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Why Summer Is The Best Time To Service Your Heating

When you’re enjoying a hot summer, your home’s heating may be the last thing on your mind, especially when it comes to home maintenance. You may be desperately trying to keep cool rather than thinking about checking on your boiler or servicing your heating. 

Nevertheless, here’s a guide as to why summer is actually the best time to be thinking about your heating. 

You’ll Want it Ready for Winter

The last thing you’d want is to have to try to fix or service your heating precisely when you need it. So if you end up leaving your heating servicing until the cold winter months hit, you’re making it more of a risk that something might go wrong when your home is suffering in the cold. 

To avoid any risks of a freezing home, or boiler problems, servicing your system in the summer means it’s ready and working for when you need it the most. 

It Will Have Been Switched Off for a While 


Pic Credit: Pixabay

If the last time you used your boiler was last winter, and your heating system has remained unused up until the summer, your boiler will have been switched off after a period of hard work and high activity. It’s, therefore, the perfect time during the summer to have everything checked after its previous usage to make sure it’s all looking good for its next big switch on.

You Won’t Have to Contend with Long Wait Times 

Winter is naturally going to be synonymous with plenty of people making emergency calls for their heating systems or boiler replacements during the peak of winter. If you have your heating services completed in summer instead, it’s more likely you won’t have to wait long, and that services like will have more flexibility in coming out for a callout.

You’ll Have More Time During the Summer

Most people will have time booked off during the summer and have more flexibility in terms of free days. This means it is the perfect time to book a heating service instead of the winter months when you might be back at work and busy after the summer holidays

You’ll Feel More at Ease

You don’t want to have to worry about the worst happening when you need to use your boiler again, and you certainly don’t want all your summer to be spent wondering whether your heating system will actually work when you next need it. 

Therefore, for peace of mind, you can arrange a simple heating service to have everything checked and be able to rest easily knowing it’s all going to be in working order when you next need it.

Key Takeaway 

There are many benefits to having your heating serviced in summer, even if you don’t need to use your heating during the hotter months. Take advantage of a more flexible schedule, peace of mind, and good preparation for the winter months by being proactive and having your heating serviced in the middle of summer instead.

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How to Create the Perfect Garden Grass for Your Kids Play Area

Parents these days rightfully complain that their kids are spending too much time indoors and not enough time away from screens and in nature.

The fact of the matter is if you want your children to spend more time outdoors, you will have to work on providing them with a nice looking and exciting play area. 

Follow this guide to discover how to create the perfect garden grass for your kids’ play area, even if you start from scratch. 

Proper preparation matters 

Before you get down to grass seeding or turfing, you have to prepare the soil.

This means you should use a garden tiller to even it out once you remove all of the weeds and unwanted things such as rocks or tree roots.

You can use a flat shovel to dig out the plants and weeds that ruin the look of your upcoming lawn or use a herbicide to kill all the unwanted plants and then take a sod cutter to remove the dead grass and roots. 

After that, have experts test your soil to know what type of grass is the best for that specific area. Just this one simple step is enough to save you from a lot of unnecessary stress and hard work.

Another essential part of preparations is spreading a starter fertilizer onto the soil after breaking the ground down with the tiller or rototiller. The next thing you should use is a soil amendment, also known as a soil conditioner. Good homemade compost can also do the trick here, but you will have to head out to the store and buy some soil amendment if you don’t have any.

Once again, use the tiller to mix the soil with the nutrients. After that, rake the ground to even it out and remove any rocks and debris. With that out of the way, you are ready to move onto the next step.

Seeding and watering your new garden 

Once all the prep work is complete, it is time to start seeding.

Check the seed bag for instructions on the recommended seeding rate. One more thing to know before you load up the seeder is that applying the seed should not be all done in one go.

Instead, divide the seed into four piles and spread it in four different directions – top to bottom, left to right, and vice versa. That way, you will ensure that all of your garden is evenly covered in grass with no empty spots.

The next thing you want to do is take another look at the instructions. For example, if they say that you should cover the seeds with a thin layer of dirt, take a rake and have another go at your developing garden.

Once you have planted the seeds, it is essential not to let your new grass dry in the upcoming week or two. That is how long it will take for the grass to start to sprout.

Use a hose to evenly water the entire garden, but be careful not to overdo it and turn the soil into mud.

This initial period is crucial for the proper development of your lawn, so make sure no people or animals step onto the germinating grass.

Care and maintenance 

Congrats, you have made it. Now that your garden is out of the awkward initial stage, all you have to do is take good care of it and properly maintain it.

This means that you will still have to water your new lawn three times a day until it is tall enough to mow – for most grass kinds, this is roughly two inches.

When mowing the garden, do not be too aggressive – you want to stay with at least an inch of grass remaining, so do not cut off more than one-third of the overall height of the grass.

Continue watering the grass regularly until you have mowed it three times. Only then will you know that it has become strong and robust enough to make it independently.

After that, adjust your watering schedule to the type of grass and your local weather and environment. Lastly, don’t forget to remove new weeds as they are coming out.

And there you have it – you have created the perfect grass for your kids’ play area! All that is left to do is decide what to do with it, so it is more attractive for your children.

Setting up a kid-friendly garden 

Now that all that hard work is behind you, it is time to create a garden that encourages active play so that your kid will want to spend time in it. Active play is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

One thing you can do is create backyard “rooms” – areas where kids can feel like they have some privacy or where they can hide during a game of hide and seek. To make them, you can use natural elements such as tree stumps or rocks that you already have. You could also repurpose an old tent and turn it into a spot for controlled garden “camping.”

Just about anything that provides some sort of cover – artificial or natural – will do the trick. Just place an umbrella or a canopy in the garden, and your kid’s imagination will fill in the rest.

Next, you might want to build or buy a sandbox for your kids to play in. Add some shovels, scoops, molds, buckets, and construction vehicles, and you have created a perfect play area for your child.

Another essential sensory experience is playing with water. If your kid is small, just set up a water table for them to play safely. In case your kids are a bit older, all you have to do is get the sprinklers going in the warm weather and let your kids have the time of their lives on your perfect lawn. 

Finally, let your kids express their inner artist by setting up a blackboard and giving them plenty of colorful chalk to draw with. Your best bet would be to get some sidewalk chalk, as kids can also use it for games such as tic tac toe and hopscotch.

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5 Unique Extracurricular Activities for Children

Extracurricular activities are a must for children to take part in and learn more about what they enjoy and they don’t like as much. It’s also key for your child to take a break from their main studies and develop skills in other areas.

With that in mind, here are 5 unique activities you might not have thought about that your child could enjoy, from this nursery in Cambridge

1. Music lessons

Learning an instrument is a very unique way of letting your child learn something entirely new and exploratory. It’s a great way for your child to practice their maths, coordination and logistical skills as they follow music sheets, using the right notes and continuing practice of their motor skills.

2. Swimming

This is usually a sport that works the entire of your body as soon as you enter the water. It’s a sport that targets a lot of the body and improves coordination, balance and is perfect for exercise.

3. Dance classes

Lots of girls often join in dance classes, but there’s no reason to say boys can’t take part as well. If they’re interested in learning dance, get them involved at a local club. Lots of classes and groups work towards a dance recital or performance at the end of a term.

4. Martial arts

Kids can learn about self defense and also get a cultural history lesson when they take part in martial arts. There are a host of different martial arts your child can take part in, such as Karate, Judo and Taekwondo.

5. Gymnastics

A lot of kids enjoy gymnastics as there are so many strands to it – trampolining, floor exercises, pommel horse and balance beams. Each activity requires a lot of strength that can be learnt over time with the support of a local gymnastics club.

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Activities to Strengthen your Child’s Fine Motor Skills

Almost all of our interactions in life require use of our hands. There are many ways we’re taught as a child to make sure that we develop what we call fine motor skills – continued practice of our small hand and arm muscles. It also requires the use of our brains to know how to hold certain items and to use them.

From this girls private school in Surrey, here are some great ways you can train your child into using their motor skills that are fun and educational.

Water play

Water play can be done in multiple ways. You can blow up a paddling pool in your back garden and let your child play with toys in the water – key ways that you child will be able to practice holding toys and using their fingers. Simple ways of letting children play with water include letting them use cups to fill up with water, pouring water and splashing water around.

Water play improves the child’s senses by understanding texture, sounds and smells as well as their fine motor skills.

Puzzles and board games

Picking up small pieces to make a puzzle or to move points on a board improves your child’s grip and handling. Puzzles should be done together to allow your child to learn how to put the pieces together with supervision, as there’s a tendency for kids to put pieces in their mouth, but it all pays off in the end. Persevere with your child when they’re playing games like these, as it all aids towards fine tuned motor skills.

Painting, colouring and drawing

All of these are great ways for your child to get involved in making art. Holding paint brushes, colouring pencils, pens and sketching pencils will give your child the chance to practice how to keep a grip. These activities are also key for helping your child to develop their hand-eye coordination.


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Working Moms: Do We Ever Get a Break?

If you are a working mom, you are probably dealing with some challenges. The main one may be balancing work and motherhood. How do you create time for your children, your work and still have time for self-care?

Pic Credit: Pixabay

In Ireland, the Workplace Relations Commission enforces the various laws that promote gender equality and prohibit any form of discrimination against women in the workplace.

Yet, in spite of such bodies and the various employment laws protecting working women, mothers are still facing bias in the workplace. They miss out on promotions, are paid less, or are often denied requests for a flexible work schedule when pregnant or require time to recover after having a baby. 

This discrimination faced by working mothers is often referred to as a ‘maternal wall.’

Some of the reasons employers use to discriminate against working moms include; they are more likely to miss work or are unlikely (due to their family commitments) to work as required at the office.

The situation has forced many moms to quit working to raise their children. Mothers who remain at work despite discrimination, have to deal with the daily difficulties. This is highly unfair. Moms need to achieve their career goals too.

Employee rights for working moms

We need to answer the question, ” How can we as mothers avoid discrimination at work and achieve our career goals without neglecting our families?” The answer is by using our employee rights.

Employee rights are regulations that protect you against unfair treatment from your employer. Ireland is especially fair to expectant and working mothers.

Maternal rights for working moms

In Ireland, your maternal employee rights as a working mom start before delivery. You are entitled to reasonable time off for medical checkups and to attend antenatal classes.

You should also get maternity leave to recover from childbirth and bond with your baby. Working moms are entitled to 26 weeks of maternity leave to deliver their babies. Two of those weeks can be taken before the child’s birth. 

Mothers who choose to adopt a child are allowed 24 weeks leave from the date the child comes home. 

Of course, benefits are essential when you have a new baby to cater to and medical bills to pay. You can guarantee yourself some maternal or adoptive benefits by contributing sufficiently to your social insurance. 

Your rights after maternity leave

Pic Credit: Unsplash

There have been cases of women getting back to work after the birth of their child only to find their job status has changed. They are either downgraded in terms of their position or pay.

No employer should downgrade your job status or pay because you had a baby. 

The Maternity Protection Acts 1994  protects a mother’s right to be treated as she was before delivery. 

Therefore, after your maternity leave, you have a right to get back to your former employment position. In case your post is filled for any reason, your employer should offer you suitable alternative employment.

The Equal Status Acts 2000-2018 also forbids any bias based on, among other things, family status such as pregnancy. It promotes equal opportunities at work and advocates for family-friendly work practices. 

Therefore, taking time off work to deliver your child does not give your employer the right to mistreat you once you report back.

If you need time away from work to breastfeed your child, you can rely on Section 9 of the Maternity Protection (Amendment )Act, 2004,  to fight for your breastfeeding rights. 

It allows women who’ve delivered within the last six months time away from work to breastfeed, thereby helping them transition back to work without worrying about their babies.

Balancing work and family

Apart from laws that support moms, more companies in Ireland are adopting fair employment policies for working mothers. 

Some offer in-home child care benefits or on-site daycare facilities at work. Others allow moms to work with flexible schedules or remotely from home. 

Pic Credit: Unsplash

This is a most welcome trend that is providing a more inclusive environment in the workplace for mothers.

If you work for a company that doesn’t provide support to mothers, your employer may be ready to make your schedule flexible or give you a chance to work from home if you negotiate. Try it!

Are you facing discrimination at the workplace?

If asking or negotiating for your rights doesn’t work, fighting for them may be your only remaining option.

Although women are known to avoid actions that make waves in the workplace, many are now coming forward to sue unfair employers.

As a working mom, you deserve to work and raise a family without feeling like you need to let go of one to accommodate the other. As you have seen, several laws in Ireland protect you from bias at the workplace.

Therefore, if you face any workplace discrimination and asking for your rights does not lead to any changes, pursuing legal action is an option you should consider.

Author: Kelly Pence


Wrinkles and the Benefit of Astaxanthin

In the natural world, astaxanthin is found in algae, fish, krill oil, lobsters, crab, crawfish and salmon but if you are not a great seafood eater from sustainable and safe sources, you might be deficient in this nutrient. Fortunately, it is possible to include it in your diet in the form of a supplement. In case you are wondering, astaxanthin is pronounced “asta-ZAN-thin”.

Why Astaxanthin is an Important Anti-aging Tool

long hair

Pic Credit: Pixabay

Astaxanthin is especially important for both males and females to use as they grow older and there are several reasons for this. Firstly, while we have written many posts on the necessity for maintaining high vitamin D levels (including as part of an anti-aging strategy), astaxanthin is an excellent adjunct to vitamin D, acting as an internal sunscreen when it helps to protect the skin from all types of radiation. Secondly, studies have also shown that astaxanthin works to rejuvenate the skin. Two such studies worked with females first and then males where they were given a daily dose of 6mg astaxanthin for several weeks. They all showed improvement in the different areas of skin health including:

  • Crow’s feet wrinkle size and elasticity
  • Age spot size
  • Moisture content and loss
  • Skin texture and
  • Sebum oil level

The researchers concluded that astaxanthin could well improve the skin condition in men as well as women. Thirdly, a further anti-aging tool is for improved eye health. Astaxanthin crosses the blood-eye barrier, supporting vascular health within the eye while protecting the eyes’ sensitive cells.

The Importance of a Fit and Healthy Lifestyle

Of course taking a supplement and thinking that this will solve any aging,or other problem, is not the way to go. It has to be part of the bigger picture of a fit and healthy lifestyle in terms of regular exercise, what we eat and the chemicals and toxins we avoid. Building a strong immune system is paramount in helping our bodies to fight disease. Nevertheless, combined with such a fit and healthy lifestyle, astaxanthin has powerful abilities to protect our skin (as it ages) from wrinkles and age spots, improve our eye health and even reduce inflammation associated with arthritis and other conditions such as gout. No supplement or ingredient is ever a magic and isolated aging preventative. It has to be in tandem with living an all-around-healthy and active lifestyle – one that we frequently share with you on our health blog!

Considering Natural vs. Synthetic Forms of Astaxanthin

The studies mentioned above were conducted using the non-synthetic form of astaxanthin. When choosing your own astaxanthin supplement, look for a natural version.

How to Take Astaxanthin

Although there is not a standard recommended dose, the amount used in various studies (and to ensure you receive all the benefits) is a daily dose of 4 to 6 mg. As with vitamin D3 and some other supplements, astaxanthin is fat-soluble meaning that taking it along with a spoonful of organic coconut oil, butter from a grass fed source or extra virgin olive oil will ensure it is best absorbed into your system for optimum benefits and results. In the meantime, if you are concerned about wrinkles or age spots, help is at hand.


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Expand Your Business Using These Essential Strategies

In a Global Banking and Finance Review, it was discovered that 42% of  companies are more inclined towards expansion. Better yet, this group of businesses prefer to extend their services overseas. For entrepreneurs, business growth and expansion leading to maximised profits is the ultimate goal for operations. However growing a business can come at a cost. Using a basic metric – do you know how much a new customer acquisition costs? If not I suggest investing some time in familiarising yourself with customer acquisition cost ecommerce, as you expand it is possible that customers start to become more expensive to reach therefore it is an important metric to consider when planning to expand your business.

While some failed at it, others have succeeded. So, what advantage did the latter have over the former? Here are tips to guide you as you consider expanding your business.

  • Introduce innovative products and services to an existing mix

factory floor meeting

Pic Credit: Pexels

Even in a lacklustre economy, you can still be innovative enough to grow your business and end up beating competition while at it. Nobody wants to struggle to grow a business; introducing new products and services to your existing mix can be a daring business move, especially when you have no idea how the market will receive it.

As a precaution, you must first conduct market research to determine what your customers want. It’d be best to also research into how much your existing market is willing to pay for a new product or service, as it’ll be ineffective to decide by yourself to introduce a new product without the assurance that it’ll be accepted.

Some notable corporate giants failed terribly with new products they assumed would beat the existing competition. For example, in 2006, Microsoft hoped to beat Apple’s iPod with the introduction of the Zune. They however failed to research the iPod’s weaknesses instead of just outdooring a product to compete. The result? Zune wasn’t a bad product per se, but it failed abysmally. Other notable examples are:

  • The HP Touchpad – hoping to rival the iPad.
  • Amazon Fire phone – ventured into becoming a smartphone powerhouse.
  • Cosmopolitan Yogurt – The Cosmopolitan Magazine hoped to veer into edible products.
  • Franchising

The main idea behind franchising is to expand into new territories. Admittedly, it’s a pretty expensive and quite complex procedure, but the benefits are immeasurable when done right. Franchising is only an excellent option when you have a recognised brand. More so, you must be convinced about your business systems and how effective they can be if legally replicated by other people in different places.

Usually, under a franchising model, you permit others to adapt your business models as they sell your branded products. Franchise Direct offers you a consolidated platform through which you can find a plethora of franchise opportunities. Another thing worth mentioning is that franchising adds more credibility to the brand, and benefits from royalties and fees.

  • Networking


Pic Credit: Pexels

Consider networking as the intricate weaving of different threads that make up a fabric. In business, networking cannot be overstated; the business relationships you keep with clients (existing and potential), colleagues, other professionals, etc., will inadvertently become the support your work needs. The purpose of networking is to gain significant insight into what makes a business successful.

Furthermore, by your association with others who succeeded in growth and expansion, you stand a better chance of learning valuable lessons first-hand. Did you know that regular business networking elevates professional and personal profiles? Ultimately, that contributes effectively to your business growth.

In due time, your diligence will pay off as your business reaps fruits. While expanding your company, avoid losing sight of current operations. Additionally, be mindful of internal and external influences that could hinder your business expansion plans.

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How COVID Gave Me Time To Update My House

Covid has forced most of us to stay indoors within the confines of our homes. While the situation may be troubling, it is also a great time to start focusing on self-development or learn a new skill.

On a personal level, COVID has given me the perfect opportunity to upgrade my home. Growing up, I always bought stuff, filled my house with clothes and accessories, and loved to flaunt them. Having kids has greatly added to the clutter too. Today the family is embracing minimalism.

We decided to utilize our free time to do a complete home makeover. As a first step, we started by changing the walls using peel & stick removable wallpaper.

From there, there was no looking back. I am proud to say that I have an incredibly cozy home where we can work, rest, play, and relax. My children enjoyed picking and installing their kids’ peel and stick wallpapers too. This was a great learning experience for them.

How I used the COVID isolation period to upgrade my house:

My work never allowed me to do a major overhaul. With isolation, I got an opportunity to spend more time at home with my family. Since weekends meant more free time, we started planning the upgrade process.

This is how we approached the whole process of updating my home during these COVID times.

I started by decluttering.

Any cleaning expert will tell you that the first step towards upgrading your home is to declutter and downsize. Many of us tend to accumulate a lot of junk over the years and simply can’t let go. Upgrades are an excellent time to work on letting go of things we no longer use.

If you feel overwhelmed with this process, start with one room at a time. Have three boxes or garbage bags- one to keep, one to donate, and one for garbage. Make sure that all the items go into one of these categories. This process will help you declutter a lot of stuff and give a direction to go ahead with the update.

My kids followed the same process, and we could clear out tons of stuff from our home.

I gave my walls a fresh look with peel and stick removable wallpapers.

I was working under a tight budget and was looking for different ways to give a fresh new look to my walls. The paint was peeling off in many places, and the walls were screaming for a much-needed makeover. I realized peel and stick removable wallpapers are inexpensive and easy to install.

This also meant I needn’t call contractors or professional decorators to do the job in these Covid times. The process was so easy; my kids were able to finish installing their kids peel and stick wallpaper with a bit of help from my spouse and me.

We rearranged and repurposed all the furniture and accessories to suit the changing needs.

We also left out furniture we no longer use on the curbside so the needy can pick them up. This was a satisfying experience.

My Takeaways from the Covid Upgrade Process:

Peel and stick removable wallpaper are an excellent inexpensive way to give every room a complete upgrade. They are available in a wide range of patterns, colors, and designs.

If you have kids at home who want to change the look of their rooms, you can easily pick kids’ peel and stick wallpapers.

It is a beautiful experience that will bring the whole family together for great bonding. 

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Mamma Musings

6 Ideas for the Best Gifts Your Kids Will Love

We all know kids can be picky. But, it’s the worst when you have no idea what to get them for a gift! So we’re here to help you out with some ideas that are sure to please any kid in your life.

#1 A new set of Legos

For kids who love Legos, there is the Lego Creator 3in1 Pirate Boat set which includes a pirate ship, boat, and treasure chest all in one kit. The kit comes with over 800 pieces, so it will keep their attention for hours as they build it themselves.

#2 A Smartwatch

kid reading

Pic Credit: Pixabay

We recommend getting them a smart watch for kids. These watches come equipped with GPS tracking for those of us who don’t want our kids glued to screens all day. That way, you can know where your kids are at all times. They also come with various customizable apps and features that will keep them entertained for hours on end!

#3 A board game can play together as a family or with friends

If your kids like board games, a good option is the Monopoly Junior game for ages six and up. This game offers two difficulty levels, so it’s perfect for families with different playing abilities or parents who want to help their kids learn how to play while they’re still young.

#4 New books for their favorite series

Nothing says “I love you” like a book. It’s a simple gift that can be shared and enjoyed by kids of all ages. It’s always exciting when new books are in a series, so you know your little one will be excited if they’re given something from their most loved book!

#5 An art kit

Paint, brushes, and canvas so they can create their paintings or drawings- If your kids have been begging for an easel for the longest time, we recommend getting them one that will keep them busy with this craft while still being easy to clean up afterward such as the Art Easel by Melissa & Doug. Art set for children contains projects like drawing on rocks, painting on paper bags, or making mosaics out of recycled materials which helps foster creative thinking skills while instilling an appreciation for nature’s beauty at the same time!

#6 A Puzzle to put together on rainy days

Kids love puzzles! They can spend hours trying to figure out the perfect way to put them together. Puzzles are also great for teaching kids patience. A puzzle kit with many pieces they have never seen before, so they get curious about how each piece goes together.


Finding the perfect gift for your kids can be hard. So what is the best gift you can give your kids? Is it a new toy, game, or book for them to enjoy and learn from this holiday season? We think that all of those ideas are great choices. But we also want to offer some other suggestions that will help keep their creativity flowing and stimulate their brain in different ways. We hope these ideas have helped!


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Money Saving Home Improvements

solar panels

Pic Credit: Unsplash

No matter who you are, you will want to make savings on your energy bills if you can, it also makes sense to reduce your energy consumption in general. In this article, you will find some ways to change the infrastructure of your home to save money and power as well as some cheaper alternatives to your home lifestyle choices.

Solar roof technology 

The sun is one of the most powerful natural resources the planet has to harness, so it makes sense to use it as much as possible to power your home and reduce your energy costs. This can happen in two ways: solar panels and cool roof technology. 

Solar panels need no introduction. They are more efficient than ever before and can be easily installed by a solar panel engineer. Cool roof technology uses angled panels to reflect the heat and keep your home cool. 

Energy-efficient windows 

Most of the heat lost from the home disappears through the windows, that’s not surprising since glass will easily transmit heat out of the home to bring it in if you have a south-facing window. Energy-efficient windows can save you money and make your home more efficient. 

Energy-efficient windows will trap the heat in your home when it’s cold and prevent it from leaving when it’s warm. You can choose between double or triple glazed windows for your home depending on your budget and energy needs. 

Spray Foam Insulation  

One of the most important aspects of reducing the energy you use and saving money is choosing the right insulation for your home. Heat energy is often lost through the roof and walls so you need to trap it using spray foam insulation. 

The great thing about spray foam insulation uk is that it can be used in your wall regardless of how old your home is or what insulation has been there before. Contact a spray foam insulation company for a quote that will save you money long term. 

Energy saving light bulbs 

Are you still using filament light bulbs or halogen light bulbs in your home? If you are, you are using inefficient lighting that not only costs you the most but uses energy needlessly. It’s much better to replace your light bulbs with LED ones. 

LED light bulbs use a far smaller amount of electricity and save you around £35 per year of your energy bill. That’s the same as one free month of the Internet or a dinner for two at a restaurant. As well as EE lightbulbs remember to turn off light when not in use. 

Eco appliances 

As well as installing the right infrastructure in your homes such as insulation, light bulbs and solar panels, you also have to use energy-efficient appliances and use them economically. Eco appliances are things like kettles, washing machines, and boilers. 

If you want to optimize your home for energy efficiency and make significant savings every year then choose the latest eco-friendly appliances and install a smart meter so you can efficiently track your energy usage. 

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