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October 2016

Reviews for Mama & Babas

Message in a Bottle personalised childrens book

Its no secret we love reading in the Mamma Fairy house, therefore when we were offered the opportunity to be part of the launch team for the personalised children’s book Message in a Bottle, I didn’t hesitate to get involved.


The Story

The basic premise of the book tracks the adventures of Kiki who travels the world to deliver a very special message.  The lovely thing about the book is that your childs name  and home location is mentioned throughout the book, concluding in Kiki delivering a special truly personalised message. This can to mark an occasion such as starting school, the arrival of a sibling or moving house – a lovely keepsake too.

For me, without question the level of detail in the illustrations is a must see, they are bright, colourful and engaging. Both of boys were so intrigued by them. The content itself is both educational and engaging.  It holds the attention of my pair which is no mean feat!

How to order

The ordering process is very simple and easy to follow via the website.  Delivery is free within the EU and the leadtime was very short for us.

This is definitely one to add to the Christmas book list.


Note: we have been part of the launch team and receieved a copy of the book for the purpose of the review.  However the views are my own and the boys where appropriate.


3 ways I know im married to a builder

I am married to a builder……….

My husband is honestly one of the hardest working men I know between his work as a stonemason, his farming and being a brilliant dad to the two wee men however……this leads me to a conversation myself and my colleague had recently.  Three reasons you would know im married to a builder…….she concurs by the way!

1 – Tools, tools tools…..

ehardware2They are everywhere and I mean everywhere. From big to small to everything in between. No space is free when he is finished his days work!



2 – Work wear

At this stage I could sell Hi-viz vests, the kids love trying them on (!!). He owns more wear wear than casual clothes….think this page  from Engelbert Strauss his brand of choice, they are everywhere.  engelTo be fair it makes the present buying easy, the washing not so much! For any other farming mamas out there, they do a great range of kids protective clothes. Something which I am very strict on when they are out on the farm.

3- Our house is never finished

I’m not complaining…. but our house is never finished. We  undertook a mammoth renovation project when we bought our new house 2 years ago and its still on going, extending up and out and all the rest.  He loves to keep working on the house basically because he can. I love his vision and his resolve to give me the house of my dreams. Im currently waiting on a beautiful kitchen from Cherrymore to arrive. Hopefully by Christmas we will be done!