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Preparing For The First Day Of Child Care

For those moms who are reading this article, I want to assure you that separation anxiety is a pretty normal part of having a kid. We all go through it, and getting your child ready for their first day of child care can be a very daunting task. This is probably the first time you and your baby will be apart for an extended time, and you will sometimes feel guilty about it. It is an emotional time in your life, but don’t worry, with a little bit of preparation, you can address these issues and turn this first day into a memorable day.

Get Familiar

We know how difficult it can be to get a place for your child in the first place. When you have secured a place for them at the child care centre, and there are a number of child care centres in Sydney, take them back there as soon as you possibly can, to get them used to the building, the surroundings, the people and the noise. If it’s OK with the people that work there, introduce your child to the other children and if possible, try to get a short tour around the facility. Doing all this now, means that when the time comes, your child will be used to it.

Create Comfort

When your child starts going to the care centres, then at some point, they will have to take a little nap and so, if you can get one of the care assistants to show where they will sleep, then that gets them used to the idea. Also, make your child familiar with where they will eat and drink and also the toilet facilities. Once they are familiar with this new environment, it will make them feel comfortable with the people who work there and the other kids.

Making The Transition Easier

If your child takes a liking to a particular toy or other child, let them explore and try to move out of their line of sight for brief moments. This will allow them to get used to you not being there, and they will realise that they are safe and having fun, and mom isn’t there. Let the assistants who work there, get to know a little more about your child. Anything that can help them best understand your kid, like what they like or don’t like to eat, or what kind of toy they like, can only help with the transition.

Praise And More Praise

Before your kids go to the child care centre, talk about it a lot, and praise all that it has to offer. Talk about the pretty pictures there, the toys, the playground and anything else, which gives a positive light. The more you talk about it, the more normal it will feel for your child and when the day comes to go, then it won’t be the scary occasion you thought it might have been.

It’s a difficult time for any parents, and any child’s life, but if you follow these simple steps, then you should be able to reduce your child’s anxiety levels, and yours too.

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