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Parenting 101: New Ways to Unwind After A Long Day

Parenting is a job that is around the clock and as a result, can be pretty demanding. Your days usually consist of high-energy kids, tidying up, meal planning, and trying to minimise the chaos. As a result, you may often find that you’re extremely tired on some days and desperately looking for a pause button. The reality that there is no visible pause button as a parent, so you have to create one of your own.  You may be reading this because you’re in dire need of some relaxation and need a few ideas on how to get it. If so, you’re in the right place as you’re going to find three ways that you can unwind after a long day below.

Bubble Bath

When looking for ways to unwind after a long day, one of the first things to consider is a bubble bath. This is a great way to unwind physically as parenting and working can be somewhat draining. In addition to this, a warm and soothing bubble bath can also give you the opportunity to clear your head and arrange your thoughts. There are so many bath products out there and all of them serve different purposes in terms of how they make you feel. Some bath products to consider trying include the Laura Mercier Crème Brulee Honey Bath, Molton Brown Delicious Rhubarb & Rose Bath & Shower Gel, Origins Ginger Bubble Bath, and Floris Rose Geranium Bath Essence. If you drink wine, you could also consider having a glass with accompanying music.

Nature Walk

For all nature loving parents out there, another idea to consider is taking a walk in nature after a long day. The good thing about this is that there are several places locally that you’re likely to find glorious park or woodlands to explore, so you don’t have to go far to do this. You could decide to sit in your garden if you have one, take a walk in the park or walk around your neighborhood.

Try New Hobbies

Finding a new hobby can be exactly what the doctor ordered. You could try meditating, yoga or even gardening. If you enjoy vaping, then you could even head to and view the abundance of flavours which include refreshing apple, tangy citrus or e-liquids that resemble a custard tart. Either try something new, or if you have a hobby you already love, make more time for it.

Relaxing Exercises

Sometimes, the best way to unwind is by engaging yourself in relaxing exercises. There are several types that have the ability to help you relax your body as well as reduce stress levels. For starters, you could try breathing exercises for stress which you can do before exercise or before bed. To do this, make yourself comfortable and let your breath flow deep down into your belly through your nose and then slowly breath out through your mouth. Aside from breathing exercises, you can also try yoga and stretching as they can also be quite relaxing as well.

Parenting is a job that takes you through a whirlwind of emotions. It teaches you how to multitask, manage, and balance, but while learning these things, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and burnt out. However, by taking time out to unwind every day, you should find that you have time to regather yourself and start afresh.

Note: This is a collaborative post


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3 Reasons to Go Back to School in 2018

Have you ever thought about returning to work and getting your career back on track? What about when the kids are old enough to take care of themselves? Do you have dreams – personal dreams – that you want to achieve?

A lot of full-time moms ask themselves the same questions quite a lot, usually because they do have a lot of unfulfilled personal dreams and goals. There is no shame in having objectives you still want to reach; they don’t make you a worse mom in any way.

In most cases, the first step to take in order to achieve those objectives, whether it is a career or earning a degree – is going back to school. Fortunately, 2018 is the perfect year to return to school for several important reasons.

More Programs to Choose From

One of the best things about going back to school this year is the fact that you have more courses and programs to choose from. For starters, universities are opening their courses to more students. There are distance learning programs and online courses that you can take without having to abandon your role as a mom.

There are also schools that allow you to master specific skills. If you want to pursue a career in healthcare and help more people, for example, you can look into surgical tech schools in Oklahoma to get started.

Even better, there are hundreds of short courses and classes you can take from home. All you need is an iPad and you can learn anything from knitting to mobile app development and advanced financial management. Picking up new skills is never this easy.

More Market Opportunities

If your goal is to return to a career once the kids are older, you are on the right track too. The boom in our education system is the result of other booms happening across the market. The rapid market growth is not showing any sign of slowing down at all.

In fact, experts believe that we will continue to see this kind of growth for another five to ten years. This means you will graduate to an even better market if you start your education today. A better market means more – and better – jobs to pursue and more rewards to earn.

More Flexibility


Pic Credit: Pixabay

As mentioned before, courses and other programs now come in different forms. The surgical tech program mentioned earlier allows you to become a surgical technician in as little as 18 months. Other courses let you master specific skills and earn certifications faster. 

You can also choose not the attend classes and study online instead. Online courses offer the most flexibility for moms who want to go back to school since you can basically set your own schedules and study in your own time.

The same flexibility lets you complete any course that you choose at your own pace. Since you are multi-tasking, and you will have to put family first in most situations, having this extra flexibility in terms of time and schedules is a huge plus.

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Does Thumb-Sucking Impact Your Child’s Dental Hygiene?

child teeth

Pic Credit: Pixabay

Every parent is concerned with their child’s dental health, especially if your  child is prone to sucking his or her thumb. As far as myths go, thumb sucking is often blamed causing cavities perhaps leading to requiring braces in teenage years. However, what is the truth? Are there any real threats to kids doing this for too long?   

This article hopes to reveal all the answers. If you are in search of a great dentist Newtown, there are some knowledgeable specialists you can consult. If you are  are worried about your childs dental health, getting a check-up and routine advice is highly recommended.

Is thumb sucking bad or good?

Thumb sucking has been known to be a soothing  for kids particularly those getting through the teething process. You should also consider that your child’s baby teeth are only temporary. Their permanent ones have not yet taken root yet. This means there is little harm at this stage that can be done to your child’s teeth.

What’s more important is that kids are getting into good habits as early on as possible. So, habits that become ingrained such as thumb sucking are easier to get rid of the sooner they are stopped. However, it’s good to note that it doesn’t affect children’s baby teeth.

The issue comes when the permanent teeth start growing. Constant thumb-sucking can cause the teeth to misalign which may be an issue in the teenager years possible leading to the requirement for braces. More importantly, it can cause the way the roots form at the bottom to grow differently in an unnatural way.  

Can we switch our child to a pacifier?

Pacifiers produce a similar motion so not really recommended as being a good replacement. However, if you are worried about weaning your child off thumb-sucking, it may be easier to choose a pacifier early on. 

When is it too much?

If its happening occasionally, it most likely should be fine. However, if they are finding so much comfort from the action that they are doing it all the time, it may start to cause issues down the line.

If you ever exhibit your toddler doing it in an aggressive manner, try to intervene at this stage.

When is it good to stop?

The best time to break the habit is as soon as possible. From 2-4 years old, baby teeth start to fall out and adult ones begin to form. It’s crucial for you to keep an eye on your little one’s oral health as if they are thumb-sucking too aggressively it may be having a big impact. If you are concerned, it’s a great idea to visit the dentist and maybe even book an appointment with your paediatric dental nurse to see what they suggest.


Note: This is a collaborative post and if you have any concerns about your childs oral health always consult your dentist 


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The Golden Rules For Amassing an Antique Watch Collection

We are collectors by nature, and millions of people around the world spend their leisure time collecting various items. Collecting can be very addictive, with many people who spend their entire life building up an impressive collection, and obviously, collections like these increase in value over time. While financial gain might not be the main goal, it is nice to know that one day, your efforts could be handsomely rewarded should you ever decide to sell the collection. It might be beermats, stamps, vinyl records, or even antique watches, and with that in mind, here is some very useful information for those who are looking to start collecting antique watches.

Love to Learn

If you have decided that beautiful antique watch your partner bought you for your birthday is the start of a new passion, it makes sense to learn what you can about these precision made timepieces, and the Internet is the perfect platform for doing just that, with many websites that are dedicated to providing information about all aspects of antique watches. If you would like to browse an extensive collection of antique watches, check out, where you can find many fine examples of antique and vintage watches. The knowledge you gain will prove invaluable as time goes by, and if you are passionate about antique watches, you will naturally want to learn as much about the hobby as possible.

Define Your Focus

Antique watches are a very wide scope, and most collectors will focus on one manufacturer, or type of watch, such as fob, pocket, or wristwatch, and by defining your collection at the very outset, you are eliminating the need to look at anything else. There are many different categories of antique watches, so you need to spend some time deciding which category you will target which will get you started on a firm path.

Go With Your Emotions

Let’s be perfectly honest about this, antique watches are not cheap, and whatever items you acquire will be with you for most of your life, and for this reason, you should only invest in watches that take your fancy. There’s little point in collecting for the sake of numbers, so make sure your collection is filled with quality timepieces that strike a chord with you.

Buy The Best You Can Afford

Whenever you are in a position to add to your collection, always try to purchase something in the upper price range, and never forget that a high-priced item is likely to increase in value more than a cheaper model. Be patient when searching, and by using an online jeweller, you have access to a larger collection, and if you strike up a relationship with one, you can ask them to search for specific items on your behalf. A jeweller is much more likely to find a specific make and model than any collector, and with their help, you will always be happy with your next purchase.


Note: This is a collaborative post
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Smashers – New collectable craze!

Smashers by Zuru

Smashers Toy display

Smashers Toy display

Friday is treat day in our house if the kids are good all week at minders. I like to avoid rewarding them with sweat treats therefore toys like Smashers appeal to me! Reasonably priced yet have plenty of play with them.  We first came across Smashers on a visit to our local Smyths and the kids were intrigued!

Smashers toys

Smashers toys

Hopefully its not just  my pair but they can be so destructive! Smashers seems like the perfect toys for them! As its name suggests you quite literally smash  the ball to reveal a sports character with 100 different ones to collect across themes of Football, Rugby and Basketball.

There are lots of different products in the range from 1 pack, 3 pack up to 8 packs, in different sports themes – Rugby, basketball and football. Like most collectable products there are matching tins to stores your characters in each of the respective sports ball shapes!!

However probably most excitingly for the boys is the “Team bus” which comes in either a football or a basketball theme. It hold up to 50 characters and folds out to either a football pitch or a basketball court. Its a very clever way of making a fun use out of the storage.

I suspect with over a hundred characters to collect the Smashers will be sticking around our house for some time to come! For more on Smashers see here

Note: We were sent some Smashers to try however this in no way influences mine or the boys views
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More2Explore Adventure belt

More2Explore Adventure Belt Review

Before I had kids I used to say id never use any of those reins type product for my kids. Roll forward five years and two kids and I have a different view. My oldest is the epitome of sensible from the day he was born my second man well……he is a whole different ball game! Wild with a capital W. At 2 and a half he is not quite out of the buggy but also not quite ready to grasp that he needs to hold our hands as little Houdini can vanish very quickly. And yes I’m speaking from experience!

adventure belt in use

Adventure belt in action

Back in September we were sent the Adventure belt to review by More2Explore and I though bingo….ideal for our upcoming trip to Alvor.  We were about 1 km from the village and we decided to walk down for breakfast one morning and rather than usual buggy battle followed by “I no need hold your hand” we used the Adventure Belt, well my husband did! He is incredibly safety conscious when it comes to the kids and he thought it was fantastic compared to the traditional style reins.

Mamma Fairy Verdict

I approached this product with an open mind and ended up loving it and that’s both myself and my husband giving it a thumbs up. Littlest man used it with no complaints. Its more discreet with it being the belt type so no backpack or wrist type reins. There is a clever safety clip that little Houdini cant escape from and most of all it give the kids the sense of freedom and the parents the sense of security that they aren’t far away.  For the next few years I see this as being  suitcase staple for us.





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Brainstorm Spider Catcher Review

Spider Catcher

Pic Credit: BrainStorm Toys

I’m going to be straight up here…I am absolutely terrified of spiders. There is a now infamous story in my family about how I made (!) my dad drive 20 miles to my house to get rid of massive spider!! Such was my utterly hysterical state the poor man hoovered my apartment from top to bottom to ensure the offending creature was well and truly gone. I know its totally irrational but I cant help it. Roll forward about 15 years and I now have two amazing little men who think its wonderful to show mama every weird and wonderful creature they can find in the garden.

With our camping trip in the back of my mind when we were asked to review the BrainStorm Toys Spider Catcher I thought why not! Maybe just maybe id be brave enough to capture one (yeah right!!). The boys absolutely love this and love even more showing Mama the lovely (!) creatures they have captured.  Its actually a great item, as you can remove the offending creatures without harming them and returning them back outside.  The long arm on it means they quick literally stay arms length away.  Its really clever item.  Look  – i really despise the little things but I don’t want to harm them.  This is perfect to dispose of them out the back without having to actually touch them!

Spider Catcher in action

Spider Catcher in action

The Spider Catcher comes with a plastic spider.  My oldest man has had tonnes of fun tricking people about the spider in the house and showing them how to dispose of it! While its an incredibly practical item, my kids have had hours of fun with this one and for around €12 you cannot go wrong – fun and functional what more could you ask for!!


Note: We were sent the Spider Catcher for review however all view are my own or the boys where appropriate. 



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Oblumi Tapp Thermometer Review

Oblumi Tapp

Oblumi Tapp – More than just a thermometer….

The Oblumi Tapp is an innovative approach to mixing a medical device with everyday technology. Its a small device that when connected to your smart phone enables your phone to become a infrared digital thermometer. Incredibly handy for on the go or travelling.

The Oblumi Tapp is so much more than a themometer though  its key features include:


  • Temperatures can be taken either in ear or forehead. It also has the ability to take the temparate of liquids. Very handy!
  • It calculates the accurate medicine dosage based on the information submitted to the app for each child at the outset
  • You can create alarms to remind you when the next dose of medicaiton is due
  • Each family member can have a profile set up that records the key data for each person
  • It also registers the history for each patient,  very handy if you had any follow up for example in a hospital situation where you can let the medical professional know the temperatures recorded and any medication given. My littlest man ended up in hospital following his 6 month injection and I was in such a fluster I could barly tell the Doctor the childs name. Had I had the Oblumi this would not have arose. The required information would have been available on my phone in an instant.

Mamma Fairy Verdict – the Oblumi Tapp

Oblumi Tapp App

We really love to travel in the Mamma Fairy house so products that make life easy when travelling get a big thumbs up from our house.  Very handy due to its small size plus it comes with a little durable pouch to store it in.  Its very easy to use and the app is free to download. It took me a couple of attempts to get the hang of using it so do try before you need it in an emergency.

My bench mark when testing a product is would I buy this for a pregnant friend or family member as a gift.  Without hesitation yes I would. The compact size, the easy of use, the app which stores key data are huge plus points over a traditional thermometer.

It costs  €49.95 from Bubblebum  in Ireland. For further information on the product see also Oblumi


Note: We were sent the Oblumi Tapp for review this in no way impacts our views on the product.

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What to look for in a good after-school club

After-school clubs were once few and far between. They were primarily somewhere for a child to stay for a couple of hours until a parent could pick them up after finishing their working day. Now, a whole range of schools, both community and private schools, provide after-school clubs with a whole lot to offer.
So what should you look for in an after-school club to know it will be good for your child? These tips and suggestions aim to help.

Where is the club?

 This isn’t just for your convenience, such as the club being a good distance from your work, but to benefit your child too. For instance, if it’s local, the club will probably be attended by some of their friends from school or other children they know. A club out of town, on the other hand, might have access to fields, rivers and forests, where they can enjoy some exciting activities – see below.
After-school clubs, both near and far from your home, bring different benefits. Deciding what’s best depends on your child and what kind of experience you want to give them. For instance, a club close to home might be best if your child is shy, while one further afield could be the right choice if they’re confident and like the outdoors.

What activities will your child be doing?

 After-school clubs are commonly known as places for children to play games and have fun. While having fun is important, it’s wise to check that they will be learning too. You should look for activities that will allow your child to learn new skills, as well as build up their social skills and confidence, and help them stay active.
Activities can include things like arts and crafts, sports, cookery, and learning about nature. Clubs should have a plan of different activities they’ll cover from season to season. So it’s a good idea to find out what your child will be doing, not just day-to-day, but throughout the year too.

What is the quality of facilities?

 It’s important that the club provides facilities of a high standard in a clean and safe environment. All indoor and outdoor facilities and equipment should be well maintained, child-friendly and safe to use.
It’s also worth checking to see that there are a range of club facilities, which will allow your child to do different things, in addition to the group activities on offer. This could include a sizeable play area and a quiet space for them to draw, read a book, or do their school homework.
There can be a lot to take into consideration when finding a good after-school club. So it’s a good idea to find out as much as you can about a club, attend an open day, or try and arrange a visit, before making a decision. But, with these suggestions and tips in mind, you should be able to find a club that brings out the very best in your child.
Note: This is a collaborative post
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Neebo- the next generation in baby monitor

As a blogger my inbox gets flooded with press releases, products updates etc.  While I do genuinely read all that comes through my inbox only a handful generally spark an interest that leads me to do further research myself. One such product is Neebo.

Neebo is an infant care system which purports to provide parents with the most accurate infant data stream on the market including monitoring of baby’s heart rate, oxygen saturation, thermal state and audio environment, as well as a smart alert system. The graphic below gives a great summary of its key features.

My youngest little man was sick quite a lot as a baby and I worried (and still do) so much about him.  We travel a lot and going anywhere meant tonnes of different products however something like Neebo for us at the time would have been amazing, rather than having to take the mat for the cot, the thermometer, the monitor one device would have done.


Neebo is the first product of technology start up Daatrics.  Its founder and CEO Andrey Khayrullaev was inspired to start Daatrics when he became a father two-and-a-half years ago. Nothing like practical experience to inspire a new product.

The product itself is a cool sleek wearable system for baby, an app for parents and a minimalist charging station. The uniqueness of this product is that is it one product which covers the full spectrum of functions any parent needs to give them peace of mind.

In summary it can:

  • Check temperature
  • Monitor sound
  • Enable listening remotely via the app
  • Check oxygen saturation levels
  • Check heart rate


The associated app will be available on both iOS and Android and the device itself will be available in a number of matte colours including Green, Blue, Pink, Grey and Yellow.  I love the cool matte colours it comes in, fun for baba too.


The device will also be waterproof so no fussing with taking it on and off during bath or playtime. This will be a huge benefit save forgetting to put it back on or leaving it behind somewhere after swimming etc.


The Product itself – the technical bit!

According to manufacturers specifications the product itself is safe with encapsulated electronics, delivered in a durable and heat resistant case.

The materials used in Neebo’s enclosure are soft, breathable, eco-friendly and BPA free, meeting the highest standards of child-safety. Neebo’s wearable unit is built from a medical grade plastic (the same as Lego™), a medical Silicon band and includes no paint. The logo is engraved in a matte finish. Unlike most Wi-Fi/Bluetooth alternatives, Neebo’s autonomous operation and use of propitiatory algorithms prevents it from emitting high or chronic electromagnetic radiation. The specially designed childproof clasp prevents the band being unlocked by a baby without adult supervision. Ideal for my youngest or Houdini as we call him he can literally escape anything!


The verdict

I am really excited to see this product when it is officially releases in 2017, in my view this will be a game changer for me, being able to incorporate so many functions in one small device is a huge benefit.  Particularly for those early days when you are home from hospital with a new baby.  What is even more exciting is that I really think the above is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of functionality.  The ability of the manufacturers to update the devices firmware remotely mean you will have a product that continues to evolve and be market leading in terms of functionality.

For my youngest who was sick so much as a baby this product would have been the ultimate game changer for me, essentially one product versus the 3 or 4 that I would have carried with me when travelling is huge plus.  The ability to use it through an app on your phone is a brilliant feature, as lets face it most of us carry the phone/ tablet with us for most of the day anyway.

Pricing and availability

Neebo is now available for pre-order from here at a special preorder price of $199, with an estimated shipping date of Q2 2017. The companion Neebo app (iOS and Android) will be free to download when the baby care system ships.

Note: This is a collaborative post

( Image Sources: Daatrics)