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Lapland on budget – a how to guide

santa claus village

Accommodation at Santa Claus Village Pic Credit: The Mamma Fairy Blog

Last year we ticked one item off our bucket list when we visited Iceland. Little did I think a mere two months later we would have managed to tick another one off the list – an ultimate dream come true….Lapland. It cost us a fraction of the price that tour operators were quoting for our two night stay therefore I though id set out just how we did it including costs.


Feel free to comment below or DM/ email and im more than happy to answer any questions or queries:


We weren’t overly keen on the over night train, I know some people love it but my thinking was tired kids = nightmare! Therefore we knew without booking with a tour operator we were limited to connecting nights flights so off we went researching.

  • We flew Dublin to London Gatwick, Cost €9.99 per person each way with Ryanair
  • London Gatwick to Rovaniemi £35.99 each way with Easy Jet

They above were the cheapest I could find anywhere and I did buckets of research in terms of timing I booked in August for December 2018. You also need to factor in the cost of an overnight stay in the airport as the Easy Jet flight is 6.20!! A very early flight!! We booked the Hilton Hampton airport hotel via for £90 b&b for the four of us. Nothing overly exciting but did the job and its literally next to the Easy Jet check in desks.

santa claus village resturant

Lunch time at Santa Claus Village Pic Credit: The Mamma Fairy blog

santa claus village

Santa Claus Village at 4pm Pic Credit: The Mamma Fairy Blog

There is also the option of flying with Norwegian or Finnair from a few of the UK airports. The alternative is to go via Helsinki from Dublin, think its around an hours turnaround in Helsinki so tight but doable im informed. Of course the overnight train is an option if you fly from Dublin. Sign up to their newsletter for and discounts.

Accommodation (3 Nights)

There are a wealth of option to suit lots of budgets and requirements in Rovaniemi. We stayed at Santa Claus Village which yes is pricey but it was so handy to be so close to the airport and all activities were on site from Snowmobiling, huskies and of course the big man himself. We crossed over and under the arctic circle and Santa Claus Village is a 30 min or so walk to Santa Park. (Full reviews on both to follow).

The town of Rovaniemi is really nice and hosts the worlds most northerly McDonalds im told (and 2 Irish bars)!! I know a lot of people like to stay closer to the town for a variety of eating options and to be close to supermarkets etc. As above and Airbnb are good places to start. Food is pricey so do bear that in mind that you might like the option of self catering to be able to save money and cook at home.


Santa Park

Santa Park Pic Credit: The Mamma Fairy Blog

The best piece of advice I can give here is to do your research. My kids are young so seeing Santa was top of the list but that list could be endless, there is just so much to do.  What we did was we decided early what activities we would like and booked and paid for some of those in advance.  Also highly recommended is the Rovaniemi Culture Pass which covers the top 3 attractions in Rovaniemi at €20 for adults and kids under 7 free this works out at really good value.

One thing I must do is commend the staff at Visit Rovaniemi, they are incredibly helpful at assisting with all queries in relation to upcoming visits. I literally spoke to them most weeks in the lead up to our trip and I can say hand on heart it would not have been  half as good without their expert advice and guidance. It can be a bit of a minefield with so much on offer and the sense of wanting to see all that’s on offer in this magical place so do contact them for assistance.

I do have a full review to follow of each of this but I will say some highlights were:

  • We saw Santa at Santas Office in Santa Claus Village, just amazing, we went early no queue as the tour buses hadn’t started to arrive yet
  • We did the husky ride at Husky Park located in Santa Park, you get to spend some time at the husky farm before going on the ride which my kids just loved.  The puppies… so cute. You can tell the staff genuinely love what they do and have a special bond with the animals
  • Santa Park is about 2km from Santa Village, its a really lovely walk via a forest trail. Id probably say this was the kids highlight. They loved the entire experience start to finish. We only did Santa in one place to stave off the questions so the activities here were really thoroughly enjoyed – elf show, angry birds play space, gingerbread decorating, ice-bar

All in all we estimate the total cost for the 4 of us for 4 nights flights bed and breakfast was around €1,000 activities extra bus that’s very much a matter of personal preference. The food is pricey but do factor that into your budget but I would urge you to try some of the local cuisine. Our favourite was probably the dinner at the Nova Skyland yes pricey but yes so worth it.  My kids are snacky eaters so I had lots of their favourites with me when the (hangry) hunger took over!

Mamma Fairy Insider Tips

  • Take snacks!!
  • Bepathan, my kids are fair skinned so I knew the cold would bother them, we used this on their faces and lips and no issues at all, definitely recommend
  • Good ski gear/ cold gear – kids wore good quality thermals and outerwear from Reima boots from Sports Direct and adults Regatta and Sports Direct boots, nobody got wet and nobody moaned about the cold….. winner!
    entrance to santa park

    Santa Park Entrance Pic Credit: The Mamma Fairy Blog

    Chat to Visit Rovaniemi they are excellent, I did it via email and definitely made our trip what it was.

  • Whatever clothing you need only take half, we took way too much.
  • Plan and plan some more, know what you want to do before you go and either pay in instalments or in advance makes planning easier.
  • You only have very short day time hours so plan accordingly
  • This year there was much stress about the snow levels so my advice  – book into December. Nothing is guaranteed but it does increase your chances
  • Sign up for all airlines newsletters so you know when flights are released. I understand both Easy Jet and Norwegian will be releasing theirs in April this year.
  • The Airbnb and links above will give you a small discount so you are welcome to use them as every little really does help.
  • Savour every minute, honestly its magical.
  • For some top tips on surviving  the winter holidays see this great post from Mother Distracted

Hopefully this is helpful for anybody planning their trip of a life time. Although in saying that im eagerly awaiting flight releases for this year so we can go back and enjoy all that the Official home of Santa Claus has to offer.


Note: The above post contains afflinks

The Challenge of Finding Plus-Sized Clothing

mens clothes shop

Pic Credit: Pixabay

Men are starting to spend money on their clothing, and a lot of those men are plus-sized. So why is it so hard to find men’s plus size clothing? Shouldn’t brands have figured out a way to create something these men will proudly wear?

It’s tough to find nice men’s plus size clothing. Mainstream stores never seem to have the right sizes. If you’re anything above a 38-inch waist, forget about finding clothes at places like Eddie Bauer or Gap. It’s just not going to happen.

Looking Good

There’s no reason that big and tall men can’t look good. While it is a challenge to locate men’s plus size clothing, once you do, find clothes that make the man. A nice white button-down shirt and a good looking pair of slacks is a great start for any man’s wardrobe.   Make sure you don’t get pants that are too tight around the waist. The last thing you want is bunching and creasing. This only serves to draw attention. At the same time, you also don’t want bulky draping fabric hanging off your frame. Looking for something that hugs you without making you look like you’re wearing a muumuu.

Take Your Time

The unfortunate reality is that finding men’s plus size clothing isn’t easy. It’s time-consuming and can be frustrating. Remember that you might not find something that works for you at the first store you walk into. Plus size clothing just isn’t that popular. Yet. Take your time, but don’t give up. 

As a matter of fact, you might be better off going online to find what you need. Head to a tailor to get accurate measurements, then browse online until you find something that will make you look good. Since online clothing isn’t limited by physical space, you’re more likely to locate what you want.


Note: This is a collaborative post

2019 – the year we all could swim!

Naturally as 2018 come to a close we began to chat not only about our holiday plans but our 2019 goals for us and the kids. We uniformly agreed the the four of us knowing how to swim confidently was top of the agenda. I can swim, im by no means good at it but I can manage. The boys love the water, but can’t swim properly, now they are only 6 and 3! The Dada Fairy again loves the water but isn’t a swimmer.

child swimming

Pic Credit: Pixabay

I have been on a waiting list for some time to get the boys into lessons and finally last week the email came through and Sundays at 1pm will be “swim time”.  We have various bits of swimwear from our holidays over the years but we do need a full suite of swimwear for all of us.

We are all going to improve our swimming ability this year every one of us!  Encouraging each other will spur us on and help us achieve this. We have Alvor, Portugal  booked for October and the goal will be…..all being competent in the water. We don’t need to be at Olympic standard just able to hold our own.

Legs in pool

Pic Credit: Pixabay

The thought of buying swimwear for myself fills me with such dread. I’m very body conscious in swimwear, I suppose lots of us are. I stumbled on these absolute beauties by Tyr. The brand is of California origin so expect lots of cool prints. My absolute fave is the Tyr Thresher Baja open back knee suit. This is right up my street, covers plenty!! There seems to be a great sale on the these at the moment with 30% off lots of the swimsuits too. There are some stunning swimsuits for only £17.99 too. Bargain!!

My pair are typical little men, the swimwear will have to be loud and adorned with the favourite characters, currently anything Star Wars related. I saw some swim shorts which would be ideal but they were more excited about the Star Wars logo swim hats! I actually find it so funny my aim in the pool is to be as less noticeable as possible however at 6 the louder the better!! I have no problem investing in decent swimwear for the kids. This is the year we will do this. It was mooted in 2018 but with a lot less enthusiasm. We travelled quite a bit in 2018 and the kids saw the benefits of swimming and using all the amenities at their disposal when they travel.

I have vowed to up date this post in January 2020 with our progress so ill re share then.


Note: This is a collaborative post however all aspirations and goals are my own!!!
Mamma Musings

Top Reasons to Buy Designer Clothes for Your Children

kids fashion pose

Pic Credit: Pixabay

The old saying “you get what you pay for” is more often than not very true in the world of fashion. But as our kids grow at the speed of light, investing in designer clothes for children is something many of us mums don’t always have on our radars. Instead — in my case anyway — I prefer to go down the frugal road and buy cheaper options. I know the boys will outgrow their clothes before they even have chance to wear them, so what could be the point?

That being said, I can’t help but admire children’s designer clothes from time to time and think to myself that a thing or two would definitely be worth the splurge. Here’s why.

They Are Lasting Souvenirs

Let me ask you a question. How many of you have some leftover clothing from your grandmother or mother, either as a keepsake or as something that you are actually still wearing? An old dress perhaps? I bet a few of you do — I certainly do! Now fast forward a few generations. How many of our children’s clothes do you think are likely to be left as a legacy in the same way, for their kids and grandkids to use? None? That’s likely the answer. The reason for this is the shift towards “throw-away” fashion in recent years. These days, everything is made to be extremely cheap but also extremely disposable. Don’t you think it’s a bit sad?

Investing in a couple of designer items for your child means that you have pieces you can keep, use and reuse, and cherish for a long time, or pass along to a relative if you’re not one to hoard. Designer clothes are high quality, robust and will see you through the years.

They Are Often Ethically Made

True cost film cover

Pic Credit: Netflix

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you watch the documentary The True Cost on Netflix. Of course, as mothers, we tend to budget tightly and prefer cheaper clothing options for our kids. But have you ever thought of the social and environmental impact of cheap clothes found in well-known international stores such as Zara and H&M? The True Cost highlights the relationship between low-cost aptly named “fast-fashion” brands and sweatshop workers’ conditions. The documentary follows a young Bangladeshi mother who has to part with her daughter to earn a living in one of those factories. It’s quite a slap in the face, but it’s also a great incentive to consider paying a little more for designer children’s clothes.

In comparison, many designer brands are known to be made locally with more adequate working conditions for their employees. And because these clothes are not made on the cheap on an assembly line, they are often much better quality and represent greater value for money — they will also last much longer than anything purchased from a fast-fashion brand. Definitely something to consider!

Better Design, Better Fit

If you’re a fan of good fit and originality for your kids’ wardrobe, there’s really nothing like a well-made, high-end designer piece for an occasional treat. It’s true that fast-fashion items are copies of what is seen on the runway, and there’s nothing wrong with that! However, the one thing you won’t find in these cheaper replicas is a fantastic fit, quality fabric and perfect aesthetic.

Fashion designers spend a lot of time making sure their designs perfectly fit the human body — something that cannot be said of cheaper alternatives. Designers research materials and cuts to deliver exquisite products that resemble pieces of art. Fabrics are often natural, more robust and vibrant, and contain far fewer chemicals.

So if you’re fond of art and beautiful design, and looking to be a bit more eco-conscious, go ahead and consider a designer item for your children. It’s a splurge that will turn into a lasting memory.


Note: This is a collaborative post
Fairy Travels

First up on our 2019 wish list – Alvor Portugal

Generally we like to try new places, countries, cities etc when we travel however that said the only place where we have routinely returned year on year is Alvor Portugal.  We didn’t make it for 2018 for family reasons and as we closed out 2018 and rang in 2019 one thing we did agree on was that we missed our annual family trip to Alvor. You see its not just the immediate family, we go as a party of our extended family. For our first trip we were a party ranging in ages from 6 months to plus 60 years and hand on heart every single person enjoyed.


The beach at Prainha Credit: Clickstay

For us and the age range of our party Alvor has it all, beautiful beaches, friendly locals, seriously good food and wine and a lovely chilled out vibe. Given our party size we always opt for a villa preferably with a pool and bonus points if its a covered/ sectioned off one as my crazy crew have little fear around water. Don’t get me wrong that’s not a bad thing id just rather that they were aware of the dangers of water and that I didn’t need 300 pairs of eyes for the daredevils! Thankfully holiday rental companies such as Clickstay offer a number of accommodation options from 2 beds upwards.

With young kids having the ability to cook for them and just have some extra space for chilling is pretty invaluable, again with a large crowd rooms for a breather are very useful too!

I would have said im not a creature of habit but maybe am I after all! Our resort of choice from our first trip is Prainha Village for a couple of reasons:

  • Location – location just outside of the main town area means it quiet and peaceful and a stunning secluded beach is just minutes from the properties
  • Size of property – we choose the 4 bed option and its perfect for our needs. See for example see this Clickstay villa in Alvor
  • Pools – there is an incredible salt water pool in this complex. The setting over looking the sea is breath taking

    view of rocks on beach

    View from Canico Pic Credit: The Mamma Fairy

  • Canico bar – this deserves a special mention, quite honestly the highlight of our trip whether having coffee while the kids place on the beach or sipping champagne as the sun goes down on the ocean. There is a magic here that’s impossible to convey.
  • Miss Pasta – my kids just love this place. The staff are just brilliant and go out of their way to make all ages fell welcome and valued. This is something I find very important in any resort.
pool view

Atlantic Salt Water Pool Pic Credit: The Mamma Fairy

While there are many fantastic properties on offer with sites like Clickstay in many different destinations throughout the world, every year I leave a piece of my heart at Prainha Village. The great thing is given the size of our party its very budget friendly that’s both the accommodation and the eating and drinking!

Honestly you will not regret a visit to a place like Prainha, we have been very fortunate to have travelled to many countries around the world, however Alvor is currently the only place we have gone more than once and that is a true testament to the calibre of the place you are going to.

So Prainha we will see you later in 2019 and young and old members of The Mamma Fairy house cannot wait.

Note: This is a collaborative post however I retain full editorial control, pic’s and memories are my own too!





Home & Interiors

How Safe Is Electric Underfloor Heating?

Heating the floor in a room is not a modern concept as the Romans had this technology two thousand years ago. However, it is a concept which is seeing a resurgence in popularity, especially in small rooms such as bathrooms. With one of the most popular systems to heat the floor being electric, it is a common question as to whether it is safe to have this in a room that gets wet such as a bathroom. The short answer is yes!

large airy sitting room

Pic Credit: Unsplash

How Does An Electric System Work?

An underfloor heating works by placing a series of wires on a mat creating a heating mat. These mats are then installed on the base floor level, and the floor goes on top. The systems vary in wattage between 100W and 200W, and the wattage your room will require will depend on a few different factors. It is essential to consider these factors as ignoring them could leave your room too hot or too cold.

What You Need To Consider

The first factor that you will need to consider is what the floor surface underneath that you will place the heating mats on top of is like? Ideally, the mats will be placed on top of a layer of insulation to help ensure the heat travels upwards. You will also need to consider how much insulation the room already has and if it is well insulated, you will require lower wattage mats. You will also need to look at the shape as well as the size of the room to work out how many mats you will need t heat the room. The last consideration is what the floor surface on top is going to be? If you are using brick, stone, or even a thick tile, you may require a higher wattage heating mat than if you used a wooden floor.

Installing The Heating System

The metal wires are all connected and sensors are also installed. The heating system is then connected to the mains supply and thermostat control unit. The sensors will help to regulate the temperature and stop the room from getting too hot. When you install a new system, it may take a bit of adjusting to get the temperature just how you want it, so do not be afraid to play with the settings.

Connected To Your Homes Circuit Breaker

As you will be using the mains supply to power your underfloor heating, it means that the system is also going to be protected by your circuit breaker. The heating maps will usually be covered in a thin layer of a concrete screed, and then the floor material you are using will be placed on top of this. With the electric cables being enclosed in a thin layer of the concrete screed, it gives them sufficient protection from water to ensure that the wires are kept dry. Electric underfloor heating is more popular than a water-based system, as they are much easier to install. You can get lots of excellent information on various websites on electric underfloor heating that gives you a detailed look at this type of heating system.

Note: This is a collaborative post
Reviews for Mama & Babas

First Act Discovery – Ukulele Review

I’m not very musical but I really hope my kids are. There is something so lovely about the ability to play an instrument. It really is a life long skill.  When my oldest was around 2 he fell in love with Ed Sheeran’s song – Thinking out loud and with that his love of guitar music was born.

We were sent the First Act Ukulele to review and the boys are just crazy about it. It really is the perfect size for little hands and priced at around €18 it is a lot more affordable than some of the others on the market at the moment, especially if you want to trial to see if they really are interested in the instrument or is it more of a fad.

It’s a soprano style ukulele with nylon stings that make the traditional ukulele sounds. The strings are tuned guitar style which certainly added to the appeal here. The nylon strings also make it easy on little fingers. They are much gentler. The one we were sent was the black with blue stars but it also comes in white with blue butterflies.

This has got a huge amount of play here since it arrived and it has also survived Mr Destruction which is no mean feat!!! Our local library offers free ukulele lessons and  my oldest cannot wait to get started.

Note: We were sent the ukulele for review however all view are mine or the boys where appropriate.


Reviews for Mama & Babas

Rusty Rivets Botasaur Review

My youngest is a Rusty Rivets fanatic! I’m not quite sure which part appeals to him the most but he really is a super fan! Before Christmas Botasaur landed in our post box and he was mega excited.  Botasaur retails at around €35 which puts him (in my view) at the pricer end of kids toys however I can see why he is a little more costly than the average character toy.

If you have ever watched the show you will know Boatasaur is one of the main characters in the show and is Rustys side-kick. I think him forming such a pivotal role in the programme is a huge influencing factor in his success at least here in the Mamma Fairy house!

So what doe he do!! Botasaur comes in parts that you piece together to bring him to life – just like in Rusty Rivets!  Parts included are: 1 Head/Body, 1 Torso, 1 Tail, 1 Spine, 2 Feet, 2 Legs, 2 Arms, 1 Seat, 4 Big Wheels, 4 Axle Hubs.  He is definitely a good size for little hands.  When you press the  button on the back of his head and his eyes will light up and flash and he makes Botasaur sounds the same as the programme.

What I like about this is that the parts are durable, easy to assemble and dis-assemble making lots of combinations of parts possible. There also isn’t loads of small parts, I found with very young kids (mine is almost 4) he gets so upset when he looses parts but with few and large parts this isn’t so much an issue.  Big plus with toys that come into our house will always be that they spark imaginative play, which is critical for developing little minds. Thumbs up from the little men in the Mamma Fairy House!

A pet hate of mine is toys requiring batteries that don’t came with batteries, thankfully not the case here, its does come with  3 LR44 batteries.

Note: We were sent the toy for review however all view are mine or the boys where appropriate.



Reviews for Mama & Babas

STEM toys for Birthdays and Christmas

I strive every year to purchase functional, educational toys. I loath the sheer quantity of plastic rubbish that appears every year. This year I have compiled a list of tried and test STEM toys which we love in the The Mamma Fairy. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and maths. The concept has evolved so much over the last number of years and is now viewed almost as cool and trendy much to my enjoyment (as a woman in STEM!)

  • First up is OKIDO – OKIDO magazine, an award-winning, high-quality, interactive publication designed for children aged 3-7.  Each month, you will receive a magazine covering topics from Coding to Architecture to Robots to Breathing to Planets and Outer Space. Each issue starts with a story from the much-loved, hand drawn character Messy Monster and also includes science answers from Zim, Zam, Zoom, regular character features, stories, puzzles, doodles, games, activities, science experiments, a poem, a recipe and a pull-out card activity.  OKIDO was created as an antidote to the plastic-wrapped, poor quality publications on the market. OKIDO is a content-heavy, beautifully designed, quality product with high profile contributors including artist Paul Noble, illustrator and author Benji Davies and illustrator and animator Lesley Barnes.  Since its first issue in 2007, OKIDO magazine has won a host of awards and celebrity fans. Lauren Laverne wrote in Grazia “A kids design delight that has become a cult favourite for adults too….as fit for gallery walls as it is for playroom floors.”


  • Salt Water Car,  This is pretty genius and very budget friendly. Salt Water Fuel Cell Engine Car Kit contains everything you need to construct your own 4WD. But, instead of requiring endless batteries or electricity, this nifty bit of 4 wheeled kit is powered by water. My oldest just loves this. From the initial construction to the play after that. Its fun, educational and eco friendly whats not to love! It makes an ideal gift for the kids birthday parties. Its pocket friendly and educational too.



  • Top Quarkz by the Remarkablz is a game designed to encourage girls in STEM. A 2018 take on Top Trumps, showcasing some of the best female (and male) STEM role models to inspire children and young adults to explore exciting disciplines and aspire to their own superpowers regardless of gender, ethnicity or disability. As a female in STEM I just love this! 


  • Slime Factory What kid doesn’t love slime! I ignore the mess as my kids just love it. This slime kit was a big hit, is messy, its fun, it interactive! Lots and lots of play for my two boys with this one particularly the glow in the dark ones. My pair literally wiled away hours and I mean  hours playing with this kit. Yes it is messy but go with it, its educational and fun and kept mine entertained for hours.


  • Clementoni Mind Designer Robot this is heading up the price scales but in my view very worth the heftier price tag (€59.99). This innovative robot guides your children through the process of learning maths, arithmetic and geometry. It introduces your child to design using the precision motors which enable them to create geometric shapes and designs of varying complexity with extreme precision. This robot can be programmed manually or by voice using the innovative voice recognition function.  Using the exclusive free App, your child can experiment with coding instruction blocks, create complex geometrical shapes and play with loads of original interactive code-games. My oldest adores this, he is in the right age bracket for it and used the app feature on my ipad for it.  Its really clever its functional and provides hours of independent, educational play.


  • Meccano  was around even back in my day (and long before!) and its really stood the test of time. Its doesn’t have to high tech to be STEM.  Meccano is one of the brand names that have endured the generations which is obvious a testament to its strength and popularity. Our current favourite is the Ferrari kit, I mean whats not to love. Admittedly its pitched at a slightly older age group but this have proved some great fun for the Dada Fairy and my oldest to have some bonding time.  The bits are small and at times a little fiddly so do keep away for teeny hands!


  • Power Tracks Back to the theme of coding, next up is Power Tracks. Power Tracks helps stimulate curious minds and teaches elements of STEM with Volty – the friendly programmable robot! Kids can take their first steps into coding and the exciting world of programming and circuit building.  Connect the large tabletop tiles to make 1 of 20 circuits, or design your own. Use the direction of the buttons to program Volty with commands to guide around the circuit. Discover Volty’s many hidden features as Volty travels over special tiles. We love this one as its portable and the kids have endless fun with the different combinations of play available. I love the fact it encourages independent thinking.

Has anybody any other favourties? Id love to hear them.

Mamma Musings

A Guide to Affordably Improving Your Child’s Education

Child colouring

Pic Credit: Pixabay

A child’s education extends outside of the classroom. Yet, you might wonder how you can provide your children with learning opportunities if you’re on a tight budget. It might, however, be a relief to know there are many ways you can increase their knowledge without draining your bank balance.

If you want to make sure your son or daughter thrives academically, read the next few tips on how to affordably improve your child’s education.

Attend Free Museums

There are bound to be museums near you that are either free to enter every day of the week or provide free family days.  Exploring different exhibitions will allow your children to learn more about history, science or another subject, which could support their school studies and could potentially lead to them developing a passion or interest.

Set-up a Low-Cost Study Area

It’s vital your children have a quiet place to go to study or complete their homework each day.   If you want to ensure your child receives top marks on a test or paper, you should aim to set-up an affordable study area within their bedroom or a spare room. For example, you could buy second-hand furniture and wait for the January sales to purchase a laptop or PC.

Also, make an informed choice when purchasing office stationery to provide them with reliable products for a low price. For example, you can read this expert review of the Brother MFC-J5335DW compatible ink from Cartridge People.

Give Them Extra Homework

Child painting

Pic Credit: Pixabay

Every parent has a duty to ensure their child excels in the classroom. Not only must you ensure they accurately complete their homework on schedule, but you also should provide them with extra learning materials within the home.

For example:

  • Encourage them to read a book before bed
  • Give them a pop quiz on a subject
  • Provide them with informative online articles to learn about history, science, geography, etc.

It’s an affordable way to help your children expand their knowledge, so they will be more likely to secure top marks in school.

Visit Iconic Landmarks and Monuments

Almost every town and city feature iconic landmarks and monuments, which will allow your children to learn more about history. For example, if you live in Ireland, you can visit the Titanic Pier in Cobh, County Cork, which was the last port of call RMS Titanic made before it struck an iceberg. Do your homework to learn more about your city’s history and its iconic landmarks for a free, educational day out with the family.

Save for Your Child’s University Education

While Ireland provides many undergraduate students with a Free Fees Scheme on many courses, they will have to pay approximately 3000 EUR per academic year, which entitles them to examinations and various study services.   If you want your child to enter adulthood with zero debt, it might be beneficial to save for their university education while they are young. As a result, they’ll have no financial worries hanging over them and can focus on their studies.


Note: This is a collaborative post