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What Stops People From Getting Their Dream Home?

You only get one life in this world, and, as such, it’s important that we’re doing all we can to make it as pleasant as possible. While many of our life’s greatest moments will take place with other people and around the world, the backdrop of a life well lived is the home. This is the springboard that can push you to do great things, and also offers a cozy retreat from the world. Alas, some people don’t have this in their life. Why not? Why don’t people end up in the home that’s right for them? We’ll take a look at some of the most common reasons below.

They Don’t Know What It Looks Like

There’s no such thing as a “perfect” home, only the home that’s right for you. But of course, this is something that you need to figure out on your way. While you can get inspiration from other people’s properties, it’ll eventually fall on you. As such, it’s important to spend some time thinking about what you really want. A good place to start is to envision what the best home would look like, and then see it’s possible.

They Overspend


Pic Credit: Pexels

Of course, a home that you would love to live in is most definitely out there, in fact you probably see them everywhere. Alas, those homes are likely highly expensive, and you’ll need to work on a budget. Many people push past their budget when they see a home they really like, but this is a mistake. While the novelty of the house will wear off sooner or later, you’ll be stuck paying the cost of the home for many years. If it’s too much for you, then it doesn’t matter how nice the property is — it will cause stress.

They Move Too Slow

Let’s say that you’ve identified your dream home and that it’s within budget. That is most definitely a good starting point, but there are no guarantees that you’ll make it yours. If you love the house, then someone else probably does too! So it’s important that you don’t miss out on it. You have to be ready to strike. If you’re still waiting for your house to be sold, then fear not — bridging loans can give you the cash that you need. Once you’ve found the house you know you want, don’t let it slip through your fingers.

They Don’t Look At The Neighborhood

Finally, it’s important to remember that when you buy a house, you’re not just buying the property itself — you’re also buying into the community in which it is located. As such, it’s important that you’re spending a decent amount of time in the area if it’s not an area that you know too well. It’ll give you a good feel for the place. You may also want to talk to other people that live there, and ask them about the pros and cons of the neighborhood. If everything seems right, then you can proceed as planned. 


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What Is Organic Bedding

Are you looking for new bedding? If yes, have you thought about considering organic bedding options? If the answer to that is no, we urge you to include organic bedding in your search and not just stick with conventional bedding. Just like the organic food we consume, organic bedding is made without any harmful chemicals. Additionally, organic cotton in particular is healthier for both you and the planet and is primarily what organic bedding is made from.

Let’s take a further look as to what organic bedding actually is and why you should consider it as one of your options.

It Is Healthier for the Environment

As mentioned above, organic bedding is healthier for the planet. Organic cotton is cultivated using methods that are friendly to the environment. That means it’s grown without the use of any pesticides or herbicides. It also doesn’t contain any synthetic chemicals or genetically engineered substances. In addition, it hasn’t been treated with any harsh chemical cleaners or fabric treatments.

All of this means that organic cotton really is all-natural. It also takes less water to produce organic cotton as compared to conventional cotton, which is healthier for the environment as well.

It Is Healthier for You

We alluded to this above too, but not only is organic bedding healthier for the environment, but it’s healthier for you as well. Mostly due to the lack of any chemicals being added, organic bedding is hypoallergenic. This means that there’s less of a chance of any skin or respiratory reactions being caused by the bedding. If you have sensitive skin, this is a necessity. Plus, as children and babies tend to have more sensitive skin than adults, organic bedding is a great option for their cribs and beds too. bed

It Tends to be More Comfortable

Do you want to sleep on sheets that are as soft as possible? Switching to organic sheets is the route for you. The fabric, whether cotton, wool, or otherwise, has no contact with harsh chemicals, unlike conventional fabrics. The result is a much softer sheet.

Additionally, in most cases, the cloth is woven, rather than made through chemical processing. This affects how soft, dense, and crisp the sheets feel, both when they’re new and throughout their lifetime in your home. With organic bedding, the quality is apparent even after regular washing.

Another positive is that organic bedding is better at keeping moisture away, allowing for a more breathable sleeping experience. It also keeps you cooler throughout the night. Not only will you have comfortable sheets, but your all-around sleep experience will be more comfortable too.

It Has a Natural Durability

Don’t let the softness of the sheets fool you into thinking they aren’t durable—in fact, the opposite is true. We won’t deny the fact that conventional sheets are more durable, however, organic bedding can be washed regularly and still retain its structure and its quality for a long time.

When organic bedding does become worn, you can feel confident about replacing it and sending the old to the trash. They’ll break down naturally, as they’re biodegradable. This isn’t the case for conventional bedding, which can harm the environment.

It Is Made with Higher-Quality Materials

Organic bedding is made solely from natural ingredients. There are no synthetic components, toxic chemicals, or anything of the sort. This means it was grown on an organic farm, harvested using safe methods, and then cleaned using hot water and vegan-based soaps rather than chemicals.

A conventional farm might use chemical fertilizer or pesticides in the growing process. When it’s harvested, it’s mixed with the oil and seeds of the plant, and followed by the addition of harsh chemicals to clean the cotton. This leads to lesser-quality cotton and might require further chemical treatment to increase durability.

It Comes in Different Fabrics

We have talked about cotton a lot so far, as it’s the most popular material. But organic bedding comes in many of the same fabrics as conventional bedding. They’re just created using chemical-free processes. For instance, you can choose from cotton sheets and blankets, relaxed linen, bamboo, sateen, jersey, or wool.

It Does Tend to be More Expensive

One thing we don’t want to be shy about is that organic bedding does tend to be more expensive. However, this is for good reason and worth it. It takes a lot more work to be chemical- and pesticide-free throughout growing, harvest, and manufacturing. And when you choose organic bedding, you’re investing in both your health and the health of your family.

It Helps You Create an Organic Home

You might already restrict your home to organic foods and cleaning supplies, but it doesn’t need to stop with your kitchen and laundry room. Your bedroom should (and can) meet the same high standards. In addition to organic sheets, you can bring home organic mattresses, pillows, duvets, and blankets. If upgrading all your bedrooms at once sounds overwhelming, no problem. Starting one room at a time is a good idea. If you have a baby or young child, start with their bedroom before yours since their lungs and skin tend to be more sensitive.

If you’re looking into new bedding for your bedroom, don’t forget to consider organic products. As you can see, there are many benefits to choosing this option, both in terms of your health and helping to protect the environment. In addition to that, you’re creating an even better quality and more comfortable sleeping experience, and who doesn’t want that?

At Plank and Coil, we have everything you need to begin to turn your bedroom into an organic bedroom. In terms of organic bedding, we have various options of sheets, duvets, stroller blankets, shams, mattress pads, and more. We’re sure you will find exactly what you are looking for.

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3 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Kitchen

Whether you want to transform your kitchen into a socializing hub or whether you want to use this space solely for cooking, you should seek to get as much as you possibly can out of this all-important room in your home. Rest assured, if you put the advice laid out below into practice, you’ll be sure to do just that.

Here are three things you can do to improve your kitchen:

Paint the walls

A fresh lick of paint will be sure to work wonders in your kitchen. No matter what color scheme you opt for, taking this course of action will help you to banish the cooking stains that are splattered all over your walls. In turn, this will be sure to breathe a fresh lease of life into your kitchen, which is perfect if you do, in fact, wish to transform this space into a socializing hub.

Should you find yourself stuck for inspiration with regard to your color palette in this instance, be sure to consider the following shades. Here is a selection of the best paint colors that are perfect in any kitchen:

  1. Eggplant
  2. Pale green
  3. Marigold
  4. Peach lacquer
  5. Lavender
  6. Cobalt blue
  7. Flamingo pink
  8. Crimson
  9. Marine blue
  10. Coral
  11. Baby blue
  12. High-shine yellow

Alternatively, you could go for darker shades, such as matte black, dark navy, or even midnight blue. Consider if there will be any color clashes before picking the new shade. 

Invest in melamine


Pic Credit: Pixabay

If you want to get the most out of your kitchen over a sustained period of time, melamine is a material that you must invest in. This organic resin compound is used to manufacture a whole host of products commonly found in the kitchen, mainly because it is virtually unbreakable. Melamine is fire and heat resistant, durable, and nitrogen-rich, which is why you should seriously consider purchasing kitchen utensils that are made of it.

To ensure that you only ever invest in melamine products of the highest possible quality, be sure to align yourself with an industry expert such as Cabinet Timbers. With this experienced supplier of cut-to-size melamine goods by your side, you will be guaranteed to purchase kitchen utensils and countertops that last you for years to come.

Replace your appliances

If you’re serious about taking your kitchen to the next level, you might want to consider replacing the appliances found in it. This will give a massive boost to the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen, but it’ll also be sure to make your life as both a chef and an entertainer a lot easier. To find a comprehensive rundown of all the very best smart kitchen appliances for 2021, be sure to check out this insightful guide.

Are you determined to improve your kitchen in 2021? When you decide to undertake this renovation and redecoration process, be sure to remember all of the advice laid out above.

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Simple Household Storage Tips When Moving

The process of moving can be time-consuming and stressful, and it is essential to do things right. Many people have managed to move without going through a lot of stress by using the tips below. The household storage tips below will help you when moving. You should start the process as soon as possible because the moving date will arrive quicker than you think. The following tips will help you avoid breaking things and misplacing your items. 

Planning Ahead


Pic Credit: Pixabay

You need to have a plan in place because it is going to make things easier. Have a packing rota even though some people see it as extreme, but it will be worth it.

Start by choosing the room you are going to pack first and when. Choose the rooms you are going to start with. You need to start with the least used rooms and then work towards the busier ones to minimize disruption. 

Another benefit of planning ahead is you can get help from your friends and family. Start early so that people don’t get the excuse of not helping you out.

Hiring a Movers and Storage Unit

Storage units are great for seasonal items. You can use it for storing your hiking gear and equipment you are not going to use for months. You might not be able to bring all your possessions with you when you move. But that doesn’t mean you have to part with them.

A storage unit will make things more comfortable as you sort out your stuff when moving. You can store items you don’t use regularly.

Also, hiring a moving company will save you a lot of time. Getting estimates from moving companies will help you to choose the right and affordable moving company. If you choose a moving company that provides storage units, that can add up to make your move stress-free.

Getting Your Supplies

When packing, you should make sure you have all your supplies ready. This way, you don’t have to start looking for something when you get started. Your focus should be on packing and not looking for scissors. Some of the supplies you are going to need when moving are;

  • Boxes – different shapes and sizes

    Pic Credit:Pixabay

  • Tape – brown packing tape and cello tape 
  • Labels 
  • Bubble wraps 
  • Fillers – Styrofoam packing peanuts and newspaper 
  • Scissors 
  • Pens – this includes a heavy black marker 

You also need to choose a room where you are going to store packed boxes. Once you are done with packing, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. Another option is renting a storage unit to use until the move.


Decluttering your home is a must if you want to have stress free packing and storage. You need to go through everything you own and decide which of those items you will keep or get rid of. Keep things you are going to need in your new home. Get rid of things you have not used in months because there is a good chance you will not use them any time soon.

There are different ways to get rid of stuff. The first is through a garage sale. If you have enough time, you can sell them online on eBay and Facebook marketplace. If you don’t find a buyer for some items, consider donating them to your local charity. Some charities will be willing to come to your home and pick the items.

Decluttering is going to make things easier because you will have fewer items to pack and store. You can also make money from the items sold, and you can add to your moving budget.

Get Packing

Once you have sorted everything, you now need to start packing your things. Below are some tips to help you with packing.

  • Choose the right boxes. Put lighter items in bigger boxes and heavy items in smaller boxes.
  • Try to pack similar items together. For example, put electricals in one box and toiletries in another.
  • Fill the gaps – Everything needs to be compact. You can use your clothes to fill the spaces. It will help in protecting fragile items.
  • Avoid overpacking so that the boxes don’t become too heavy for you to carry. There is no need to hurt yourself carrying heavy boxes. Don’t cram many things into one big box. You can end up breaking some items just because you didn’t want to get an extra box.
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Spruce Up Your Exterior: Four Great Ideas to Get Started


Pic Credit:Pixabay

It makes sense to start with your interior when it comes to home improvements, but sooner or later, you are going to want to focus on the outside, too. You want to feel at home the moment your home pulls into view, and not only that, but you want to elevate the area around you. Sprucing up your exterior with these four great ideas will really help your home stand out, improve your experience, and can even bump up your home’s value.

New Paint Job, New Face! 

You have so many options when it comes to the exterior of your home. If you love your natural brickwork, you can instead focus and paint only the trimmings of your home (the windowsills, the doors, etc.). Or you can go all out and paint your exterior if the color of the brick was never to your likely and give your whole home a look.

Sliding is a bit more difficult, but thankfully it’s easy to have them replaced with a new color if that is what you are looking for.

Need a New Roof? Update the Design! 

Needing a new roof every few decades is just a fact of life, but it can also be a great opportunity to make your home stand out. So long as there aren’t any HOA rules in place that would stop you from making an aesthetic change, you’re good to go! You can go from the boring shingles to beautiful cedar tiles or even clay tiles, and really make your home stand out and be beautiful. Updating the design is easy if you already need a roof repair or replacement; you just need a company that can do the job and provides the supplies like Signature Roofing.

Want an Oasis? Look to Landscaping! 


Pic Credit: Pixabay

The best part about landscaping is that it can be very budget-friendly if you do it yourself. You aren’t building a permanent exhibit; the very nature of landscaping is that it is going to change as it grows. You can save by planning small, juvenile plants and caring for them as they grow into their own.

Don’t be too focussed on that grass lawn, either. While it’s a great choice for those who like it, it is far from necessary. You can go all out, you can start a vegetable garden, and anything in-between. It is your home and your vision; just remember to pay attention to how big plants get as they age and how easy it is to care for them as they mature.

Want More Character? Look at the Details! 

Everyone loves details. They’re like the icing on the cake, and they are very easy to add if your home is rather cookie-cutter. Switch out the exterior lights, change out the driveway, add a new walkway – the options are limitless. You will want to put more of your effort in your backyard than in your front yard, yes, but that doesn’t mean you cannot add great new features from a vintage street light to a waterstone pathway to give your home that extra pizazz.

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Tips for choosing wall art for your home

You will have seen over the last few years how we have undertaken two quite mega and very different renovation projects. Doing such vastly different projects –  one a modern  minimalist  city home  and the other a rustic country retreat has taught me a huge amount about renovating, furnishing and the finishing touches. I have had many conversations with experts in builders merchants, trades people, home furnishing etc and I have learned a thing or two which im quite happy to share on the blog.

While the projects were vastly different there was certainly one thing that was consistent across both and that’s wall art. Done right wall art can totally transform a room, from posters to tapestries it can add, texture, personality and pretty much transform a room into a welcoming, engaging space.  However with so much choice out there how can you choose? Below I have compiled a list of my tips gleaned over the last two years on how to choose the right wall art for your home.

  • Consider the room and size of the art you want –  for example if you are choosing art for your kitchen, you may not want large prints to overwhelm a space that already had a lot on the walls, cupboards, presses etc.  Conversely the sitting room may have very bare walls, so you can go for a large statement piece here. As a room that gets a good bit of traffic you could choose a statement piece here to provoke conversation. Maybe something that reflects your personality.

    An example of a curated collection from Fine Art America

  • Theme – one thing that I ended up doing almost subconsciously but it really works was go for themed collections in rooms. You will find good suppliers offering curated collections of art prints to help you make the decision here. This also helped us create the “feel” we wanted, for example minimalist with statement pieces in the city home and warming, rustic pieces in our  country weekend home.
  • Colour scheme – while there are no hard and fast rules here one piece of advice I got while deciding on paint for our sitting room is that it can add to the aesthetic of a room to choose art that is different shades of the main colour in the room, that can be going for softer shades of the main colour or one thing we did in our office space was go for a much bolder colour than the main room colour which really worked well.  One other tip was to use mirrors to enhance that statement piece in a room, for example a mirror on the wall opposite if that was possible.

While the above are very much tips I gleaned along the way, there are no rules. It’s your home and feel free to make that home a reflection of you and the things you like.  I hope this helps you in some way to choosing the art for you home, however truth be told the very best advice I can give is have fun.  Its an exciting part of any renovation and enjoy it.

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Gardening services to take advantage of

red bench

Pic Credit: Pixabay

At Professional Gardening UK, we pride ourselves on providing affordable solutions for the needs of your outdoor space. Our experts are here every step of the way when it comes to landscape design, garden maintenance, lawn care, and even basic planting services.  It’s never been easier to freshen up your garden, as we offer one of the best gardening services according to clients. Our gardening experts will help you make the best decisions for your London area home.

Find below three of the most demanded services, which you can take advantage of and transform your garden:

The three most demanded services you need to level up your garden

Is it time for a garden makeover? Then you have come to the right place. The Professional Gardening UK team is fully equipped and capable to bring your garden back to life.   With some invaluable tips and help from gardening experts, you can now get the yard of your dreams by investing in three fundamental gardening services. Get a free quote for your small or large outdoor area and let our gardeners do their magic.

Regular Lawn Care

A beautiful lawn totally transforms garden space and makes it look neat and presentable. That is why it is essential to retain yard aesthetics and take good care of your grassy area. No doubt why mowing and lawn care are some of the most demanded professional gardening services

Our efficient lawn care service includes:

  • Grass mowing;

    welcome sign

    Pic Credit: Pixabay

  • Weeding;
  • Edge trimming;
  • Lawn feeding;
  • Leaf clearance. 

Grass mowing is the most basic garden maintenance a lawn needs to stay healthy. Additionally, weeds should be removed regularly since they spread rapidly among your grass, suffocating its root system. Leaf clearance is also a very important step in lawn grooming, as it allows your green area to stand out.

A lush green lawn needs a lot of nutrients to grow and look visually appealing, so fertilization is a vital step no gardener should miss. Last but not least, edging complements any freshly-mowed, neat and weed-free grass, and complements landscape features.

From regular mowing and edge trimming to advanced soil care, our professional gardening services in West London would do wonders for your grass. We are fully equipped to bring out the best of your lawn space and maintain your landscape in perfect condition all year round.


Thriving plants make a looming garden. When greens get their sufficient nutrients and adequate growing conditions, they develop healthily and it shows. 

Whether you want a blooming lawn or a fruit and veggies garden, never underestimate the planting procedure. The process requires a lot of necessary steps like seed choice, location, bed preparation, soil enrichment, sowing, compost and mulching, and watering. It is amazing when you get to grow your own edibles, flowers, or decorative plants, but do you have to do all the work by yourself?  

Getting professional gardening services for the planting process has a lot of advantages. Not only it saves you time, but it also minimizes the risks of accidenta

pink flowers

Pic Credit: Pixabay

lly damaging the greenery, messing up the watering schedule, or using the wrong fertilizer.

Professional gardeners do wonders for your garden, as they know exactly how to plant and situate certain plant types in order to get a sufficient amount of airflow, shade, and light. From initial landscape design to planting and cultivation, our team will help you set up and grow a perfect garden.

Garden clearance

A clean and tidy garden always makes a good impression. Nobody likes dirty surroundings and garden waste laying around. That is why outdoor clearance is such an important step in efficient garden maintenance. 

Specialized tools and equipment like leaf blowers, rakes, and shovels make the job of sweeping out garden debris easier. Dead stalks, branches, twigs, and rocks do not belong in your garden, so they need to be taken away to the trash. Soft waste like rotten produce and leaves, on the other hand, is totally compostable and could be put to use later on.

Ready to turn your backyard jungle into a presentable outdoor space? Trust our professional gardeners with your garden clean up! We can remove leaves and all kinds of debris from your yard, and handle their proper waste disposal and recycling. 

And if you want to take your garden glow-up to another level, we also offer weeding, pruning of overgrown greenery, lawn care, and re-turfing, and even hedge trimming. Additionally, you may also take advantage of our professional jet washing of outdoor furniture, pavements, and other hard surfaces.

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How to Create a Sumptuous Conservatory Interior

You will have seen on the blog our pretty epic renovation projects and they a finally dare I say it drawing to a close.  I have learned a lot of  the years as both projects were vastly different. However one thing that has been consistent has been the fact that I love a good deal and over the last couple of years I have held out for the sales like the cfs black friday sale  as good quality and lighting furniture can be a big cost so it’s worth doing your homework in advance so you are ready to grab that deal on the Black Friday 2020  – 25th November.  The very last piece of our jigsaw was our conservatory so thought it might be worthwhile setting out how we made this into a luxurious cosy space.

 Contrary to what some people think of conservatories, your conservatory doesn’t have to be to be devoid of style and with the sunlight streaming in, you can create a sumptuous, luxurious space in the conservatory. Here are some fabulous ideas that are on-trend for the coming year.

No matter what interior design style you like, in a space like a conservatory where you want to relax and enjoy the warmth and the view, sumptuousness and luxury are the key factors.

And here’s how you can achieve it…

#1 Informal, relaxed seating

When it comes to conservatory furniture you may have a fixed idea in your mind of what it would normally look like. But think outside the box and you will see that the range of conservatory furniture is much more than a boxy sofa.

As well as a deep sofa and armchairs, take a look at some more quirky ideas. From swing seats to garden rattan furniture, by using throws and scatter cushions, you can create an appealing seating area with a hint of the quirky.

#2 Consider the French look

The French look has many distinguishing characteristics, but its feminine, detailed appeal is something that many people find quaint and appealing.

Opt for a bistro style seating arrangement – a small round table with two or four chairs, usually in white metal but a wooden set would work too – and keep the walls white, using ditzy flower prints for throws, cushions and any blinds.

#3 Homely touches

For some reason, many homeowners take a very sparse approach to accessorising their conservatory, a complete contrast in some cases to the remainder of their home.  However, we are beginning to see the error of our ways. Maybe it was something to do with the strong sunlight bleaching the colour from materials and fabrics but with many conservatory furniture manufacturers taking this into account, there are now more accessories and soft furnishings to choose from.  Add homely touches such as coordinating throws with contrasting cushions. Don’t forget sculptures and silk flowers too, to soften the edges and give a luxurious feel to the conservatory room.

#4 Bring the outdoors in

The main reason behind a conservatory is to form a bridge between the interior of your home and your garden.   It makes sense to include plants in the conservatory but if you feel that an array of hothouse tropical plants and citrus fruit trees is a little too predictable, use the window dressings and a feature wall (if you have one) instead.  The large, leaf print wallpapers and materials that have been on-trend for the interior of the home for some time now and are still ‘in’ for 2018. And that means, choosing large print wallpaper and chic Roman blinds for the conservatory too.

#5 Focus on the windows

On one hand, you want the sun and daylight streaming in through the vast expanse of glazing in the conservatory but on the other, there are times when you could do with a little shade.

Ditch the vertical and horizontal blinds for this year’s must-have window dressing of Roman blinds. Individually made, they can be operated independently and give a fantastic streamlined, unfussy appearance to a conservatory.

And don’t hold back on colour or pattern as the blinds may be the only zing of colour in the space and with so much light to play with, it is hard to make the conservatory dingy.

#6 Make a style statement

The interior design of a conservatory can afford to be more relaxed. And it can also be the space that you indulge more of your style. An accent chair, for example, either in a statement colour, design or shape is an ideal addition that turns the conservatory from ordinary into extraordinary.

#7 A vibrant dining space

If you use your conservatory as a dining room, you will understand how the light plays with reflective surfaces but what about how it adds drama and depth to vibrant colours?

But colour isn’t your only friend in the conservatory, large, bold prints are too. Make the most of the dining table with a table covering in bold, vibrant coloured stripes – the on-trend colour schemes for 2020 range from understated ice cream pastels to cherry red and deep purple – with contrasting floral napkins.

No matter how big or small your conservatory, you can afford to have fun, relax the style boundaries and let your imagination go to play creating a sumptuous conservatory interior.


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Tips for choosing wooden flooring

As you will have seen on the blog we have undertaken two quite mega renovation projects.  Over the last number of months and really years at this stage I have been sharing some insights and tips that I have gleaned along the way.  There was many and I mean very many stressful moments during the projects but I have to say I have learned so much and im more than happy to share this knowledge.

One decision which I spent quite a lot of time contemplating was the flooring.  It’s something that is not only aesthetic and part of the design but a key functional part too and if it’s like my house will get quite a lot of traffic! In the end we mostly went with real wood flooring  however below I set out some of the key considerations you need to keep in mind when choosing your wooden flooring. I am not expert in this area just somebody who has been through this process a few times recently.

  • Choose your type of wooden floor. I will admit I began this process pretty clueless not quite understanding the variety of options available.  First main decision really is are you going to go for solid or engineered flooring.  Personally I looked the look and feel of the solid wood flooring and we have large ceiling heights and were installing new doors and surrounds so any marginal increase in the floor height which can arise with solid flooring wasn’t so much a consideration.

    siting room

    Pic Credit: Pixabay

  • Choose your colour and finish. This can be a very tough decision and I think it can be harder to decide in a bright airy showroom. In my view you need to if possible purchase some samples and see how it works in your space and lighting. I originally thought I wanted walnut but seeing the sample in our own house it just didn’t have the same appeal. I also looked the more natural finish but I did think the lacquered finished looked really well too.
  • Choosing the plank width. This was really not something I had even factored into my decision making before beginning my research. In the main the size would appear to be standard there are options for narrower and wider planks and in the end due to the large size of the sitting room we went for the larger width. I felt it give a kind of luxurious feel to the room. I can really see the appeal of the narrowing planks for example if you were doing a small space.  
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We all know that curtains play a big role in keeping our homes feel more comfortable while letting us have the privacy that we want. It gives us a new look for our homes and even extends its use for different seasons. As cliché’ as it seems, our homes are not complete without the presence of even a single curtain.

The different varieties and type of curtain fabric where designed and resourced for us to be more comfortable with our drapes. The variations in curtain fabric set out different kinds of mood for people of contrasting preferences. Curtain fabrics are now one of the things homeowners get to choose in order to feel more comfort in their homes.

Now, if you’ve finally decided to shop for curtains in order to level up your homes, worry less. Yorkshire Fabric Shop has got you! The store has the widest variety of curtain fabrics to choose from. You can visit their physical store or if you want to shop in the convenience of your own homes, you can even shop online at .

Thinking of just a hundred? Well, they got thousands!

Their curtain fabrics are not just fabrics, Yorkshire Fabric shops lets you choose your desired color, and fabric style and material. If you’re moving into a new home and prioritising your budget, they also let you search based on the price that you can afford; they even let you customise so it takes less time for you. 

If you’re into colours to make your rooms more vibrant, Yorkshire Fabric Shop’s curtain fabrics are rich in colour schemes. If you’re into patterns, they have patches, animal print laser cuts, and geometric types and all sorts of kinds. Now if you’re looking for a curtain fabric that’s best for the different seasons each year, care to visit their collections now.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop’s curtain fabrics prioritises not just in aesthetic but also with its purpose. You can choose cotton and linen for hot summer days; it lets the fresh breeze of air go into your room for a more breathable home. Nonetheless, you can also choose their velvet, chenille, and blackout curtains on winter, which helps in maintaining the warm temperature inside your homes. Furthermore, if you want a textured curtain fabric ranging from the crispiest to the silkiest one, their array of collection is just one click away. Yorkshire Fabric Shop’s fabric finder will help you find the most ideal fabric for your curtains. Let the practical and creative side of your run through. 

At Yorkshire Fabric Shop, they value your needs, preferences, as well as your budget. Consequently, with buying your curtain fabric, always choose a fabric that’s best for you and your home’s needs. More than the aesthetics, Yorkshire Fabric Shop makes sure that your curtain fabrics are with high quality grade and is durable enough to last long. They see to it that our curtain fabrics are more than what you’re paying for. 

Shop now at Yorkshire Fabric Shop and let your rooms be filled with life!


Note: This is a collaborative post