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How to Manage Your Children’s Screen Time

David Hevey – Associate Professor, at the School of Psychology, Trinity College Dublin recently researched the health behaviours of 1,280 school children, parents and teachers across Ireland. One of the findings revealed that children were spending more time on their devices than outdoors. Forensic Psychologist Dr Maureen Griffin gives some advice on screen time for children.

How much screen time is too much?

child on ipad

Pic Credit: Pixabay

Many parents are concerned about how much time their children will spend in front of screens. So how much is too much? How can we control it?

The American Paediatric Association (APA, 2016), recommends unplugged playtime for infants and toddlers (i.e. no screens) and a limit of 1-hour high quality programming for 2-5 year olds, with active parental involvement. For children aged 6 and older, they recommend limiting the amount of screen time so as to allow for adequate physical activity, sleep, play etc. As not all screen time is equal, it is important that we pay attention to what our children are doing online; instead of solely focusing on a specific amount of time (e.g. are they passively watching shows; playing interactive games with friends; video chatting with family/friends/strangers; creating videos/music). To support the APA’s new recommendations, they have published an online tool that allows families to create their own personalised Family Media Use Plan. Devising such a plan as a family, can greatly help in getting an appropriate balance between screen time and other activities, especially during the summer months.

The APA also provide a Media Time Calculator which helps families determine the most appropriate amount of screen time for children in different age brackets – from 18 months to 18 years. Each age bracket is set with the recommended amount of time for sleep and physical activity, allowing the user to add time in for additional categories such as school, homework, family time, meals, reading, free time etc. 

How can we control screen time?

As parents, we play a crucial role in setting good examples for our children when it comes to social media usage and screen time. By creating a Family Media Use Plan, we can set clear expectations and boundaries for everyone in the family, unique to the specific requirements of each individual family member.

In addition to modelling good practices and creating a family plan, here are three things to be mindful of:

  1. Maintain good habits

Don’t undo good habits. For instance, letting devices creep into bedrooms while children are off school. The World Health Organisation, Safe Foods, and the National Sleep Foundation, have consistently demonstrated the negative health effects of having technology in bedrooms and/or using technology as a sleep aid (i.e. increased likelihood of developing childhood obesity/diabetes in later life; reduction in the amount of sleep, quality of sleep and day time alertness). Recent research has also indicated that increased night-time mobile phone use is directly associated with increased externalizing behaviour, and decreased self-esteem and coping. Despite this, the vast majority of students I speak with, who have devices in their rooms at night; admit they receive messages after midnight. It is therefore vital that we maintain bedrooms as screen free zones, all year round.

  1. Be with the ones you are with  

Children, and adults alike, often admit that when they visit a friends’ house, one of the first things they do is ask for the WIFI password. While acknowledging all the amazing benefits of technology and the role social media plays in our children’s lives, we need to remind our children to be presentto be with the people they are with.  Although our children are connected 24/7 and in constant contact with their friends, they often maintain such contact in a very disconnected way -without making eye contact, without speaking, without picking up on behavioural cues/emotions.

Talk to your child about the importance of true meaningful connections with friends. Friendship is more than maintaining a streak’ on Snapchat and more than someone who will ‘like’ your pictures. When their friends call over, remind your child to be present. Set aside time to be connected in real life, instead of constantly multitasking with devices. Identify ‘device-free times’ that work for you as a family (e.g. when eating, driving, walking, visiting grandparents)

Some parents control screen time during the school breaks, by changing WIFI passwords on a daily basis and only handing it over when children have earned their screen time by completing tasks in other important areas (e.g. physical activity, chores, reading). The Screen Time App may also be of use to parents who wish to limit the amount of time their children spends online. This App allows you to set time limits for your child’s device from your own phone (or browser); enable restrictions for specific Apps; pause your child’s online activity and assign tasks that must be completed to gain screen time. It also sends parents daily summaries outlining which websites and Apps their child used and for how long.

Some families engage in Tech free days during the week –Tech free Tuesdays or Tech free Thursdays. Others opt for a digital detox –disconnecting to reconnect. If attempting either, make sure to set attractive alternatives to screen time for each family member (e.g.  camps, walking/hiking, art, swimming, reading, joining a new club/sport/class)

  1. Holidays and sharing

If you are going away on holiday, either here in Ireland or abroad, wait until you are home again to share all your adventures. Burglars have been known to use social media to identify empty houses, especially during holiday seasons. Talk to your children about their location settings, which can be enabled/disabled for individual apps they are using. Although children tell me “it’s not safe to share your home address”, a lot admit they have location setting enabled for a chatting App or social networking site. As most of their messages are sent from home, they can be inadvertently sharing their home address.

Also talk to children about what is okay/not okay to share while away on holidays. It is much easier to have a discussion on ‘why NOT to take a picture of mammy/daddy in their bikini/Speedos’ in advance, instead of having to claw back that image when it has been shared online.  


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Supermarket Christmas Offers 2018

Already looking for the Christmas deals this year? Well, look no further. Supermarkets just across the border are already on the lookout to release new Christmas ranges in their grocery and home aisles. So far, some of the major chains have announced some of their new Christmas lines. Take a look below. Disclaimer: Some of the items below, such as preorder items, may not include VAT. To find out more about VAT in the UK on your purchases, call the VAT Contact Telephone Number.


Although Tesco has officially closed their Homeware/Clothing website, their grocery website still remains. In order to find out the latest Christmas deal in the clothing and homeware departments, call the Tesco telephone number and speak with a member of the team. Elsewhere in the store, you can expect to find some amazing food offers, such as:


ASDA are always on top of their homeware game, and this Christmas will be no exception. As well as some amazing Christmas homeware, ASDA also has some great pre-order Christmas food on their website.


Morissons, although not heavy on deals, mostly offer voucher codes, However, they do already have some great Christmas items on their website!


No Christmas shop is complete without an Aldi feast. Their Christmas range is currently available to preview on Grocer magazine.

Thanks to  Gina Kay Daniel for kindly guest posting for us this week. Some great tips above. I just love Christmas myself and love being prepared well in advance.


Halloween Shopping – decisions decisions

My pair love Halloween, maybe its all kids but mine literally start counting the days until Halloween from September once the school starts.  Selecting costume is no easy task, who knew kids took this so serious.  They are allowed to wear them into school so you can imagine this is big decision in the calendar of a 6 year old!!

Credit: Prop Shopper

The very lovely people at Prop Shopper allowed the boys to select a costume each from the very vast selection on their website.  The selection is fantastic so trust me this was quite the mammoth task.  The youngest went for the spider web costume and the oldest went for Ghostly Ghoul costume.  There is a huge selection of options available and even better the price point is fantastic, definitely budget friendly.

Prop Shopper also do a large range of adults costumes, again naturally more expensive than the kids but still good and budget friendly. I really do begrudge spending huge amount of money on a costume that will literally be worn for a couple of hours.

For the more adventurous amongst us Prop Shopper sell a range of make up, wigs and accessories. I’m just not creative, the costume needs to be complete with little intervention for me!!

Do check them out, loads of choice and dare I say it my kids loved that they were that little bit different than in the supermarkets.

Sneaky pic of the oldest in his Ghostly Ghoul costume. My camera shy spider web point blank refused a pic!

For some reasonably prices costumes do check out you wont be disappointed.



Note:  Prop Shopper kindly sent us to costumes for Halloween, however I retain full editorial control



Its good to be bored….

This morning at the football sideline (the place of all great debates lately) the conversation naturally drifted to Christmas and what the kids were looking for. By way of context the kids at this football class are between 4 and  7 so pretty young.  There was emphatic agreement that the less technology the better and that we would try dis-way the high end tech (for lots of reasons) for another few years.

bored colouring in

Pic Credit: Pixabay

I recalled some research conducted by  BIC® as part of its Young Artist Award, the study found that kids complain about being bored on average 122 times a month – that’s 1,500 times a year. With the words “I’m bored” being dreaded by 69% of parents.  In response to the findings, renowned child education consultant Dr Martin Stephen said that “boredom is a brilliant platform from which children learn to use their imaginations …. It’s important that we continue to develop core skills such as drawing and writing.” I couldn’t agree more. I recall myself as a child spending hours either outside playing or colouring/ painting (aka making a mess).  With a world so consumed by all things tech it can be hard to to do this.  I remember at a talk up the school where the Principal mentioned for kids nowadays the world exists almost like 5 minute you tube sound bites which is actually a little scary. Life isn’t fast paced, its slow and steady with boredom being an essential component to encourage kids to think outside of the box and figure out themselves what to do.

Interesting findings

I have set out below some additional findings which I think are really interesting and perhaps even for some of them possibly understated!

  • Kids spend just 3 hours a day away from their screens
  • Only 31% of parents admit to giving a bored child a digital device to keep them occupied
  • Kids complain about being bored 122 times a month – that’s 1,500 times a year
  • 69% of parents dread the words “I’m bored”
  • the go-to forms of entertainment for children include watching TV (68%), playing with a tablet/iPad (61%) and watching YouTube (60%)


What do you think, do you restrict your kids tech or do you give them free reign? Love to here more in the comments below


Top tips for helping get through the cold and flu season

You might recall earlier this year our post featuring our top tips for dealing with the summer weather with thanks to Lloyds Pharmacy. We are back again with some top tips from Lloyds on how to help with the inevitable cold and flu that comes with the advent of Autumn/ Winter. This time we have some expert insights from Denis O’Driscoll, Superintendent Pharmacist at LloydsPharmacy. Denis very kindly gave me some of his time to run through my own questions.

girl with cup of tea suffering cold and flu

Pic Credit: Pixabay

Question: I dread this time of year for the kids as its the inevitable they will pick up colds, flu’s etc. What practical tips would you advise to try to keep sickness at bay?

Answer: In the main, colds and flu are viral and self-limiting. Here are my practical tips for children and adults:

  • Maintain healthy eating and diet
  • Eat loads of vegetables and fruit
  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Exercise regularly
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Use a disposable tissue and dispose correctly after use
  • Wash hands after sneezing /coughing, use a hand sanitizer if necessary
  • I would also recommend visiting your local pharmacist to discuss getting the flu vaccination. The flu vaccination not only helps to protect against catching the flu, but also ensures the infection isn’t passed on.

Question: Are there any multi vitamins or supplement you would recommend?

Answer: In winter there is a need for more Vit D3 as people tend to feel tired. I would recommend a multivitamin that contains Vit D3- your sunshine vitamin and Vit B which gives energy. There are many products, but the one I am currently using myself is Revive™Active for Adults. This product is also available for children aged 5-12 and teens. Your local pharmacist is best placed to give you this advice, dependent on your child’s diet and daily activities.  In my opinion as a pharmacist and a parent, I always ensure that my children are eating healthily and they’re getting enough fruit and vegetable. If this proves difficult, I use any product with B-complex and VitD3 such as Revive for Children. This should always be taken with an antibiotic if prescribed, and I would also provide them with a probiotic.

Question: For the times we do get hit by the dreaded winter colds and flu’s what advice would you have for helping us feel better until it passes?


  • Keep hydrated with warm drinks

    drink of hot lemon and ginger to help with cold and flu

    Pic Credit: Pixbay

  • Keep warm, and get plenty of rest
  • To manage the symptoms:
    • Sore throat lozenge and pain relief
    • Gargling salt and warm water is something to consider
    • If nose is blocked, use a recommended product or a saline nasal spray
    • Use disposable tissues. There are a number of products to help with stuffy nose and runny nose
    • Sometimes using tissues caused the nose to be a little painful so we would recommend using a little petroleum jelly or some Sudocrem™


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Weddings, Anniversaries and more Weddings

engagement ring

Pic Credit: Pixabay

The Mamma Fairy house has been gripped by wedding fever lately. We have just hit 7 years married, my wonderful parents 40 years married and the Dada Fairy’s grandparents the remarkable achievement of 60 years married.  With my own brother about to tie the know himself, naturally the conversation has been drifting to the differences in weddings over the years form the ceremonial differences to the cost differences. Even in the 7 years since we have been married I can see a lot of differences in perceptions of weddings, certainly amongst my own friends its a lot more realistic with smaller numbers and less about the pomp and extras.

My mum and my husbands grandparents rented their wedding and bridesmaid dresses, they borrowed cars. Certainly lavish honeymoons weren’t the done thing. Its funny we got married in the height of boom time so in hindsight there was certainly some unnecessary spending on extras.

I don’t regret it one bit the day was so special. With the benefit of hindsight I have been telling my brother not to stress about the small details.

Purely for some shock value I sent him an info-graphic produced by Chill Money which looked at the cost of some of the most well know fairy tale weddings!

  • In the style of Pearse Brosnan and Keely Shay Smith I did let him know that I expected to be transported to (incidentally the same venue) in one of a fleet of 15 helicopters and round off the night watching a €34 k fire works display!
  • He knows the brides dress is bought and thats about all, im sure he almost fainted when he saw the cost of Kate Middletons stunning gown coming in at a whopping €360k.
  • He is also under no illusion ill be expecting the Kim K “glam squad” to turn me out for the day at a cool €320 per person!!! For my outfit ill be turning to my old reliable Ted Baker I love their dresses and the fit so comfy so I tend to go back to what I know suits me.
  • We saved hard to fund our honeymoon which cost more than the wedding itself, we toured Australia, Singapore and Thailand and of anything spent on our wedding I don’t regret one penny  of that. I love travel and will probably always will. They have decided to wait until the summer for their honeymoon and do some nights in nice properties around Ireland immediately afterwards. I gently pointed out somewhere like Ballyfin costing €25k a night needless to say he doesn’t agree!!!

I think they key message he is do what makes you, as in the couple happy when spending on your wedding, it is after all your day. My husbands grandparents who have just turned 60 years married who wed in a borrowed dress are no less “married” than Kim K or Kate Middleton in the eye wateringly expensive gowns.

wedding dress pic

Pic Credit: Chill Money


Note: This is a collaborative post however I retain full editorial control

Family Activity Ideas For Autumn

autumn leaves

Pic Credit: Pixabay

As the summer draws to a close and the autumn appears, there are a whole host of activities to do with your family. Yes, you might not be able to go to the beach or enjoy other sunny day activities, but you can enjoy some of those that still work well in autumn. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the autumn activities that can do with your family. Make sure to keep reading if you’d like to find out more.

Host A Bonfire

If you truly want to get your family into the autumn mood you should try to host a bonfire. You can get small firepits online or in most hardware stores. Get some blankets, marshmallows and take the whole family outside. Your kids will love this as it is just like going camping but in the back garden.

Go Kayaking

Although kayaking is often preferred around summer because of the weather, you’ll find that kayaking can be fun in the autumn too. You won’t need to worry about lakes being too busy as most people tend to go in the summer. This way, you know that your kids are safe, and you can spend some time together out in nature. You can get more information from if you think that this could be an option for your family. They have a great guide on tandem kayaks which will help you figure out which one you and your family need.

Try Baking


Pic Credit: Pixabay

Baking is a fun activity at any time of the year but when it comes around to autumn, there are loads of treats that you can make. Think about getting your family together and baking a nice apple pie. Or you could make some pastries or even Halloween treats to give trick or treaters. Take a look at some Halloween baking ideas online for inspirationGo For A Walk

Some of the most beautiful sights can be seen in the autumn as the leaves change and forests become prettier. Why not take your family out for a long walk and enjoy some of these views? You could even turn it into a leaf collecting activity or collect some pine cones that you can use for crafts. Make sure that you get out and experience nature during this season as it can be very beautiful.

Visit A Haunted House

Our final idea is for those who want to be scared so you might want to avoid taking young children on this activity. Visiting a haunted house can be very fun and your kids will love telling their friends about what they got up to over the break. You should be able to find local haunted houses online which will let you go on tours.

Final Verdict

Just because the summer is over doesn’t mean that you need to stop going outdoors. There are so many different autumn activities that you can enjoy with your family so make sure to try some of the ideas that we have suggested out. Go for a long walk in a forest, try some Halloween baking or try out kayaking!


Note: This is a collaborative post

Looking For Something New_ Keep Watch for the 2018 Subaru Ascent SUV

We buy cars for different reasons.  For some of us, it becomes an automatic process. After a certain amount of time, we trade in our old model for a new one.  For others, we wait until our existing car wears out. When we no longer wish to put another dime into it for maintenance, we start considering options. And then the process of finding a new car begins. But even that has changed in recent years.    No longer do you have to visit an auto dealer to find out the latest information. A simple search from the comfort of your chair can yield the same results. Looking for a new Subaru for sale? Simply type it into a search engine and away you go.

A JD Power New Autoshopper Study found that five of every nine – 56 percent – automotive internet shoppers are now conducting product research on their mobile devices. And the average auto internet shopper now spends about 13 hours conducting research online.   Those hours aren’t spent visiting every model and manufacturer out there. The same JD Power study reports that more than half – 53 percent – of all auto buyers indicate they knew the make or model of the vehicle they wanted to purchase before they begin to shop.   That means the hours spent online aren’t about clarifying your choices. Instead, the hours spent online are more about becoming an expert on the type of vehicle they want. That way, when people finally decide to buy, the sales process is already complete.

Smart dealers understand this. And they make the process even easier for you.   Ready to buy a new Subaru? You may start by searching with basic information such as “Subaru for sale.” But very quickly you will hone in on the model and start searching for as much detail as you can find. Might we suggest the 2018 Subaru Ascent SUV?

Determine What You Need

While price is always a determining factor in the final vehicle you purchase, getting what you need tops the list. Separating your needs from your wants is essential.   If you are single with no plans to get married or have a family, it’s important to select a car that fits your single lifestyle.  If you are married with kids, getting something a roomy and safe vehicle may be of top concern.  If you’re older and live an active lifestyle, something with easy access and lots of flexibility may be more your style.  Everyone has their own unique set of requirements for a new vehicle. And the Subaru Ascent SUV may be the perfect choice for you.   Of course, the Ascent comes with everything you’d expect in a new SUV. But you’ll find hidden surprises that can allow you to be as active as you want to be.     How about a vehicle that will tow up to 5,000 pounds and comes with Trailer Stability Assist? Or a vehicle that can travel more than 500 miles of highway driving range on a single tank of gas? Think that’ll help you explore your world a little more?

Decide What You Want 

Wants are much more fun, aren’t they? Wants allow us to personalize our purchases based on who we are. It gives us the opportunity to select a car based on what we do every day of our lives.   Sure, just about any car will get you to work and back. Or make a stop at the grocery store to pick up tonight’s dinner. But what about weekend fun?

Wants can include many different things, such as:

  • Style
  • Image
  • Color
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Fuel economy
  • Safety
  • Technology
  • Convenience
  • Comfort
  • Capacity

No wonder there are so many makes and models on the road today.  One of our favorite features of the Subaru Ascent is the versatility for today’s family. It gives you ample cargo space including underfloor storage. It provides room for every passenger and gear, whether you need a 7 passenger or 8 passenger model. It has extra wide rear door openings to make it easier than ever to load up. It even comes with 19 cup and bottle holders to ensure everyone’s beverage is secure and close at hand.

Choose Your Vehicle

Nearly half of all car buyers choose their next vehicle based on previous experience. That can come in many different forms, from renting one on vacation to selecting the same model every time.  Maybe it’s not just the model that matters to you; maybe it’s a Subaru. Many of our customers are very loyal to our brand and with good reason.   Subarus come with some of the highest safety features around. And when it comes to your family’s safety, you wouldn’t want anything else.   That’s why the Ascent was built with everything you love in the Subaru product. Then we’ve added even more.    How about Wi-Fi connectivity? Or USB charging spread throughout the cabin, so every passenger can control data in the exact way they please. Safety and connectivity – that’s what people want. They talk. We listen.

Negotiate your Purchase

Want an easier way to finalize the purchase once you have your vehicle in mind?    According to an Automotive Industry Digital Survey, 54 percent want information tailored to their needs while researching a new car in the online channels of their choice. The vast majority said they would be interested in completing the entire path online.   That’s not surprising in this technology-driven world we live in. We can buy just about anything online. We do our research there. We make our selections there? We can sign a contract there. We can fill out forms and finalize processes there. Why not be able to buy a car too?   User friendliness comes from working with a dealership you can trust throughout the process. And that’s what we strive to do.  If now is your time to find a new Subaru for sale, let us be part of the process. You can sign up for more information about the summer 2018 release of the Ascent SUV. Or fill out our handy form to start the auto financing process.

No matter what your question, we have the answer for you.  What can we do to make your car shopping a little easier?


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How to celebrate a child’s birthday

No matter how jaded you might be about your own birthdays, there’s something very special about the anniversary of your child’s birth. Not only is it a time for you to take stock, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime. There are a number of ways that you can make your child’s birthday extra special, and they don’t all need you to spend what remains of your bank account. If you have a son or daughter who is about to have a birthday, here are three clever ways to ensure that they have a day to remember, and all without spending thousands of pounds.

Take a day trip

It will depend on the kind of hobbies and interests that your child has, but taking them out for the day is always a good idea when it comes to creating a memorable birthday. There are also a vast number of options to choose from, so you’re really only limited by imagination and budget. You could go the low-cost option with some activities like bowling or ice skating (along with a few of their school friends of course). Or, if budget is less of an issue, then you might prefer to take them somewhere more unique, with trips to Harry Potter World UK always being a popular choice, and special offers available for family tickets. Consider what your son or daughter will enjoy, and tailor their birthday around their interests, and you won’t go far wrong.

Go camping

There’s something very unique about a family camping trip. Being out in the fresh air, surrounded by nature, it’s an ideal way to bond together as a family while soaking up the sights and sounds of the natural world. Working together to prepare a meal without the aid of a kitchen is great fun, and having a stroll through the woods or across the beach as the sun starts to set, is something that will never be forgotten. If you’re looking for ways to create experiences that will last forever, then family camping is the ideal solution, and you can even invite other families along as well. For the bravest, there’s also the option of a camping birthday party, however, just remember to invite the adults along as well!

Have a party

Every child loves a birthday party. After all, an event dedicated to them where they are the centre of attention? What could be better? Throw in some presents and being surrounded by friends, and it’s no surprise that birthday parties are the most popular way to celebrate a young birthday. There are quite a few ways to keep the budget down, and there are also some great ways to make the party more unique. The best way is to give the party a theme, so look for the best in boys and girls party themes to make their day all the more special. Making the party about something they’re interested in is a great way to minimise the risk of any frustrations or tantrums on the day itself.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to a child’s birthday party is that you should talk to them about it. Finding out what they want to do is the best way to get the most out of the day. It may take some compromise, and you may not be able to get the unicorn or superhero that they want, but creating the best birthday memories is not the challenge or the expense that most parents seem to believe. Memories are about experiences, not budget.

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5 Cleaning Solutions to Stay on Trend

It is not easy going to work, taking care of your family, having a social life and keeping the house spotless. Cleaning up is a mammoth task, but thanks to technology, life has become so much easier.

You no longer need to spend hours vacuuming the floor or take turns to do the bathroom because the latest on-trend cleaning gadgets, such as a vacuflo vacuum, robotic window cleaners, innovative steam mops and sanitizing wands will do the job just right.

From carpets and window sills to microwaves and refrigerators, these trendy cleaning gadgets are not just low on effort, but also very effective. So, brace yourselves and get ready to come back home to a neat, clean, and tidy space with these 5 cleaning solutions that will do the magic and save you time.

Window Cleaning Robots

Yes, you heard that right—window cleaning robots exist and are here to make window cleaning a breeze. We all agree that cleaning windows can get quite painful. Whatever you do, there will always be some pesky residue left and after all that effort, that can be quite a disappointing sight.  So, how does one get that sparkling, professional finish?

Turn to your personal window cleaning robot and trust it to clean every little corner irrespective of the size of the window. These robots run on battery and once latched on the window, begin the cleaning process.

If you wish to have control over it, you can opt for a remote-enabled cleaning robot, otherwise an automated one works just fine. You will need to change the spare parts of the window cleaning robots from time to time, hence ensure you choose the one whose spare parts are readily available.

Vacuflo Vacuum

Have you ever wondered if the portable vacuums you’ve been relying on are effective enough? Well, there is a better solution. With the centralized vacuflo vacuum you can get your entire house cleaned swiftly and with better results than ever before. This powerful system provides superior cleaning solutions, keeping your home healthy and pollutant-free.  Confused where to begin? We suggest you turn to Gary’s Vacuflo Central Vacuum Systems to choose the perfect fit suited to your home’s needs and size.  Consisting of true cyclonic, filtered cyclonic and a replaceable filter bag, Gary’s Vacuflo promises to eliminate 100% of vacuumed dust and allergens from your home through in-wall tubing. Not just that, unlike other central vacuum systems that depend on permanent cloth filters to do the job, its performance is unaffected by the accumulation of dirt.

Thanks to this centralized vacuum system, you do not need to drag a bulky vacuum cleaner around anymore. All you need to do is move the lightweight hose from the strategically located inlets in your home. And, the central power and dust collector can be placed in the basement or a garage. Then simply empty the system of dust and debri about once every three months as needed.  

Central vacuum systems come with multiple benefits such as circulation of healthier air, lesser noise pollution, greater convenience, and they also help in increasing the resale value of your home. Now this is a cleaning solution we can get behind!

Sonic Scrubber

Hate to do the dishes, but have no other option? Make sonic scrubbers your new best friend. Resembling a toothbrush, this scrubber can be used to clean dishes, sinks, bathrooms, countertops, refrigerators, and even your car.   The best part is that you can get rid of germs and dirt on surfaces without having to even touch them!

This multi-purpose scrubber comes with different types of detachable cleaning heads that can be accordingly used based on the kind of surface they are meant to clean. Known to be over 25 times faster than manual scrubbing, the brush heads oscillate more than 10,000 times per minute leading to quicker and effective cleaning.

Not only is it lightweight and portable, but it is also very versatile. A must-have cleaning gadget, this one scrubs away the most stubborn stains and reduces cleaning time and effort. A treat for all those who hate cleaning, isn’t it?

Automatic Toilet Cleaner

Cleaning the toilet bowl is often a chore that causes a visible cringe and no one wants this task. Even though this is a supremely essential exercise, it is definitely not a pleasant one.  Toilet cleaners are required to remove harmful bacteria and leave a pleasant scent. But, if you thought the only way to do this was to manually clean, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that automatic toilet cleaners do a great job too.    You can say goodbye to scrubbing and bleaching because automatic toilet cleaners remove stains, keep your bathrooms fresh, and prevent the formation of mineral stains one flush at a time. 

Sanitizing Wands

Imagine moving a wand over a contaminated area and have it instantly go from dirty to clean. This is now reality.  Sanitizing wands are basically magic wands in the world of cleaning. They were earlier only used in hospitals, but are now also used for domestic cleaning purpose.  Sanitizing wands make use of ultraviolet light to destroy germs. While they are easy to use, ensure you follow the directions and hold the wand in the right position for the appropriate amount of time to get the best results.

This portable, handheld sanitizer runs on batteries and disinfects surfaces in seconds. What’s more, you can also use it to clean awkward places that are rather difficult cleanse, but is likely carrying germs such as remote controls, under kitchen appliances, and all those corners that are difficult to access. If you are wary of disinfectant sprays or often suffer from allergies, sanitizing wands will do wonders for you.  While cleaning is a chore, these trendy solutions sure do take the stress, time, and effort away, allowing you to devote your time to things you enjoy most like spending time with the kids and getting outside in nature.

So, go ahead and give these cleaning solutions a shot. Make life easier for yourself without compromising on the quality of home.


Note: This is a collaborative post