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10 Signs That Indicate the Presence of Mold in Your Home

The presence of mold in your home is bad news whichever way you look at it especially if you happen to have one of the species that produces a substance known as mycotoxin, which is linked to breathing problems.

For an overview of treatment options view Helitech online for more details, in the meantime, here is a look at some of the clues to look for that could suggest you have a mold problem in your home that needs your attention.

Use your nose

One of the best methods of detection of mold in your home is to use your nose.

There is an odour associated with the presence of mold and one potential sign to look out for is if you notice an odd smell emanating from your air conditioning unit or heating system.

HVAC units are particularly prone to encouraging mold growth in damp or dark conditions.

Is your grout looking grotty?

If your shower tiles are displaying dark lines where white grout used to be it could be mold.

This type of mold is often harmless, although you should be aware that if the mold appears after you have had a leak in the room it could lead to a more toxic mold developing which needs a professional assessment and safe removal.

How’s your health?

We all get ill from time to time but if you have flu symptoms that seem to persist for longer than a typical cold you might want to check whether it is the cause of your health issues.

It doesn’t have to be black

You probably associate mold with black or grey spots developing but it can actually take on many different forms.  If you notice an unusual texture on your walls, even a bit of green slime, it could also be a mold problem.

Check the state of your wallpaper

Wallpaper doesn’t last forever and a bit of peeling and discoloration is to be expected over time, however, if the wallpaper seems to be bubbling or cracking that could be an indication that you have moisture in your wall.  That moisture normally serves as a warning that mold is developing.

Breathing problems

As well as looking for physical clues around your home you should note any physical changes you experience when it comes to your overall health.  If you already have asthma or some other pre-existing breathing problems your health profile could worsen if mold is developing in your home.  Keep an eye on your health and investigate the possibility of mold if you experience increased breathing problems.

Problems with allergies

Another health clue to watch out for is when seasonal allergies seem to continue beyond their normal timeframe.  Mold exposure can emulate seasonal allergies and cause them to persist, or even worsen over time.

When you can’t get rid of that musty smell

If you vacuum regularly and even steam clean your furniture but still can’t shift that musty odor around your home it would be worth investigating whether the problem is mold.

Mold can irritate your skin

Mold is quite keen on damp clothing and if mold infiltrates the fibers of your towels or any other item that is reasonably wet it could start to irritate your skin.

Don’t encourage mold

Finally, as well as getting any signs of mold checked out immediately by a qualified professional you might want to think about your humidifier use.  Constant use of a humidifier could encourage mold growth by introducing extra moisture into your home.   Check out these classic signs and warnings and take action immediately if you suspect that mold is present in your home.

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Smart technology to keep your home secure

Pic Credit: Liberty Insurance

Liberty Insurance knows advances in technology mean that it’s never been easier or more affordable to secure your home, that’s why they’ve brought you these tips on how to use smart technology to improve home security. 

 The devices remain pretty much the same but now alarms, locks, sensors and cameras are connected by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, can be monitored and controlled remotely by apps and any data like audio or video can be stored in the cloud to be viewed later. And now with the internet of things, they can all be controlled from an automated hub like Amazon Echo, Google Home or Hive. With a little DIY know-how, you can protect your home and not break the bank doing it.


Camera technology has advanced at an unbridled pace since the introduction of the smartphone and that affordable tech can be found in the home security camera. Even some of the most basic camera kits come with High-Definition and night-vision capability and can record onto a hard drive or to the cloud via Wi-Fi. And with an app, you can even check in on your home when you’re lying on a beach in the Costas. 

Cameras can be mounted externally, internally and even on out buildings. However, there is one obvious weakness to a Wi-Fi only set up and that is your Wi-Fi itself. If the Wi-Fi goes down and the modem is not rebooted, then your cameras won’t have anywhere to send their video. Hard-wiring your cameras into a hard-drive is an obvious solution but would almost certainly require a professional to install the system.

Video Doorbells & Smart Locks

tablet media device

Pic Credit: Pixabay

Once the preserve of the very wealthy, video door-bells are becoming more and more commonplace as they become more affordable. With Wi-Fi and an app, you can now see who is calling at your front door without having to leave the comfort of your armchair. Indeed, you can instruct delivery drivers to leave parcels at your door while you are in work through the face-time function on the app. They come with HD and night vision and recording also.

Some video-doorbells connect to a smart lock which allows you to remotely open the lock so a child or workman can enter your house while you are not at home. 

Smart locks not connected to a video doorbell use a variety of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that connect with your phone to lock and unlock, but you can also choose from a wide range of touch screen and fingerprint locks also.

Window & Door Sensors

A smart window or door sensor will send a notification to your phone of when the window or door is opened. They also come with alarms and can be programmed to suit your needs and some even come with small tiny cameras.

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Tips for making your garden a safe and fun environment for kids

We have been renovating our house over the last number of years and while the inside is nearing completion, an equally challenging task is next on the agenda……the outside spaces.  Neither of us are green fingered and the thought of tackling the overgrown mess outside fills me with such dread.  We definitely need some expert intervention on this one even for some consultancy. One key proviso for me a safe and fun environment for the kids. I decided what better to do than to reach other so my fellow blogger to see what they have done with their gardens.

Garden Safety 

Garden Safety - locking shed

Garden Safety

First up some great tips around keeping the area itself safe and enclosed.  Elizabeth from The Homemakers Journal had some great suggestions in terms of basic safety, keeping the tools and equipment in separate storage areas.  Also crucially and a very important consideration, keep all sprays and fertilisers out of reach of little hands (and animals).  Jo from Cup of Toast also highlighted the importance of keeping hazards out the way, I love her suggestion of giving the kids their own shed that way they are contained and away from potential hazards or even escaping!

Pete who writes at Household Money Saving highlighted the importance of making sure the toys themselves are in good working condition.  This is a brilliant suggestion and probably one im guilty of not doing enough off particularly for the likes of trampolines and swings which could pose a risk if not installed or used correctly.

I love Natalie from Mummy and Moose suggestion of training the dog to do its business in one area and training the kids to avoid! Genius!! While we don’t have any pets one suggestion that ill definitely be implementing is from Sarah of A Few Favourite Things of keeping the wheelie bins separate. Safety aside we have 3 and they are so unsightly looking!

I also love Carolin of Mummy Alarm suggestion of  soft surfaces for playing on.  I have two boys and they just love playing rough, climbing and skipping around the place.  Hopefully a soft surface would lessen the cuts and scraps.  Having done my research (extensive research!) I have found ESP Play who amongst other products offer a great range of soft surfaces. I really like the artifical grass or the rubber mulch. I’m all about low maintenance but practical solutions.

Garden Fun

The bit the boys will love!! Both Stacey of One Small Human and Anoushka of Spitting Yarn mentioned mud kitchens!! I have never heard of this before but I suspect the boys would love it, quite literally, a sectioned off area with some kitchen utensils and some muck/mud. You can’t beat the messy play to keep them entertained for hours.  Emma from Our Fairytale Adventure suggested a sensory garden including a fruit and veg patch. I love the idea of growing some of our own vegetable so this is something im definitely looking into. Check out Emma’s gorgeous garden at the above lunch, that pergola is some serious garden goals!

Play equipment 

climbing frames

Pic Credit:

The boys really want a tree house or some kind of play equipment and the Dada Fairy has promised them that he would get them something when the garden is done! I always end up doing so much research im a total planner and need to know everything! But have a look a the tangled equipment from ESP Play .  Absolutely love the look of them and I know my kids would love them too and no doubt proving hours of fun out in the garden.  I do note it would need one of the above mentioned soft surfaces due to the inevitable fall risk but I really do love them and combined with the soft surface above I think it would be a fantastic investment in our garden.

Garden Fun in the sun

Garden Fun

One of the most interesting things I did come across while looking for children’s play equipment was the study on the aforementioned ESP Play site which showed as a result of extensive independent research commissioned by ESP and carried out by Liverpool John Moores University, they discovered that the average amount of physical activity taking place during PE lessons was remarkably low. This really shocked me and to my mind while the tangled equipment looks good it is doing far more than just that, it is actively encouraging physical activity. A really huge benefit in my mind.

Lots of  fantastic tips and inspiration above, however one thing I do know for sure is that ill definitely be enlisting the services of a gardener when its all done to keep on top of the routine maintenance. Left to myself and the Dada Fairy we wouldn’t have a clue where to start!!

Ill look forward to revealing the finished product over the next few months.


Note: This is a collaborative post 


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Why Beanbags are Redefining Comfort in 2019

If you are looking for a new way to revitalize your living room, then you need to think about getting yourself a beanbag. These products are defining comfort as they allow you to sit on them for hours without feeling tired or pain. If you are looking for reasons to get yourself a beanbag, then here are ways these products are redefining comfort this year.


The versatility aspect of the beanbag is one element that helps to redefine its comfort. The beanbag chair allows you to relax on the outdoors, whether it’s in the pool or by the side of it. In any case, beanbag function much better compared to the traditional floating loungers and are even more comfortable as opposed to the mesh loungers.

As mentioned, these items come in a variety of sizes and the small ones can be stored pretty much anywhere including the attic and closet. For extra seating, these can be thrown around the living room to create additional room for your guests. Apart from that, you can place a small board across your medium-size beanbag for conversion to a coffee table. Other smaller beanbags can be turned into additional chairs for the guests to use along with your converted coffee table.

Large chairs of this design make the perfect chill out / watching a movie seats. What’s more, you don’t have to arrange the beanbag chairs in monotonous straight rows. You can move them around or shift their positions to get a setting that is most ideal for you.

Lastly, there are various ways you can adjust the beanbags so they can comfort with your sitting style. Even so, these products don’t limit you to just sitting. For the desired comfort, you can lie on your stomach or side, sit up, or even lean back. Therefore, the versatility aspect of the beanbags allows you to get cozy and comfortable.

Squishy Interior

woman sitting on beanbg

Pic Credit: Pixabay

Another aspect that adds to the comfort of the beanbags is their squishy interior. As mentioned earlier, their interior is composed of soft materials that allow for the beanbags to mold themselves to the body of the person sitting on them. For that reason, the beanbags are incredible comfort for sleeping and sitting. There are different ways you can sit on the beanbags and this is all made possible by their squishy interior. For pregnant women, the beanbag is not just any ordinary product but one that allows them to sit and sleep comfortably given the fact that the bags can accommodate their bumps and make it possible to even lie on their stomach. It is for this reason that beanbags have been highly ranked when it comes to ensuring comfort for pregnant women.

No Joint or Muscle Pain

Are you suffering from any kind of joint or muscle pain? Seating regularly is one of the causes of discomfort as it causes pain in joints and muscles. A lounge chair may look like the right solution, but this does not always provide comfort to a person’s body. With a beanbag, however, you do not need to worry about these pains and discomfort. Beanbags are made from different materials and the shredded memory foam is one of them. A bean bag chair that has been filled with memory foam that has been shredded comforts to your body, thus offering postural support.

The level of relaxation that is derived from using the beanbag chair also helps in alleviating shoulder and neck tension. With a beanbag chair, you are in a position to get a constant level of support which goes a long way in reducing pain. When you are relaxed, the possibilities of suffering from tension headaches are usually low.

In addition to that, beanbags are suitable for sitting on if you always spend a large proportion of your time behind the computer. What’s more, these items come in various sizes and shapes, so you are less likely to miss one that meets your needs.  Today, it is a requirement for offices to provide ergonomic furniture. Large beanbag chairs can be the ideal solution for meeting these kinds of demand. A large chair of this kind will offer postural support to eliminate your shoulder, back, and neck pains.

Since there are numerous options, it would be advantageous to make Lovesac comparisons so you can be certain you are choosing a product that best fits your needs.

Employee Comfort

The good thing about beanbags is that they can also be used in offices. Part of the reasons why beanbags are popular this year lies in the fact that they can be used to motivate employees to do better due to their comfort aspect. When employees feel comfortable at work, they are in a position to work productively and collaborate with others. Moreover, ensuring your employees are comfortable all the time allows them to feel relaxed and perform better at work. On the other hand, when employees are not comfortable, they could easily lose focus. Due to their structure and design, beanbags offer a level of comfort which they may not have expected to get while at work.

With beanbags, office workers can sit wherever they want and productively could occur spontaneously anywhere employees feel comfortable. Their comfort may inspire their creativity. That is because employees who feel comfortable in their spaces are usually free to express themselves. On the other hand, employees who are not comfortable may offer ideas and feedback which are not helpful to the organization.

The lightweight aspect of beanbags allows for adjustments and employees can move them around in case they need space that would allow them to concentrate on their work. If they need to hold a group meeting, beanbags allow for such to happen since they are flexible and portable.

Final Words

It is without a doubt that beanbags play a crucial role in ensuring the comfort of users. Their materials and design make it possible for these items to be adjusted in accordance with the preferences of the users. That way, beanbags can diminish body pain, ensure comfort, and promote productivity.


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Protecting Your Home: 4 Common Problems to Take Measures Against

The home is a place of peace, love and safety for all of us, shielding us and our children from everything that lies outside those beautiful walls, which you have spent a good deal of money and time decorating. Unfortunately, if you are not careful about protecting your home from some common problems that often creep up undetected, you are compromising your safe haven. Read on as we discuss a few common problems with most homes, and the measures you can take against them.

Plumbing Issues


Pic Credit: Pixabay

Plumbing is a serious issue everywhere, but in regions of the country where it can get pretty cold, the pipes needs proper insulation as they can easily freeze over and crack.

Aside from that, there’s always the running toilet every now and then, leaking pipes and taps, etc. The key is to call in the plumber before the problem becomes serious, as most people ignore the groaning pipes until something bursts and the entire bathroom is flooded.

Damp and Mould

Most of the country suffers from damp, cold winters, so water damage and mould are not uncommon problems either. Infants, children and seniors are the most at risk if there is indeed water damage and consequent mould formation. As mould can go unchecked and even cause death in very rare cases, get it checked out if you notice water damage on your walls or the ceiling and suspect fungal infestations.

Boiler Breakdowns

Is there anything more terrifying than the idea of waking up shivering on a cold and freezing February night, only to find that the boiler is out of commission? Well, there probably are a few scenarios scarier than that, but it has to be one of the top five nonetheless!

As the freezing temperatures can make things very uncomfortable very fast, especially when you have children at home, consider signing up for boiler cover from a company like Certi and you won’t ever have to worry about boiler maintenance or breakdowns, even in the middle of a cold, winter night. In fact, Certi has a whole range of Home Plans and the top tier plan offers services across most of the major home safety problems that we are discussing here.

Electrical Problems

light bulb

Pic Credit: Pixabay

A good lot of us might be able to change a bulb or replace a fuse, but when the power shuts down and you can’t find anything wrong with the fuse, things are starting to look more serious.

Without power, almost everything from home security systems, to your boiler will be out for the count, but please do not attempt to try and solve the problem yourself, unless you are a professional electrician.

This is one of the major emergencies, which you can’t do much to prevent it, but what you can do is sign up with a home protection service that will send an electrician to your home at any hour of the day or night.

Being a homeowner always comes with a set of added responsibilities, and when you are a first time home owner, those responsibilities can overwhelm you quite easily in the beginning. Hopefully now you will at least be able to avoid the more serious issues and potential hazards that we discussed here.


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Bathroom cleaning essentials

I’m still a little bemused by this cleaning frenzy that seems to be taking hold of social media. I clean the house out of necessity, I will never be an influencer in that respect! For me its a matter of getting the job done as efficiently as possible.  I have two little men and a husband and the bathroom is the bane of my life!! So what do I use to make that dreaded task that little bit easier:

  • Baking soda – this is fantastic when added to water or other cleaning solutions to add an abrasive element., very useful for cleaning the bathroom especially as it helps to eliminate odours
  • Apple cider /white vinegar – this has become a bit of a holy grail product with people using it for multiple different uses. In terms of cleaning it is great for the bathroom. Some of the ways I use it include: using a spray bottle with 50:50 vinegar and water to clean the mirror and shower doors; if you live in a hard water area like us, simply fill a ziplock bag and place under the tap and shower head to help dissolve the build up of limescale; similarly for blocked drains, add your vinegar with baking soda and boiling water and it really unclogs the drains.
  • Air – I know this sounds a bit mad but open windows frequently and use bathroom fan when showering if you have one. Circulating air really helps  discourage mildew
  • Grout cleaner – an absolute pet hate of mine is grubby grout or sealant, because the are usually porous they absorbs oils etc from the bath products causing mould. There are some useful products on the market like Rainbow Chalk Markers which literally operate like pen to trace the grout lines to refresh the look right away. They are really easy to use and very effective. Rainbow Chalk have produced a great infographic on how they work which I have reproduced with permission.
  • Epsom Salts – Again living in a hard water area means the sink, bath/ bath tray can get very stained necessitating using a mix of Epsom salts and liquid detergent and it really works wonders.

If anybody has any more tips/ tricks or wonder products id love to hear more – leave them in the comments below. Bonus points if they are eco friendly too.

Note: This is a collaborative post
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How we used glass as a feature

Our renovation project is well documented on the blog however one of the surprising features that attracts a lot of attention when people come to visit, is our glass feature panes above the doors in the bedrooms. When we first bought the house, I couldn’t wait to get rid of them. They were above each door upstairs apart from the bathroom. At the time I did some research on their purpose and I was intrigued!

They are actually known as “borrowed lights” and are used to let light in particularly for children’s rooms. However going back even further the thinking on them was that they are Georgian features used to let daylight into internal domestic spaces thereby saving on expensive candles for candlelight. Really fascinating.  Having debated at length about whether we keep or cover them up, my husband (who did most of the work!) was an ardent supporter of keeping them and turning them into a feature in the house. I caved in and they were kept.

Glass as a feature

Glass was one of those things that I hadn’t thought of using as a feature internally. However I was shocked by the various offering of places like Express Toughening.  There is everything from decorative glass to toughened glass to fire rated glass. I just love the look of both stained glass and what is known as satin glass. It is lovely to look at yet practical, durable and low maintenance. We also used in our newly constructed en-suite. Keeping with a clean minimalist look, I loved the look of a frosted stain glass shower door going  from floor to ceiling. It was just perfect for making the most of the space we had to work with.

Other ideas where glass makes a great feature include:

  • Splash backs
  • Stair balustrades ( I love love love this look)

    glass wall

    Pic Credit: Pixabay

  • Light features
  • Shower doors/ enclosures
  • Outdoor garden features
  • Table top – crackled glass look, also makes a nice splash back or counter top
  • Cladding on internal wall – creating cool clean looks
  • Press doors either kitchen or bathroom or easy wipe down for playrooms

My advice having been through this process is to buy from reputable sources and use qualified, insured trades/companies as given the material you want to make sure it is firstly the correct material for the particular project and secondly its fitted and secured as intended.

I recently came across Emma’s blog post where she suggests using glass to create an art deco vibe which just shows it versatility for use in the home for both functionality and design.

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DIY techniques to modernise your home

green chair

Pic Credit: Pixabay

As the season begins to change and we begin to plan our summer parties, we often think of how we can upgrade each room a little bit, without having to completely splash out and spend a ton on painting and decorating. Are you looking for some affordable and accessible ways to spruce up your space and get it looking a bit fresher? Why not take a look at this list of DIY techniques to modernise your home.

Clear your clutter and improve your storage

Modern minimalist designs are popular in modern homes, particularly among those who are working with restricted space. To achieve a home that is a little more simple and easier to maintain, why not start by decluttering things you don’t need? Recycling and donating old clothes, toys and furniture, rather than just throwing them in that dreaded cupboard we all have, can be a therapeutic process. A clean home has been proven to be good for concentration and relaxation after a long day.

In their luxury city-centre studio apartments, property investment company RW Invest entice young professionals and entrepreneurs with their state-of-the-art minimalist designs and smart-fitted technology. For inspiration, looking at designs like these might help you to visualise a home that can compete with desired modern trends, and inspire you as to how you might integrate what you have to make it feel more compatible with modern sensibilities.

Upgrade to a smart home 


Pic Credit: Pixabay

The idea of the ‘connected home’ is becoming more widely accepted by consumers every day, and is beginning to permeate the mainstream. With a vast number of different electronic devices in varying shapes and sizes available, smart devices such as speakers, lights and security can really help around the house, as they become more intuitive and easier to understand by the day.

Did-you-know? As of 2019, Amazon has sold over 100 million units fitted with their smart assistant ‘Alexa’, and they are quickly capturing the zeitgeist among consumers young and old with their ease-of-use and accessible functions. You might think it’s a little expensive to get involved in this ‘voice-activated’ trend, but with a variety of different models available, it’s easy to find the most cost-efficient piece for what you’re looking for

Scrub up on the outside

Moving out of the home, maintaining the garden can be a fun and rewarding way to get outdoors in the coming summer months. If you’re someone who wants to put as little effort into making sure your greenery doesn’t die, or just don’t have the time very often, there are plenty of low maintenance flowers and bushes you can plant that will be resilient when winter is coming.

Doing some simple tasks on your front path such as weeding or cleaning the windows can make your home look that little bit better to the average onlooker, giving you a home to feel proud about. If your path or patio needs a bit of a clean, why not invest in a pressure washer or something similar to give them a good hose down? It’s a lot cheaper than repaving your entire house and can be the perfect facelift your outdoor furniture needs pre-summer barbeque or party.


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Top 4 ways to add value to your property

Are you planning to rent out your property? Before doing so, you should consider updating your property to ensure it appears attractive to tenants. This not only increases tenant demand, but it also enhances your property’s prospects, allowing you to up the rent and helping you receive excellent returns on your investment.  There are several ways to add value to your property. Here are a few ideas which will help you enhance your property and achieve success as a property investor.

Enhance room decor

decorative feature vase

Pic Credit: Pixabay

Is your living room or bedroom looking a bit worse for wear? This will be off-putting to a lot of tenants; therefore, you should make sure every room in your house looks presentable before advertising it. This may just mean applying a new layer of paint, which will cost you next to nothing but will give your property a well-needed revival. On the other hand, it may be that you need to undertake a complete renovation, including new flooring, wallpaper, and furnishing. While this may cost more, the changes will be worthwhile in the long run, as your property will be much more appealing.  If you’re struggling for decor inspiration, you should take a look at the stylish north-west developments backed by property investment specialists, RW Invest. These properties lead the way in modern decor design, with contemporary furnishings that generate a massive amount of interest from landlords and tenants.

Perform necessary repairs

There is nothing more off-putting to tenants than a damaged property, as the reason people to choose to rent is so that they avoid the responsibilities associated with owning a home. To avoid scaring away tenants, you should make sure that everything in the property is functioning and well put together. For example, it is vital that any structural problems are fixed by a professional to make the property as safe as possible, while also preventing it from looking like an eyesore.

You should also check every inch of the house to ensure that nothing is broken, especially if you’re renting out a furnished property. This could include white goods, furnishings, and any electrical fixtures which may need to be restored or replaced.

Improve heating systems


Pic Credit: Pixabay

A property’s central heating system is one of the most important elements. Therefore, you must do what is necessary to ensure it is working efficiently. If the heating system or the boiler is faulty, you should seek help from a professional, unless you’re qualified to fix it yourself. This will ensure that everything is running smoothly when your tenant moves in.

There are further steps you should take to ensure your home is efficiently heated, such as sealing or replacing any doors or windows to prevent cold entering the property. You should also consider updating your insulation, as this will not only keep the cold out but will also retain heat, meaning the heating will be used less which will result in reduced energy bills.

Update your exterior

Boosting your property’s kerb appeal is one of the most effective ways to add value. This is because it is the first thing that your potential tenants will see, and if this looks aesthetically-pleasing, their interest will increase. To start, you should sort out your garden, whether that is in the front, back, or both. To improve your green space, you should rip out any weeds, fix fences, and add colourful florals to make your garden more appealing.

Another way to update your exterior is by updating your front door, which may be the first point of focus for any tenants coming to visit your property. Therefore, you should make it stand out by using a bright colour like red or blue, which will highlight the entrance and make it look much more attractive. You could also consider implementing a porch, as this will frame the entrance making it look more homely and inviting.


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5 Questions You Should Ask Before Installing Fancy Skylights

Fancy skylights are a beautiful addition to any home. They let natural light in, give you a glimpse of the outside, and give your home that extra detail that can change the entire aesthetic. Plus, installing skylights in your home can increase the overall value as well. There are many positives to adding fancy skylights to your home. However, before you go ahead and do so, you should be sure to ask these five questions to ensure you’re getting the best skylight to compliment your home.

Should the skylights have the ability to open?

Not all skylights have to open—some are merely there to let natural light in, rather than to let in air. This is something that will ultimately be left up to you; however, talking to your contractor about it can give you a better idea as to what will work best for your family and your home. By having the ability to open your skylights, you have the option of letting a cool breeze into your home. However, that isn’t always practical. This can be a concern if you have high ceilings, which would make it difficult for you to be able to reach the skylight to open it. There are workarounds to this, such as opening the skylight with a remote-control system rather than manually. If you have a budget that you need to stick to, be sure to ask your contractor how much something like this would cost to install and maintain.

What kind of glass is used in the skylights?

skylightIt’s important to ensure the type of glass being used in your skylight is durable and of the highest quality. This will minimize the need for future repairs and be much easier to maintain. The best glass to use is tempered glass, and we highly recommend this is what you have installed. Tempered glass is much more flexible than other forms of glass. In the event that it does break, it only fractures into small pebbles, rather than entirely shattering into sharp shards, which is much safer. For instance, in the unfortunate event that there is a storm and a tree falls on your home, the tempered glass would better protect you. You won’t have to worry about any glass shards falling on you or your family.

Are these skylights energy efficient?

Not only will you be helping the environment by installing energy efficient skylights, but you will also be saving yourself money in the long run. Hot air rises. Because of this, if you do not install energy-efficient skylights, this hot air will leak out of your home during the winter, resulting in a chillier home. This will, in turn, cause you to constantly feel the need to turn up the heat or trigger your furnace to continuously pump heat into your home, costing you more money. One way to ensure the skylights are energy efficient is by asking your contractor if the glass being used is at least double-paned. Additionally, be sure to ask about thermal breaks, as this will help minimize the amount of heat loss caused by induction.

Are there any accessories I should be adding to my skylight, and if so, what?

Sometimes merely installing a fancy skylight isn’t enough. There may be some accessories that will better this new addition. As briefly mentioned above, a remote control can be an extremely beneficial accessory to install. You may be able to choose this addition regardless of whether or not you have a high ceiling. If you prefer to not have to manually open the skylight, choosing the remote-control option may be in your best interest.

Further accessories that may be available for your new skylight are interior trim kits, sun screens, and blinds. When it comes to blinds, you may be able to choose from light-filtering blinds and blackout blindsall depending on what exactly you are looking for. We understand that there may be some days you don’t want to have all that natural light radiating into your home.

Will I be able to clean my skylights and how?

It is no secret that glass gets dirty. However, it can be more of a challenge to clean skylights, depending on the height of your ceilings. Plus, these should not be cleaned like just any other glass windows you currently have in your home. Using the usual water, ammonia, and dish liquid should suffice; however, it’s important to remember to clean the frame of the skylight while you are up there as well. When it comes to drying your skylight after the wash, do not be too harsh. skylight

You will want to clean your skylight at least twice a year. Before you install your skylight, be sure to ask your contractor if there are any special cleaning tips or tricks you should know about and be able to prepare for. Your contractor may also recommend a more frequent cleaning schedule, depending on the type of glass or area it has been installed in.

When it comes to installing fancy skylights, there are a lot of questions you’ll want to ask before getting started. These are simply a glimpse at some of the most common, and very important, questions that you should be asking. It’s important to always think about what works best for your home and your family. This will help you figure out where exactly the skylights should be located and whether or not they should have the ability to open.

Additionally, be up-front with your contractor about your lifestyle and what you’re looking for. The contractor should be able to provide you with suggestions, maybe even some you haven’t thought of or didn’t even know about.

Also, visit with a roofing professional about any considerations regarding your roof’s structure or ability to support a skylight. At Interstate Roofing, they’re happy to talk with you anytime about how installing fancy skylights will work with your roof, or any other roofing questions or needs you have. Feel free to give them a call or stop by and meet with one of their staff. They promise to relieve any stress you maybe have and answer all your questions.


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