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Where to Invest in Your Home This Winter

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The nights are drawing in, and winter is just around the corner. With it comes many pleasures, such as snuggling up by the fire to watch a film with your loved ones, taking brisk winter walks and calling in to the pub for some hot food afterwards, and the joys of the festive season. We’re used to inclement weather in the UK, and for the most part, it doesn’t bother us, we just get on with things as normal. However, if your house is letting in draughts and you can see your breath when you wake in the morning, your home isn’t going to be the cosy haven it needs to be to sustain you through the winter. Now is the time to act and make sure you don’t suffer from a cold home before the worst of the winter weather strikes.

Insulation and drafts

One of the most important aspects of keeping your home warm is making sure it’s well insulated. You could be pumping heat into your rooms all day, but if it’s escaping through your old windows and through cracks in the doors, you’ll still struggle to keep warm. If you don’t already have loft insulation, or what you have is getting on a bit, you should arrange for new insulation to be installed to stop warm air escaping through the roof. Windows and doors are the next most likely culprits when it comes to poor insulation. If your home has old windows or doors that don’t fit properly, and you haven’t got double glazed units, it’s worth looking at getting them replaced. If you have an older home, you needn’t worry about having to put UPVC frames in, because companies like Timber Windows Direct can make bespoke double-glazed wooden windows to fit any age or period home.

Heating and hot water

If you’re using gas or oil, how old is your boiler? Do you have it serviced regularly and have you taken out an insurance policy to cover you for emergency repairs if it goes wrong? Boilers are one of those things that tend to get ignored when they’re working but can cause havoc if they break down. If you don’t have a modern condensing boiler, chances are you’re spending more than you need to on oil or gas, as older boilers aren’t as energy efficient as newer models. Installing a new boiler isn’t cheap, but if you consider the cost savings you’re likely to make, plus the reassurance that you’re less likely to have problems with a new boiler, then installing a new one could be a wise move. Having a service schedule in place will ensure your boiler is professionally maintained, and your engineer will be able to advise you when you should consider replacing it. Insurance against breakdown will give you further peace of mind, and help avoid expensive repair bills.

It’s always worth checking whether you could get a grant or contribution towards your home improvements because there are still incentives in place for some types of work. Most importantly, spending a cold, miserable winter won’t be good for you, your family, or your wallet, so invest in your home and keep yourself warm this winter.

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