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Paw Patrol Jumbling Tower Game Review

You probably have seen from previous posts how much we love board games in the Mamma Fairy house.  A couple of weeks back we were sent the Paw Patrol Jumbling Towers game to review.  Knowing how much the boys love their board games I decided to keep it hidden for that rainy day which was happened to be a family event. I wanted something to keep both boys (ages almost 5 and 2) amused and I had a feeling this would and it did.

Its a simple concept similar to the old school Jenga game where you stack the blocks, roll the dice and pull out the relvant block. The block are coloured with little paw patrol motifs on them.  The power of TV/ adveritsing my two year old was able to tell me which symbol was which member of the paw patrol!

While the game is advertised for ages 4 up (i suspect due to the small dice) my2 year old had so much fun with this.  They actually had more fun competing to build towers and knock each others down.

There really are lots of pieces to this set and endless possibilties of what to do with it, we had towers, bridges, castles. You cant beat the old school toys, toys that let kids let their imaginations run wild. I can happily report this game is has become a play date favourite.

The Verdict

Its very reasoanably prices at around €10,  and a big thumbs up from the Mamma Fairy house.  My only criticim would be storing it after you take it out of the box that it doesnt easily fit back in! Not a big issue really and im just ott about tidying every evening!


Note: We were sent this game to review however this in no way influences mine or the boys in the case opinion.
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YippieYo Cross buggy review

We spend so much of our time as a family being outdoors. By splitting our time between Dublin and Donegal means the incredible Wild Atlantic Way is quite literally on our doorstop. We grab every chance to spend time exploring it. The boys are kind of at that awkard age where they want to want walk but  still get tired (lazy) after a while.

I received an email a number of months back wondering if we would be interested in giving the YippieYo a go.  I had just given our Phil & Teds to my sister in law so it was perfect timing!

There was great excitment when the postman delivered a massive box to the front door.  Following a very easy assembly we were good to go.  My husband (and rightly so) is a total safety obssesive.  The YippieYo got a thorough going over and once it passed his inpection out we went.

The YippieYo isnt a stroller or double buggy like id ever come across before. It fits two children side by side with 5 point safety harness that my little houdini can’t even escpae from! I understand the YippieY0 complies with all safety and quality standards in accordance with the European Standard for Pushchairs and Prams (EN 1888) and is GS certified in Germany. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

So what did the Mamma Fairy house think:


  • See above – how safe it is, safety when it comes to my kids safety is paramount so this for me is a key consideration
  • It is so easy to use and pull along.  Both my husband and I are in total agreement about this.
  • The brake – we tested it (minus kids) on the steep hill outside our house and it didnt budge!
  • It comes in a range of colour options and accessories, speaking of accessories you can get clip on LED lights which I think ever buggy should have.
  • No issues with the rough terrain in Donegal! And zero complaints from the kids when out about about in it.



  • This is Ireland! Id love some kind of clip on rain hood.  Not a deal breaker but a definite nice to have for me
  • It is big for transporting, not an issue for us but might be it you had a smaller car


Mamma Fairy Verdict:

Overall the YippieYo gets a big thumbs up from the Mamma Fairy house, it delivers exactly what it promises, its safe, its comfortable and suitable for all terrains. We received this before Christmas and it gets very regular use in this house.


Note: We were sent the YippieYo for review however the views expressed by myself and the boys are in no way influenced by this.


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Interplay UK – Bug Safari Review

I am (irrationally!!) terrified of all sorts of creepy crawlies, therefore the Dada Fairy was dispatched to try out Inter Play UK Bug Safari with the kids.

The set itself contains:

  • Field lens (magnifying lens)
  • Bug tongs
  • Magnifying Pot
  • Tweezers
  • Paint brush (kids assumed this was to paint pictures of their findings – apparently not its for sweeping the bugs in the pot rather than touching them!)
  • Handy little guide about the tools and bugs that you might find on your hunt.

The kids took their Bug Safari kit off to the local park to for their bug hunt! I sent them off with the warning that they weren’t to take any bugs home!! I had a quiet couple of hours while the boys hunted! I can happily report that I didn’t see any of the finding of the bug hunt as all were returned to their environment following investigation by my little explorers.

The Verdict

The boys would spend every waking minute outdoors so I had a feeling this would be a hit and it was.  They loved the magnifying pot which stored their loot for closer inspection. The bug tongs was apparently very handy for getting them into the pot!  I think this is a great product, contains all the tools you would need including the useful little book that comes with it.  Particular thumbs up from the Mamma Fairy house for the magnifying pot.

I can foresee this getting lots of play in our house especially over the Summer months. However do return the creepies back to their homes after inspection!

Note: We were sent the Bug Safari to review however this in no way influenced mine (or the kids in this case) review of the product.
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2 months on where are the Christmas toys?!

  1. Now that the dust has quite literally settled on the  Christmas toys,  two months on im always curious has the must requested item been cast aside or is it as much loved and wanted as it was when it featured on the infamous list. First up are those that are still very much played with.

1 – Irish Fairy Door Worry Plaque

Once the oldest saw this on the Late Late Toy show it was a done deal, Santa HAD to bring him one. Santa being the great man that he is duly obliged. Oldest is a real worrier about everything. The worry plaque for anybody who doesnt know is a genuis idea by the Irish Fairy Door Company. You put your hand on the plaque and it turns from red to green meaning your worry has gone.  Simple but very effective.  Our resident fairy JoJo (cuddly teddy by the Irish Fairy Door Company) brought the worry plaque and he sits a the end of the oldests bed to look out for him.  The magic and wonder is so beautiful. I am a firm believer in letting kids be kids and the magic that the Irish Fairy Door products brings is just magical.  Our worry plaque is ably guarded by Batman and Robin!!! The worry plaque is available from Irish Fairy Door Company and in my opinion well worth it.


2 – Melissa and Doug Horse trailer

This was a last minute addition as I dashed around TK Maxx on Christmas eve. The youngest absolutley loves this toy.  The trailer carts Peppa, Ryder and all sorts of wierd and wonderful characters around.  It cost €9.00 and it was so worth it.  I have seen it in a couple of places since albeit slighlty more expensive. Melissa and Doug toys in my experience are really well made and last the test of time.

3 – Furry Friends Watch

Despite the fact that he can’t tell the time he insists on wearing his watch everytime he leaves the house! We were sent these before Christmas and I kept one as a stocking filler which turned out to be a great idea! Big hit here, they are well made and an ideal size for my 4 year old. They come in a range of colours and a reasonable price tag of £12. Available here

So what didn’t  make the 2 month test!

Soggy Doggy

The main item on the Christmas list was the board game Soggy Doggy.  It was played with for approximately 10 mintues and that was it nothing….. it barely made out of the box after that.  There is nothing wrong with the game I think he just expected more from it.  Board games can be a bit hit and miss anyway unfortunately this one was a miss for us.

Baba Reviews

The kids current Netflix picks

We have finally escaped from a never ending cycle of Peppa Pig and Team Umizoomi! The boys have found some new Netflix favourites! Finally!!!


Tayo is a popular pre school cartoon which follows a playful blue bus on its adventures around the city with his pals. I believe it originated in South Korea and has now become popular all over the world. We used to watch it on You Tube however it must be a recent addition to Netflix and a popular one at that in this house anyway!


The boys love their Lego and have recently become interested in the Lego programmes on Netflix. They are ideal for kids in that they are short and colourful and hold the boys attention. Favourites are the Lego Superheroes and Lego City.

Monster v Aliens

The four year old has taken a shine to this one! Its a Dreamworks offerings about a woman who is struck by a meteorite on her wedding day and subsequenlty becomes part of a team of monsters sent to defeat an alien mastermind trying to take over the planet.  He has been on the hunt for meteorites since!!! It contains the names of lots of big named voices. I hadnt heard of it the film before this but its actully not bad at all.


Note: We are part of Netflix Streamteam, for which we receive a montly subscrption to Netflix. However all views are the boys (or mine) as lets face it they dont really care who pays the montly subscription!!
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Santa Experience at Dunnes Ilac Centre

santaexperienceWe were invited along to the preview of the Santa Experience located upstairs in Dunnes Ilac Centre.  I mentioned to my oldest who just turned four, there wasn’t a moments hesitation and we were off!  He requested could we go on an adventure and go by bus which I reluctantly duly obliged. Two young kids on public transport!! The stress.

Location wise being in the Ilac makes this Santa experience really central and easy to access with lots of parking and bus stops near by.

When we arrived we were greeted by a lovely team of elves who entertained my little men while we waited for the call to see the big man himself.  We weren’t waiting long at all and we were whisked away to Santas Post office.  santa2

This is where the magic begins, my oldest was in awe of the cheery elf who explained where Santa got letters from and how the post get sorted. She plays a great character and draws the kids in quickly, we then went through a cupboard after doing the secret elf knock to see the reindeers. Once we got acquainted with Santa’s key team we went into the Sleigh Room.

This is not to be missed – special mention to the two elves here who had the adults in stitches too. The boys got to sit in Santa sleigh where they travelled across to the next room – it was Santas room!!

I cannot succinctly put into words the sheer delight in the oldest eyes when Santa mentioned his name, his teachers name and knew he wanted Soggy Doggy (!!) for Christmas.  We were in at the same time as another family who had 2 young girls, Santa knew they went to an Irish school and asked them a question in Irish – cue absolute excitement from them.  Santa himself true to form is really good with kids, calm and patient ideal for my little gang who are only 4 and 1.

santaEach of the boys got an age appropriate gift and we got a photo with Santa taken by the professional photographer who was there.

Cost wise this Santa Experience is a very reasonable €10 for kids and €3 for adults. It opened yesterday the 25th and is also in Limerick and Cork. Bookings can be made online Here.

Overall its a big thumbs up from the Mamma Fairy house, biggest plus being value for money, location and the absolute awe in my fours years olds eyes when Santa knew so  much about him.

Note: We were invited to attend a preview of this event, we were not asked nor required to write a review, all opinion are my own and the boys honest views



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Message in a Bottle personalised childrens book

Its no secret we love reading in the Mamma Fairy house, therefore when we were offered the opportunity to be part of the launch team for the personalised children’s book Message in a Bottle, I didn’t hesitate to get involved.


The Story

The basic premise of the book tracks the adventures of Kiki who travels the world to deliver a very special message.  The lovely thing about the book is that your childs name  and home location is mentioned throughout the book, concluding in Kiki delivering a special truly personalised message. This can to mark an occasion such as starting school, the arrival of a sibling or moving house – a lovely keepsake too.

For me, without question the level of detail in the illustrations is a must see, they are bright, colourful and engaging. Both of boys were so intrigued by them. The content itself is both educational and engaging.  It holds the attention of my pair which is no mean feat!

How to order

The ordering process is very simple and easy to follow via the website.  Delivery is free within the EU and the leadtime was very short for us.

This is definitely one to add to the Christmas book list.


Note: we have been part of the launch team and receieved a copy of the book for the purpose of the review.  However the views are my own and the boys where appropriate.

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AlflorexChildren’s Probiotic Review

As today is World Digestive Health Day I though it quite apt to post my review of Alforex Childrens Straws.  alflorexchilldrenAs a blogger I get sent lots of press releases, some grab my attention some don’t.  However this one did.  For the reason being my 3 almost 4 year old has suffered on an off with digestive problems – sore tummy and constipation. I found giving him a probiotic has really helped this.  However he is a very typical toddler and incredibly stubborn.  I have tried probiotic sweets – limited success. Probiotic drops – he didnt like the taste! Therefore when I saw the straw I thought bingo, this willl work and  it did!

In the mornings he will remind me that I have’nt given him his “cool blue straw”. The great thing is it you only need 3-4 sips from the straw for the product to work.  Now for the science bit….

Alforex contains the unique  35624™ culture, developed as a precision strain which goes to work only where it is needed.   The  35624™ culture has been isolated, extensively characterised and clinically studied by Scientists and Gastroenterologists.  Alflorex straws have been designed to contain a small oil droplet with a daily dose of 35624™ bacteria.

They are genius, they really are.  They are a tad on the pricey side at €32.95 however I give them to my son at particular times in four week blocks (ie a packs worth)  such as after illness or after trips away.  While pricey I do believe they are worth it as I know he is actually getting the product.

While we were sent a box for the purpose of this review, I have since purchases a further box and also the adult verison for myself and my husband.  Please not im not a doctor so please do consult your doctor if you do have queries or concerns on your digestive health.



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April – What we have been reading

It’s only when I took the picture did I realise the very obvious theme!! My boys are minded by the granny during the week when I work and I am blessed with the incredible bond that is between them. We love reading in our house and the bedtime story is an integral and much loved part of our day.  Its 2 stories a night! That’s the 3 years olds request!  For the past few weeks its been these two.

  • Peppa Pig – My Granny
  • How to Babysit a Grandma


bookspeppaPeppa Pig – My Granny

This is a lovely personalised hardback book with both kid’s names in it. The story is the interaction of the kids and Peppa discussing their grannies. My 3 year old loves Peppa and the idea of being in a book with Peppa was very exciting. It doesn’t matter how many times I have read it, he still enjoys especially when it comes to his own name! The quality of the book is lovely and well able to stand up the amount of use (think more like abuse!!) they get in our house.  You can personalise the hair and eye colour of the characters in the book too.

The book is produced by Penwizard (  who kindly sent me a copy for the boys, they also very kindly sent a code for 20% off books until 31 May 2016 – (please note its not valid in conjunction with any other offers) simply input BLOGGER20 at the checkout.  They also do similar books for Ben & Holly, In the Night Garden, Frozen and many others – including a personalised potty training one.

Price wise they are Stg£14.99 and available from their website. Delivery was really quick and they would make a great gift.

 How to Babysit a Grandma

This is a beautifully illustrated book written by Jean Reagan and illustrated by Lee Wildish, who were also creators of the well know New York Times bestseller “How to Babysit a Granda”.  It’s a lovely simple but very effective story.  We have read this many times.  My heart swelled with pride 2 nights ago when the 3 years old quoted almost the entire book word perfect, he obviously can’t read but was able to recall so much of it. The story is almost a role reversal where a little girl goes to babysit her granny and the fun things they get up to.

I bought this from Dubray Books on Grafton Street for €9.99.

I love that my boys love reading as much as I do.  It’s something that was instilled in me as a child by my parents and I am delighted to pass on my love of books to the boys.

 Get Crafty

Last month we were sent a copy of Get Crafty by Ali Coghlan to review.  Ali is a fellow Irish blogger and I was delighted to receive a copy to review.  Get-CraftyThe quality of the book in particular the photography is the first thing that really stands out.  In the photographs are Ali and her kids and they are really beautifully captured.  The book itself has over 40 different craft ideas set out in different themes.

The crafts are set out in step by step guides which even the totally non crafty (i.e me) can follow. The boys have their cousins coming down next weekend so the Driftwood sail boats are on the agenda.  This really is a fantastic book if like me, arts and crafts are not your thing, if I can follow it anybody can!

Wishing Ali the very best of luck with this beautiful, easy to follow book.  The book retails at €14.99 and is available in most book shops. A great purchase with the school holidays only a few weeks away!!


Have you read any of the above in your house?

Take Care

~Mamma F


Note: We received 2 of the above books for review purposes however all opinions are my own and/or my kids.

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Netflix – What we have been watching, April

April saw the much anticipated arrival of the film Frozen, im sure there aren’t many of us with kids that don’t know at least some of the words to “Let it go”!


I am not joking when I say I have watched the chronicles of Anna, Elsa and co at least 20 times since the start of the month.  frozenMy 3 year old really enjoys this film and thats regardless of how many times he has seen it! For those who dont know the plot yet, in summary its typical Disney from the catchy music to the heart warming princess tale. Anna one of the main characters is on a mission to save her kingdom from perpetual winter! Along the way we meet her buddies and her sister Elsa.  The kids love it and I think it will remain a Netlix favourite for some time to come.


Other popular picks on Netflix this month for the 3 year old are:

  • Team Umizoomi (see here)
  • Paw Patrol – no explanation needed – the pups led by the ever capable Ryder, save the town from all sorts of dramas!

The grown up this month have been watching:

The True Cost

I urge you to give this documentary a watch.  It really opened my eyes. This documentary focuses on what has become known as “fast fashion“, as in those goods sold by the high street shops. It looks at where these goods are made, delving into the socia-economic impacts on the communities, the pollution, the working conditions, oppression, monopolies and farmer suicides.  truecostIt contains a mix of interviews from factory workers to factory owners.  It touches on the tragic case of the building collapse in Bangladesh killing thousands of factory workers. It looks of price monopolies for cotton and the rise in GMO cotton.  Its fascinating and appalling in equal measure.  Do watch it, its compelling viewing.


Have you watched any of the above? Would love to know you thoughts.

Take care

~Mamma F


Note:  I have received a Netflix subscription and an Apple TV in return for writing blog posts on what we have been watching.  All programme choices, comments, opinions and views are my own (or my sons where appropriate!!)