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Baby Sleep Guidelines – Newborn to 12 Months

newborn baby

Pic Credit: Pixabay

You just had a baby and you are unsure of what to expect based on the baby’s sleep schedule. However, when your baby is only a few weeks old, there won’t be a sleep schedule to go by and your baby will be sleeping from 18 to 20 hours a day completely broken up. That is because they run completely on instinct as they will not have the days and nights together as they would not know since they were in the womb in the darkness for 9 months. And they would be rocked to sleep during the day because of the mother being active and be more active themselves at night as the mother goes and sleeps. They also need to feed every 2 to 3 hours because their stomachs are very small and can only hold in so much at a time. Additionally, they are growing constantly and will be hungry whenever they are ready which is why they will literally feed 2 to 3 hours each day and night. 

And it does not matter what they are wearing when they go to sleep. They could be wearing their sleepers or one of their brand new baby christmas outfit and they will sleep because there is no point in changing them for naps they will take during the day if their clothes are clean. However, in order for you to understand your baby’s sleeping patterns, this newborn sleep guideline will be helpful to you:

First Born To 4 Weeks Old

During this time your newborn will be sleeping most of the time but they break often to be fed and changed. They will sleep from 2 and a half to 4 hours at a time and in between sleep phases they can sleep for 45 minutes to an hour. This is why they are up all the time to be fed and changed and it is important to interact with them as well as they are taking in everything in their environment. 

Next Phase 5 To 8 Weeks

sleeping baby

Pic Credit: Pixabay

This is the time when you will notice that there are some slight changes in the baby’s sleeping patterns. The newborns are beginning to see that there is a difference between day and night, and they will be napping from 45 minutes to an hour for 3 to 5 times a day and will be sleeping longer at night. This is the time when you will want to start implementing bedtime routines as well so that they become used to sleeping through the night quicker. They will also not require feedings in the middle of the night so often once they are closer to 8 weeks. 

The Third Phase 9 Weeks To Close To 4 Months

The baby will be awake more during the day and will begin to sleep longer at night which is what the parents have been wanting for so long. They will nap 3 times a day for 45 minutes to an hour an a half. One nap will be in the morning, the next will be in the afternoon, and the next will be in the early evening. And it will be predictable at this time when the baby will wake up. They can sleep from 4 to 8 hours in the night as well but don’t despair that they can regress with their sleeping right around the end of this phase as well which will be temporary. 

The Fourth Phase 4 Months To 8 Months 

This is the time when you are able to set a real schedule for your baby as they have their internal clocks set at this point. They will need a morning and an afternoon nap, and a quick nap from the afternoon to bedtime. The way it can go is from 8 to 8:30 am they go in for their morning nap and they are napping for 2 hours to get up and feed. And in the afternoon they nap starting from noon to 12:30 and wake up 2 hours for a feeding. And then between the afternoon and evening, they can get a 30 minute to 45-minute nap which is known as the buffer nap. 

This way they can nap quickly so they are not too cranky for bedtime which could cause them not to sleep well as the one way to prevent a baby from being overtired is if they nap enough. However, you don’t want them to nap too much which is why they should not nap for longer than 5 hours during the day which has been broken up based on their nap schedules. 

The Last Phase 8 Months To 12 Months

This is the time when infants only need to have 4 hours of napping time in a day which is 2 hours in the morning from 8 to 8:30 as their start time and sleep for 2 hours. And they have another nap in the afternoon which would be around 1 pm and they will wake up at 3 pm and be up until bedtime. You will want to start the bedtime routine a half hour before they go to bed for the night. That means at that time before they get a bath, get those onesies for babies, if that is what they are wearing and then get them bathed so they are drowsy enough to sleep. 

Then after their bath, get them into their pajamas and they will be drowsy enough to sleep. And don’t be surprised as well if there are sleep regressions here and there especially around 9 to 12 months of age due to teething or growth spurts. 

Your baby will sleep as he or she gets older and there will be some rough nights where he or she is sick or has a bad dream and needs your comfort. But just know that there will be more restful nights than not as the baby matures and grows older. It will not last this way forever and that is a promise. 


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Home & Interiors

5 Most Popular House Styles

When you click on that home value calculator to determine how much a house is worth, one of the factors is its architectural style. According to REALTOR Magazine, a Mediterranean-style home has the highest median list price at nearly $750,000. 

But what is Mediterranean style, and what are the other most popular home styles out there today?



Pic Credit: Pixabay

This style of home, as the name belies, is common in southern Italy, France, and Spain, and as mentioned, it tends to be worth the most in the U.S. today. Most in the country were inspired by Spanish and Mexican designed homes and frequently featured arched windows and doorways. There are usually few details on the exterior, with stucco walls that are often painted in pastel hues. The architecture focuses on extensions like patios and verandas as well as open floor plans with high ceilings, designed to let breezes flow through.


Craftsman-style homes are the result of the Arts and Crafts Movement from about 1880 through 1920, emphasizing natural materials like brick, stone, and wood. They have low-pitched roofs and wide front porches. The style was booming in the early 20th century before being replaced by mid-century modern architecture like the ranch home. But it’s been making a comeback, with many homebuyers favoring this style today. These homes also tend to be easy to build and economical, as the style utilizes readily available materials.


Ranch-style homes have long-been popular, replacing the craftsman by the mid-20th-century, mostly built after the war for soldiers who were returning home. It was first used in America’s west and southwest before spreading to other areas, with style featuring a single-story that may be rectangular, U- or I-shaped. Floor plans are simple, with a front-facing garage attached to the rest of the house, a wide asymmetrical facade, and a low-pitched roof. The homes are built from natural materials, like a brick and wooden exterior along with oak floors.


victorian house

Pic Credit:Pixabay

Victorian houses refer to those built during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901) and come with lots of character, including a romantic feel and lots of detail in everything from textures and colors to patterns. There are several styles within this category, like Queen Anne and Gothic. Still, typically, all Victorian homes have a dominant front-facing gable, a steeply pitched roof, patterned shingles, an asymmetrical facade, and cutaway bay windows. There are contemporary homes built in Victorian style today, allowing buyers to purchase the look along with desirable modern features.


Colonial-style homes date back to 1876, and typically come with two or three stories along with wood or brick facades and evenly spaced shuttered windows. The roof is usually steep and pointed at the top. A classic floor plan for this type of home has the bedrooms on the second floor with a family room and kitchen on the first floor. This style is commonly seen in the northeast region of the U.S., especially from Maine to Virginia.

Mamma Musings

Helping Your Child Make the Most of their Education

It is important to show your child that you care about their education, that you are available to help with their school work and that you are proud of their achievements. The more supported a child feels at home, the better you will find they perform at school. 

To help your child make the most of their time at school, here is some great advice from Banstead Preparatory School

  • Get to know your child’s school and try to establish a good relationship with the teachers. This will allow you to keep up to date with current classwork and help you to support your child’s learning at home.
  • Develop a love of learning by regularly sharing as a family what you have learnt at school or work. You could even ask your child to play the teacher at home and explain to you what they learnt in class. Repeating what they have learnt will help them to memorise important facts.
    child writing in school

    Pic Credit: Pixabay

  • Teach your child that learning can happen anywhere, not just in the classroom. For example you can learn a lot from nature, by simply going out in your garden and observing the trees, weather and wildlife.
  • Always show encouragement and praise your child’s achievements. This will help to boost their confidence and keep them motivated. Attend school assemblies where your child’s achievements are recognised.
  • Help your child to practice their organisation and time management skills. This will help to prepare them for homework and exams. Create a study schedule together or set up a special study area at home.Try to incorporate learning into your weekend family activities. This could include visiting a museum or an art gallery where your child can learn interactively.
  • Try not to put too much pressure on your child. If they feel under pressure to reach certain grades, this can negatively affect their performance and can cause emotional stress. Allow your child to develop at their own pace and give them the freedom to make their own choices.
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Mamma Musings

Teaching Your Kids to Respect School Rules

Respect is important, both at home and at school. In order for your child to succeed academically and develop important social skills, they must understand how to respect school rules, as well as other people.

To help your child understand why respect is so important and why they should do their best to follow school rules, here is some great advice from Dover College

  • The first step towards a respectful child is to ensure they understand what respect means. Do they know the difference between respectful and disrespectful behaviour? It is important to set a good example for your child and demonstrate respectful behaviour, both in public and at home.

    child reading in forest

    Pic Credit: Pixabay

  • Explain the importance of having rules at school. Help your child to understand that school rules are created to ensure that students and teachers benefit from a safe and happy learning environment.
  • Stress that in the classroom it is important to listen to the teacher. Explain that they should always follow the teacher’s instructions and be kind and helpful to others. 
  • School rules often include instructions on how to respect school property and the environment. This means never causing damage to school property and always using rubbish or recycling bins to dispose of waste. It is essential that they have pride in their school environment and want to play a part in keeping it safe and clean.
  • Teach your kids to value other people’s ideas and opinions and always treat others as they wish to be treated.
  • Finally you should encourage your children to value their own learning and success. They can demonstrate this by being on time to school, working to the best of their ability, completing homework and being polite to their teachers. 
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Why You Need Top Potassium Supplements for Keto Diets

When people do not feed on the right meals, they end up having lots of deficiencies. While there are lots of deficiencies that people can be affected by based on how they feed, some deficiencies affect people that seem to feed right. One of these deficiencies is potassium deficiency.

Sticking to a keto diet can go a long way in keeping you healthy. It, however, cannot keep you free from potassium deficiency. The implication of this is even with the right keto diet, you will need potassium supplements. 

That being said, below are some potassium supplements for the keto diet.

Nature Made Potassium Gluconate

This potassium brand has been around for a couple of decades. Also, it can be spotted very easily because of the yellow label that it is known with. Nature Made Potassium Gluconate is a potassium supplement that has the approval of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP). This means it can always be trusted. If you take diets that are low in carb, it becomes very vital that you make potassium supplements a part of your meal. While you can always get a good amount of potassium from foods like kale, bananas, and spinach that are rich in potassium, you can never go wrong by taking potassium supplements.

If you constantly take trusted potassium supplements such as Nature Made Potassium Gluconate, you will be keeping your body safe from health issues that are associated with keto diets, as well as diets that are low in carb. In the absence of the right amount of potassium in your meals, you will always have to deal with muscle cramps. This is in addition to the fact that you will constantly feel weak and irritable. In addition to all this, you might have to deal with lots of skin issues.


To get the best from the use of Nature Made Potassium Gluconate, you must make use of a single tablet of this potassium supplement every day. If for any reason you think you need to take more than one tablet of this supplement daily, you will first have to consult your doctor.

While making use of Nature Made Potassium Gluconate, you do not have to worry about taking in something that is not natural as this supplement does not contain artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Furthermore, it is free of starch, yeast, and gluten.

Solaray Potassium Supplement

When sticking to a keto diet, there are lots of potassium supplements you can take. One of them is Solaray Potassium Supplement. While it is not the most popular potassium supplement brand in the market, Solaray Potassium Supplement has been in the market longer than a lot of potassium supplement brands that are on this list.

If you made the consumption of keto diets a part of your lifestyle, you can depend on Solaray Potassium Supplements to get all your body’s potassium needs. While making use of this potassium supplements, you do not need to stay away from foods like avocado, banana, and kale that have a reputation for being rich in potassium.

Although there are lots of potassium supplements in the market, you can always trust Solaray Potassium Supplement to give your body its potassium needs because it has the approval of the United States Pharmacopeia. That’s not all. This potassium supplement does not contain artificial colors, artificial flavors, and preservatives. In addition to all these, this product is certified as gluten-free. It is not just labeled as a gluten-free product, it goes through a series of tests before being declared free from gluten.

To get the best from the use of Solaray Potassium Supplements, you have to take one tablet of this supplement once every day. This should be taken alongside a glass of water as this will go a long way in helping the body absorb the Solaray Potassium Supplement capsule easily.

NOW Potassium Citrate

You can always depend on NOW Potassium Citrate for your body’s potassium needs when you are on a keto diet or a diet that is low in carb. This potassium supplement is one of the best in the market and has been in existence for about four decades. By taking this potassium supplement, you can stay free from muscle cramps, irritability, skin diseases, and other health conditions that are associated with a low level of potassium in the body.

By taking a single tablet of NOW Potassium Citrate, you can have access to 99mg of potassium. Ideally, you are supposed to take just one tablet of this potassium supplement daily. If for any reason, you want to take more than one tablet of this potassium supplement, it is vital that you obtain permission from your doctor before going on with this.

NOW Potassium Citrate has the approval of the National Products Association. Due to this, you can be sure that it adheres to all health and safety standards that standard drugs have to adhere to. Furthermore, it is covered with gelatin. This implies that taking it will be quite easy as you do not have to deal with any funny taste in your mouth while swallowing it. That’s not all. This potassium supplement does not contain dairy, gluten, eggs, nuts, and soy.

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Best Tasting Meal Replacement Shakes Purchase Guide

Meal replacement shakes might be great for people that are looking to drop some weight. They, however, are not popular among certain people because they have a reputation of not being very tasty. While meal replacement shakes were not known to be tasty before now, at the moment, various meal replacement shake brands are very tasty. This means, if you have been avoiding meal replacement shakes because they were not so tasty, you can always enjoy them now.

Are you looking to buy some of the best tasting meal replacement shakes? If yes, below are some meal replacement shakes with great tastes.


While the fact that MET-Rx comes in just two flavors might make certain people think it is not good enough for them, Extreme Chocolate and Original Vanilla, the flavors that NET-Rx comes in are known to be very creamy and delicious. Although this meal replacement shake’s strongest point is its taste, it has other strong points. It is low in fat, free from gluten, and free from aspartame.

Furthermore, MET-Rx contains 25 essential vitamins, as well as 90% of all the calcium that the body needs. In addition to these, it contains 36 grams of protein in each serving. The implication of this is this meal replacement shake can always help you stay full even without eating a real meal and also recover easily from workout sessions. While the amount of protein contained in this meal replacement shake has a role in making it filling, there is more to its ability to keep you full. Contained in each serving of MET-Rx are 250 calories which are the major reason you have to feel full after taking this meal replacement shake.

Garden of Life

protein shake

Pic Credit: Pixabay

Garden of Life can always be enjoyed in four flavors. These flavors are Lightly Sweet, Vanilla Chai, Vanilla, and Chocolate. This means you can never get tired of taking this meal replacement shake as there will always be something for you to switch to when you get tired of a certain flavor. While the fact that this meal replacement shake has a nice flavor is a good enough reason to purchase it regularly, there are other reasons you might want to purchase this meal replacement shake. 

One of these reasons is Garden of Life can help you develop lean muscles. It is a great post-workout drink. In addition to helping in the development of lean muscles, Garden of life can also help shoot up the body’s energy levels. This, therefore, makes it a replacement shake that can be taken before a workout session.

Contained in Garden of life are lots of probiotics that can help keep your guts healthy. In addition to the presence of probiotics that ensure easy digestion, this meal replacement shake also contains six grams of fiber which help with digestion. Although Garden of life has a great taste, it might not be the best meal replacement shake for people with large appetites as it contains just 115 calories.

Ample Meal

Ample meal shake is not just famous for being very nutritious, it is also delicious. Its creamy taste is a blend of cinnamon and vanilla. Ample meal shake is not just considered one of the best-tasting meal replacement shakes because people think it has a good taste, the firm in charge of producing it offers a quality and full taste guarantee. This goes a long way to tell how tasty it is.

To enjoy the amazing taste of Ample meal, you do not need to do much. You simply need to add cold milk or cold water to this product as it comes in powder form. Once cold water or cold milk is added to this shake, it becomes fit for consumption. Although Ample meal is not the only meal replacement shake that has an amazing taste, there is a likelihood that it is the best-tasting meal replacement shake available in the market.

Beyond the taste you get to enjoy when you consume Ample meal, you can also be certain that you are consuming a meal replacement shake that is made of natural ingredients. In addition to being free from artificial ingredients, Ample meal does not contain soy, gluten, artificial flavors, BPA, and artificial sweeteners.

So, if you are looking for a great tasting meal replacement shake or a  meal replacement shake that is filled with healthy ingredients, you can always resort to buying Ample meal.


green milkshake

Pic Credit: Pixabay

While Huel features just vanilla flavor, you can decide to purchase a version that does not come with any flavor. Huel does not only have a great taste. It is also vegan. It is a perfect blend of oats, sunflower seeds, coconut, flaxseed, and pea and rice protein. Although a meal replacement shake, Huel is made from real food

To get the best out of Huel, you simply need to mix it with cold water and you will be able to enjoy its amazing taste.


Due to the fact that Iconic is made from absolutely natural ingredients, a lot of people do not expect it to be on this list. Regardless of its ingredients, Iconic is one of the most delicious meal replacement shakes available in the market. This meal replacement shake has up to five flavors. These flavors are Coconut Matcha, Golden Milk, Chocolate Truffle, Café Aulait, and Vanilla Bean. This means there will always be a flavor that suits you regardless of what your preferences are. You do not have to stick to any flavor because it is sweet, all flavors that come with this meal replacement shake have just the right amount of sweetness.

You can always have access to 20grams of protein from every serving of Iconic you consume. Furthermore, if you are into keto or paleo diets, this meal replacement shake is ideal for you. Iconic is free from gluten, soy, lactose, and artificial ingredients. 

Although Iconic has a great taste, it contains 130 calories per serving which means it is not very filing. You can, however, get the best from it by taking it alongside a healthy snack.


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Mamma Reviews

How to Find the Best Tennis Racquet for Kids to Buy

Few sports can be as instrumental in child development as the game of tennis. From fine motor coordination to cardiovascular fitness, tennis helps develop a slew of characteristics.

But kids’ tennis is different from the adult sport and finding the right tennis racquet is one of its most puzzling aspects.

Why Can’t Kids Just Use Adult Tennis Racquets?

child playing tennis

Pic Credit: Pixabay

There was a time when kids didn’t get any special treatment in the game of tennis. Kids would have to practice and play on the same courts that adult tennis players used. And they would not have the option of using special gear, such as custom tennis balls and racquets.

Fortunately, things haven’t stayed this way for long. Today, kids tennis is a sport in itself. And there’s no shortage of custom gear available for children of all ages, including tennis racquets for kids. The reasoning is simple: kids are smaller than adults and their gear must account for this.

Benefits of Picking a Tennis Racquet for Kids

It pays to ensure that your child gets to practice and play with a tennis racquet for kids:

  • Less injuries Using the gear that doesn’t fit is perhaps the easiest way to end up with injuries in virtually any sport. And kids tennis doesn’t make for an exception. In fact, kids are even more susceptible to certain types of injuries than adults, since their skeleton hasn’t fully developed.
  • More comfort The feeling of psychological comfort is essential to being productive in training and performing well on the court. And being able to practice and play with the gear that fits is an important part of it. This holds true for almost every kind of sport, including kids tennis.
  • Better results Both motor development and skill acquisition happen much faster if the gear matches the child’s unique anthropometric characteristics. This in turn yields better results during training and performance, helping your child make better progress in tennis.
  • Higher consistency Seeing how your efforts bring about successful results is one of the most effective motivating factors. As your child becomes better at tennis a lot faster with the right gear, his or her motivation will rise. This will help solidify your child’s interest in the sport.

Clearly, there’s a lot to gain from simply picking the right tennis racquet for your kid but doing so can be a balancing act.

Tennis Racquet for Kids: Finding the Perfect Length

The United States Tennis Association (USTA) has a set of guidelines based on the age of your child:

  • Up to 8 years old Tennis racquets of up to 23 inches in length are the best fit for this age.
    child playing tennis

    Pic Credit: Pixabay

    Along with using the red felt or foam ball, a 36′ x 18′ court, and a 2′ 9” high net.

  • 9 to 10 years old Kids of this age do well with the tennis racquets ranging between 23 and 25 inches in length. They can also play with the orange ball, on 60′ x 21′ singles and 60′ x 27′ doubles. And with the net height of 3′ center and 3′ 6” at net posts.
  • 11 years old and up Tennis racquets that range between 25 and 27 inches are a good match for this age. Besides this, kids in this age group can use the green ball. And play on 78′ x 27′ singles and 78′ x 36′ doubles. Utilizing the net height of 3′ center and 3′ 6” at net posts too.

The tennis racquet length is not the only factor worth considering, though. Grip size matters too.

Kids Tennis Racquet: Selecting the Best Grip Size

Grip size refers to the circumference of the racquet’s handle. Nearly all tennis racquets for junior tennis players come with the grip size of 4 inches. And this standard grip size works well for most kids.

If in doubt, though, it’s best to err on the side of a smaller grip size. Downsizing the grip size can be a challenge. Building it up, however, is as easy as applying grip tape on the racquet. The best strategy is to try several racquets to pick the one with the most comfortable grip for your kid.

Get Picky About Tennis Racquets for Your Kid

Having a good feel of the racquet is one way to nail it on the court. We hope our guide will help you find the racquet that will let your kid enjoy just that.


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Home & Interiors

5 Things You Need for Your Home Renovation Project

Whether you’re extending your house, converting the loft, or just giving it a bit of a spruce up, there are lots of things to consider when renovating a property. Home renovations projects can be overwhelming at times but they’re also extremely rewarding once complete and let you put your mark on your home. What’s more, if done well, a home renovation might even increase the value of your property. Here are five things you might need when doing up your home:


A renovation project is a great opportunity to install some of that storage space you might have been lacking. If cupboards won’t look right in the space, some simple shelving is another good option, especially if you have lots of books!


light bulb

Pic Credit: Pixabay

Think about what you want to use the room for as this will help determine the type of lighting you install. For instance, if you plan to use the room for relaxation, an oversized floor lamp might be your best bet because it will create a warm, cosy glow. Bear in mind that LED bulbs are your most energy efficient option. 


If you are installing new windows, make sure they are double glazed as this is a more energy efficient option as it prevents heat from escaping and cold air coming in. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could work with a professional to design your own stained glass window pattern.


Regardless of whether you’re laying a new carpet, laminate, tile or solid hardwood, it’s wise to install it once all of your other jobs (especially painting and decorating) have been done so that you don’t damage it.

Sockets & Switches

Upgrading your sockets and switches to something a little more modern will really tidy the place up. You might even want to consider a dimmer switch because that will allow you to alter the ambiance and set the mood. 







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Mamma Reviews

Helping Your Child Make New Friends

kids reading

Pic Credit: Pixabay

While lots of children are very outgoing and sociable, many other children find the social aspect of school quite challenging. Lots of kids prefer to spend time alone, reading or playing video games. There’s nothing wrong with doing this, but social interactions are also an important part of your child’s development. Parents can help their children develop various social skills and encourage them to make new friends, as explored below by a junior school in the Cotswolds.

Start by teaching your youngsters a multitude of conversation starters to help get them out of awkward silences when they meet someone new at school. Beginning a conversation with certain people can be tough no matter what age you are, so teaching your kids some useful prompts will really help get them out of sticky situations and make new friends. Some examples of conversation starters are:

  • “What’s your favourite film/tv show?” 
  • “Do you play any sports/musical instruments?”
  • “I like your t-shirt/dress”

You should always be a good role model to your child when it comes to helping them learn different skills and behaviours. For instance, if you want them to be kind and considerate to others, then you must always be kind and considerate to others as well. You are your child’s biggest influence and they will often mimic your behaviour. Demonstrate confidence, curiosity and excellent manners when talking to people so that your child can learn appropriate ways to converse.

Try and encourage your child to interact with others as much as possible from a young age. Suggest some extra-curricular clubs your child could join and let them invite some of their classmates round for a playdate. It’s important for children to get to know one another in a familiar setting where they feel comfortable and at ease. 


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Fairy Travels

Lapland – new for 2019

log cabin

Santa Claus Village Pic Credit: The Mamma Fairy Blog

Last year we went on what was supposed to be a once in lifetime trip to Rovaniemi, Lapland. It so magical and captivating that we have decided to go back again this year. In conversation with Visit Rovaniemi I asked them was there any new activities/ restaurants for 2019.  They very kindly sent me on all the new activities etc which I though might be helpful for return visitors like ourselves.

New Accommodation:

  • Happy Fox: Happy Fox Suites
  • Apukka Resort: 17 new Aurora Cabins, 3  Lappish Komsio Suites.
  • Forenom: Forenom Serviced Apartments Rovaniemi Valtakatu 35, 96200 Rovaniemi.
  • Sky Hotel Ounasvaara opening after renovation as a 4 star hotel.
  • Nova Skyland: New apartments
  • Santa Claus Holiday Village: 14 new Family Suites, each suite fits 2 adults + 3 children.
  • District Rovaniemi: Yurt accommodation.
  • Arctic Dreams House: Private Luxury Experience in Ranua. Wikkelä Villa all inclusive –stays.
  • Snowest Travels: Villa Snowest, Villa for 16 persons (420m2)

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