5 Handmade-Business Ideas You Can Take On to Earn Extra Income

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Whether to make ends meet, pay off debt, or monetize an arts and crafts passion, having multiple sources of income is a practical goal in today’s world. There are times when a full-time job cannot cover the costs of sudden unfortunate incidents like accidents or injury, so having that extra fluff on the budget certainly helps in situations like these.

If splitting the body were an option, a lot of people would take that opportunity because there is simply not enough time to take more jobs when you have two. Fortunately, the internet exists, and there are thousands of handmade crafts that are highly sought, so you can sell them well online. Setting up shop online is easier than you think and only requires minimum supervision, so you can focus on more important things like making the stuff you want to sell.

Looking for home craft-business ideas? Read on below.

Bath Products

Soaps and bath bombs are the most accessible feel-good treats that anyone can buy. Most people purchase these products as a reward for themselves. The most popular bath products today are organic and made with avante-garde designs, shapes, and scents.

It takes time and multiple trials and errors to master the art of soapmaking. The costs may be huge in the beginning, but profits will build overtime once the processes are streamlined. Additionally, buying materials in bulk wholesale prices will reduce the costs per bar.

Knitted Items

Many hobbyists find knitting a pleasurable pastime. You only need needles and yarn to start, and while that is deceivingly simple, the options for these things are endless. There are thin and thick needles made of wood or plastic, and balls of yarn come in different sizes and colors.

If you’re interested to learn, there are countless beginner’s guides out there you can follow. There are plenty of knitted things that you can profit from. Items like gloves, scarves, and hats are always popular during colder seasons.

Luxury Scented Candles

Believe it or not, there is a market for people who are obsessed with candles. These are the folks that you see at the candle section of the store, sniffing and admiring blocks of wax and wicks. Candles have really come a long way since their invention.

In modern times, candles imbibed with scents are often used for relaxation, and that is one of the reasons they are popular. Candlemakers often come up with new types of candles for each season as these are also used as decorations. 

The market for candlemaking is fairly saturated because makers know that supplies are inexpensive. Your edge is to make new aroma combinations and packaging that are attention grabbing to stand out from others.

Slime Products

Slime is big business, and makers as young as teenagers have made big bucks off it. This gooey, sticky, non-Newtonian fluid has surged in popularity over the years b

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ecause of how fun and satisfying it turns to solid, then liquid, and back again. Many people also use slime as a stress reliever while others collect it.

Basic slime ingredients are easy to get, and making one is fairly simple. There are different varieties of slime, including glitter, fluffy, popping, and glow in the dark. The most important thing to remember to make slime last is to store it in an airtight container so it doesn’t dry out.

Handmade Pet Products

People love their pets so much that they’re willing to spend thousands of dollars on toys, clothes, and accessories on top of their food. Pet items are a hot market, and local stores carry a variety of products that appeal to all sorts of fur or not-fur parents. Since these things are considered a luxury, they often have a hefty price tag in stores.

If you’re a pet parent yourself, you already have an idea of what products are highly sought and popular. Get in the business of hand-making pet clothes, beds, toys, and accessories as a great alternative to expensive, mass-produced ones. Some of the most popular moneymaking crafts in this category are specialized organic food and furniture.

Make Seasonal Items

Apart from pricing products for profit and having the right branding, consider making special limited items for the changing seasons. This is an excellent way to boost your sales and drum up excitement for people anticipating new products. 

What other handmade items do you think are popular-enough businesses to earn extra income from? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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