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Lough Erne Resort – Our family stay

Lough Erne Resort – Our Review

Hotel Exterior

Pic Credit: Lough Erne Hotel

The June bank holiday weekend was our wedding anniversary. Its the one occasion I really like to mark or celebrate. We were invited to Lough Erne Resort in Fermanagh for the night and how could I possibly refuse a stay in five star luxury hotel?! With kids in tow we departed for Lough Erne via Donegal (!) for the Sunday night of the bank holiday.  Ill admit from the outset expectations were high, hotel of the year 2017, home to the 2013 G8 summit, five star and award winning chef!!! Could this hotel live up?!!

The location

Lake View

Pic Credit: Mamma Fairy Blog

The hotel is located just outside of Enniskillen in Co Fermnanagh, very easy to locate and well sign posted. You enter the hotel via a long driveway which I think forms part of the golf course.  When they  entrance comes into view its impossible not to be wowed, its really stunning and the setting on the lake really adds to the charm.  We could see the swans on the lake which really excited the kids.

Lake view

Pic Credit: Mamma Fairy Blog

The room

Check in was smooth and dealt with efficiently and friendly by a lovely lady names Susan or Sandra  I think.  Helpful without being imposing exactly the way I like it. The kids received swim bags with colouring book and crayons in it which was a really nice touch.  Our home for the night was a beautiful 2 bedroom lodge over looking the lake. It was huge!! We had a separate living space with kitchenette, two full sized ensuite bedroom and a breathtaking view of the lake. I could very easily wile away hours staring at that view. The lake is so calm and serene. Its also part of the golf course and the boys loved watching the golf buggies up and down the course. There were lots of lovely little touches the swam teddy on the bed for the kids the little slippers.  My pair felt like total vips’s.

The Food

bar interior

Pic Credit: Lough Erne Resort

We had dinner in the Blaney Bar that evening. The first thing I noticed was the great kids menu.  My pair happily devoured the steak and chips.  The setting is really nice over looking the lake its nice and relaxed which is important when eating out with kids. Both the Dada Fairy and I also opted for steak and chips and there was clean plates all round. Service was very good. Special mention to Lauren who was brilliant, attentive, friendly and unobtrusive.  The staff in the bar definitely add to the charm and appeal, all the staff we encountered were so welcoming especially with the kids. Big thumbs up for the wine and chilled glasses too!

There is another restaurant on site – The Catalina, which I understand is Northern Ireland’s first 3 AA Rosette Hotel Restaurant. We didn’t eat dinner there but did have breakfast there which was as you would expect really good.  Again the staff are a big selling point here. Service is attentive without being over done.  Great breakfast selection there was plenty selection for both the adults and the kids.

The Facilities

lake view

Pic Credit: Mamma Fary

Unfortunately having only had one night we didn’t get enough time to experience the activities on offer but I did hear from another guest that the pool really was amazing.  There really is lots for families to do onsite you can take an hour-long cruise down the Lough in the region’s famous Water Taxis or head off to nearby Marble Arch Caves – one of the world’s leading Geoparks.

On site there are beautiful walks around the stunning surroundings of Lough Erne on the famous Collop Walk. It goes without saying aspiring junior golfers can practice their skills on the Mini Himalayas putting green or take part in a Junior golf camp. There’s also a host of other family-friendly activities such as fishing, arts and crafts, and a dedicated games room, Ernie’s Den to keep kids occupied and parents relaxed.

I really need to come back to experience the facilities on offer 😉

The Verdict

I was a little worried that as a five star hotel my boisterous pair might seem like like unwelcome guests amongst other patrons and staff! Absolutely not from the minute we checked in the kids were made feel like special guests.  The lodge was fantastic with so much space and the kitchenette while we didn’t use it I can see how helpful it would be if you were staying a couple of nights. We really thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Everything from the setting to the food to the room (s) was wow, spotlessly clean and welcoming.  If i was to start being really picky, the wifi in our lodge wasn’t picking up the signal well however lets be honest you don’t visit a five star resort for its wifi!

I can say hand on heart we will be back.

The cost

For best rate always book direct with the hotel.  For this summer the ‘Fermanagh Family Fun’ package is available which includes complimentary access to the Infinity Pool (children’s swimming daily 8am-11am & 4.30pm–5.30pm), jacuzzi and sauna at The Thai Spa plus an indulgent breakfast each morning by Noel McMeel and his culinary team. It’s available midweek (Sunday to Thursday) from the discounted price of £310 / £280 / £269 per night, based on two adults and two children under 12 and is available 1st July – 13th August.


Note: We were provided with a complimentary stay however all views are my own or the kids. I was not asked or expected to write this review.





7 Fruits to Dry and Eat


Pic Credit:Pixabay

Fruits are not only delicious, but also healthy for consumption. This makes fruits a good alternative for people who want to pursue a healthy diet. However, fresh fruits do not always retain their freshness after a couple of days. Unless you are storing them in the fridge, the fruits may decay over time. Thus, an alternate method of keeping the nutrition high, while maintaining the richness in taste is by dehydrating the fruit. This post will share some of the best fruits that you can dehydrate and consume even after weeks. Go through the list of the fruits below and choose the ones that you love to consume.



These fruits are one of the most delicious, especially when they are dehydrated. Many people who go on camping trips, etc., like to carry these with them as a snack.



This fruit is available in many desserts. Besides being incredibly tasty, these are also incorporating many health benefits. A benefit of dates is that you can rehydrate them when needed so that you can add them in various recipes. Some recommended recipes that you ought to try using dried dates are chocolate tart, quinoa truffles with date nuts, almond butter / date caramel with apple (raw) sandwiches.



Tomatoes have also been considered one of the Best Fruits To Dehydrate, and many people do not even know about this. The method to enjoy dried tomatoes is best when you grind them after dehydrating them. Now, you have multiple options to use it to create ketchup, puree, or add them in other sauces as per your requirements for a particular dish.





Pic Credit: Pixabay

These sweet fruits taste very savory when one removes their moisture from them. The taste that you get is an exotic combination of sweet and tangy, which children love to eat. If you add dried strawberries to trail mixes and smoothies, you can enhance its flavor and make nutritious and appetizing recipes.




Dried banana chips have been known to serve as an alternative to regular potato chips as these are these contain much more nutrition compared to the latter. However, you should avoid munching them uncontrollably, as these are also containing fat. Regulate their consumption, as these chips can be highly addictive just like their counter part.  In addition, you can use dehydrated bananas for various traditional dishes for lunch and dinners.




dried fruit

Pic Credit: Pixabay

This fruit is one of the most dried ones used in several types of deserts and dishes. You can even try them as a snack dipped in peanut butter, etc. One of the best ways to consume it is by making an apple pie out of them.




You may have seen dried cherries on top of cakes, ice creams, mock tails, etc. These fruits have been known to serve its purpose really well. Kids love them too. 

Try dehydrating such fruits and add them to various recipes you have been waiting to try. You are surely going to love consuming them for their taste and health advantages.


3 Tips for Preventing and Correcting Childhood Obesity

It’s no secret that obesity is a huge public health issue through the world. Childhood obesity can not only have a disastrous effect on your child’s overall health, but on their quality of life and self-esteem as well. And too often, children tend to bring that excess weight with them well into their adult life along with their bad eating habits. Here are a few simple tips that can help you combat childhood obesity.

boy playing sport

Pic Credit: Pixabay

Make Activity Fun

The first thing you have to do to prevent childhood obesity is to instill a love of activity into your children early on. Make sure that they don’t associate exercise and activity with hard work and suffering and try to get them into fun activities instead.

For instance, you could decide to make your backyard more conducive to activity. You can add a soccer net and play with them from time to time. Installing a small pool or a big inflatable one could be a great idea as well. A trampoline is also a surprising way to burn calories and most children absolutely love them, so that would be a great way to sneak some physical activity into their lifestyle without them seeing it as a chore.

You could also consider enrolling them in some organized sports. Most children will have a sport they will particularly enjoy from a young age. If you notice they have a love for a certain sport, ask them if they would like to play in a team – but don’t force them. If they’re enthusiastic about the idea, look for leagues in your area that you could enroll them in. But always make sure to make it about them and not you, or they might start losing interest.

Reduce Liquid Calories

You won’t believe how many calories juices and soft drinks contain alone. By making smart choices and cutting the amount of liquid calories your children take in, you could make a huge difference on their daily caloric consumption.

Instead of soda, try to go with sparkling water with fruit. You can easily replace soft drinks with a low sugar sparkling water lemonade and your kids will love it. Making your own smoothies is also a great way to cut on calories and provide them with the nutrition they need.

Gradually Reduce Servings

Serving sizes are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to childhood obesity. If your child is already used to huge servings, you’ll have to reduce them gradually so that they don’t notice the difference. One of the ways you could do that is by getting a smaller set of plates. Children will usually associate a full plate with a full serving and won’t see the difference.

It’s also important that you know what the daily caloric needs for your children are and portion their meals accordingly. Small children should never eat more than 1400 calories per day and can get by with much less than that. Adolescents however, will need about 2000 calories per day if they’re active. If you have a teenager who’s struggling with excess weight, you can consider weight loss supplements like Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, or HCG for short. If you want to learn more about HCG and various HCG products on the market, you can visit Hcgdietreview.Com.

If you follow these few simple tips, you should be able to reduce the chances of your child being overweight. Make sure that you apply these tips in your everyday life to improve your child’s quality of life.

Mamma Musings

10 Reasons You Feel Tired All the Time and How to Fix It


Pic Credit: Pixabay

Always feeling tired but aren’t sure why? You are certainty not alone, as countless other people continue to feel tired despite having enough sleep, with as many as one in five people feeling tired at any given time.   Let’s take a closer look at 10 reasons you may feel tired all the time, and how you can fix it.

Lack of Sleep

We’ll start with the most obvious reason most people are tired all the time –  a lack of good sleep. Sleeping is vital for restoring energy levels, so it’s important that you get a restful night’s sleep with minimal interruptions, while sticking to a regular sleep schedule also helps.


Not enough Food

Undereating is another common cause of tiredness. Food gives us the energy to go about our days, so you want to ensure you eat enough calories each day to avoid feeling tired. Your caloric intake varies depending on age, gender, weight, and height, so try work this out an ensure you’re eating enough.


Not drinking enough water is a leading cause of tiredness. The better hydrated our bodies are, the more blood flow to the brain, helping to avoid fatigue and tiredness. So, make sure you’re drinking as much water a possible.


While we all deal with stress from time to time, suffering from frequent chronic stress has a serious impact on your mental and physical health, including feeling tired all the time. If you frequently suffer from stressful situations, consider stress management techniques such as meditation or yoga.


Not only is sugar bad for your waistline, it can have a significant impact on mental functioning when consuming too much.   By decreasing activity of orexin cells, sugar can cause feelings of tiredness after that initial sugar buzz wears off. While difficult, you may want to reduce your sugar intake, especially during the morning and afternoon.

Nutrient Deficiencies

Nutrient deficiencies lead to a lack of focus, increased fatigued, and even physical weakness, with anaemia being an overlooked condition when it comes to tiredness. Consider checking to see if you suffer from iron, folate, or vitamin deficiencies and upping your intake of each should it be lacking in your diet.

Not Exercising

The idea of working out to feel less tired may seem counterintuitive, but it does work, and many don’t realise a lack of exercise is likely causing their tiredness. A sedentary lifestyle may contribute to this, so consider walking, running, or swimming a few times a week – you’ll notice the different immediately.

Skipping Breakfast

breakfast granola

Pic Credit: Pixabay

Many people struggle to eat during the morning time, but this should always be avoided, as breakfast provides our bodies with a much-needed dose of energy to start the day. If you don’t like eating much after waking up, try starting with something small such as a piece of fruit, toast, or some yoghurt. 

Too Much Caffeine

Drinking caffeine-rich beverages such as coffee and energy drinks may offer a short burst of energy, but this becomes a problem when done too often. High sugar and caffeine consumption results in rebound fatigue after the initial energy wears off. Ditch frequent cups of coffee and energy juice, replacing them with water instead.

Food Allergies

Not everyone realises their food sensitives, whether is being lactose intolerant or gluten sensitive, but the symptoms are a nightmare, with fatigue being chief among them. Dairy, gluten, and eggs are a few types of foods that could be causing sleepiness – try dropping them for a while to see if it makes a difference.

Mamma Reviews

3 Reasons to Go Back to School in 2018

Have you ever thought about returning to work and getting your career back on track? What about when the kids are old enough to take care of themselves? Do you have dreams – personal dreams – that you want to achieve?

A lot of full-time moms ask themselves the same questions quite a lot, usually because they do have a lot of unfulfilled personal dreams and goals. There is no shame in having objectives you still want to reach; they don’t make you a worse mom in any way.

In most cases, the first step to take in order to achieve those objectives, whether it is a career or earning a degree – is going back to school. Fortunately, 2018 is the perfect year to return to school for several important reasons.

More Programs to Choose From

One of the best things about going back to school this year is the fact that you have more courses and programs to choose from. For starters, universities are opening their courses to more students. There are distance learning programs and online courses that you can take without having to abandon your role as a mom.

There are also schools that allow you to master specific skills. If you want to pursue a career in healthcare and help more people, for example, you can look into surgical tech schools in Oklahoma to get started.

Even better, there are hundreds of short courses and classes you can take from home. All you need is an iPad and you can learn anything from knitting to mobile app development and advanced financial management. Picking up new skills is never this easy.

More Market Opportunities

If your goal is to return to a career once the kids are older, you are on the right track too. The boom in our education system is the result of other booms happening across the market. The rapid market growth is not showing any sign of slowing down at all.

In fact, experts believe that we will continue to see this kind of growth for another five to ten years. This means you will graduate to an even better market if you start your education today. A better market means more – and better – jobs to pursue and more rewards to earn.

More Flexibility


Pic Credit: Pixabay

As mentioned before, courses and other programs now come in different forms. The surgical tech program mentioned earlier allows you to become a surgical technician in as little as 18 months. Other courses let you master specific skills and earn certifications faster. 

You can also choose not the attend classes and study online instead. Online courses offer the most flexibility for moms who want to go back to school since you can basically set your own schedules and study in your own time.

The same flexibility lets you complete any course that you choose at your own pace. Since you are multi-tasking, and you will have to put family first in most situations, having this extra flexibility in terms of time and schedules is a huge plus.

Reviews for Mama & Babas

Poopyhead Game Review

When this gem came through our letter box, the paper torn off it queue squeals of delight. My pair are at the age now where toilet humour is sure to be a big hit!!

If you thought the name Poopy head generated excitement how about head bands with poo (!!) and a whoopie cushion well now…….we were at needing ear plugs excitement here.

Whats included:

The game comes with 5 headbands with a poo (!! – yes i know!) on it, a whoopie coushin and some playing cards.

What we thought

Despite going through the rule multiple times with my pair,  I think they found them a little hard to grasp. Its a game of speed you need to put down the cards as quickly as possible and in the right  sequence: Toilet, poo, Toilet Paper, Washing Hands and then when a player has no more cards left to play you then must hit the whoopie cushion. The winning player is the player with the most cards left who then get a poo head band ( i cant believe I am writing this!!)  and then a new round starts.

Despite my pair showing a blatant disregard for the rules of the game they thoroughly enjoyed this one and to be fair as did I.  The sheer idea of Mama with a poo on her head was just too much for them!! I would give this one a big thumbs up as a party game, guaranteed to get the kids laughing.


Note: We were sent the game to review however all view are mine or the boys where appropriate.




Reviews for Mama & Babas

Stikbot Farm Movie Set Review

I have written about these guys before – known as Stikbots my pair have been fans of these poseable figures for some time.  The Stikbots have suction cups on their hands and feet and can be positioned in many ways. We were sent the farm set to try out recently and my pair didn’t hesitate to get stuck in!

Whats included?

This is a  build-your-own farm themed movie set  made up of a farm house, a farm truck, picnic table, wheelbarrow, tractor and vegetable patch.   In addition you get one StikBot with a sheet of farm clothes stickers and 12 farm accessories – spade, saw and watering can etc. The purpose of the toy is to get imaginations in full swing to build a short movie around the theme of the farm with the props, movie set etc.  You simply download the app which is free on Apple and Android  and  your creations can then be shared online using the hashtag #StikBot. There is a large community of #Stikbot fans sharing their creations on line and on You Tube.

What we thought?

As you can see from our previous review, we have been  long time fans of Stikbots so this was always going to be a hit. If I had to be critical, I think another Stikbot in the set would really add value.  It was ok for us as we had many of them as the kids were already fans thus making movie scenes easy and fun.  In terms of building the movie set itself this was really easy as the elements were pre numbered making it very straight forward for even the creatively challenged like myself.

My pair have been enjoying using the set with their other toys as well as its surprising durable, even surviving my Mr Destruction’s notoriously rough play!! Its no secret I am a huge fan of imaginative play and this certainly lives up to that. Like the other Stikbot’s in our house I can see this being played with for some time to come in the Mamma Fairy house.


Note: We were sent the Stikbot Farm set for review however all view are mine of the boys where appropriate.


Home & Interiors

Landscaping Ideas And Tips For Your Garden

When planning your garden as part of your landscaping goals, it pays off to have a good understanding of the plants you can grow. Garden plans can be categorized as perennials or annuals, exotic or native, shrubs or climbing plants.

In addition to this you need to know their names, the colours of their flowers, their foliage, their growth habit and the size they reach when fully grown. You also need to be well conversant with their suitability for your particular climate. With this knowledge, you can then start designing and landscaping your garden.

Here are landscaping ideas for your garden.

Choosing a style

You need to consider your location, climate, soil type, terrain, and function of your garden when choosing a garden style. There is no use an Italian garden style that requires good soil and plenty of water yet you live in a dry neighborhood where the soil is sandy. Sandy soil leaks water too fast and is unsuitable for water-demanding plants. The function you intend for the garden is vital in choosing an appropriate garden style. The garden styles would be different if you want a safe playing zone for your kids from when you want suitable place to host parties.

Designing the garden

You can design everything on paper first before implementing it on the ground or plan as you go along.

The first approach gives you the artistic impression of how everything will look like after you complete the project and will save you lots of time and money. While being spontaneous is exciting, it can lead to costly mistakes and waste of time when you learn that something is not where you’d like it to be and you have to make changes.

You need to put some thought while designing especially when you are installing features like water features and building walls since they can’t be easily moved like plants.

Its also important to consider at this stage features such as paving or cobbles as they will need to be in situ before the planting starts.

Choosing your plants

The choice of plants to have in your garden should be suitable to the garden style and the climate of your area. Indigenous plants grow better and need less attention since they are better acclimatized to the existing conditions but should you decide to have a mix of indigenous and exotic plants, be sure to grow them in separate locations.  Exotic plants tend to either wilt and die or become overly dominant when planted close to indigenous plants. Also, find out What Is The Best Grass Seed since you will also need to have a grass cover in your landscape.


Take into account the color of your plants when planting since this can either add to the appeal of your garden or destroy it. Color is one of the most important aspects in landscaping and can make or break your garden.  Space your plants well and plant them in odd numbers. Plants with off the same species and almost similar colors should be clustered. For instance, red, orange and yellow garden plants should be close to each other.  To add to the allure of your garden, blend bright colors with dull ones and you can also plant a few scented flowers in your garden but be sure they are not too strong.

Home & Interiors

Raising the worth of your property through home improvements

If you’re considering moving house in the near future, you want to make your money back — and home improvements can help you achieve this. After all, data from the Office for National Statistics has predicted that those in the UK collectively spend almost £30 billion on home improvements annually. That works out at £43 million each week.

Installing a new kitchen


Pic Credit Pixabay

“If you are only going to improve one room, make it the kitchen. This has now become the showpiece area of the home. We don’t just cook in it, we do homework in it, we watch television in it and hold dinner parties there” commented Phil Spencer, presenter of Location, Location, Location.

Look at both the price bracket of your entire home as well as the kitchen when it comes to any transformations. There’s not going to be very much value added to a house that’s valued at £170,000 if it’s fitted with a £25,000 kitchen.

If you find the right balance, installing a new kitchen can add an estimated 4.6% to the value of your property. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) echoes this statement, acknowledging that a new kitchen will make a property more appealing and can add up to four per cent to its overall value.

Installing a new bathroom

From a bespoke bathroom to an added en-suite, the Nationwide Building Society have found that this renovation can actually add 5% to the worth of the property which is something that homeowners should be considering if room permits.

Although this can add so much to the value of your home, you don’t have to go over the top when it comes to design — Phil Spencer advised homeowners to keep it simple. He points out: “You don’t need to do a lot with the room, it’s all about the features that you put in, such as a set of new taps, a heated chrome towel rail, a big new shower head, a power shower, and a glass screen or glass door instead of a shower curtain.”

Investments for your loft

If your home was built before 1975 or had a headroom of a maximum 2.3 metres — this will be perfect when it comes to converting. The Nationwide Building Society estimates that a loft conversion may be able to add up to 21 per cent onto the overall value of a home, while Nationwide indicates that adding a double bedroom to your property — to which the loft can be transformed into this suitable space — can add over 10 per cent to the property’s value.

With a lot of regulations in place, you must be familiar with the process of loft conversions to ensure that you’re meeting the requirements set out.

Altering your garage

By adding a double bedroom to your home, you can add up to 10% to the value of your home according to Nationwide. If a loft conversion doesn’t work for your property, or you are looking for another room to convert, consider transforming a garage.

Research carried out found that 90% of garages in Britain do not have a car in them — and this is a waste of space which could be used for something else. In general, the British media personality and television presenter, Phil Spencer, says that the value added can be calculated by multiplying the square footage gained by local price per square foot.

Pic Credit: Pixabay

Constructing a conservatory

Mark Hayward, the Managing Director of National Association of Estate Agents commented: “Conservatories will add value to a home, but they need to be made with quality materials and provide a lot of light in order for the value to be significant.”

With there being a lot of materials on the market, homeowners should stick to glass and not uPVC when it comes to the build. A high-quality conservatory can add as much as five per cent to the home’s overall value, according to property valuation providers Yopa, though Phil Spencer is confident that 11 per cent will be added to the value if the conservatory is part of a full-blown extension.

Changing your garden

welcome sign

Pic Credit: Pixabay

Before deciding on whether to have a conservatory or not, you must consider how much space of your garden this is going to take up. This is because a property’s outdoor space can also add substantial value. 

When switching up your garden, make sure that it remains accessible and can still be enjoyed by your family. For this, consider fitting glass doors which open out into the garden and install high-quality outdoor lighting throughout the garden.

Decking is also an easy option when it comes to garden alterations and can even add up to 2% to the homes worth.


Note: This is a collaborative post
Fairy Travels

Good Reasons to Go on a German Adventure

Berlin TV Tower

Berlin TV Tower

Have you ever thought about going on holiday to Germany? If not, you definitely should. Why? There are so many reasons from the friendly locals to the fantastic beer and the beautiful, which combine to make Germany a   destination for people of all ages, sexes and tastes.

Not convinced? Check out these very compelling reasons to start thinking about a German adventure right now…

River Rhine Cruises are so Relaxing

If you’ve been working too hard of late and you’re looking for a little relaxation, you’ll find all of the peace and serenity you can handle on board a cruise ship sailing along the River Rhine. You’ll see delightful old castles, lush green vineyards, happy people and pretty landscapes aplenty along the way and you’ll find yourself wishing that you could stay there forever.

The Courtyard Cologne is so Swanky

Wherever you go in Germany, especially in the big cities, you will find no end of high-end hotels that offer fine local food and drinks, luxuriously relaxing hotel rooms,  quality gym facilities and much more besides. A good example of this is the Courtyard Cologne, which is also keenly priced, but there are many more. So, whether you’re traveling with the family, heading off for a romantic weekend break, or going solo, you’ll never have to worry about the accommodation.

Oktoberfest is a Blast

Berlin Beer Fest toast

Beer Fest

In many places, Germany is probably best known for its Oktoberfest festival, with many people timing their holiday to coincide with it, and there is a good reason for that – it’s fabulous fun. Not only will you get to sample some of the best beers in the world if you attend, but there’ll be amazing sausages to tempt you around every corner, lots of people getting together and having fun, and of course, plenty of traditional Germanic celebrations for you to take part in and get to know the local culture a bit better.

The Berlin Festival is a Cultural Highlight

If you’re a movie buff, you don’t have to fly all the way to Hollywood to get your fill – the Berlin Film Festival or The Berlinale, to give it its proper name, is a hugely prestigious and extremely glamorous celebration of all things cinema. Concentrating on true art and innovation, it is far more interesting than the Oscars and with no less than 400 films to choose from in a single festival, you’re certain to find something you like.

Berlin is Buzzing

The city of Berlin is without a doubt one of the most vibrant, energetic cities on the planet. Buzzing with life, art and culture, it’s impossible to be bored when you’re in Berlin. From the notorious KitKat Club to the C/O Gallery and the extremely moving Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, you’ll laugh, cry, wonder and have your mind boggled, but mostly you’ll have a very memorable time there.

Bachfest Leipzig is Beautiful

This wonderful annual event which celebrates the life and music of the much-loved baroque composer Johan Sebastian Bach is a great way to get some culture into your life. Even if you aren’t particularly into classical music, you will not fail to be moved by the combination of the music and the beautiful historic surroundings of Thomaskirche church where the event is held, The final performance of Mass in B Minor will blow you away guaranteed.

Germany really is the place to be!


Note: This is a collaborative post