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It pays to be energy efficient

You might be a homeowner, a private or social tenant, you might live at home with your parents or you might be a student. No matter how you live, we are all responsible for how much energy we consume and use on a daily basis. So, it’s up to everyone to work together to try and reduce our energy bills and make our homes more energy efficient.

Here you’ll find a few helpful ideas of how you can make your home the most energy efficient on the street!

Your supplier

If you’re fed up of paying over the odds for your energy bills or you think you could get them cheaper then head to an online comparison site or check out this website to see what you could save. You could also look at updating or upgrading your boiler to a newer, more energy efficient model.

Stop being on standby

Many of us are guilty of leaving the TV on standby – it’s easier to just switch it back on again, right? But many appliances can be safely switched off at the wall without having any negative effect on their programming or settings. Switching everything off properly can actually save you around £30 a year!

Just be wary of switching off any recording devices!

In the kitchen

The kitchen is a hub of electrical activity with lots of gadgets and helping hands at the ready. But if we use these appliances carefully you can actually save around £36 a year.

  • If you’re washing a few cups and plates, fill up a bowl of water to wash them, rather than using a running tap.
  • Making a cup of tea? Only fill the kettle up with what you’re going to need.
  • By cutting back on one washing machine load a week, you can save money throughout the year.

Cut the shower time short

We all enjoy a hot shower in the morning. It gets us ready for the day ahead. But the cost of running your electric shower is enough to give anyone a rude wake up call. If you opt to spend at least one minute less in the shower every day, you can cut at least £7 from your energy bill a year. Doesn’t sound like a huge amount, but I’d be more than happy to have an extra £7 in my purse!

Your lights

It’s like Blackpool illuminations in here! Well, if you remember to turn the lights off when you leave the room, you’ll never have to hear that quote ever again! You can also save around £15 a year on your energy bills if you pick up this helpful little habit.

There’s a draught in here!

Most homes lose energy through doors, windows and even up the chimney. You could have your heating blasting away but still have cooler areas of your home. Try a few draught proofing techniques such as covering window with thick blackout curtains, using draught excluders on doors and taping up window gaps.


Note: This is a collaborative post
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