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The Busy Mum’s Guide to Decorating Your Home

So, you’ve finally moved into your dream, family home, and all that’s left to do is decorate it exactly the way you want. Your choice of colour, furniture, lighting. Easy, right? Well, not quite. Decorating is easier said than done when you’re a busy mom with active kids to keep entertained, and a million other jobs to keep on top of. It can be tricky to find the time to do all this as well as decorating your home, but here are some top tips to help busy mums who want to enhance their home, or garden.

Make a Plan

screw driver

Pic Credit: Pixabay

Before diving straight in, take a few moments to come up with a plan. Sit down and think about exactly what it is you are wanting, how much you are willing to spend, and be realistic with how long it may take. Consider colour schemes, themes, space and furniture. If you’re going to be decorating your entire home, start with one room at a time. This will avoid chaos in the house! Take a look at home magazines and Pinterest inspiration if you’re not sure what to go for. Decide on a budget that you can stick to in order to avoid breaking the bank. Decorating your home will take time, and rushing it will leave you unhappy with the finished result, so bear this in mind before starting on your project. 

Look Out for Deals

Once you know what you want, it’s time to go out and get everything you need to get started! Home stores often have everything you need in one place, but they can be slightly higher in price than online offers. Shop around or browse online if you want to be savvy and get the cheapest deals. Consider going to charity shops or garage sales; you may be surprised at what you can pick up for a fraction of the price! The great thing about garage sales is that you can take the kids with you and they can help you choose things for the house! Garden centers are full of amazing plants that can really transform your indoor space as well as outside, so why not have a look what you can find! 

Hire a Handy Man

So, what if you’re not sure about tackling the house alone… have you thought about getting help from a professional? Hiring a handy man for things like painting or landscaping can be a real help for busy parents, and they don’t always cost an arm and a leg. Check out this handyman service which offers an affordable range of services to help you around the house, including painting, decorating, landscaping and repairs for an hourly rate. Edward’s Enterprises can help you get the exact look that you’re going for. Hiring a professional means that you can save time if you find that you’re too busy to do it all yourself.  Plus, you can be sure it will look great at the end. 

Get the Kids Involved!

kid drawing on wall

Pic Credit: Pixabay

One of the best tips for busy mums is to get the kids involved in the decorating! We all know how stressful it can be to keep the kids happy while working in the house, so why not kill two birds with one stone and get the kids to help! They can easily get involved with choosing color schemes or painting – just make sure the furniture is covered because this will get messy! This is especially good for when it comes to decorating their bedroom, as they will love helping and choosing how their space looks. Fill the kids’ rooms with beanbags and toy boxes to keep toys organized and floors tidy.

Top Tip! If you have small kids, avoid white furniture and paint, as handprints and stains show up very easily and can be difficult to get rid of. Or, you could consider buying paint that you can wipe clean, such as this ‘easy clean’ paint from Dulux. 


A great way to save money is by upcycling things you already have at home. This is especially great if you love DIY projects, and it’s easy to get older kids involved in this one. You can upcycle just about anything in your home. What I really love about upcycling things is that you are using stuff you already have, rather than throwing them away and buying new stuff – therefore it’s better for the environment. You can make them exactly how you want and put a personal touch on each item, making them unique. Check out these upcycling ideas to transform your home! 

So, there we have it – stick to these tips when you decide to give your home a makeover to make it as stress-free as possible. Just because you’re a busy mom, who says you can’t have a beautiful home? Happy decorating!


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Mamma Musings

Is Buying Gold Nuggets a Good Investment for Your Family’s Future

Gold nuggets are widely considered to be excellent investments for the future, so the short and simple answer to the question as to whether they are a good investment for your family would be yes. However, since you have this question, it is quite likely that you are not familiar with making investments in gold, therefore, do go through the following to make sure you don’t end up getting cheated.

How Do You Know What You Are Buying is Original?

gold nugget

Pic Credit: Pixabay

There is only one way to be absolutely sure if a gold nugget you are buying is really genuine and not some man-made, artificial lookalike, and that is that there is a requirement for the nugget/nuggets to have a Certificate of Authenticity from Orocal accompanying them.   Just in case you are not aware, Orocal is the premier name in the natural gold industry, which is why its certificates of authenticity hold the highest value in the business.

As all gold Nuggets by Grant come with the Orocal Certificate of Authenticity, buying from them directly would definitely be a way to make sure that whatever you are buying is genuine and will have actual investment value down the line.

Nuggets By Grant is able to source its gold directly from mines in Alaska, Canada and Australia, mainly due to the close connection Grant has with Orocal, which is another reason why the company has managed to maintain an excellent reputation in the business.

Nuggets By Grant has a very dependable and friendly customer support team, so talk with them first to know what size and kind would be right for you, before investing.

The Grades to Avoid

When you are investing in gold nuggets, it is important that you pay attention to the grade. Common grade and melt grade nuggets are the ones to avoid, even though they are certainly not duplicates.

The problem is that whether the gold price is appreciating or depreciating, the common grade and melt grade nuggets do not fare nearly as well as jewellery-grade or investment grade gold nuggets.

What are Collectible Grade Gold Nuggets?

Aside from the common, melt and jewelry/investment grades, gold nuggets also come in collectable grades, which is an inbetweener grade with variable value.  Collectable grade gold nuggets have slight mineralization from the host rock, which gives it an aesthetic appearance. While they are not as high-value in terms of pure gold price, they do have excellent collectors’ value, setting them only next to jewelry grade nuggets in terms of price.

When you see a gold nugget which is so beautiful, big and rare that it looks like something that should belong to a museum, it probably already is in a museum! If by any chance it’s not a fake, and you can afford one, rest assured that you have landed on a gold mine, in more ways than one.

Museum grade nuggets appreciate both with the value of gold, as well as in their potential collectors’ value, as long as they are authentic of course. Have the nugget lab tested if you are making a significant investment in one though, just to be sure.


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Mamma Musings

Business Ideas for Women That Want to Support Moms

Are you looking to take a leap of faith and go into business for yourself? Does the lure of flexible hours, working from home, and a better work-life balance peak your interests? Lots of women are making the transition into becoming their own boss for those very reasons. To be successful, however, they must come up with a business idea, product, and/or service that appeals to a large audience.

Fortunately, you don’t have to look very far to determine which people need the most help. As a mother yourself, you know the undue amount of pressure that moms are always under. You somehow manage to get through each day, but what if there were businesses out there that could make your lives easier?  What if there were businesses run and operated by women who can relate to and want to help you find balance? If you’re interested in helping fellow moms everywhere, these products and services can turn into profitable business ideas.

Mommy Blogger

on phone and laptop

Pic Credit: Pixabay

Women are always searching the internet with the hopes of finding relevant information on parenting. From learning how to reduce stress to tips on how to design a nursery or parent a teen, blogs are often their first stop. If you’re good at writing compelling content that women can relate to, this is a simple business idea to start.

You can create a blog specifically for moms that touches on topics ranging from health and wellness to terrible twos and teenage drama. You can monetize your blog by doing an affiliate marketing of valuable products and services women should use or selling blog space for advertisements.

Mobile Massage Therapist

If you have prior training as a massage therapist or have the time and financial resources to return to school for the proper certifications, you could start a great business. What mom doesn’t need to take more time to pamper herself? The only problem is finding a way to squeeze it into her schedule. As a mobile massage therapist, however, you would go to her. You can provide her with therapeutic services that include facials and massages to relax her mind and body.

Since you’ll be mobile, there aren’t many startup costs. You can find an affordable massage table for sale along with fresh linens, oils, stones, and other supplies you’ll need to provide her with the full spa experience. After just one session with you, chances are she’ll be reaching out to her friends and relatives in no time to pass along the word.


Babysitting isn’t just a summer job for teens, it can be a pretty lucrative business idea for women who want to support other moms. There’s always a need for trustworthy individuals to watch your kids. Whether they’re at home sick, have a scheduled day off from school, or you have something you’d like to do without the kids, it’s great to know you have someone reliable to call on.

You can offer babysitting services to women in your neighborhood. Offering to watch the children before school, on school holidays, when they’re sick, after hours, or weekends is great as this is when moms often need the most assistance.

House Cleaning or Organizing

tired cleaning

Pic Credit: Pixabay

Are you great at doing household chores? Perhaps you’re very well-organized? If so, you could offer your services to mothers everywhere. Cleaning and getting organized, unfortunately, tend to fall to the bottom of the list when you’ve got your hands full. Before long, everything is in disarray and you can’t find anything you need.

You can offer cleaning services to women in the area or consult and help moms to get their house more organized by helping them to purge items, invest in organizational items, and so forth.

Moms are strong, willing, multitaskers, but even they could use a helping hand. If you’re thinking of starting your own business, truly there is no better demographic to cater to. As you can see from the above business ideas, there are a lot of ways to assist mothers in their day to day lives. From calming them down with a soothing massage to getting their homes organized and sanitized, your services will certainly be appreciated – and used time and time again.

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Tips For Parents Whose Kids Want a Puppy


Pic Credit: Pixabay

Puppies, kittens and other furry creatures are tremendously appealing, and children are often very enchanted by the idea of having their own real-life cuddly toy. The only problem is that a puppy isn’t a cuddly toy, which is why lots of parents either refuse to get a pup, or get one without realising the work involved, and regret their decision.

That doesn’t mean that having a pet is a bad idea; in fact, growing up with animals is socially, emotionally, and physically good for kids. The issue is being prepared and knowing what you’re taking on, and that the kids – as far as is reasonable – take responsibility for the animal as well.

Puppy or dog?

Puppies are undeniably cute, but they’re a great deal more work than an adult dog as they’ll need house training, socialising and obedience training. If you have the time, and are either knowledgeable yourself or have someone who can help you, then a puppy isn’t out of the question. You do need to make sure you have the facilities, time, and patience to cope with a puppy as well as remember that they won’t be that cute little bundle of fluff for very long!

What breed of dog?


Pic Credit: Pixabay

Big dogs start off as small puppies, so don’t make the mistake of buying a pup without knowing how big it’s going to get. A smaller dog won’t necessarily be easier to train, however, and some small breeds are very excitable and bouncy, so finding out as much as you can about the breed you have in mind is well worth the time. You should go for a dog with a calm temper who can cope with the noise and disturbance young children create.

What facilities do you need?

Dogs need space, shelter, food, and companionship. If you’re going to be out all day leaving the dog at home alone, that’s a recipe for an unhappy hound, and you should look at a pet that doesn’t need you around so much, like a cat. If you’re out for a few hours for part of the day, then an even-tempered dog with plenty of home entertainment (bones, toys, and if possible a dog flap so they can get outside) should be fine.

How do you care for a dog?

Different breeds may need different kinds of attention; for example, a long-haired breed needs regular grooming and trimming. If you want a long haired dog and don’t have the time or skills to keep it clean and tidy yourself, you’ll need to take it for regular dog grooming appointments. Otherwise, its coat will become scruffy and matted, causing discomfort and skin disease.

A reputable breeder, rescue centre, or your vet are the best places to ask for advice on feeding and care, and your vet is an invaluable source of support for your dog’s routine health needs as well as being there for emergencies.

Dogs bring life and light to a home, and children who grow up with dogs gain many advantages from the experience. Having a dog can be a blessing, as long as you know what you’re doing and you can provide for all the dog’s needs.


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What to Expect When You Bring Your New Puppy Home

Very few things are cuter than a puppy, and if you’ve just brought one home, you’re going to have hours of fun and cuddles. As your puppy gets bigger, you’ll be able to take your pal hiking, playing in the park, swimming in the sea and enjoy having them sat on your lap while you’re watching the TV. Before then, however, be prepared for a certain amount of work and commitment. There’s a serious side to being a puppy parent and it starts as soon as you bring them home.

Puppy Proofing Your Home


Pic Credit: Pixabay

The hard work starts before you bring your puppy home because you have to make sure your home and yard are puppy proof. Anything that’s unsafe or off-limits needs to be put out of reach and you need to check for things that might be temptingly chewable. Loose items such as shoes, clothing, plants, and decorations should be kept off the floor. Any hanging material, such as drapes and tablecloths should be secured or removed altogether.

Your puppy’s tail can be very dangerous, particularly if it’s wagging all the time. Make sure any expensive ornaments or fragile decorations are kept up high. Hazardous materials should be locked securely away.

In the yard, check the fencing for any inviting escape routes and block access to the pool and other hazardous areas. Clear away garden hoses, tools, and plastic toys. It’s vital you’re able to create a safe and welcoming environment for your new arrival.

Getting in Supplies

You’re going to need some supplies for the big day. Puppy food is the most obvious, but there are several other things you’ll need to have close and handy. Lots and lots of newspaper is essential as it’s going to take a while for them to be potty trained. Dishes for food and water and a mat to protect the floor underneath are also important.

For the first few months at least you’re going to be training your puppy, so make sure you’ve got lots of puppy treats for rewards. Your puppy will need somewhere comfortable to sleep and a collar and leash for their experiences outside. Having a chew toy can help prevent them from chewing your favourite shoes or the coffee table.

What to Expect for the First Few Weeks

The first few weeks your new puppy spends with you at home are important. They’re going to be overwhelmed with all the new experiences at first, so introduce them to things slowly. If you’re planning to use doggy day care London services, this is also a great time to get your new puppy used to new faces, people and experiences.

Teach your kids to be gentle with the new arrival and not to snatch toys from their mouth or look directly into their eyes as this could be considered aggressive. Until everyone is better acquainted, it’s probably best if puppy and younger members of the family aren’t left alone. Toilet training is the first important hurdle to overcome, and this is going to require patience on your part.

In the first few weeks, it’s also a good idea to take a trip to the vet so that puppy and veterinarian can get acquainted and your puppy can have a thorough check-up. Your vet will also be able to advise you on the necessary vaccinations.


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Online Moneymaking Tips You Can Try Today

For full-time moms wanting to find additional income sources, the internet is heaven. There are more ways to make money online than ever before; it is incredible how the little things we enjoy doing online can turn into earnings.

You can, for example, start a YouTube channel on a specific topic. Talk about parenting, cooking, or other things you love – things you understand really well – and draw the attention of viewers from around the world. You can earn money with YouTube sooner than you imagine.

Still, becoming a content creator is not the only way you can monetize the internet. There are other things you can do to make easy money, and the tips we are about to discuss in this article will help you get started right away.

Offer Services

making money online

Pic Credit: Pixabay

Services are in high demand and are very easy to sell online. Sites like Fiverr and Freelancer already give you access to thousands – if not millions – of projects you can do right now. The tricky bit is landing that first project.

What you can do to overcome this challenge is to create an online showcase of your work or skills. People looking for services online base their purchase decisions on past work and reviews, so an online showcase will help you land your first project sooner.

Make It Personal

One of the services you can offer is consultation over the phone. It is a popular way to earn YouTube earnings for influencers, and it is a way you can utilize to earn money online. An app can help you charge for phone calls to fans; check out Callmart to learn more.

You can then offer your expertise to the paying customers. The calls can be about anything, including casual conversations and personal chat. Don’t be surprised to find a lot of customers calling in just to have a conversation, especially if you are a fun person to talk to.

Have Fun

The key to online success, including YouTube success, is loving what you do. When you enjoy the things you do to make money online, you are more likely to please the customers with your work. Happy customers are customers who are also happy to recommend you to others.

In reality, most of the things you can do to make money on the internet are fun by nature. Becoming an Instagram influencer or a YouTube creator, opening your own e-commerce site, and accepting paid calls as we discussed earlier are always exciting.

Stick to the Plan

While you can definitely earn easy money online, you should never expect all of your additional income sources to be easy to explore. There will be challenges along the way, especially if you are just getting started with marketing yourself online.

There is only one solution to this problem: persevere. Keep at it, continue refining your services and your marketing campaigns, and the customers will come. When they do, make sure they leave with a big smile on their faces so that they attract more customers to your online business. The more you do this, the easier it will be to achieve online success.


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Why Is There a Lack of Libido in Your Relationship?

When you become a parent, you may have noticed that both yourself and your partner are lacking in passion, which was perhaps never the case before your child was born. A lack of intimacy can severely impact relationships, but you may not be aware of the cause behind the issue.

Lack of libido affects more than one in five men and an even higher percentage of women. Therefore, it’s a fairly common problem in many relationships. If you’re concerned about either your own or your partner’s libido, it would be worth seeking the help of a professional who could give you the advice you need to get your intimate relationship back on track. Here are some of the most common reasons:

Relationship problems

You may have never considered that your relationship was in any kind of trouble, but if you feel as though you don’t want to be intimate with your other half due to a gradual lack of attraction, then this is often difficult to fix. There may be a vast number of other reasons why your relationship is having difficulties; such as lack of trust, friction with both careers and diverse parenting methods.
You may be in a long-term relationship which has changed dynamically over the years – perhaps you now see your partner in a friendly manner rather than romantically. Likewise, you may have been sleeping in separate beds since your child has been born which can affect your intimacy levels.


Less commonly, hormones can cause a lack of interest in sex. Conditions such as hyperprolactinemia can have a negative effect on your sex drive; in which there is a raised level of a substance called prolactin within the blood. Another hormonal problem is suffering from an underactive thyroid. Hormone issues are most commonly associated with women rather than men, meaning that male needs are often overlooked in society when it comes to lack of libido. Ehormones MD offers an HGH therapy clinic, providing human growth hormone injections to reinstall the necessary hormones in the body and help reinforce passion back into your relationship.

Stress and exhaustion

As a parent, you are no stranger to the immense responsibility that comes with taking care of your child, maintaining the home and keeping on top of your work and social relationships. Feeling stressed and overtired can take its toll on your happiness and can even cause a real lack of interest in the things you once loved to do. In these cases, it would be best to speak to your GP on how to move forward; either by taking medication or seeking therapy.


Since having your child, you may have started on contraception until you’re ready to conceive again, but with this, often comes the side effect of having a severe lack of interest in intimacy. Be assured that this usually only happens when you are on a new contraceptive method and should start to improve over a few months.


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Do Valentine’s Online This Year

heart shape

Pic Credit: Pixabay

Christmas may be well and truly in the rear-view mirror, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief that it’s completely over for another full year. However, there are still holidays and birthday throughout the year that we need to prepare for.  For those of you in relationships, the time to relax and unwind on the gift-giving front doesn’t last that long. Because, before you know it, Valentine’s Day will spring right up on you.

That’s right, the one day of the year where you have to show your significant other just how much you love them is almost here, which is why it’s time to get prepared. Obviously, there’s a certain etiquette to have depending on how long you’ve been dating, but that doesn’t mean you should start looking at the latest possible time.  Filled with ideas, buying Valentine’s gifts online is the ideal way to get ahead of the game this year, and this is why.

More Time to Prepare

Firstly it means you have more time to prepare as you’ll be able to shop around and see what’s out there. This means you’ll not only be able to find gift ideas you hadn’t thought of, but find things you’ve been looking for at a much better price. Also, if you order your gifts earlier, you won’t have that panic of them not arriving in time.

Much More Personal

Another good thing about buying cards and gifts online is that you can personalise them. This eliminates the need to spend hours sifting through card shops for that perfect message as you can type up your own, add a few nice images, and there you go. This applies to gifts as well, as you can get pretty much everything personalised, from mugs and scarves to plates, teddy bears and everything in between.

Skip the Queues

One of the biggest advantages of shopping online is that you don’t have to queue. After all, there’s nothing worse than spending hours standing in line at the card shop or gift store on a weekend, or even your lunch break. You simply just have to load up the computer, or even your phone, and get searching and then it comes straight to your door – job done.

Obviously, there are many more reasons why shopping online will help you out when it comes to buying Valentine’s gifts. But these three are key, so make sure you’re not running around looking for gifts and standing in queues this year, and get it all done early and online.

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Mamma Musings

Top Reasons to Buy Designer Clothes for Your Children

kids fashion pose

Pic Credit: Pixabay

The old saying “you get what you pay for” is more often than not very true in the world of fashion. But as our kids grow at the speed of light, investing in designer clothes for children is something many of us mums don’t always have on our radars. Instead — in my case anyway — I prefer to go down the frugal road and buy cheaper options. I know the boys will outgrow their clothes before they even have chance to wear them, so what could be the point?

That being said, I can’t help but admire children’s designer clothes from time to time and think to myself that a thing or two would definitely be worth the splurge. Here’s why.

They Are Lasting Souvenirs

Let me ask you a question. How many of you have some leftover clothing from your grandmother or mother, either as a keepsake or as something that you are actually still wearing? An old dress perhaps? I bet a few of you do — I certainly do! Now fast forward a few generations. How many of our children’s clothes do you think are likely to be left as a legacy in the same way, for their kids and grandkids to use? None? That’s likely the answer. The reason for this is the shift towards “throw-away” fashion in recent years. These days, everything is made to be extremely cheap but also extremely disposable. Don’t you think it’s a bit sad?

Investing in a couple of designer items for your child means that you have pieces you can keep, use and reuse, and cherish for a long time, or pass along to a relative if you’re not one to hoard. Designer clothes are high quality, robust and will see you through the years.

They Are Often Ethically Made

True cost film cover

Pic Credit: Netflix

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you watch the documentary The True Cost on Netflix. Of course, as mothers, we tend to budget tightly and prefer cheaper clothing options for our kids. But have you ever thought of the social and environmental impact of cheap clothes found in well-known international stores such as Zara and H&M? The True Cost highlights the relationship between low-cost aptly named “fast-fashion” brands and sweatshop workers’ conditions. The documentary follows a young Bangladeshi mother who has to part with her daughter to earn a living in one of those factories. It’s quite a slap in the face, but it’s also a great incentive to consider paying a little more for designer children’s clothes.

In comparison, many designer brands are known to be made locally with more adequate working conditions for their employees. And because these clothes are not made on the cheap on an assembly line, they are often much better quality and represent greater value for money — they will also last much longer than anything purchased from a fast-fashion brand. Definitely something to consider!

Better Design, Better Fit

If you’re a fan of good fit and originality for your kids’ wardrobe, there’s really nothing like a well-made, high-end designer piece for an occasional treat. It’s true that fast-fashion items are copies of what is seen on the runway, and there’s nothing wrong with that! However, the one thing you won’t find in these cheaper replicas is a fantastic fit, quality fabric and perfect aesthetic.

Fashion designers spend a lot of time making sure their designs perfectly fit the human body — something that cannot be said of cheaper alternatives. Designers research materials and cuts to deliver exquisite products that resemble pieces of art. Fabrics are often natural, more robust and vibrant, and contain far fewer chemicals.

So if you’re fond of art and beautiful design, and looking to be a bit more eco-conscious, go ahead and consider a designer item for your children. It’s a splurge that will turn into a lasting memory.


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Mamma Musings

A Guide to Affordably Improving Your Child’s Education

Child colouring

Pic Credit: Pixabay

A child’s education extends outside of the classroom. Yet, you might wonder how you can provide your children with learning opportunities if you’re on a tight budget. It might, however, be a relief to know there are many ways you can increase their knowledge without draining your bank balance.

If you want to make sure your son or daughter thrives academically, read the next few tips on how to affordably improve your child’s education.

Attend Free Museums

There are bound to be museums near you that are either free to enter every day of the week or provide free family days.  Exploring different exhibitions will allow your children to learn more about history, science or another subject, which could support their school studies and could potentially lead to them developing a passion or interest.

Set-up a Low-Cost Study Area

It’s vital your children have a quiet place to go to study or complete their homework each day.   If you want to ensure your child receives top marks on a test or paper, you should aim to set-up an affordable study area within their bedroom or a spare room. For example, you could buy second-hand furniture and wait for the January sales to purchase a laptop or PC.

Also, make an informed choice when purchasing office stationery to provide them with reliable products for a low price. For example, you can read this expert review of the Brother MFC-J5335DW compatible ink from Cartridge People.

Give Them Extra Homework

Child painting

Pic Credit: Pixabay

Every parent has a duty to ensure their child excels in the classroom. Not only must you ensure they accurately complete their homework on schedule, but you also should provide them with extra learning materials within the home.

For example:

  • Encourage them to read a book before bed
  • Give them a pop quiz on a subject
  • Provide them with informative online articles to learn about history, science, geography, etc.

It’s an affordable way to help your children expand their knowledge, so they will be more likely to secure top marks in school.

Visit Iconic Landmarks and Monuments

Almost every town and city feature iconic landmarks and monuments, which will allow your children to learn more about history. For example, if you live in Ireland, you can visit the Titanic Pier in Cobh, County Cork, which was the last port of call RMS Titanic made before it struck an iceberg. Do your homework to learn more about your city’s history and its iconic landmarks for a free, educational day out with the family.

Save for Your Child’s University Education

While Ireland provides many undergraduate students with a Free Fees Scheme on many courses, they will have to pay approximately 3000 EUR per academic year, which entitles them to examinations and various study services.   If you want your child to enter adulthood with zero debt, it might be beneficial to save for their university education while they are young. As a result, they’ll have no financial worries hanging over them and can focus on their studies.


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