like them to look pretty too. See picture opposite, packaging is lovely and id have no hesitation in gifting this to somebody as a new baby present.



In terms of size for our cot bed, its absolutely perfect. What makes the fit so good on this is its flat against the mattress and not fitted which allows the mattress to breathe and also allows the fitted to sheet to still fit snugly over it. Due to this fit it also doesn’t pucker, another plus point and one excuse less for my toddler to use!! Its also not “crinkly” or noisy due to the lovely texture. The big question – does It actually work in terms of being as described – 100% waterproof. My toddler is toilet trained and dry at night time so we haven’t had any toilet accidents on it however we have just come out the other end of a horrible tummy bug. This protector got a tough trial in the Mamma Fairy house. I can happily attest to its functionality as it kept the mattress clean and dry despite numerous (and I mean numerous) vomiting episodes over the space of a few days. I have washed it a few times also since we got it and it has held up really well. I have found in the past mattress protectors can fall apart when washed, not the case with The Little Green Sheep.


This retails at the higher end of the market at Stg£29.99 direct from their website. Admittedly it is on the pricier side, however you can’t fault the quality, functionality or the nice presentation. I will without doubt be purchasing again to gift to friends or family.

Have you tried any of products by The Little Green Sheep? Would love to hear what you think.

Take care

~Mamma F

Mamma Reviews

Mamma Fairy Monthly Favourites – January

Have this post written ages but completely forget to press publish! Two sick babas these past few weeks has me all over the place.

January favourites was easy to pick. The three products were in almost daily use. jan favs

1 – Babyliss curling wand

I love curly hair, however I have long thick (very thick!!) hair so curling products get a run for their money with me.  I bought this after Christmas in the Debenhams sale for €28.  It heats up to 210c which I really need for my thick hair!  The barrel itself is quite wide so again ideal for long hair that gives a loose wave as opposed to the tight Irish dancing curl. The box is long thrown out but I found a picture of the box on line see opposite. babyliss wand

I found this really easy to use, and gives a long lasting loose curl. I finish with a small amount of John Freida smoothing serum and I get 2 days out of the curls. To date this is the only product that has managed to curl my mega thick mane so thumbs up for the Babyliss Curling Wand.


2 Soap & Glory Foot cream – Heel Genius

Its like a tradition now in our house my sister buys me the Soap & Glory set for Christmas! I do love my lotions and potions!! This foot cream actually works.  Im sure like most people I really neglect my feet in the winter months.  I use this a lot especially this time of year to ensure the feet are ready for summer.  It is incredibly moisturising – I put it on going to bed and wear socks over it. It contains menthol which has a lovely cooling effect on your feet too. I have tried a good few of the years but tend to always come back to this one.

I got the current one im using in a gift set however from memory its around €8 in most Boots chemists.

3 MeMeMe Shimmer Stack

I love multi purpose products!! Less products to add to my already jam packed handbag (that’s jam packed with kids toys and snacks!).  The MeMeMe Shimmer Stack contains 5 separate blocks of colour.  This can be used as a bronzer, the individual blocks can also be used as eye shadows and the darker shades for brows.  Products like this are ideal for on the go, rather than taking 3 products just take the one!! The colour intensity in this is really good. I bought the bronze but it does come in gold tones and in a rose tone. mememe

I bought this in my local pharmacy for €15 having gone in for teething gel and come out with a make up blender, this shimmer stack and no teething gel!!! I had previously attended an event there where we were shown how to use these products and at the time had received a number of samples and based on the quality of the other products from the range I had tried I knew id like this one too (see September favourites here).

Let me know if you have tried any of the above would love to know you thoughts.


Take care

~Mamma F