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Reviews for Mama & Babas

Reviews for Mama & Babas

Halloween fun with Fiesty Pets

The day has finally arrived. In our house anyway the only bigger celebration is Christmas. My kids love Halloween so they were mega excited when the day arrived. Costumes more or less agreed on, goodies purchased for the trick or treats and most likely a night of little sleep when the inevitable sugar rush kicks in!!!

Just before Halloween a new super cutie arrived in our door….Sir Growls a Lot! Great name, I may keep it in reserve ūüôā

I hadn’t heard of Fiesty Pets but my pair knew instantly what was about to happen. Do not be fooled.

These cuties are not what they seem, squeeze them at the head and the super cutie turns super cross!

Just look at Sir Growls a Lot – I actually thought the 3 year old might be frightened! Not a bit, he loves them too.

The six year old has been having bad dreams of late and he thought of the idea of keeping Sir Growls a Lot beside his bad to keep the bad dreams away. I love that idea and I love how much the teddy now means to him. It was never the intended purpose of it but it works and im leaving well enough alone.

I think these guys would be a great gift for the upcoming season.¬† They come in a range of different animals and priced around ‚ā¨18. They don’t require batteries always a mega plus!

Along with Sir Growls a Lot arrived with some very cool Snazaroo face paints. I have said I before many time and ill say it again. I am not creative. Not even the smallest bit so I delegated to the kids.

Request one- “Can you paint me like Sir Growls a Lot

Drum roll please…….be warned the likeness is uncanny………maybe just maybe my kids have inherited my (lack of) creativity.


Note: We were sent the Fiesty Pets and Snazaroo Face paints however all views and opinions are mine or the kids where appropriate.
Reviews for Mama & Babas

SuperZings Series 2 – Our review

With the kids fully back to school, naturally along comes the next school yard collectable.  This term it is SuperZings series 2. My pair were already big fans of the first series so were only too delighted to get their hands on series 2.  So whats new with series 2.  Mammy is so out of touch with these things that I roped in my oldest to fill me on all the new features:

  • 80 new multi-coloured characters, each with a matching ‚Äėrival‚Äė
  • New hideouts
  • ¬†New key character which for series 2 is the extremely rare and elusive¬† ‚ÄėProfessor K‚Äô – the inventor of ‚ÄėKrystaline‚Äô, a special substance that creates the SuperCrystal SuperZings.
    collectable toys

    Pic Credit: The Mamma Fairy Blog Some of our SuperZings collection

    There are 24 ‚ÄėSuperCrystal‚Äô characters to collect

  • Lots of new¬† SuperZings vehicles¬† in the form of a range of SuperJets ‚Äď motorbike, boat, helicopter and quad, eight to collect in a variety of different colours.
  • Ultra cool new play sets, such as the Police station, Secret lab and Kaboom Race Set

My oldest loves the excitement of getting one of the rare ones and we can excitedly report that we got one of the rare silver finish ones”Super Riff” – can you spot him in the pic opposite?!

Mamma Fairy Verdict

kids reading magazine

Pic Credit: The Mamma Fairy Blog

The boys love these, the highlight was the SuperZings comic which sets out all the characters and their matching rival which is a great way to keep track of the ones you have they tick them off the comic book.  The play sets will be on this years Christmas wish list, a great idea for gifts or stocking fillers. The best thing about this series is  aside from the fact they are so collectable and with the amount of them there seems to be less risk of duplicates but conversely less chance of obtaining the elusive Professor K!

This series is so pocket friendly and another plus for me is the different types of products and associated prices from the character by themselves, to one with a hideout and right up to the play set.

There is also the Super Zings website with lots  more information and activities.


Note: We were sent some items from series 2 to try however all views are mine or the boys where appropriate.


Reviews for Mama & Babas

Your Smile Direct – an update

Your Smile Direct

You might remember a post from earlier this year where I shared my thoughts of my new smile journey from Your Smile Direct after the first month. I am well over the half way point and thought it was the ideal time to give you a further update.¬† There will be progress pictures ¬†but ill keep you in suspense a little longer! I have shared lots on Twitter over the last few months so this isn’t going to come as a surprise but I LOVE LOVE LOVE my teeth and the changes that have taken place.

Since my early 20s I have always been so conscious of my teeth, hating photos and never smiling when dragged into one.¬† Not anymore…..I am not over reacting when I say making time for me and doing something for me has given me a confidence I didn’t know I had.¬† The biggest benefit of the Your Smile Direct aligners is their ease of use and portability.¬† Since I began my treatment I have been to Hamburg ¬†and Berlin¬†with zero issues taking and using my aligners.

If you are thinking of taking this journey and like me your constantly on the go I can highly recommend Your Smile Direct. Between work, kids and our love of travel I have really put them to the test.  And they consistently deliver. Watching the progress has been pretty incredible. I remember looking at aligners sets 7,8,9 and thinking no way will my teeth ever look like that. But guess what they do and im so thrilled.

People are complimenting me on my teeth, honestly that would never have happened 4 or 5 months ago.¬† Rather than keep you in suspense any longer here are some progress pictures from the last 4 months.¬† ……

Its hard not to be impressed, the difference is so noticeable, add that to the fact I smile so much more.  If you are thinking of a treatment like this a couple of reasons from my personal experience why you should choose Your Smile Direct:

  • Excellent customer service, always available to help and advise
  • The aligners are so easy to use and fit perfectly in when travelling or running around after busy kids!
  • Just look at the difference in such a short space of time – in short they work
  • Very budget friendly
  • If in doubt book a consultation to see if you are suitable and the staff there will take time with you to guide you through the options
  • Us mammies need to look after ourselves and this was my thing.¬† To say im happy is an understament and lets be honest happy mammy equals happy kids.


Im always happy to anwer questions on my new smile journey either comment below, email or on any social media.


******update: Your Smile Direct have very kindly offered the following to Mamma Fairy Readers – use the code¬†HSMAMMA50 to get either¬†¬†50euros off your Home Smile Kit or Smile Clinic visit and their Smile Bright Kit. Please note I don’t receive any monetary benefit by sharing the above*****************



Reviews for Mama & Babas

Hedbanz Game – Our Review

headbanz game

Pic Credit: Spinmaster

We love board games in the Mamma Fairy house. We have reviewed many different ones in the past. In a world so engrossed in all things techy I love being able to drag my pair away and have some good old fashioned fun.

Hedbanz arrived in perfect time for our road trip to¬†Lough Erne Resort.¬†¬†¬†Hedbanz is the ideal travel game no batteries needed and you can quite easily adapt it to play it on the road.¬† You simply have¬† to guess¬† ‘What am I?’¬† based on the card on the headband on your head. Very easy game for 2-6 players and equally as much fun whether you have 2 or 6 players.

I love the sheer simplicity of this game. The fact it forces you to engage your brain and think what exactly you could be either an animal, food or an object. The game comes with s 68 clue cards, 6 question cards, 6 headbands, timer & 24 chips. The suggested age is 7 upward however I can safely say ages 6 to 60+ enjoyed this one.

I think this game is a really great and reasonably priced option for birthday gifts or dare I say the C word. Santa has a tradition of bringing a board game to this house, more specifically one for all the family to enjoy when the turkey and roses are long devoured. If you are thinking of something like this. You wont be disappointed. So much fun  and most importantly can be enjoyed from 6 to 60+ as it was in our house.


Note: We were sent this game to review however all view are mine or the boys where appropriate.



Reviews for Mama & Babas

Imaginative Play during the summer holidays thanks to Casdon

School holidays are upon us and each year its the same challenge keeping my pair entertained.  While I do allow screen time it is very much in moderation.  I prefer to let them use their own imaginations through play. I have written about this before Рimaginative play is always high on the agenda in The Mamma Fairy house.  We were very fortunate to receive a fabulous bundle of treats from Casdon for my crazy pair to try out.  As I mentioned before my youngest is affectionately knows as Mr Destruction possessing the unique ability to destroy even the best made toys!

We received three products to review:

  • Toy Play Food Set
  • Toy Shopping Trolley
  • Henry Mop and Bucket

First a little bit about the brand. Casdon have been making replicas of real products for over 65 years. You will see names like Hetty and Henry and the renowned Dyson brand.  When you have a look at their website you will want to be a child again. Huge selection of products available.

I’m going to review this in order of preference as determined by kids ages almost 6 and 3.¬† A First up is….

toy food

Casdon Play Food Set

Toy Play Food Set

I tried to get a picture before they tore the packing apart but had little success.¬† They were immediately drawn to the food set. There are 44 realistic items in it. They are a great size, realistic details and the size is just perfect for little hands.¬† I’ve been pretend eating all sorts of strange concoctions since this arrived! They are looking for an oven next. Hopefully some real life skills being learned here too!¬† This is a great gift idea as I can see how it would provide lots of varied play for kids.


Henry Mop and Bucket

toy shopping trolley

Shopping Trolley and Henry Mop

This is utterly adorable. My youngest in particular loved this one. We have a real Henry in this house so he loved following me around with his mop and bucket. Priced around ‚ā¨8 this is a a great little gift idea. Probably aimed more for the younger of the age bracket. Nonetheless a well made toys with lots of potential


Toy Shopping Trolley

toy shopping trolley with food

Pic Credit: Casdon

I’m DIY challenged so I delegated the making of this one to the Dada Fairy! He is much better (more patience) than me for these kinds of tasks! It did take him a little bit of time which either means its a bit fiddly or else he was distracted by the world cup! Once assembled again its a sturdy toy which comes with a selection food.¬† When coupled with the Toy Play Food set above the boys had a huge amount of pretend food in their supermarket.¬† Again probably aimed at the lower end of the age bracket as they handle isnt very tall.¬† However both of mine enjoyed this one and I can see lots of play from this one too.

I am a fan of real life simulated play and Casdon not only with the above but across their entire range deliver that in spades.  With the durability, selection and playabilty I will definitly but coming back to Casdon for future products.  Already on my list for my nieces upcoming birthday.


Note: We were sent the above for review, however all opinion are  mine or the boys where appropriate.




Reviews for Mama & Babas

Poopyhead Game Review

When this gem came through our letter box, the paper torn off it queue squeals of delight. My pair are at the age now where toilet humour is sure to be a big hit!!

If you thought the name Poopy head generated excitement how about head bands with poo (!!) and a whoopie cushion well now…….we were at needing ear plugs excitement here.

Whats included:

The game comes with 5 headbands with a poo (!! – yes i know!) on it, a whoopie coushin and some playing cards.

What we thought

Despite going through the rule multiple times with my pair,  I think they found them a little hard to grasp. Its a game of speed you need to put down the cards as quickly as possible and in the right  sequence: Toilet, poo, Toilet Paper, Washing Hands and then when a player has no more cards left to play you then must hit the whoopie cushion. The winning player is the player with the most cards left who then get a poo head band ( i cant believe I am writing this!!)  and then a new round starts.

Despite my pair showing a blatant disregard for the rules of the game they thoroughly enjoyed this one and to be fair as did I.  The sheer idea of Mama with a poo on her head was just too much for them!! I would give this one a big thumbs up as a party game, guaranteed to get the kids laughing.


Note: We were sent the game to review however all view are mine or the boys where appropriate.




Reviews for Mama & Babas

Stikbot Farm Movie Set Review

I have written about these guys before – known as¬†Stikbots¬†my pair have been fans of these poseable figures for some time.¬† The Stikbots have suction cups on their hands and feet and can be positioned in many ways. We were sent the farm set to try out recently and my pair didn’t hesitate to get stuck in!

Whats included?

This is a  build-your-own farm themed movie set  made up of a farm house, a farm truck, picnic table, wheelbarrow, tractor and vegetable patch.   In addition you get one StikBot with a sheet of farm clothes stickers and 12 farm accessories Рspade, saw and watering can etc. The purpose of the toy is to get imaginations in full swing to build a short movie around the theme of the farm with the props, movie set etc.  You simply download the app which is free on Apple and Android  and  your creations can then be shared online using the hashtag #StikBot. There is a large community of #Stikbot fans sharing their creations on line and on You Tube.

What we thought?

As you can see from our previous review, we have been  long time fans of Stikbots so this was always going to be a hit. If I had to be critical, I think another Stikbot in the set would really add value.  It was ok for us as we had many of them as the kids were already fans thus making movie scenes easy and fun.  In terms of building the movie set itself this was really easy as the elements were pre numbered making it very straight forward for even the creatively challenged like myself.

My pair have been enjoying using the set with their other toys as well as its surprising durable, even surviving my Mr Destruction’s notoriously rough play!! Its no secret I am a huge fan of imaginative play and this certainly lives up to that. Like the other Stikbot’s in our house I can see this being played with for some time to come in the Mamma Fairy house.


Note: We were sent the Stikbot Farm set for review however all view are mine of the boys where appropriate.


Reviews for Mama & Babas

Tech Deck Spinmaster Review

My oldest is moving away from the Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig toys now and is looking for more grown up toys which to be honest can be a challenge as he is only 6!

We were sent some Tech Deck toys to review a couple of weeks back and my oldest and the Dadda Fairy enjoyed some father son bonding time over these!!

What are they?

Tech Deck are  96mm fingerboards from real skate companies.  Ill be the first to admit I know zero about skateboaring but my more knowledgeable brother was very impressed! You make them up yourself and customise them with stickers/ graphics provided.  Be warned the part are teeny and my oldest found them a little fiddly and hard to do himself but he quite happily let the Dada Fairy do the work. I would definitely recommend if you have younger kids that might be prone to putting things in their mouths to keep these well away.

The point of them I think is that kids get used to the miniature versions before tackling the real thing.  

While he enjoyed the skate boards the real excitement was when the ramps arrived. Now these are super impressive and when you get your head around how to use them it really is cool.

Prices start from £2.99 and upwards with the ramps etc being at the higher price points.  I do think the ramps really do add to the excitement as they can practice their skills on them. The great thing is too you can actually build a much bigger skate park as the ramps all work together.

What we thought?

For imaginative play this gets a thumbs up from us.  My oldest and his pals have spent many hours challenging each other on the ramps.  I do think you need the ramps to keep the interest up. As mentioned above do be aware the parts are very small and younger kids may need assistance to assemble them initially.

See the Tech Deck website here for lots of videos of them in action!


Note: We were sent a Tech Deck bundle to review however as always all opinions are mine or the boys where appropriate.
Reviews for Mama & Babas

Meegos – The new collectable in town??

My kids like most kids their age love collectable items. They will collect pretty much anything from cards, to pencil toppers to their latest TV favourites and everything in between.¬† Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind buying them for my kids of course they want to join in the fun at the school yard. However perhaps its the Accountant in me or something but im always searching for that added value.¬† I realise im fortunate enough to be sent lots of bits and pieces to review some we love some we don’t but these little guys really got my attention and thats not just because they are super adorable.

What are Meegos?

crochet dog toys

Our collection of Meegos

Meegos are crochet dogs handmade in Bangladesh (yes you read that correctly), each one is handmade. That is so impressive.  Behind these adorable pups is a co op of workers in over 200 villages creating an incredible 4,000 jobs for women.  The organisation is non profit fair trade organisation adding a superb ethical dimension to any purchase. I really love this.

The Meegos come in two sizes a 5inch Meego and a mini Meego which is 2inches.  They take five and 1.2 hours respectively to make.  When you actually hold them you can really see the quality of the workmaship.


The collection

mini crochet teddies

All the Mini Meegos to collect

The collection is made up of 6 different Meego dogs and 12 mini Meegos. The mini Meegos are blind boxed – making it fun to find which one you have got. There is an associated website –¬†¬†where you can find out lots more about these guys from personality traits to favourite food.¬† The website link is a nice touch and definitely engaged my oldest.

You can see from the picture of the box opposite all the different characters to collect. Our Meego is called Duke and we happened to get mini Meego Duke also however the Nana Fairy seems to have taken possession of him! I cant blame her, he is pretty adorable!


This current rage is quite literally just hitting the shelves and will be followed later in the year by series two featuring Wild Animals. You can purchase these little cuties in selected Sainsburys and Debenhams stores.

Note: We were sent a selection of the above to review however all opinions as always remain mine or the boys where appropriate.
Reviews for Mama & Babas

Some Star Wars Porg Lovin’!

My oldest loves Star Wars and with all the hype surrounding the latest in the series and being that bit older now he is really into it.  We were sent two adorable Star Wars characters for the boys to review. The owl like guys are known as Porgs and they first appeared in the new Star Wars Movie: The Force Awakens so very topical.

Star Wars Porgs

Just look at those eyes!!! Pic: The Mamma Fairy Blog

I had to ask my better informed brother in law about these cute and cuddly Porg creatures! I am reliably informed that the Porg characters in the film have become somewhat of an internet sensation due to how cute and cuddly they are.  He reckons commentators were saying they were the real stars of the film!  I also believe they were inspired by the puffins that live on Skellig Michael in Kerry, where the final scenes of The Forces Awakens were shot. How cool is that.

We were sent two of them the 10 inch tall version and the keyring sized one. My oldest immediately nabbed the bigger and the little guy took the keyring one and utterly adorably they claim they represent each other the big and small one.

If you have a Jedi in your house we can definitely recommend these guys. The fur is so soft and the character very true to life as they are in the film. My oldest has him sitting on his bed every night since they joined the Mamma Fairy house.

The lovable character is made of super soft fur and is 10″ tall, making him a real collectable item for any little Jedi Masters like my pair! The little guy is about 7cm and ideal to clip on school or sports bag.


Note: We were sent the Porgs to review however all views are mine or my boys were appropriate.


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