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The world currently feels like a very strange place. Life as we know has effectively been turned on its head.  Many of us are now working from home, kids are out of school. We are missing friendly and family. Covid has made us stop and think, stop and evaluate. Who knows what the new norm we will have will look like. However a business lecturer once said to us many moons ago, in fact about 20 years ago….that in times of crisis comes opportunity. And you know something, its something we are seeing on a daily basis.  Shops moving to online only, business stocking new ranges of products. How many of us have seen the face mask/ face covering online shops popping up. I see even well known designers doing it too. It really does prove that point that by adapting you can still keep innovating and progressing your business.  Most of us at this stage have probably seen the Dutch Glasshouse solution  for a restaurant, a very novel idea.

It reminds me of a quote that hung in the library in the university I attended: “Instead of freaking out about these constraints, embrace them. Let them guide you. Constraints drive innovation and force focus. Instead of trying to remove them, use them to your advantage“.  How true and apt is that for the current circumstances.

Matt Redhawk

Matt Redhawk  a well know author and artist set out in an interview a wonderful quote which im going to share “Even when I’m doing nothing, I’m still learning, which has gained me immense knowledge in life and business.” I love this, simple and effective.  In terms of tips for entrepreneurs he speaks from the heart when giving advice – being passionate and having courage is what fuels him to keep following his dreams. I see he has written a book “Droughts and Dreams: Stories of Self-Reliance During America’s Darkest Times”  which provides powerful insight into families enduring the Great Depression. Definitely going to look into getting that book.

He refers to a successful entrepreneur as a continuous learner.  I can really see why that would be so important being adaptable is never more apparent than in the current situation where businesses must adapt to survive.  Some will even thrive.

A good entrepreneur…..

Having spent many years in working in the area of business if I was to think about the qualities that make a good entrepreneur in my own opinion, a couple of things do spring to mind.

  • being a risk taker, can certainly help
  • somebody with persistence – it is likely you will get knock backs but its dusting yourself off and getting back to work is so important.
  • being disciplined and methodological in how you approach the development and route to market
  • Research and then research some more, as Matt Redhawk said above keep learning and researching
  • Probably more of a business term but being an early adopter – not being afraid to use the latest technology. The world is moving at an increasingly fast pace and it is important to be able to keep up with that pace otherwise the risk is you fall behind and somebody comes in and takes the place you worked hard to carve out for yourself.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everybody but for those risk takers who love it, it can pay dividends.

Note: This is a collaborative post
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