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Engagement Rings 101: Finding Out Her Ring Size

Keeping the wedding proposal a secret has its particular difficulties and attempting to find out her ring size without uncovering yourself can be very tricky. Regardless of which method you pick, you need to be sure you’re going to a trusted jeweller to purchase the engagement ring. 

Take in these tips to get your loved one’s ring size without her finding out. 

Trace her ring on paper.

Trace one of the rings she wears regularly on a sheet of paper. Do this a few times more to ensure that the ring is traced exactly as it is. The main reason for this is that you need to get their size correct so that you can get a ring that is not too loose or too tight on her finger. It would be bad if you get the wrong size and she ends up not being able to wear it right after you propose. Check the selection of engagement rings at You may even find other ring styles that you may like.

Borrow one of her rings
Another strategy is to borrow one of her rings for some time. Ensure that you get one of the rings that she wears on her ring finger. Once you have the ring, visit a jeweller who can find out the correct ring size. You should be cautious with this approach as you may end up ruining the surprise when she finds out that one of her rings is missing.

Ask the assistance of her close friends
Contrary to what other people think, it’s likely less noticeable when one of your loved one’s close friends ask about her ring size. Some of them may even know the answer already. If you want to be extra cautious, you can pick a friend that has an engagement or wedding band. She can let your loved one try it on or they can go to various jewellers or retail stores and see if there are interesting one-off designs they may like. They can even check what sort of setting, stone, and precious metal your partner likes.

Try out your ninja abilities in the event she’s sleeping
This one is another risky move. The first thing you need to do is to prepare a string for when she is sleeping soundly, ideally with hands-free. Precisely measure her ring finger using the string, ensuring it isn’t so tight or loose. Mark the string with a pen and take it to a jeweller. If they are an exceptional sleeper, you may even try a certain type of ring sizer to get a more accurate measurement.

Look at her fingers in comparison to yours. 
This strategy is somewhat more risky. However, if you are daring, just go ahead and give it a shot! While holding her hand, see if her ring finger is comparable in size to one of your fingers. For instance, her ring finger may be as large as yours. This technique isn’t incredibly precise. However, the more ideas you have on her ring size, the nearer you can get!

If you’re planning to purchase an engagement ring for your loved one, take note of the tips we’ve shared to ensure that you get the right size for her ring. 


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Home & Interiors

Kitchen extension update

As I have shared a number of times on the blog we are still running quite a major renovation project.  We took on a  mammoth of a 1970’s house which needed total renovation both inside and out.  While I am excited to see the finished product, its been a very stressful couple of years with a number of wobbles along the way.   One of things which was always on my wish list was a big bright and airy kitchen area. I always had visions of having extended family over for lazy lunches and chats around a large kitchen table.  However living at the bottom of a hill surrounded by beautiful but really tall trees, means we get very little natural light and the light we do get comes in the evening time resulting a dark uninviting space.

Roof Lanterns

roof lantern

Pic Credit: Direct Bi-fold doors

We engaged the assistance of an architect who worked with my husband to come up with the best solution given the constraints we faced.  What was decided after much deliberation and google searching was a flat room with a roof lantern. Ill admit I hadn’t heard of nor had I considered a roof lantern prior to this. I suppose my gut feeling was that these feature or statement pieces were for much larger grander projects.  Thankfully over multiple cups of coffee around a make shift table I finally saw sense and decided we would stretch the budget and go with a small size roof lanten.

If your not sure what im taking about see picture opposite of some stunning UK made roof lanterns.  It was totally worth pushing the budget, it floods  the extension with absolutely tonnes of natural light from all angles.  We opted for the triple glazing option due to the proximity to a main road way to minimise the road noise. I expected the frame to be cumbersome and obtrusive  looking. They really aren’t, I suppose improvements in materials and engineering have meant that they can be slimed down so much.


During the recent “best from the East” or Storm Emma, we has quite significant falls of snow and I was a little concerned about the durability of the glass in such conditions as I dont think any of us expected quite as much snow. I had visions of them collapsing under the weight of such significant sow. I can happily attest to the fact they are still intact and in place and the snow didn’t seem to do them any damage. They retain the heat well in Winter and from what I have experience so far they regulate the temperature well in Summer time.

If like me you are unsure, do go and see them. I know our architect has asked if one of his new clients could have a look a the roof lantern as she is unsure how it would work. Im happy to oblige as I really didnt appreciate them until I saw it in position.


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Mamma Musings

Preparing for your child’s birthday party

When you’re hosting a birthday party for your child, you’re likely to experience emotions on every end on the spectrum. From high stress to total happiness when you see their little face having the time of their life, it’s a bit of a rollercoaster. Here’s a few tips to hopefully cut out much of the stress, and leave you to enjoy their special day with them.

1. Discuss the theme

Picking a theme makes preparation much easier. You can tailor the decorations, entertainment and even the food. For some parents this is a breeze – you know what they love so you can guess their choice right away. If your youngster is a little trickier to predict, let them help to pick – it is their day after all! Put some choices forwards to them and let them choose, or work together to think of fun ideas and draw them out of a hat.

2. Pull together an invite list

Once the theme of the party is decided, next it’s onto the invite list. This can be the bane of many parents’ party planning, because the list has to end somewhere. It’s difficult to whittle a long list down if you’re hosting it at home and can’t accommodate everyone.

3. Write up and send out the invitations

You can make this a fun DIY job, or buy some that match with your little one’s chosen theme. Making them together can be a beautiful way to bond and let them get creative, and it makes it more personalised for the guests you’re inviting.

4. Organise the entertainment

Booking entertainment of course depends on your child’s preference. It also depends on the theme of the party (it’s got to be consistent, right?). For example a princess theme and a visit from a little girl’s favourite Disney princess goes hand in hand. Find something to suit your budget, and find something you know your child will love. Of course, you might be going for something a little more relaxed and might not have a direct form of entertainment in place. That’s also fine, but make sure you’ve got enough planned to keep them occupied!

5. Make a schedule

Planning ahead mitigates the risk of any hiccups on the day. Plan how you’re going to decorate, plan the food you’re going to make and plan for any fun activities that will be taking place throughout the party. In terms of food, it’s worth preparing some that you can freeze earlier in the week, to stop a mad rush as the time of the party get closer.

6. Buy your supplies

It’s always better to over-buy than to run out. Depending on how old your child and their guests are, you could end up catering for parents as well as children. For this reason, you should sufficiently stock up on enough food and drink for the duration of the party. A full toddler is definitely better than a hungry one! If you’re doing party bags, you can buy pre-made or prepare your own.

7. Clean the house twice

It’s obvious to most that you want your home to make a good impression on guests. A tidy kitchen, pristine wood flooring, and glistening windows – they make all the difference. However, a big clean the day before – or even worse, the day of – the party can be stressful. If you do a thorough clean a week or so before, you’ll hopefully only need to give it a once over before guests begin to arrive.

8. Practice ‘thank you’s’

You little one is likely to be receiving presents. It is their birthday, after all. To make sure they’re polite to their friends, practice saying thank you and make sure they understand its importance. This is obviously worthwhile generally, but it’s especially significant at their birthday party.

Most importantly, try and have fun with it. Don’t take it too seriously and enjoy spending time with your little one and their friends.


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Fairy Travels

What is the ideal time to visit Sydney Harbour?

The science behind why Australia experiences its seasons in opposite months is interesting: Australia lies in the lower reaches of the southern hemisphere, where seasons are in reverse order compared to the North America, Europe and most of Central Asia.

Nevertheless, this information very useful for tourists to plan their trip. The Sydney Harbour, for instance, is an incredibly popular location which attracts both domestic and international visitors alike.


So what is the best time to visit the historic site is. The answer is autumn (March-May). In this transitional period, Australia is not prone to heavy rainfall or  snow accumulations. This makes the season perfect for visiting the Sydney Harbour.

If you go to Australia to enjoy the coastal beaches, then your visit must be timed differently. Summer which is usually between December and February, is the perfect time for a beach holiday.  However, if you want to see the Opera House or the Harbour Bridge in the flesh, then autumn really is the ideal time. The fall season brings a slight breeze and outdoor friendly conditions.  Furthermore, comfortable temperatures and fewer tourists can be a big plus for some people. 

Whale Watching

Whales start their migration across the Sydney coast during this period. For those seeking a glimpse of the enormous mammals, autumn is the perfect time.  Whale watching is done for sport in Sydney. Viewers can enjoy the experience by the harbour area. They may also travel to the highlands with their binoculars in tow if they are looking for a peaceful vantage point or want to see a panoramic view of the coast.  If you’re fond of nature and the magnificent views it offers, then you must visit the harbour in autumn. 

Outdoor Activities

The idea of taking a stroll by the harbour on a quiet afternoon is delightful. However, if there is energy sapping heat or snowfall then that may spoil the experience. Autumn in Australia avoids these pitfalls. If you want to take a cruise and take in the sights and sounds, you can use services like

Visitors can also participate in a number of events which are planned for this period. Vivid Sydney (pictured opposite) is an annual event typically held in May. The occasion is marked by sublime light shows and concerts. It is perfect for keen photographers and devoted fans of music.

Furthermore, the Easter holiday is celebrated with the Sydney Royal Easter Show. It allows families and friends to come together and revel in the different exhibits that are organised. Food lovers can descend upon the Taste of Sydney festival and try different cuisines.

Autumn represents a time when the majority of tourists have retreated. Temperatures are declining which make the days tolerable and the nights enjoyable. If you really want to experience Sydney Harbour properly, autumn is the month to do it in.

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Home & Interiors

Why It Pays To Regularly Inspect Your Plumbing

If you are a homeowner, you will most likely have the number of an emergency plumber somewhere on your smartphone which would be used whenever a problem arises, and with very expensive emergency call out charges, it is far wiser to have your plumbing inspected regularly. This is very much a preventative measure, and for those who think that it isn’t important, here are a few of the issues an early discovery can help with.


  • Leaking Faucets – That age old saying, “A stitch in time saves nine” could not be more appropriate, and any small leak in your water pipeline system will not magically fix itself, rather it will gradually become worse, and dampness will appear. You should check every month for leaking taps, and replace any that are showing signs of wear and tear. If you would like to fix it yourself, there are various plumbing supplies in the UK available at Trading Depot, and at trade prices, you really can’t go wrong.


  • Blocked Drains – It might typically start with a small blockage that doesn’t really affect the water flow, yet more and more foreign objects will attach themselves to the growing obstacle and eventually, you will suffer a total blockage. This can cause major damage to the structure, with plaster and timber affected, and this is why it is a good idea to run hot water in all the sinks which will help to unblock any partial blockages before they become an issue. If you like some help with this, there is a beginner’s guide to unblocking drains online which is full of useful information.


  • Minimal Repairs – There will be the odd washer or burst pipe, but with regular inspections, anything that looks a little jaded can be instantly replaced, and that will avoid more expensive repairs at a later date. If you know anything about plumbing, you can carry out any repair work yourself, and with online suppliers of all things plumbing, you can save considerably on the repairs.


  • Undetected Leaks – It isn’t always apparent that you have a water leak, as it might be underground outside the home, and over time, this can really cost you a lot of money as your water bill will be unusually high. If you have noticed your water usage creeping up, this could well be the cause, and one way to tell is to turn off all the faucets in the house, then check the meter – which should be stationary. Wait for 15 minutes, then check again, and if the second reading is higher than the first, then you have an undetected leak.


More and more homeowners are getting their wrenches out and tackling plumbing issues themselves, and with online suppliers of all the equipment, and online tutorials to help you, fixing your plumbing problems has never been easier. If you make a point of inspecting the entire system every month or so, this will go a long way towards ensuring that everything works as it should.

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Your Smile Direct – one month Review

Your Smile Direct Review 

I think we all have that one thing that bothers us about ourselves or something we would perhaps like to change.  For me since I was in my late teens it was my teeth. They didn’t warrant braces as a teen but as I got older and wisdom teeth appeared it changed them a little.  I rarely, if ever smiled in a photo. I became very conscious of them. A number of times I made enquiries about doing something but life got in the way or large outlay house car etc took precedence.

Roll forward another couple of years, add a husband and two kids to an already busy life style and fixing my teeth fell lower down the list of proprieties. One night the kids were in bed perhaps there was some wine consumed! I mentioned it again to my husband, he said do it – go and make enquiries so that is exactly what happened.

I had some criteria in my head, I needed something that didn’t require a massive time commitment as any busy parent will know, time is a precious commodity. I feel silly saying this, I was also quite self conscious of being the wrong side of 30 and having braces so I was naturally drawn to the clear aligners being quite discreet.


Why Your Smile Direct

Your Smile Direct ticked all the boxes for me. My initial dealings with them were informative without being pushy. I like that!  A sure way to loose my custom is the hard sell!

The first box to arrive contained little tubs and a tray to make the moulds of your teeth to send back together with some photos from different angles of your teeth.  My top tip here would be to do as many moulds as you can with the putty substance supplied to ensure you have at least one good top and bottom set.

So I did the moulds at home, posted them back and a couple of weeks later a box of aligners arrived in the post.  I received an email in advance with the treatment plan. I needed to change aligners every 2 weeks for 20 weeks.  The process so far was so smooth and I was kept informed at all times. The advice is to wear your aligners all the time except for eating and drinking. Another top tip here is straws become your friend if you need to sip (water only) during the day.

The Verdict so far

I am currently on my 3rd set of aligners and hand on heart im so so happy to date. I never anticipated that I would notice a difference after one month.  The progression in such a short time has filled me with so much excitement for the final reveal. A couple of things to bear in  mind. There certainly is some discomfort for a day or two when you change to your new set but this is to be expected for the required change to occur. It does take a little getting used to, another unintended benefit for me is no snacking! I only take them out for my main meals which has resulted in a dramatic decrease in my nibbling during the day. I used to be cooking for the kids and be eating along with it!

The beauty of Your Smile Direct is the process has just slotted into daily life as a busy working mother to two young kids. All dealings with the team have been professional, helpful and courteous answering any questions in a timely manner. Price wise is it very reasonable and costs a lot less that I expected.

Sometimes mammies need to put themselves first too, having been guilty of saying I don’t have time to do things for myself for many years I am thrilled to be in the middle of this process.  My confidence has increased and my close family have even commented on my teeth.

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Heikotel Am Stadtpark Hamburg Review

Heikotel Am Stadtpark Review

Its not often I devote an entire post to a hotel itself often favouring to include them as part of trip reports however I feel this hotel deserves a post to itself for a couple of reasons set out below. The Heikotel was our home for three nights while in Hamburg.  It calls itself a premier three star hotel however to be totally honest this label does it a disservice.


The hotel is located about 20 minutes from the central hub of Hamburg. Admittedly at first I was a little apprehensive staying out the centre of the city as travelling with kids can be often mean trips back to hotel for changes of clothes, forgotten teddy etc. However the hotel is less than 5 minutes from an U-bahn station which leaves you in the city in 20 mins.  The U-bahn is so efficient we rarely waited more than two minutes for a train to arrive. I was worried having no German I might find the transport system difficult to navigate – not at all. Is is so easy to follow the signs inside the station and the trains clearly announce each stops location well in advance.

The street itself which the hotel is located is a quiet residential area, which felt very safe.  Just minutes from the hotel were coffee shops, restaurants and a supermarket.  To the far side was the Stadtpark a huge park (over 350 acres) known as the green heart of the city. An ideal spot for the kids to burn off some energy before bed. Everything you needed pretty much on your doorstep when you returned after a days sightseeing.

The Hotel  

The hotel has 46 rooms, a small lobby, workout room, breakfast room and access to the bar in the sister hotel opposite Heikotel Stadtpark Residenz.

The first thing that strikes you when you walk in the door is the impeccable cleanliness. Its the fist thing I notice when I check in somewhere.  The reception is manned 24 hours.  Speaking of receptions, the staff on reception during our stay were very accommodating and helpful.  Upon check in we had an initial wobble with the room allocation which was dealt with swiftly and competently by a lovely girl named Jessica.  I think it says a lot about a place about how any issues are dealt with.  The reception staff were great offering suggestions for food places nearby or local attractions for the kids.  Kids loves the mice sweets at reception!

Our Room

Our Room

The Rooms

The rooms have a lovely calm vibe with warm neutral tones.  We had floor to ceiling windows which gave tonnes of natural light. Our room faced the front and we heard very little noise. The wifi was free and really good. The TV had sky (a plus for the kids!) there was a mini bar and coffee machine and the bathroom had underfloor heating.

The bed itself was so comfortable and adults and kids alike all slept really well.  The bathroom was a good size too, no bath in our room but a great shower with plenty hot water.




I had read a number of review of this hotel prior to arriving so I knew the breakfast had a great reputation.  I can safely say I was not disappointed.  The selection was great, the coffee tasty and both kids and adults ate their fill each morning.  The hotel was busy during our stay with a conference on yet the staff at breakfast were efficient in looking after guests so it didn’t pose any problems at all.  One lovely touch at breakfast was the lady who remembered each morning which coffee we wanted and brought it straight over. For me its little subtle touches like these that add that bit extra to a hotel stay.

Try the scrambled eggs! Honestly my mouth waters every time I think about them – seriously tasty. If you are considering staying here, just trust me on this, book the breakfast, worth every penny. Its €12 for adults and €6 for kids which when you consider the selection and quality in my mind this is really good value and a great way to set yourself up for the day.


Bar across the road

The hotel has  a small fitness studio, conference facilities and the use of ipads at reception. We visited the bar across the road in the sister hotel early in the evenings. Its not big but has a good selection of drinks. I understand from staff it gets busy during soccer matches and after 9 in the evening. We were there with kids so we were back in the room long before then! The hotel had no issue calling us a taxi or keeping our luggage while we had a last minute wander while waiting for our flight home.


Mamma Fairy Insider tips:

  • Book breakfast – so worth it
  • The hotel doesn’t have a restaurant however if you come out of the hotel and go left there are lots of options of places to eat.  We really liked Tieg Fabrik a pizza place so much so we went back 2 nights in a row!
  • Ask the helpful staff for recommendations, they were so helpful to us especially Jessica
  • The free WIFi is perfectly adequate I think you an purchase high speed but not necessary unless you are perhaps working on laptops remotely
  • Dont fear the U-bahn! I know I did, it was a dream to use. We had the Hamburg Card which gave us unlimited travel and with the stations being barrier free this made the process very simple especially with no German and 2 kids.
  • If you have a buggy/pram or need assistance walking be mindful the local U-bahn doesn’t seem to have any lift or escalator access.  This would make accessing the platform difficult as there are probably 20 or so stops up to it.
  • Taxi from the airport isnt expensive if you didnt fancy braving the Ubahn with luggage. However do bear in mind if you have 2 kids you might need to consider bringing one car seat. A lot of taxis had one seat so thankfully we had one with us for the oldest.


Bookings can be made directly with the hotel for the best value including pre booking breakfast and early check ins.  Prices start at €79 upward for s double room excluding breakfast which is very good value for a hotel of this calibre.

For additional reviews of this hotel check out Diary of Jewellery Lover who also stayed here recently.

For a sneak peak into what else we did on our trip to Hamburg we have a short clip below.


Note: We were provided with complimentary accommodation as part of this trip as part of our participation in the Come to Hamburg Project. We retain full editorial control and all view are mine of my family where appropriate.

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Mamma Musings

Preparing For The First Day Of Child Care

For those moms who are reading this article, I want to assure you that separation anxiety is a pretty normal part of having a kid. We all go through it, and getting your child ready for their first day of child care can be a very daunting task. This is probably the first time you and your baby will be apart for an extended time, and you will sometimes feel guilty about it. It is an emotional time in your life, but don’t worry, with a little bit of preparation, you can address these issues and turn this first day into a memorable day.

Get Familiar

We know how difficult it can be to get a place for your child in the first place. When you have secured a place for them at the child care centre, and there are a number of child care centres in Sydney, take them back there as soon as you possibly can, to get them used to the building, the surroundings, the people and the noise. If it’s OK with the people that work there, introduce your child to the other children and if possible, try to get a short tour around the facility. Doing all this now, means that when the time comes, your child will be used to it.

Create Comfort

When your child starts going to the care centres, then at some point, they will have to take a little nap and so, if you can get one of the care assistants to show where they will sleep, then that gets them used to the idea. Also, make your child familiar with where they will eat and drink and also the toilet facilities. Once they are familiar with this new environment, it will make them feel comfortable with the people who work there and the other kids.

Making The Transition Easier

If your child takes a liking to a particular toy or other child, let them explore and try to move out of their line of sight for brief moments. This will allow them to get used to you not being there, and they will realise that they are safe and having fun, and mom isn’t there. Let the assistants who work there, get to know a little more about your child. Anything that can help them best understand your kid, like what they like or don’t like to eat, or what kind of toy they like, can only help with the transition.

Praise And More Praise

Before your kids go to the child care centre, talk about it a lot, and praise all that it has to offer. Talk about the pretty pictures there, the toys, the playground and anything else, which gives a positive light. The more you talk about it, the more normal it will feel for your child and when the day comes to go, then it won’t be the scary occasion you thought it might have been.

It’s a difficult time for any parents, and any child’s life, but if you follow these simple steps, then you should be able to reduce your child’s anxiety levels, and yours too.

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Reviews for Mama & Babas

Zak Storm – Pirate Fun Review

Zak Storm Toy Review

It impossible to keep up with my pair and the cartoons they like.  Zak Storm is the newest dude on their radar.   I thought he was a superhero however I am reliably informed by an almost 6 year old that he most certainly is not! Rather he is a really cool pirate who ended up with sucked into the Berumda Triangle after taking his fathers necklace. From here he captains a ship called “The Chaos” (how very appropriate for my house :-)) and goes on many adventures in an attempt to find his way home.

The are lots of different toys in the collection available however for the purpose of this review we were sent the hover vehicle and figure together with the coins which are available to buy separately.

While I can’t profess to know much about the TV series what I can tell you about is the cool add on feature to this toy. You can download the Zak Storm app for iOS or Android for free. From this you can play the game or if you wish you can buy the coins (4pk) which  feature a unique QR code that you scan via the camera feature on your tablet to reveal digital rewards, including weapons, powers, and health.  This was the biggest selling point for my oldest.  While he still loves playing with toys, the ability to add Tech to the mix and he is sold right away. For hims its almost taking it to the next level.

He had no problem scanning the codes nor playing the game.  I was impressed by the fact the coins aren’t an essential part of the game rather a bonus add on. They are a little pricey at around €5 but do add value to the game.

All in all its a thumbs up from us. My son claims the app feature is seriously cool so I can see this one sticking around our house for a while.

Note: We were sent the hover vehicle and 2 packets of coins for the purpose of this review however all view are mine and/or the boys where appropriate.


Fairy Travels

Our 2018 Family Travel Bucket List

Our Family Travel Bucket List

With the news dominated by the so called “Beast from the East” and commentators noting this could be the coldest February in 5 years, my mind is wandering to sunnier climates! So where are the Mamma Fairy crew hoping to head to this year?!  We have a couple of short haul flights lined up but we are still debating out next big adventure.

So where are we thinking?! See below some of the places on our 2018 Family Travel Bucket List.

Phuket – Thailand

We visited Bangkok as part of our honeymoon adventure but unfortunately didn’t get to visit any of the Islands. I have heard so much about Phuket and also how suitable it is for families. Whats not to love with stunning beaches and year round sunshine. From elephant rides to ancient monuments there is plenty to do. And if partying is your thing the famous or perhaps infamous town of Patong is where its all at.  I have visions of us chilling by the beach cocktail in hand in the balmy sunshine…pure bliss. Hopefully this is the year we get to experience everything Phuket has to offer.

plane wings

Pic Credit: Pixabay

New York New York

No discussion needed! Whats not to love about the city that never sleeps. I spent time working there and holidaying there pre baby days however we have yet to return with the kids.  Perhaps this could be the year.  It doesn’t matter how many times I have been I fall in love with this city over and over again.


Our honeymoon adventure included a short (too short) 2 night stop over here.  We have vowed to return and spend more time exploring all this eclectic city has to offer.  I arrived with zero expectations other than a city to break up a 24 hour flight.  I was so pleasantly surprised once you adjust to the humidity its just wow so much to see and do.  I’d love to go back with my little men this time.  The zoo is so spectacular and if Disney takes your fancy this is also one in Singapore.


Lots of friends and family have emigrated or holidayed in Dubai over the last few years and im insanely curious just to see what the lure of the city really is. Year round sunshine, iconic skylines buildings (worlds tallest!), thrill seeking sports and opulent hotels. Sounds just perfect.  Its also reported to be a very family friendly destination with a wealth of activities on offer from young to old. Hopefully this is the year we get to visit.

Have you been to any of the above? If so we would love to hear from you particularly if you had recommendations for family friendly activities etc.


Note: This is a collaborative post however I retain full editorial control.