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June 2016

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Mamma Fairy Favourites May/June

Its been a while since I posted any Mamma Fairy favourites and to be quite frank its because there wasnt any products that I loved enough to share with you.  However I have 3 firm favourites that I have been using daily over the last few weeks.mayfavs

Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix Night pads

Numerous bloggers had reviewed this and I thought its probably a lot of hype however I was wrong.  These are the business.  I had really neglected my skin after my second was born and with back to work looming I felt I better up my game so I bought these in Boots Jervies, they were on sale, €11 I think. Well, well worth the money.  I use them after washing my face to give a deep clean.  They arent drying and work wonders on rough skin and black heads.  Be warned the first few days even a week or two, my skin around my jaw line broke out like I was a teenager again.  However once that had cleared, my skin became really fresh looking.  I use them every night and im now my second tub. Each one contains 60 pads.   They contain 5% glycolic acid which I believe is what aids the exfoliation. If you can get through the breakout few days they are well worth it for deep exfoliation. Particularly like me if you have neglected your skin for a while!

PS Make up fixing spray

This is not something I ever bothered with before but waiting in a long queue in Pennys blanchardstown “made” me buy this on impluse.  I was really surprised at how well it works for €2.50!! It is a really fine mist and definitely does hold my make up in place for a lot longer than it would have in the past.  I work in a stuffy albeit air conditioned office however by 3pm I used to notice my makeup was pratically non exisitent.  This has made quite an improvement to that and it seems to prevent that sort of sliping around my hair line which i used to go.  Its worth the €2.50 to give it a go for sure. Its in daily use with me at the moment.

Bioderma Hydrabio Creme

I have used Bioderma in the past and have had great success especially with their BB creme (see September Favs here ), so when I was sent their new Hydrabio range to try, I was happy to give it a go.  I never had dry skin until my second was born and for the last couple of months I was so dry and dehydrated looking.  This cream has a lovely thick rich feeling texture which is what I  love in a moisturiser.  I only use this a night as it is very rich in texture, it feels like  really treat especially after cleansing with the Nip&Fab pads. It really does deliver on its promise of hydration. When I wake in the morning my skin does feel quite plump and fresh looking. Its a little heavy for me for my rushed morning routine but an essential part of my bedtime skin care routine.  I was sent a tub to review however it does retail at a reasonable €18 (approx).

Have you tried any of the above?  Let me know what you thought.


~Mamma F



Babymoov brand ambassador #stresslessweaning

You might have noticed the new #stresslessweaning tab on the header, well….I was delighted to become a Babymoov ambassador. blog ambAs a result over the coming months you will see lots of weaning posts and we will be putting some Babymoov products to the test. Babymoov has just also launched its first mobile application specially dedicated to food for baby:  “Cooking Babyfood” can be downloaded on Google Play Store right now and will soon be available on iOS.

I was fortuante enough to be able to chat to the Babymoov Nutritionist Julia, who kindly answered my questions in relation to begining the weaning journey.

Mamma Fairy – I have such a fear of choking at what stage can I leave him bits to chew himself?

Julia – Finger foods can be introduced from around 6-7 months and this can include soft pieces of meat. Offer big pieces that baby can grab and hold easily, then chew off manageable amounts, rather than small cut up bits that would likely be put into the mouth completely and possibly lead to more risk of choking. Many parents are very worried about choking, its perfectly understandable, but delaying lumps and pieces means that babies will be less equipped to deal with them later. Be brave – maybe have a friend or someone there for moral support?

Mamma Fairy – Stream v boil is the difference in nutrient content with one over the other significant?

Julia – Yes, some vitamins (e.g. B & C) are water-soluble so cooking with lots of water means the nutrients can leach out. Use minimal water when cooking veg, that’s why steaming or microwaving are usually recommended over boiling.

Mamma Fairy – Foods to help with constipation and those to avoid more so for my toddler but want to help prevent with baby toddler did suffer bad.

Julia – 2 things are important for preventing and managing constipation: fluid and fibre. Make sure your toddler is drinking enough water – maybe give a little well-diluted orange juice each day. Fruit and veg provide both fluid and fibre so plenty should be offered over the course of the day. Dried fruit like raisins can be useful e.g. in breakfast cereal. Offer some wholemeal bread and wholegrain cereals (e.g. Weetabix) to give extra fibre, though please be aware that too much isn’t recommended as it can be bulky and fill up small tummies too much. See GP or specialist if necessary.

We have just opened the box on the Nutri baby so looking forward to trying this out. Lots of updates to follow. nutribaby


For more information on the brand and the products themselves please see Babymoov website.


Mamma Musings

Keeping kids occupied during the summer months

With the kids summer holidays fast approaching, and every parent knows what to expect over those weeks. Two words will likely penetrate your ears more than any others over the next few months: I’m bored!!!


Even with planned holidays, day trips to the likes of the zoo and other local attractions booked those 2 words will still be inevitably uttered at some stage over the summer holidays.  Don’t fear; these simple tricks will help keep your little ones entertained in a pocket friendly way. Win -win for parents and kids alike.

The Great Outdoors

My boys, like many kids love being outside, between being out the back of our own house, the park, the playgrounds and the beautiful Liffey walk way on our door. We get out and about as much as we can.  The kids get exercise, fresh air and generally play together and more times than not there are plenty other kids out and about and they play together.  Kids have brilliant imaginations and can happily play for hours with other kids they only just met.  I find even by getting out and about together with the boys it really does helps encourage that  sibling bond.

Keep Technology Cheap

siblingsWhile as parents we do try to keep screen time to a minimum, most of the older children I know do love their modern tech gadgets. As long as it’s in moderation, there’s nothing wrong with them spending some time in front of those screens (just not all day!). However, you don’t want it to end up costing you a fortune.  While my boys are still much too young to have a real interest in particular games, I spoke with my Aunt informed my with the Euro’s about to commence FIFA is the game of the moment! Im not going to pretend I know anything about games however she did give me a good tip that rather than forking out huge sums for a new game, you could simply enhance the ones they have, for example in relation to FIFA you can  buy FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Game Coins.  She says it really does save quite a lot.

As you know im a Netflix StreamTeam member and can definitely recommend Netflix for both adults and kids.  The great thing is you get a free 30-day trial so might be worth contemplating for one of the summer months. Currently writing my May Netflix picks so check back soon for some recommendations for both adults and kids.

Make Money

It’s never too early to teach kids the value of money. So this summer, why not implement those lessons by helping them earn some cash? We did this regularly over the summers as kids. My little sister still hasn’t let me forget selling an East17 poster behind her back!! Please tell me we werent the only ones to do this. (below pic is from google but you get the idea!)yard sale

Im sure our house is not alone in the amount of junk we gather over the years and as the saying goes “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. Selling some of this at a garage sale can help earn money to be invested in the new items they want. Alternatively, you could bake and sell cakes. Whatever you do, it should remain fun. Nevertheless, this is a great opportunity to save money while educating the kids too.


Mamma Reviews

Nimble Babies – Milk buster

A couple of weeks back we were sent a bottle of Nimble Babies – Milk Buster to try out.  nimblebabiesI was very interested in this as milk in cups/ beakers/ bottles and this warm weather do not mix.  Both my little men love milk and love a beaker of milk before bed. However I find those sippy cups and the bottles hard to get rid of the milk residue smell and hard to get in and get them really clean.

One of the great things about this product is the spray nozzle, it means it can reach right into the spout of the beakers/ cups.  Its pleasant smelling but not at all overpowering and best of all it works.  I used to find depsite hot washes, dishwasher etc they still sometimes had a grimy film on them but certainly not after Nimble Babies.

How it works

According to Nimble Babies, it is made of the safest cleaning ingredients derived from sugar, amino acids, and coconuts. It’s pH is balanced to be very close to that of water and it also has plant-derived ingredients to remove water hardness. Its also sulphate free too.  Once opened it lasts about 2 months so really good value for Stg£5.99.  For a full list of stockists see here.  There is a great short video on their website to show the product working and explain more about the science behind it.



Mamma Musings

Survival Tips for New Parents

Being a parent is wonderful. But it’s also incredibly hard work. Nothing can prepare you for the first few days of parenthood, but hopefully, these handy hints will help to make life easier, im the first to admit im no expert, but thought id share some tips I have picked up having had 2 babies!

Be prepared

When you’re pregnant, you count down the days until your due date, but really, your baby could arrive at any time during the final stages. This is why it’s beneficial to be prepared. Have the nursery ready and stock up on nappies, wipes and babygrows. You don’t need to buy everything before your baby is born, but make sure you have the essentials. It’s also a good idea to have your hospital bag prepped and ready, just in case you go into labour earlier than expected or like me end up in hospital from 30 weeks. Most certainly not what i expected but it meant i didnt get home before the baby arrived.

Get some sleep

People warn you about sleepless nights. But it’s impossible to appreciate the changes in sleep patterns you experience with a newborn until the baby comes along. It’s likely that you will wake several times during the night for the first while, and you may not get into a settled routine for weeks. This is why it’s essential to get sleep when you can. Nap when your baby naps, and take it in turns to get up during the night. Try and iron out any sleeping problems you have before our baby comes, that either you or your older kids. We spent considering time getting the big man into his own bed full time and off nightime feeds.

Invest in a new mattress and make sure your bedroom is calming, dark and peaceful. If you’re planning to try co-sleeping or you’re planning for the future, it may be worth swapping your current mattress for a larger one. Try out some mattresses  or look for a review on



Ask for help

As a new parent, you may want to spend every precious second with your baby, but it’s ok to take a break from time to time if you can at all. If you’ve got parents, siblings and friends offering to help out, don’t turn them away. Even an hour’s respite can give you a chance to enjoy a nice hot bath or pop out for a bit of fresh air. There’s absolutely no shame in asking others for a bit of support. They’ll probably be overjoyed to have the chance to spend some time with the new arrival.

Look after yourself

When you’re a new parent, all your energy goes into looking after your baby. But it’s also important to look after yourself. Try and eat healthily, have some time out and rest when you can. When your baby is a little older, try and get out and about. A walk to the park or a trip around the block can do your body and mind the power of good.


Welcoming a new baby to the world is one of the most special and exciting experiences. But looking after a newborn can also be draining. Sleepless nights and busy days can make for exhausted parents. If you’re preparing for a new addition, take these helpful tips on board. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and try and get your head down when you can.

Savour every minute, they are only little for a very short space of time.