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Mamma Reviews

Our bank holiday Netflix picks

For those travelling this bank holiday safe motoring. For those staying put like ourselves, below are some Netflix picks to keep the kids entertained over the long weekend.

For the Kids

  • The old reliables Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol and Fireman Sam are all now streaming. The return of Fireman Sam was big hit in The Mamma Fairy house! streamteambadge-11
  • New to Netflix is a seried called Word Party. Word Party is a vocabulary building show from The Jim Henson Company that follows four  baby animals as they sing, dance and play. See link here  for a peak. Its very catchey and keeps both my litte men entertained.
  •  My little niece loves both The Magical School Bus, for which Seasons 1-4 are now streaming as well as Masha and the Bear which will have Season 2 from 1 August.

So lots of variety to keep the little ones entertained.  See some of our previous Netflix posts here and here to see what else has been keeping my little men entertained on Netlfix over the last couple of months.

For the Family

Netflix also has plenty family shows and films, some of our favourites include the Fireman Sam movie, Charlottes Web, Shark Tale, Chicken Run and the Shrek films.  Keep an eye out for Beat Bugs which launches on 3 August. Im looking forward to this myself!

beat bugBeat Bugs is a new animated TV show inspired by music from The Beatles, incorporating songs from the Lennon/McCartney ‘Northern Songs’ catalogue sung by musicians including P!nk, James Corden, Aloe Blacc, Sia and Eddie Vedder.   See the show’s theme song here


The Grown ups

Im looking forward to starting to watch Strager Things. Have heard so much about this series so cant wait to get stuck in! Its a Netflix-original drama staring Winona Ryder.

There is plenty to keep kids and adults alike entertained this long weekend.


Take Care

~Mamma F

Mamma Reviews

Our Current Favourite Mobile Apps

Team Umizoomi App – “zoom into numbers”

teamumizoomiThe big man loves this show. Its a firm Favourite on Netflix therefore I was delighted to see there was fun educational app to go with it.  This App has passed many long cross country car journeys for us.  Its really user friendly and continues the theme of the show – Milly, Gio and Bot use their Math powers to solve games around Umi city. As you solve the games,  new games unlock. The app teaches basic number concepts from addition, subtraction to number ordering.  The blurb states its for ages 5+ however my nearly 4 year old seems to be managing ok. From memory this App cost around €5. Money well spent in my book, it has got lots of use in our house plus its educational value cant be faulted for pre-schoolers.

Aquafresh – Make brushing fun

I received some press information about this one and thought i’d have a look. Its a free to download app.  In our house no matter what I do, the big man thinks brushing his teeth is such a core! I showed him the app, more specifically Captain Aquafresh dancing and he roared laughing.  The song (and the dancing!) is very catchy.

It’s a brilliant idea to get the kids interested in brushing. You can unlock more features the more you use it, this part has my son hooked! Tonight we unlocked a new dance which he was pretty impressed with. In our house its been surprisingly difficult to keep the kids brushing for the recommended two minutes however since Captain Aquafresh has joined the routine this isn’t the case.  They are enjoying the catchy tune and love unlocking the new features. This App gets a big thumbs up from the Mamma Fairy house.


This is a jam packed app, with over 200 songs, over 300 games all including tonnes of interactive features.  kidlolandThis is THE holiday app. You don’t need Wifi or parental controls like you would do with YouTube. From nursery rhymes to puzzles there really is something to entertain your toddler. We have been trialling it for the last number of weeks and we have barely made a dent in the huge variety that comes with it. We were lucky enough to receive a years subscription (approx €30)  and I can tell already this well be one of those “well loved” apps.  Both the 1 year old and the 3 year old have enjoyed playing with different parts of it.  The one year old loves the songs, the great thing is they are also interactive which keeps him interested. The 3 year old loves the games and the colouring. Both are educational, teaching a variety of skills such as fine motor skills and problem solving. Its well worth the yearly subscription in my view.  I understand the App itself will be continuously updated with new content.


Note: Of the above Apps I received a subscription to Kidloland, however all opinion are my own or the boys where relevant.

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My Review

A couple of weeks back the boys were sent some name tag stickers from    Kids love to see their name on things.  nametagsboysThe little man is too young and he just wants what his big brother has but the big man…he recognises his own name now so was pretty excited to be able to label everything ( that includes the sitting room window too!!).


mynametagsThe order process is really simple and straight forward, you simply pick your type (iron on or sticker) and the quantity. You then simply choose your design and text and away you go.  The process itself is quick as was delivery.  Literally a couple of days later they popped through the letter box.

With summer camp season upon us. I find these really handy.  My oldest loves to go to things (from sports to parties to play centers) but for some reason rarely comes home with everything he went out the door with!

The great thing about these labels for me is their durability. He used them to stick on his hurl and his football, both items spent quite a few nights out the back in the worst rain I have seen for a July and they are still firmly in place.  the labels are know for their quality and the clothing label comes with a 10 year guarantee which is really impressive.

I love the fact too they are an Irish company with a focus on customer satisfaction. Definitely getting a thumbs up in the Mamma Fairy House.  Price wise at €16.95 for a set of 56 id have no hesitation in recommending.



Mamma Reviews

Mamma Fairy Netflix Summer Picks

With Summer holidays finally here, I thought it would be a good time to look at our current favourites and some new to Netflix shows which are here just in time for summer.

I guess the boys are creatures of habit like their mother! Team Umizoomi, Paw Patrol, Lego movies and to a lesser extent Peppa Pig are the recurring favourites. We have had some new entrants in the last few weeks!

Curious George

75_yearsFirst up is Curious George and his buddy “The Man with the Yellow Hat”. Curious George in its current format dates to 2006 however it traces it origins back to the 1940s. Quite hard to believe its longevity, celebrating 75 years old this year! The series chronicles the adventures of the mischievous monkey named George and “The Man with the Yellow Hat” who cares for him. There are no special effects, little dialogue just the central them of the curious monkey exploring which often leads to trouble and with the help of “The Man with the Yellow Hat” all is forgiven. I like this one myself and oddly enough both of my boys enjoy this one. Its probably the only show I can really say that grabs his attention.

Shark Tale

This is a Dreamworks animated film with loads of big named voices – Will Smith, Angelina Jolie, Jack Black to name a few. sharktaleThe story in summary tells the tale of Oscar who falsely claims he killed a mob boss sharks son (!!). Oscar craves a life of luxury and gets up to many schemes to try to do this. For me the highlight of this film is its soundtrack, we bopped around the room to it! Like most of the Dreamworks films, the feel good factor is there. Its easy watching for chill out days! The bigger man really enjoys this one.

New for summer

  • Paw Patrol Season 2 arrives on the 12 July. This is sure to go down well here.
  • New Shrek films will be screened from 15 July. We haven’t watched any of these films yet but will be adding them to the list for summer.
  • New Season 2 Lego Bionicle will be here at the end of July, big Lego fans here.

So lots to keep the kids entertained on Netflix for those (inevitable) rainy Summer days!


Note: I am a member of Netflix StreamTeam for which I receive a subscription to Netflix, however all opinions are my own or the kids where relevant.

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Babymoov Review – Picnic time #stresslessweaning

As you know, I am a Babymoov blog ambassador, therefore I have been sent various products which will be getting a trial in the Mamma Fairy house. You may have seen my various tweets on our picnic outings – we travel up and down the country very regularly and the highlight for the boys is our picnics en route. Therefore when I was sent Babymoov products which were as I have been calling them “picnic friendly” I was thrilled.

Babymoov bowls

babymoovtubsI love these, genuinely i do. It’s a set of 6 different coloured bowls with lids with 250 ml capacity.  It the size of these that works for me. My 2 boys are such different stages so when we are out and about im bringing a variety of different items for them to eat. I used to find most bowls id bring were either two big or too small, however for these portion size works for us.  As an aside, my older man (almost 4) loves taking a different one to playschool lunch each day. For him its a surprise what colour Mama has put his lunch in.  They are also microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe.  They can be a little tricky to close but once you get the hang of its not an issue.


Babymoov lunch set

If somebody told me before I have kids that id be writing a post extolling the benefits of a lunch set id say they were mad! But this is just the cutest, most practical lunch set I have used.  babymoovThe plate itself has edges that go quite far up which is perfect for my boys who just can’t sit still! It means a lot less is dropped, (aka mama if fell off the plate by itself!).  I also love the packaging on this. It makes an  ideal practical gift for a new baby or for a child’s birthday.  It’s a full melamine set including a bowl, plate, spoon, fork and a cup.  lunchsetThe cup is perfect for our picnics, it’s a great size and in the words of my 3 year old like a grown up one! There are a couple of different designs, we have the teddy bear one. The range of products make it ideal from weaning right up. It is being used by both of my boys. 

Check out the gorgeous packaging on this lunch set.  Well worth its Stg£29.99 price tag. For more information on the above products see Babymoov. Thanks to Babymoov for letting me be part of ther exciting #stresslessweaning campagin.


Note: I was sent the above amongst other products to review however all views/opinions are my own or my boys where relevant.


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Mamma Fairy Favourites May/June

Its been a while since I posted any Mamma Fairy favourites and to be quite frank its because there wasnt any products that I loved enough to share with you.  However I have 3 firm favourites that I have been using daily over the last few weeks.mayfavs

Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix Night pads

Numerous bloggers had reviewed this and I thought its probably a lot of hype however I was wrong.  These are the business.  I had really neglected my skin after my second was born and with back to work looming I felt I better up my game so I bought these in Boots Jervies, they were on sale, €11 I think. Well, well worth the money.  I use them after washing my face to give a deep clean.  They arent drying and work wonders on rough skin and black heads.  Be warned the first few days even a week or two, my skin around my jaw line broke out like I was a teenager again.  However once that had cleared, my skin became really fresh looking.  I use them every night and im now my second tub. Each one contains 60 pads.   They contain 5% glycolic acid which I believe is what aids the exfoliation. If you can get through the breakout few days they are well worth it for deep exfoliation. Particularly like me if you have neglected your skin for a while!

PS Make up fixing spray

This is not something I ever bothered with before but waiting in a long queue in Pennys blanchardstown “made” me buy this on impluse.  I was really surprised at how well it works for €2.50!! It is a really fine mist and definitely does hold my make up in place for a lot longer than it would have in the past.  I work in a stuffy albeit air conditioned office however by 3pm I used to notice my makeup was pratically non exisitent.  This has made quite an improvement to that and it seems to prevent that sort of sliping around my hair line which i used to go.  Its worth the €2.50 to give it a go for sure. Its in daily use with me at the moment.

Bioderma Hydrabio Creme

I have used Bioderma in the past and have had great success especially with their BB creme (see September Favs here ), so when I was sent their new Hydrabio range to try, I was happy to give it a go.  I never had dry skin until my second was born and for the last couple of months I was so dry and dehydrated looking.  This cream has a lovely thick rich feeling texture which is what I  love in a moisturiser.  I only use this a night as it is very rich in texture, it feels like  really treat especially after cleansing with the Nip&Fab pads. It really does deliver on its promise of hydration. When I wake in the morning my skin does feel quite plump and fresh looking. Its a little heavy for me for my rushed morning routine but an essential part of my bedtime skin care routine.  I was sent a tub to review however it does retail at a reasonable €18 (approx).

Have you tried any of the above?  Let me know what you thought.


~Mamma F


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Nimble Babies – Milk buster

A couple of weeks back we were sent a bottle of Nimble Babies – Milk Buster to try out.  nimblebabiesI was very interested in this as milk in cups/ beakers/ bottles and this warm weather do not mix.  Both my little men love milk and love a beaker of milk before bed. However I find those sippy cups and the bottles hard to get rid of the milk residue smell and hard to get in and get them really clean.

One of the great things about this product is the spray nozzle, it means it can reach right into the spout of the beakers/ cups.  Its pleasant smelling but not at all overpowering and best of all it works.  I used to find depsite hot washes, dishwasher etc they still sometimes had a grimy film on them but certainly not after Nimble Babies.

How it works

According to Nimble Babies, it is made of the safest cleaning ingredients derived from sugar, amino acids, and coconuts. It’s pH is balanced to be very close to that of water and it also has plant-derived ingredients to remove water hardness. Its also sulphate free too.  Once opened it lasts about 2 months so really good value for Stg£5.99.  For a full list of stockists see here.  There is a great short video on their website to show the product working and explain more about the science behind it.



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Netflix – What we have been watching, April

April saw the much anticipated arrival of the film Frozen, im sure there aren’t many of us with kids that don’t know at least some of the words to “Let it go”!


I am not joking when I say I have watched the chronicles of Anna, Elsa and co at least 20 times since the start of the month.  frozenMy 3 year old really enjoys this film and thats regardless of how many times he has seen it! For those who dont know the plot yet, in summary its typical Disney from the catchy music to the heart warming princess tale. Anna one of the main characters is on a mission to save her kingdom from perpetual winter! Along the way we meet her buddies and her sister Elsa.  The kids love it and I think it will remain a Netlix favourite for some time to come.


Other popular picks on Netflix this month for the 3 year old are:

  • Team Umizoomi (see here)
  • Paw Patrol – no explanation needed – the pups led by the ever capable Ryder, save the town from all sorts of dramas!

The grown up this month have been watching:

The True Cost

I urge you to give this documentary a watch.  It really opened my eyes. This documentary focuses on what has become known as “fast fashion“, as in those goods sold by the high street shops. It looks at where these goods are made, delving into the socia-economic impacts on the communities, the pollution, the working conditions, oppression, monopolies and farmer suicides.  truecostIt contains a mix of interviews from factory workers to factory owners.  It touches on the tragic case of the building collapse in Bangladesh killing thousands of factory workers. It looks of price monopolies for cotton and the rise in GMO cotton.  Its fascinating and appalling in equal measure.  Do watch it, its compelling viewing.


Have you watched any of the above? Would love to know you thoughts.

Take care

~Mamma F


Note:  I have received a Netflix subscription and an Apple TV in return for writing blog posts on what we have been watching.  All programme choices, comments, opinions and views are my own (or my sons where appropriate!!) 

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Mamma Fairy Reviews – Movial Plus

A couple of weeks back I was sent some Movial Plus to try out. Having thought about it im probably not the best person to give it a good trial so I enlisted some very willing reviewers – introducing the legend that is the Nana Fairy (!) and my husband, lets call him the Dada Fairy.

Both the Nana and the Dada Fairy suffer for joint point, knee for Nana Fairy and fingers for Dada Fairy (he works in construction). The Nana Fairy consulted with her GP prior to commencing.

The Product

Lets talk a little about the product first – Movial Plus is a food supplement, specifically developed to support normal collagen formation for bones and cartilage. movialplusThe key active ingredients are:

1. Hydrolyzed collagen type II  which is a source of amino acids which give structure and tone to connective tissue;

2. Vitamin C  which contributes to normal collagen formation, healthy bones and cartilage; and

3. Hyaluronic acid is a key component of the extracellular matrix, occurring naturally in the body, it is a key component of synovial fluid and cartilage.


The results:

I was most interested to see the results of the Nana Fairy as she has been having trouble with her knee since October. She is currently 20 days into taking these and is thrilled, she couldn’t straighten out her knee in the morning time for ages and often resorted to a muscle rub cream to help however after 12 days she no longer needed to do this. She is really happy with the progress and is going to keep going on them. She really does feel the joint is a lot more flexible since taking Movial Plus.

The Dada Fairy, while the difference for the Dada Fairy was not quite as dramatic as it was for the Nana Fairy he said there was a marked difference in the pain in the evening times following his days work. He too is going to keep using them.

Take care

~Mamma F

Note: Thanks to Scope Healthcare for sending us out Movial to try. Please note I am not a doctor or pharmacist and if you have queries on joint pain do consult one or the other.

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Mamma Fairy Monthly Favourites – January

Have this post written ages but completely forget to press publish! Two sick babas these past few weeks has me all over the place.

January favourites was easy to pick. The three products were in almost daily use. jan favs

1 – Babyliss curling wand

I love curly hair, however I have long thick (very thick!!) hair so curling products get a run for their money with me.  I bought this after Christmas in the Debenhams sale for €28.  It heats up to 210c which I really need for my thick hair!  The barrel itself is quite wide so again ideal for long hair that gives a loose wave as opposed to the tight Irish dancing curl. The box is long thrown out but I found a picture of the box on line see opposite. babyliss wand

I found this really easy to use, and gives a long lasting loose curl. I finish with a small amount of John Freida smoothing serum and I get 2 days out of the curls. To date this is the only product that has managed to curl my mega thick mane so thumbs up for the Babyliss Curling Wand.


2 Soap & Glory Foot cream – Heel Genius

Its like a tradition now in our house my sister buys me the Soap & Glory set for Christmas! I do love my lotions and potions!! This foot cream actually works.  Im sure like most people I really neglect my feet in the winter months.  I use this a lot especially this time of year to ensure the feet are ready for summer.  It is incredibly moisturising – I put it on going to bed and wear socks over it. It contains menthol which has a lovely cooling effect on your feet too. I have tried a good few of the years but tend to always come back to this one.

I got the current one im using in a gift set however from memory its around €8 in most Boots chemists.

3 MeMeMe Shimmer Stack

I love multi purpose products!! Less products to add to my already jam packed handbag (that’s jam packed with kids toys and snacks!).  The MeMeMe Shimmer Stack contains 5 separate blocks of colour.  This can be used as a bronzer, the individual blocks can also be used as eye shadows and the darker shades for brows.  Products like this are ideal for on the go, rather than taking 3 products just take the one!! The colour intensity in this is really good. I bought the bronze but it does come in gold tones and in a rose tone. mememe

I bought this in my local pharmacy for €15 having gone in for teething gel and come out with a make up blender, this shimmer stack and no teething gel!!! I had previously attended an event there where we were shown how to use these products and at the time had received a number of samples and based on the quality of the other products from the range I had tried I knew id like this one too (see September favourites here).

Let me know if you have tried any of the above would love to know you thoughts.


Take care

~Mamma F