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Why You’re Struggling To Grow Your Business


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Everyone has big ambitions when they get their business up and running, but after a while, they begin to realize something: building a successful company sure can be difficult. In many cases, the issue isn’t that there’s no interest in your venture, it’s that the company is struggling to grow at a significant rate — you’re just staying where you’ve always been. That level may have been acceptable in the early days, but at some point, you’ll know that you have to step up. The good news is that there’s usually an obvious reason why growth has been hard to come by. We take a look at a few of these reasons below.

Ineffective Working Hours

You may be putting in what you think is many hours of work, but it’s important to remember that the number of hours that you’re working isn’t important; it’s what you do during those hours that matters. If you’re not working effectively when you’re in the office, then it’ll be little wonder that you’re not making as much progress as you’d like. Be sure to find which working schedule works best for you, and also what time-wasting actions you’re guilty of that’ll be holding you back.

Lack of Data Insight

You’re not going to get everyone on board with your company. You’ll only be interesting to a small section of society. Alas, if you don’t know what section of people that is, then you’ll struggle. Without it, you’ll be shooting blind; it’s the insights that you have that can help you to direct your marketing materials, branding, and so on. If you don’t think you’re making as much progress as you should be, then look at upping your data insight game. It might just help you to unlock the answers to some of the important questions that can push your business forward.

Doing it All Yourself

You’re going to have some of the skills needed to develop a profitable business, but you’re not going to have all of the skills. If you’re trying to do much, then you’ll be spreading yourself too thin. Your business won’t be working as efficiently as it could be. As such, it’s important that you’re knowing which areas require additional help. This could involve hiring staff or outsourcing some tasks to third-party professionals and companies. If you’re already outsourcing some tasks, but you’re not making the progress that you’d expect, then it could be that you need to choose better companies to work with. You can easily switch accountants, digital marketers, and customer support representatives, for instance.

One of the last things many manufacturing company turn to is materials management, and in reality this should be one of the items on top of the agenda. The concept of Artificial Intelligence or AI is it is referring to has been making a lot of waves in this area in recent times.  Accurate management of your materials really is paramount so it is worth spending the time investigating and researching into materials management optimization.

Once you’ve got the best working with your business, you’ll find that success is easier to come by.

No Long-Term Plan

Finally, it’s worth remembering that there’ll be only so far you can go without a plan in place. You wouldn’t reach the top of the mountain without plotting a path, and the same goes for business success. Set targets, plot a five-year plan, and you’ll find that it’s easier to make progress. 


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Relaxing With a Glass of Chianti Red Wine

Does the idea of relaxing with a glass full of Chianti red wine make you smile? If so, you’re not alone. But did you know that people are sceptical to try red wine because they don’t know what to expect? The flavors of a glass full of red wine are one of the best ways to end the day! If you’re ready to learn more about red wine and how it’s delicious and smooth, you’ll get that information and more here!

Is Chianti red wine sweet?

It’s not considered a sweet wine at all but compared to dry wines, you’ll notice that it does have a bit of sweetness to it. Many people actually like drinking Chianti because of it’s musky and fruity flavors. My current favourite is the La Castellina – Squarcialupi 2017 | Chianti Classico DOCG | 92/100. It is the quintessential taste of Chianti Classico, and was awarded a stellar 92 points from wine expert James Suckling. It has aromas of raspberry and cherry, characteristic to Sangiovese grape, and aromatic herbs. It can be sourced from my favourite online wine shop

Is Chianti a strong wine?

Any wine is strong when you drink enough of it, right? And while the strength can vary depending on how it’s made, you can rest easy knowing that it’s one of the most popular wines that you’ll find in Italy. This is because Italians love the flavor!

Should you chill Chianti wine?

Yes. For the full flavor of Chianti to come out, you should have it slightly chilled. Don’t make it too cold..but a slight chill in your fridge can really enhance the taste and flavor.

How long can you keep Chianti wine?

If you have a bottle of Chianti that you’re saving up for a special occasion, sounds like a fun celebration and something great to look forward to. Keep in mind that Chianti isn’t meant to last forever so if you’re saving a bottle, don’t let it age more than 10 years.

Relaxing With a Glass Full of Chianti Red Wine

Now that you know a lot of great details about Chianti, you can rest easy knowing that it’s a sipper of a good wine. And if you’re needing a little bit more convincing on why you need to relax with a glass full of Chianti red wine, these simple reasons are certain to have you popping that cork in no time at all.

Drinking a glass of wine at the end of the day can soothe your mind

If you have a hard time turning off your brain at the end of a long day, pour yourself a glass of wine and put your feet up. You’ll find that sipping your wine and reading a good book just might be the perfect combination that you need.

Wine can be a true treat to your taste buds

Skip the dessert and instead feast on a glass of tasty Chianti. It’s filling and when you sip it, it lasts for quite some time! The flavor of nice red wine is the perfect after-dinner treat as well.

As you can see, having a glass or two of red wine is such a great way to relax. You’ll find that when you find a Chianti that you love, it’ll be one of the best parts of your day to open up that bottle and pour yourself a drink!

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Adding White Wine to Your Next Family Meal

If you’re a fan of white wine, you’re in luck. White wine is one of those delicious drinks that can easily accompany a wide variety of meals. If you’re looking for some simple pairing ideas on how you can add white wine easily to your next family gathering, you’ve arrived at the right place.

With these simple tips and meal ideas, your meal will match perfectly with your glass of delicious white wine.

What food is good with white wine?

It’s important to understand that not all food is going to taste good with white wine. If you’re looking for the perfect pairing, you need to have these food items in consideration or on the menu:

  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Lobster
  • Cheeses

And those are just a few. Luckily, white wine can be pretty versatile so you’re not going to have to overly worry about what you’re serving.  My current top white variety has to be  Pinot Grigio and if I was to go as far as a brand it would have to be the Maturum Pinot Blanc 2017 | Alto Adige DOC | Gold Medal.  It is both elegant and refreshing, made in the German dry style “Weissburgunder” from Pinot Bianco grapes. The 2017 vintage has overwhelming aromas of pear, guava, melon, ginger and honey, with subtle undertones of biscuit. According to my research, it is made in the Alto Adige DOC, one of Italy’s highest altitude wine regions, by famous Swiss-Italian winemaking family K. Martini & Sohn. A truly delightful tipple, it’s been awarded with the prestigious Decanter gold medal.

What snacks pair well with Pinot Grigio?

If you enjoy a nice Pinot Grigio because of the mild flavor and taste, pairing it up with snacks is always a good idea. You can easily enjoy this wine with hummus and fruit and it makes for the perfect sipper for great conversation and good company.

What fruit goes well with white wine?

You can’t go wrong with berries or apples when it comes to enjoying fruit and white wine. There’s just something about the combination of the tastes and flavors that have them fitting together perfectly.

Adding White Wine to Your Next Family Meal

White wine is typically a favourite for many but there are some things to know when it comes to serving white wine. Personally when sourcing wines for special occasions we like to shop from specialist online retailers such as Independent Wine.

Should white wine be chilled?

This is literally the most asked question about white wine. People tend to get confused about whether or not white wine should be chilled or not. And the short answer is yes. White wine should be chilled to bring out the best flavor but make certain that you’re not getting it too cold.

If you get it too cold, it will actually lose a bit of its taste and flavor, and who wants that to happen? (but don’t worry – if it does happen it’s still fine to drink!)

How long should white wine be chilled?

To get white wine to the perfect temp, chill the bottle of white wine in the fridge for about 2 hours before serving. And if you have someone randomly just show up at your house and you want to serve white wine but it’s not chilled, you can pop it in the freezer for just about 20 minutes to get it chilled fast.

Either option is great for getting your bottle of white wine cooled down without crossing over and getting it too cold to enjoy.

Now that you know a bit about white wine, you can easily add it to your next family meal. Just have a couple of different bottles of white wine for your family and let their taste buds do the talking for them. We usually purchase a selection from a wine website that delivers next day

When it comes to white wine, what is your favourite kind to drink?


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Top 3 Plans For Life After Lockdown

As lockdown slowly but surely begins to lift, those simply pleasures we’ve all missed out on feel as though they’re getting closer – things like going out for dinner, having your hair or nails done, and even just visiting family and friends are experiences we’re all excited to share as soon as possible  

And plenty of parents are dreaming about a little time to themselves as well – with schools not yet ready to re-open, many mums and dads are at their wits end trying to keep their little ones entertained! 

Then of course, there’s the big stuff. As lockdown placed our lives on hold, major life plans have had to be shelved until a later date. As it slowly begins to lift, we may still be a long way from some of them. But it’s never too soon to start planning! 

These are just three of the most popular dreams that so many of us are looking forward to living as soon as possible. 


aircraft wing

Pic Credit: Pixabay

No one knows when international travel will be back on the table, but scrolling through dream holiday destinations imagining yourself sipping cocktails by the pool at an all-inclusive beachside resort isn’t the worst way to pass the time. 

Until you can finally go on that dream holiday, why not choose an adventure closer to home? There are plenty of stunning and magical locations that make for perfect day trips, and will allow your family to make some new memories and make up for lost time. 


Going back to school is a common pipe dream that, more often than not, remains just that. 

When you’re already juggling work, a family, and your own busy life, the idea of going back to school seems like a huge and unfeasible commitment. 

But in 2020, traditional routes of study are not the only way. Distance learning is rising in popularity, and in light of the current circumstances, it’s something that many educational institutions are having to adapt to quickly. 

But while others are just finding their feet, ARU Distance Learning are experienced in offering flexible part-time and full-time remote study options that will fit around your busy lifestyle, and their courses could be the key to life-changing new opportunities. 

Getting married 

pink running shoes

Pic Credit: Pixabay

Thousands of weddings have been cancelled or postponed as a result of the pandemic. 

And with so many disappointed couples, it’s likely we’ll see many post-lockdown unions when the time is right. 

In fact, a wedding may be just the thing many of us need to lift our spirits after months spend apart – not to mention, it’s the perfect opportunity for a family reunion too. 

While this is amongst the most popular post-lockdown life goals, some couples have decided not to wait in the wake of cancellations, meaning Zoom weddings have joined the list of lockdown trends.

While some American states have found ways to make these ceremonies legally binding, the UK is a little behind, but the symbolic value of a virtual ceremony has been a romantic substitute for those who have to wait a little longer to seal the deal. 

What are your life plans post-lockdown? Let us know in the comments below. 


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A Checklist for Planning a Funeral

It isn’t an easy topic, but it’s an important one. Especially when you’re a busy parent also trying to deal with their grief of losing a loved one, funeral planning can be a challenge, and you may even be uncertain where to start or which points you may have missed. 

Let this checklist help you. 

  • Decide Whether it Should be a Burial or Cremation 

Pic Credit: Pixabay

It may be that your loved one always spoke about their own preference, or perhaps they left instructions in their will or by other means. If not, then you should think about your loved one and what you feel they would have preferred. It can be a hard choice to make if you’re not sure, but you can always seek the advice of others. 

  • Choose a Funeral Director 

The right funeral director is going to make everything immeasurably easier. You can always visit a few places to see how you feel about the atmosphere and the interaction. You need to feel fully supported and comfortable with the director you are dealing with, and be sure they understand your loved one’s needs and wants. Professional companies like Exit Here offer full packages and 24/7 support. 

  • Pick the Right Burial Site or Crematorium 

This may be somewhere local to you, a location you knew your loved one enjoyed, or it may be that other relatives have been laid to rest in the same place, and you would like to, therefore, use the same site. 

  • Decide Whether to Have a Viewing 

You have the option of viewing an open-casket before the official funeral takes place. You might want to do this alone or invite close friends or family to attend, too. 

  • Choose the Extras 

You should make choices on flowers and arrangements for the place of service. Then, also choose a casket or coffin or an urn if there is to be a cremation. You will also have a choice for the headstone or plaque for the place of rest. 

  • Inform Family and Friends of the Time and Place 

You should send out invitations to those who you would like to attend, whether officially in the post or simply by letting people know when the funeral is to take place. Sometimes, you can put out a notice of the funeral and welcome anyone to turn up. 

  • Think About Transportation 

Pic Credit: Pixabay

Traditionally, you should arrange cars to transport key family members or friends to the place of the service, and have other guests make their own way there. You should think about how many vehicles or seats are required.

  • Choose What to Include in the Service 

There may be a certain piece of music your loved one enjoyed or a poem you would like to read. Remember, anything can be included in the service. 

Final Thoughts 

This checklist is provided as a guide only, and of course any funeral plans are completely personal to you and your loved one. You never have to feel pressured to be conventional or have a service that requires a significant number of attendees. Whether large or private, basic or extravagant, any service should be with your loved one in mind and within your chosen budget. 

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5 Things you Can Donate for Good Causes

When we give something, it gives us a warm feeling inside knowing that we are doing something good for someone that we will likely never meet.  Given the current pandemic the world as we know it has changed so much. One thing this has taught me is the importance of giving back and helping where I can. I have been drawn and engrossed in the writings of Marc Zboch and following his blog on the humanitarian work that he does. We all wish that we could do more for good causes, however, life often gets in the way and although our good intentions are there we can be guilty of never getting round to it.

 There are many things that we can choose to give that will make a difference for the better. Whether you feel that you have a lot or a little to give, it is important to remember that every act of charity, no matter the size, has the ability to change someone’s life.

box of toys

Pic Credit: Pixabay


Charity shops and gift initiatives are always welcoming of toys that they can use. When children grow older, they move on from the toys that they used to play with, often still in perfect condition. While your child may no longer play with their discarded set of Barbie dolls or action figures, there will be a little boy or girl out there somewhere that would love them.


Just as toys become forgotten about, so too do clothes. In everyone’s wardrobe there are shirts, dresses and other clothing that serve no other purpose than clogging up rail space. Whether it is a case that your old clothes simply do not fit you anymore, you have long since forgotten about them or they were an unwanted gift, they will certainly be wanted elsewhere.

Homeless shelters are always open to receiving clothing to help keep those who live on the streets warm. Children’s charities are also open to accepting the clothing your children have grown out of for young children that are living in poverty. Before throwing away any unwanted materials, consider why you are throwing it away – is it damaged beyond repair, or could it still be worn?


Giving Blood

Pic Credit: Pixabay

There is always a mass calling for blood, with Ireland currently seeing a shortage in blood with demand not decreasing anytime soon. When you agree to give blood, you will find out your blood group if you do not already know it.

If your blood group is O-Negative, you should certainly look to donate as this is known as the universal group as it is compatible with every other blood group. Those with AB-Positive blood can receive blood of any type, although this is the rarest type of the eight variants.


The most common form of donation is, of course, money. Fundraising events are held nearly every day with charities and those that support them looking to spread the word of their cause all while raising money.


Finally, if you have absolutely nothing else that you can give then you can give the gift of time. Volunteering to help with events, work at a shelter for a few hours or going the extra mile and putting yourself forward to go abroad and get hands on. Any time that you can give for others can make a difference, so even if it is just an hour every other week, do not think that it will not be appreciated.


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The True Story of Dr Death: Spinal Injury, Brain Damage, and Prison

Dr Death is the true story of a doctor who botched surgeries, causing spinal injury, brain damage, and even death. To hear the true story of this psycho killer, read on…

Putting your trust in someone to cut open your body, and leave it in a suitable condition, is pretty terrifying. Heading to surgery, and waking up paralysed, is something we never think will really happen to us. But, for some people, these nightmares became a reality at the hands of Christopher Duntsch, or Dr. Death.

Compensation for a spinal injury wasn’t enough for Duntsch’s victims, who later saw this criminal put on trial. So, what truly happened during these nightmare surgeries, why was this allowed to happen, and what was the outcome? Find out, right here…

Who is Dr Death? Introducing Christopher Duntsch

Christopher Duntsch is an American surgeon, who trained to become a neurosurgeon. During his five-year surgical training, he ran two labs, and raised millions as part of a grant. After completing his surgical residency at the University of Tennessee, it was clear that he would amount to great things.

Little did everyone know that a psychopath was in the making…

It soon became clear that Duntsch was operating under the influence of drugs. Not only that, but he had only completed a few hundred surgeries during his training, when most residents would complete thousands during their time. An email to a friend during the early stages of his career demonstrated his wish to become a cold-blooded killer… he certainly lived up to this statement.

Duntsch’s negligence over the course of just a few years left tens of patients with severe, long-term damage, and two dead. Whether he thought he was actually the best, and was blinded by his arrogance, or was deliberately trying to maim people is uncertain. What we do know is that he ruined many lives, and cut two lives short, in just a couple of years.

What Were Some of Dr Death’s Worst Deeds?

To get a full picture into the dastardly deeds of Dr Duntsch, some real-life examples are probably in order. Here are some of the most documented and notable cases of Duntsch’s life-altering botched surgeries

Floella Brown’s Brain Damage, Stroke, and Death

During Dr Duntsch’s time as a surgeon, there were two fatal surgeries which left the victims in severe pain, and soon dying of their injuries. The first of these women was Floella Brown.

After going into surgery at his hands, Floella’s vertebral artery was slit. According to doctors involved in the surgery, they were absolutely aghast as they observed what he was going. One surgeon even felt he had to step in to stop him causing more damage. But, it was too late; the damage had been done, and Floella suffered from a fatal stroke due to her injuries. 

Mary Efurd’s Permanent Maiming

As Floella Brown lay on her death bed, Duntsch went almost straight into his next surgery on Mary Efurd. This routine procedure was aimed at fusing two of her vertebrae together.

After awaking from the surgery in excruciating pain, and no longer able to move her legs, Dr Duntsch was nowhere to be found. Instead, a new doctor, Dr. Henderson, had to re-enter Mary’s body to fix what had gone wrong.  On reopening the wound, Henderson could see pretty clearly what had happened; she’d been completely butchered. Instead of drilling into her bone, Duntsch had drilled into her muscle, sliced a nerve at the root, and had left screws sticking out all over the place.

Ever since this horrifying experience, Mary has been confined to a wheelchair. Today, as an 80-year-old woman, she can barely stand up for more than 10 minutes before needing a rest.

Jerry Summers’ Spinal Injury

Jerry was Chris’ childhood friend, who had been a keen sportsman. After attaining a football injury, Jerry ended up with a back problem, and trusted his old friend Chris to surgically correct it. Despite their close friendship, this didn’t stop the deranged Duntsch from completely altering Jerry’s life.

After going into surgery for a routine anterior cervical fusion, Summers woke up unable to move from the neck down. Despite Duntsch assuring him it was all down to the swelling, and he’d heal soon enough, Summers never recovered. Ever since, he’s been a quadriplegic with incomplete paralysis, meaning he can’t move but can still feel pain.

Kerrie Martin’s Sudden Death

Although Duntsch’s surgical rights were temporarily suspended after Jerry’s surgery, that didn’t stop him from getting back into business. His next surgery after returning was on Kerrie Martin; a surgery that would prove fatal.

After falling in the kitchen, Kerrie ended up with chronic pain in her back, and sought surgery to help her live her life as normal again. When her GP X-rayed her to see what was wrong, a herniated disc was discovered. None the wiser to Duntsch’s reputation, the doctor handed them his card, referring them to him for the surgery.

After an initial consultation with Chris, they felt confident that he would be able to alleviate her pain, as it was just a simple, routine surgery. What Duntsch promised would take only 45 minutes stretched across hours. When Duntsch came out of surgery claiming there had been some complications, Kerrie’s husband could never have prepared for what would happen next.

On waking up from surgery, Kerrie’s conditioned seemed to worsen pretty quickly. She died not long after. A medical examiner confirmed that, when Duntsch had gone into surgery, he’d sliced a prominent artery, and Kerrie bled out internally.

Jeff Cheney’s One-Sided Paralysis

During Jeff’s spinal surgery, he awoke to discover that Duntsch had removed part of his spinal cord! This left him completely paralysed on the right-hand side of his body.

Jeff Glidewell’s Foreign Body

Jeff Glidewell was another victim of Duntsch who was a little luckier than some of the others. During surgery, Duntsch supposedly mistook Jeff’s oesophagus for a tumour, and sliced into it, leaving his voice almost permanently damaged.

It didn’t end there though. To quench the bleeding, Duntsch put a sponge in the area, and then sewed him up with this foreign body still inside him. This meant Jeff had to undergo emergency surgery, which he thankfully survived from.

Jackie Tory’s Severed Vocal Cords

Jackie Tory also suffered damage to her vocal cords, which ended up causing permanent issues. On leaving the surgical room, Jackie’s vocal cords were paralysed, meaning she can now only talk in low rasps.

Philip Mayfield’s Back Pain

Philip Mayfield had been a truck driver, and he loved his job, but the constant loading and unloading of heavy objects meant he required back surgery. After consulting a number of doctors, it seemed that anterior cervical discectomy surgery, to remove the damaged spinal disc, would alleviate his problems.

Philip didn’t want to get it wrong, doing thorough research before landing on Duntsch. His glowing record made him the ideal choice, and after an initial consultation, Phil was fully confident in Duntsch’s abilities.

After going in for this routine procedure, Philip came out unable to move from the neck down. He was transferred to another hospital where they did further tests and discovered he had been paralysed. The pain he felt was excruciating, and an MRI showed that Duntsch had completely deformed Philip’s spine, leaving permanent damage.

Lee Passmore’s Crippling Spasms

Finally, and certainly not lest, is Lee Passmore. He also had part of his spine removed during a routine operation for back pain. Now, he has been left with crippling nerve spasms which make him feel as though an ice pick is being jabbed into his back. He struggles to get from A to B without these incessant pains.

Why Was Dr Death Not Dealt with Quickly?

You’re probably wondering how this man got away with such horrific and psychopathic acts, right? Although Duntsch left two maimed patients, and one dead, at the Baylor Plano hospital in Dallas, Texas, nothing was ever done about it. How could all of this have happened right under peoples’ noses?

Many believe that, if Baylor had reported him, the ordeal would have been cut short, and many people could have been saved. Although the hospital has never provided an explanation as to why Duntsch wasn’t reported, there were a number of reasons this may have occurred, including:

  • Parring him off onto other hospitals: an attitude of, “he can be someone else’s problem” seems to have been prevalent for many hospitals.
  • Money concerns: the money for legal fees, and hassle needed to bring this case forward, would have been pretty catastrophic for a number of institutions.
  • Selfishness: negligence claims often don’t just stay with the doctor, but trickle through the hospital too, and this may have been off-putting.
  • Glowing reviews: everything anyone could find on Duntsch was positive, either online or in person. In fact, Baylor Health continued to promote his services with a marketing professional, through adverts, and refer patients to him along the way.
  • No criminal crossover across state lines: once Duntsch left one state, and moved onto another hospital, people forgot about him. He then become someone else’s problem.
  • Mistakes happen: doctors make mistakes all the time, and aren’t charged or don’t lose their jobs for it. Some people may have wondered why Duntsch should have been any different.
  • People didn’t know: many of Duntsch’s colleagues had no clue he was such a liability, so his abilities were never questioned.
  • No one would do anything: those who did know would complain, and the problems would go no further due to the reasons above.

Where is Dr Death Now?

This is all pretty scary, and you’re probably thinking, “where is Duntsch now?”. Well, despite the delay in Duntsch’s comeuppance, he was finally given his due. After the damage he’d inflicted on Brown and Efurd, Henderson reported Duntsch, and he was fired. But, the Texas Medical Board, and those higher up, were not persuaded to take action. Then, after being bought on by the Dallas Medical Centre, several more months of carnage led to two physicians complaining yet again.

Finally, Duntsch was brought to trial for his misdemeanours, and was charged with five counts of aggravated assault, one count of harming an elderly person (Mary Efurd), and more. He is the first surgeon to go to prison for a botched surgery, and has been facing a life sentence since 2017.   All four of the hospitals where Duntsch committed his crimes have been hit with civil lawsuits. What’s more, after Duntsch’s arrest, multiple more people came forward claiming they had suffered at his hands. With all this coming to light, it’s now become very clear that the medical system needs an overhaul to bring psychopaths to justice.

Want to Know More About Dr Death?

Pretty crazy, right? It’s hard to believe that all of this was allowed to continue for so long, without anything being done to stop it.

If you want to learn about Christopher Duntsch in greater detail, the Dr Death podcast is a great one to listen to. Otherwise, leave your thoughts and fears in the comments down below, and let me know what you think!


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5 Handmade-Business Ideas You Can Take On to Earn Extra Income

Pic Credit Unsplash

Whether to make ends meet, pay off debt, or monetize an arts and crafts passion, having multiple sources of income is a practical goal in today’s world. There are times when a full-time job cannot cover the costs of sudden unfortunate incidents like accidents or injury, so having that extra fluff on the budget certainly helps in situations like these.

If splitting the body were an option, a lot of people would take that opportunity because there is simply not enough time to take more jobs when you have two. Fortunately, the internet exists, and there are thousands of handmade crafts that are highly sought, so you can sell them well online. Setting up shop online is easier than you think and only requires minimum supervision, so you can focus on more important things like making the stuff you want to sell.

Looking for home craft-business ideas? Read on below.

Bath Products

Soaps and bath bombs are the most accessible feel-good treats that anyone can buy. Most people purchase these products as a reward for themselves. The most popular bath products today are organic and made with avante-garde designs, shapes, and scents.

It takes time and multiple trials and errors to master the art of soapmaking. The costs may be huge in the beginning, but profits will build overtime once the processes are streamlined. Additionally, buying materials in bulk wholesale prices will reduce the costs per bar.

Knitted Items

Many hobbyists find knitting a pleasurable pastime. You only need needles and yarn to start, and while that is deceivingly simple, the options for these things are endless. There are thin and thick needles made of wood or plastic, and balls of yarn come in different sizes and colors.

If you’re interested to learn, there are countless beginner’s guides out there you can follow. There are plenty of knitted things that you can profit from. Items like gloves, scarves, and hats are always popular during colder seasons.

Luxury Scented Candles

Believe it or not, there is a market for people who are obsessed with candles. These are the folks that you see at the candle section of the store, sniffing and admiring blocks of wax and wicks. Candles have really come a long way since their invention.

In modern times, candles imbibed with scents are often used for relaxation, and that is one of the reasons they are popular. Candlemakers often come up with new types of candles for each season as these are also used as decorations. 

The market for candlemaking is fairly saturated because makers know that supplies are inexpensive. Your edge is to make new aroma combinations and packaging that are attention grabbing to stand out from others.

Slime Products

Slime is big business, and makers as young as teenagers have made big bucks off it. This gooey, sticky, non-Newtonian fluid has surged in popularity over the years b

Pic Credit: Unsplash

ecause of how fun and satisfying it turns to solid, then liquid, and back again. Many people also use slime as a stress reliever while others collect it.

Basic slime ingredients are easy to get, and making one is fairly simple. There are different varieties of slime, including glitter, fluffy, popping, and glow in the dark. The most important thing to remember to make slime last is to store it in an airtight container so it doesn’t dry out.

Handmade Pet Products

People love their pets so much that they’re willing to spend thousands of dollars on toys, clothes, and accessories on top of their food. Pet items are a hot market, and local stores carry a variety of products that appeal to all sorts of fur or not-fur parents. Since these things are considered a luxury, they often have a hefty price tag in stores.

If you’re a pet parent yourself, you already have an idea of what products are highly sought and popular. Get in the business of hand-making pet clothes, beds, toys, and accessories as a great alternative to expensive, mass-produced ones. Some of the most popular moneymaking crafts in this category are specialized organic food and furniture.

Make Seasonal Items

Apart from pricing products for profit and having the right branding, consider making special limited items for the changing seasons. This is an excellent way to boost your sales and drum up excitement for people anticipating new products. 

What other handmade items do you think are popular-enough businesses to earn extra income from? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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New Debit Card vs. Credit Card_ Which Should I Use

When you’re debating between getting a new debit card or switching to a credit card, it’s important to look at the ways they’re used, how they can benefit you, and which would be more helpful in simplifying your financial life. 

Credit and debit cards look essentially the same. They both have 16-digit numbers, expiration dates, and security codes. The differences are perhaps most notable in how they function, where the payments come from, and how they’re involved in your financial well-being. Let’s take a closer look.

What’s the Difference?

Debit cards are set up so that they draw funds from a related checking account. That means, when you order a new debit card, it automatically links back to the account you want it tied to, and each time you use it, the charge subtracts the cost of the purchase directly from your checking account.

Debit cards are usually tied to checking accounts. A savings account is normally opened in order to save money, and although some financial institutions will allocate an ATM card on a savings account, they support your savings goals by not providing the means to electronically draw on the account.

Benefits of Credit Cards

Debit cards certainly have their perks, but they may not be able to offer a comparable level of protection on your account. Unlike being connected to your checking account, credit cards are tied to a line of credit that’s usually based on factors such as your credit score, debt-to-income ratio, and solvency. A line of credit often has a maximum amount “made available” for use via the credit union or financial institution. That amount is based on the account holder’s projected ability to repay the costs of their purchases on a monthly schedule.

Because of the service of extending credit, a financial institution can usually charge a fee or have a set series of requirements in order to be a cardholder. While this may sound more complicated, one of the benefits is that, based on expectation and trust that the money can be paid back, cardholders can spend more money than they have available in cash at the moment. This might be helpful, for example, if there’s a large, unexpected expense, such as the sudden need for a new washing machine or an emergency medical procedure.

Credit cards also offer better consumer protection should the card ever be stolen or hacked. There are often better warranties and fraud protection in place.

Types of Credit Cards

There are four primary types of credit card products that financial institutions offer. These categories sum up the sort of electronic lines of credit available to the everyday consumer.

Standard Credit Card

A standard credit card is just that: a standard line of credit. It’s available to you on the basis of approval and can be used for in-person or online purchases. There’s nothing frilly or fancy about it, but it does make life a lot easier, particularly for digital or over-the-phone purchases. There can be an annual fee with credit cards, and you should both check what the current prime rate is and see what your credit union can do for you with regard to the interest rates.

Rewards Cards

If you do a lot of shopping for your business, travel often, or like to dine out, there are specialty rewards cards that can build awards, travel points, or even cash back. The interest rates on these can vary, as can the annual fees, though, if you’re searching for a new credit card at the right time of year, sometimes financial institutions are able to waive the first year’s fee.

Secured Credit Card

The secured credit card is different from the two above because it actually requires a deposit (usually due upon opening) that will act as collateral for the purchases charged to the card. The issuer will hold this collateral during the use of a secured credit card.

Corporate Card

A corporate card is a type of credit card that is especially handy for businesses that need their employees to be able to operate and make purchases without running it through the company each time. These cards will normally be paid in full each month and either don’t allow balances to be carried over or simply will not carry a balance over to subsequent months because the balance is paid completely each month.

Just like any line-of-credit financial product, a credit card application will be run in conjunction with a current credit report.

Opportunities and Benefits of Debit Card Use

A primary benefit of using a debit card over a credit card is the lower cost to keep it in your wallet. Debit cards tend to have low or no fees. Cardholders also don’t have to worry about paying a bill at the end of the month, so there’s no risk of late-payment fees. Plus, because the spending capacity is limited by an account balance, debit card users can’t spend more money than they have. This completely avoids the potential for interest charges for unpaid balances. You could be charged NSF fees, though, if you use your debit card on a purchase above the amount you have in your account.

Debit cards are generally easier to obtain than credit cards. A standard debit card draws on the attached checking account. This means there are usually few, if any, extra hoops to jump through in order to get a new debit card. For example, generally speaking, when requesting a new debit card, a credit check won’t be required unless the issuing financial institution stipulates it as a prerequisite.

Prepaid debit cards are an option for customers without checking accounts or credit cards. They allow consumers to access services that call for credit or debit card use, such as paying for gasoline at the pump. All they have to do is “fill up” the card, and then they can use it to make purchases. And once again, cardholders can’t spend more money than they have.

To find out more about getting a new debit card or applying for a new credit card, ask the local experts at Rivermark Community Credit Union.


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Matt Redhawk – some tips from an entrepreneur

The world currently feels like a very strange place. Life as we know has effectively been turned on its head.  Many of us are now working from home, kids are out of school. We are missing friendly and family. Covid has made us stop and think, stop and evaluate. Who knows what the new norm we will have will look like. However a business lecturer once said to us many moons ago, in fact about 20 years ago….that in times of crisis comes opportunity. And you know something, its something we are seeing on a daily basis.  Shops moving to online only, business stocking new ranges of products. How many of us have seen the face mask/ face covering online shops popping up. I see even well known designers doing it too. It really does prove that point that by adapting you can still keep innovating and progressing your business.  Most of us at this stage have probably seen the Dutch Glasshouse solution  for a restaurant, a very novel idea.

It reminds me of a quote that hung in the library in the university I attended: “Instead of freaking out about these constraints, embrace them. Let them guide you. Constraints drive innovation and force focus. Instead of trying to remove them, use them to your advantage“.  How true and apt is that for the current circumstances.

Matt Redhawk

Matt Redhawk  a well know author and artist set out in an interview a wonderful quote which im going to share “Even when I’m doing nothing, I’m still learning, which has gained me immense knowledge in life and business.” I love this, simple and effective.  In terms of tips for entrepreneurs he speaks from the heart when giving advice – being passionate and having courage is what fuels him to keep following his dreams. I see he has written a book “Droughts and Dreams: Stories of Self-Reliance During America’s Darkest Times”  which provides powerful insight into families enduring the Great Depression. Definitely going to look into getting that book.

He refers to a successful entrepreneur as a continuous learner.  I can really see why that would be so important being adaptable is never more apparent than in the current situation where businesses must adapt to survive.  Some will even thrive.

A good entrepreneur…..

Having spent many years in working in the area of business if I was to think about the qualities that make a good entrepreneur in my own opinion, a couple of things do spring to mind.

  • being a risk taker, can certainly help
  • somebody with persistence – it is likely you will get knock backs but its dusting yourself off and getting back to work is so important.
  • being disciplined and methodological in how you approach the development and route to market
  • Research and then research some more, as Matt Redhawk said above keep learning and researching
  • Probably more of a business term but being an early adopter – not being afraid to use the latest technology. The world is moving at an increasingly fast pace and it is important to be able to keep up with that pace otherwise the risk is you fall behind and somebody comes in and takes the place you worked hard to carve out for yourself.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everybody but for those risk takers who love it, it can pay dividends.

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