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Dream Holiday Destinations To Book

Do you sit and think about your dream holiday and imagine all the fun places that you can go to? Better yet, what if you were able to take the steps to start booking a dream vacation and preparing for your next trip? When it comes to taking the first step in planning, you’ll need to put a focus and emphasis on an area of the world that you’re excited and ready to travel to.

Dream Holiday Destinations To Book

While travel may be off the agenda in the short term however it does not stop us dreaming and planning our next adventures. This begs the question…Where in the world do you really want to go? Ill start! Top of my bucket-list for a very long time was Lapland closely followed by Iceland. Having been fortunate enough to have visited both pre Covid. I have spent the last few weeks dreaming of where next and top for our family list is Barbados and Jordan, vastly different but intriguing countries and some might say not an immediate first choice for family travel.



Pic Credit: Pixabay

If you’re looking for a place that offers sunshine, beauty, and stunning landscapes and views that go on for miles, your attention should turn to discover the beauty of Barbados.

The clear waters, the green hills, the trails, and forests that you can walk on and through for miles…there really are very few places in the world that can take your breath away in the way that Barbados can.

And if you’re still having trouble picturing your toes in the sand on the beaches of Barbados, imagine sitting on the shore and taking in the sunsets and sunrises as well. The beauty that awaits you in Barbados is worth you diving in and researching more because it’s unlike any other place in the world.

Barbados wasn’t on my radar until recently when I happened upon a blog post about a new Aer Lingus route via Manchester direct to Barbados from July 2021. I get so excited when I read about new routes so had to have a nosey. My key thing always is, how family friendly a place might be, so off I went to find out just how family friendly it might be.  The Visit Barbados website has a wealth of information on its family friendly activities from submarines to safaris!

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3 Tips for a Memorable Travel with Your Kids


Pic Credit: Pexels

Traveling together with your kids is never an easy experience. There’s a lot to consider before embarking on such an important trip, like what they’ll wear, eat, and drink. While this task is often gruelling, some of the best memories of a trip are always with your little ones. 

Use these tips to ensure an easy and safe traveling experience with your kids, one that you’ll remember for years to come.

Plan Ahead

A successful trip with your children often depends on how adequately you prepare; understanding intricate details like your child’s age and health matters a lot when on the road. If your child experiences nausea from flying, you may want to carry disposable collectors with you.

The Kids passports should also feature as you plan for the trip. Without proper documentation, international travel is impossible.

Children love to have fun, and this merry often comes at an expense. When you’re barely conversant with a country, it is better to transact through a safer payment processing company which offers smoother processes.

Planning for any trip that you plan on going with your kids helps you avoid embarrassing situations and unnecessary headaches.

Explain the Purpose of the Trip

Kids, although unreasonable, can sometimes understand the seriousness of a situation. If it is your first time traveling with your kids, explaining different trip components will help them feel more comfortable. For example, if you plan to fly, ready them by explaining the feeling of boarding an airplane.

Use these strategies to prepare for a first time flight with your child.

Get the Timing Right

Kids, although constantly active, operate within specific schedules. Perhaps your child is more active during the morning hours and calmer in the afternoon. Scheduling flights during these periods of inactiveness ensure a smooth time flying.

Carry Painkillers

Due to the difference in air pressure during take-off and landing, it is common for children to have ear pains. Carrying pain medication helps deal with such situations immediately after the pop-up.

Bring Enough Distractions

Children have a very low concentration span. Expecting a child to remain still and silent for an eight-hour flight is simply impossible. Instead, carry with you distractions like favorite toys that will keep your child occupied when it gets boring.

Develop a habit of advising your child on important life matters, and you’ll be surprised at how attentive they can be.

Remain Alert

When on a trip with your kids, you will most likely spend a lot of time in fun public places like the beach. In such congested places, it is easy for them to get lost, and as such, you must always know their whereabouts.

Use trackers and other relevant gadgets to keep a keen eye on your children at all times. If older, ensure that they have or know your number in the event you separate.

Traveling with your family and, more so, the kids always proves to be a worthy investment. Your children often end up with such memories long after it happens. Have an easier and safer time traveling with your kids by planning, explaining the trip’s purpose, and remain alert at all times.


Fairy Travels

Top 4 Parks to Enjoy Interactive Animal Experiences in Australia

From friendly koala bears to scary spiders, there is no doubt that Australia boasts a unique range of animals and meeting them up close is a must when visiting the country. Not sure where to cuddle a koala or feed a crocodile? Then why not visit one of Australia’s conservational nature parks, which offer once-in-a-lifetime interactive experiences that you will remember forever! Here are some of the top nature parks to look out for when visiting Australia: 

Crocosaurus Cove 

Croc Cove Australia

Pic Credit:

If you are keen to get up close and personal with one of Australia’s famous crocodiles, then Crocosaurus Cove is the place to visit! The ultimate crocodile experience, Crocosaurus Cove features Australia’s only crocodile dive which involves coming up close to a 5m Saltwater crocodile from the safety of a cage. Crocosaurus Cove also offers a variety of other crocodile related activities, such as the reptile house, swimming with crocs, feeding crocs and the big croc feed show which are suitable for all ages! Situated in the north of Australia close to Darwin, Crocosaurus Cove provides the wonderful opportunity to explore the Northern Territory. Enjoy the thrilling and fascinating experience of getting as close as you can get to these incredible, prehistoric creatures!

Mogo Wildlife Park 

From white rhinos to adorable marmosets, Mogo Wildlife Park is home to the largest collection of endangered species in Australia! Known for its engaging and educational animal experiences, you can feed a tiger, play with meerkats or sit with a Squirrel at Mogo Wildlife Park, whilst you learn all about their habits and attributes from the experts! Situated not far from Canberra, Mogo Wildlife Park is an opportunity to explore rural Australia close to the capital and experience animals from all over the world!

Ballarat Wildlife Park

If you are eager to meet Australia’s native animals in a natural setting, Ballarat Wildlife Park is the ideal place to visit! With beautiful, green lush grounds, Ballarat Wildlife Park boasts over 100 kangaroos bouncing around the park as well as wallabies, meerkats, snakes and wombats, which you can feed from the palm of your hand. If you are visiting Melbourne, Ballarat Wildlife Park is the perfect way to experience nature!

Kuranda Koala Gardens

As one of the cutest and most iconic creatures in Australia, meeting a koala bear is a must! At Kuranda Koala Gardens, you can enjoy the unique experience of holding one of these friendly furry friends and capturing this moment forever on camera! The park is home to several other Australian animals, such as crocodiles, quokkas, wallabies and snakes which are also there to interact with. Located just north of Cairns, Kuranda Koala Gardens is a popular tourist attraction and allows you to discover the utter paradise of the Kuranda rainforest!


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Finland travel restrictions update

reindeer in Finland

Pic Credit: The Mamma Fairy Blog

We have been to Lapland (Rovaniemi- Finland) twice and are still cautiously optimistic about our trip at the end of January 2021. My post on diy Lapland still gets huge traffic as does my dressing for Lapland post. I get a lot of DMs and emails asking whether I think we will be able to travel this Winter season and the truth is none of us really know. It’s a constantly evolving situation and can be difficult to keep on top of the changing situation. As it stands (end September 2020) I have set out what the current situation is looking like. I will do my best to keep it updated as time goes on but please always rely on the official advice. I will set out the key websites below.

Finland Travel restrictions 

Post November 23rd

  • If your home country has less than 25 cases per 100,000 you can travel with no restrictions.
  • Greater than 25 cases the following are the key parameters:
    • If your visit is less than 72 hours you can travel with proof of negative test which itself is no older than 72 hours.
    • If your visit it more than 72 hours the above applies plus you will need a second test locally after 72 hours and self quarantine until you get the results.  The logistics around this are still being firmed up but this is the indicative guideline at the moment.

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Alaska – a 2021 bucket list destination

Back in 2010/ 2011 when we were planning our honeymoon we toyed with an Alaskan cruise. It’s one of those destinations that has always been on my bucket list.  Now that we have two wonderful boys some day I hope to be able to take them and share my bucket list trip with them. Maybe 2021 will be the year.  For anybody sharing this bucket list destination – American Holidays and Royal Caribbean have a mega offering to tempt us back to into the world of travelling again.

Escape to Alaska in 2021 with American Holidays and Royal Caribbean

Famed for its jaw-dropping landscapes, unspoiled natural beauty and incredible wildlife, a holiday to Alaska truly is a once in a lifetime experience. Boasting a longer coastline than all other US states combined, what better way to experience the breath-taking scenery of Alaska than with American Holidays on a Royal Caribbean cruise.

Don’t forget, you can now book your 2021 Alaskan cruise with peace of mind with American Holidays’ new Book and Travel with Confidence promise, giving you low deposits, from £/€100pp, up to three free amendments, and free cancellation up to 10 weeks before departure, should you need to make any changes. American Holidays trusted partners have your safety and wellbeing at their core, and all adhere to our robust health and safety audit. Learn more about how you can book and travel with confidence here.

Discover some of the world’s most stunning sights and make memories to last a lifetime as you sail through the wilds of the Last Frontier on your Royal Caribbean cruise ship. Sail on Serenade of the Seas or Ovation of the Seas, Royal Caribbean’s newest ship to sail Alaska, where you can pay a visit to the North Star, a glass pod rising 300ft above sea level from which you can enjoy stunning panoramic views of the surrounding scenery as you sail through Alaska’s Inside Passage, Icy Strait Point or past the Hubbard or Dawes glaciers.

Ovation of the Seas offers you the chance to experience rock climbing walls and surf simulators to beautiful swimming pools and luxurious spa services, Royal Caribbean cruise ships are the ideal place for you to soak up breath-taking views of Alaska’s unspoiled landscape! Treat your taste buds while onboard, with incredible dining services, whether your craving Far East flavours, family-style Italian dishes, American steakhouse classics, there’s something for everyone onboard.

The amazing experiences don’t stop there. Your Alaska cruise holiday will take you to the port of Juneau, home to snow-capped mountains, misty rainforests, massive glaciers and bounty of wildlife as well as Skagway, the site of the famous Klondike Gold Rush. Anchorage is the state’s largest city and a gateway to the rest of the state. Take a trip to Denali National Park, the tallest peak in North America! This can be seen from as far away as Anchorage on a clear day! Covered in wildflowers, rushing rivers and calm lakes, an up-close view is more than worth the expedition during your holiday.

Whether you’re interested in hiking through a forest, trekking to glaciers, whale watching excursions or a shopping spree downtown, the towns along Alaska’s inside passage provide a variety of unique outdoor adventures.

No trip to Alaska would be complete without experiencing some of the local delicacies. Alaskan food focuses on using locally sourced ingredients, without compromising on flavour! Try some locally sourced fresh black cod or fresh king crab. Fancy something sweeter? Alaska is famous for its abundance of wild berries so, be sure to try some wild berry cobbler on your travels – you won’t be disappointed!

Get the best of both worlds and combine your Alaskan cruise with a city break with American Holidays…

Family Alaskan Cruise Adventure

Planning a family holiday to remember? American Holidays’ Family Alaskan Cruise Adventure begins with one night in Seattle before boarding Royal Caribbean’s incredible Ovation of the Seas for a 7-night Alaskan cruise.  Firstly, you and your family will arrive in Seattle, a wonderful blend of nature and urban beauty, the perfect city break destination and spend one night here.

On the second day of your family holiday you’ll board the incredible Ovation of the Seas for your cruise to Alaska from Seattle. This is a fantastic cruise ship and the perfect option for families as there are so many amazing fun features onboard. Scale the heights of the rock wall, experience the thrill of a free fall on RipCord® by iFLY®, or catch a wave on the FlowRider® all against the backdrop of the stunning Alaskan glaciers you sail by. Another real highlight will be a visit to the North Star pod which lifts you 90ft above sea level for breath-taking panoramic views of the Alaskan landscape.

On this cruise holiday you’ll experience some of the most beautiful places in Alaska. You’ll sail through Alaska’s Inside Passage which spans 500 miles of shoreline, covering some of the world’s most breath-taking landscapes and wildlife. You’ll stop at the ports of Juneau and Skagway, home to an abundance of exciting outdoor activities for the whole family! You’ll also sail through the Endicott Arm Fjord which is surrounded by granite cliffs, mountain valleys and dozens of gushing waterfalls. Finally, your last stop on your cruise is in Victoria, British Columbia, known as the ‘cycling capital of Canada’, this is the perfect spot for the whole family to rent bikes and explore the area on two wheels.

Take me there…..sounds just incredible.  Starting from €1,699, my interest is seriously captured. Now just to convince my husband……

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A weekend in the Volkswagen California Camper

On a Friday at the end of August, just prior to the schools returning, I earned the best accolade!! Officially declared the best mammy ever! Why you might wonder…….

Well, I announced that we had been kindly offered the use of a Volkswagen California for a weekend. I am sure the squeals of excitement could be heard for miles! I mean what is not to love, the freedom of being able to hit the road and stay pretty much where we wanted. It didn’t take too long to formulate the plan of where to go. The kids wanted to show their cousins so it was decided pretty quickly we would head for quite possibly our favourite place….Donegal.

As luck we have it, we happened on possibly the only weekend where the weather was akin to a mini heatwave.  We packed up Friday after the oldest had finished soccer camp and we were off down the N3 with everything but the kitchen sink, and some very happy kids and adults.

The Volkswagen California 6.1

The model we had the use of was the California 6.1 – 2020 so brand-new version with the very eye-catching two-tone paint work.  That copper bronze is really fab! It has a 2-litre diesel engine with automatic transmission. I am informed that the annual road tax is a very reasonable €102.

Some initial thoughts on the spec

  • The way the space is designed is impressive, a very clever use of space. There is a decent size fridge (42l), 2 ring gas hob, sink, cutlery drawer and an abundance of storage. The front seats swivel around, and the table is pulled up to make it the perfect dining/ chill out space. I could ramble on about this for ever, it’s the little details.  The outdoor table is stored in the sliding door frame, the chairs literally in the boot door. No space is wasted. It’s so ergonomically designed and its ease of use I feel is a big selling point.
  • Its deceptively spacious, from just looking at the outside I didn’t expect to have so much space inside.
  • The kids went wild for the sleep set up. The roof rises (push button electric) and there is a decent size double up there and the two back seats lie flat to form the other double.  Plenty space for 2 adults and 2 kids. The base of the bed can also be pushed up into the roof to allow standing room too. Each window has blinds including very cleverly designed front windscreen blinds.

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Lapland in the summer time – Midnight Sun


Pic Credit: The Mamma Fairy Blog

Its no secret we totally fell in love with Lapland, the people, the culture, the scenery, its just spectacular.

We have been in 2018 and 2019 and depending on how Covid pans out of the coming months we are planning to return in 2021. I think we leave a bit of our hearts there each time. The kids are lucky enough to have seen a lot of the world but Lapland (Rovaniemi) is the only place we have returned to a second and hopefully a third time. That’s saying something.

For some tips on Lapland on a budget – I have written this post and I also have this post on our 2019 trip. Both posts are packed with details on getting to and enjoying all the best that Rovaniemi has to offer.

However, one thing that we have been toying with is to see Lapland in the summer time – to see the Midnight sun. The concept fascinates me.  I saw an email from last week which contained a youtube clip on a 3 day Lapland trip and if this doesnt inspire you to visit and see it for yourself im not sure what will!! There is tonnes on Visit Rovaniemi who have a dedicated page on Summer 2020 if you do need any more information.

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Rediscover the beauty of Ireland with Google Maps

As we journey into Phase 3, people are ready to escape their back gardens and are looking for a holiday. As Government advice continues to advise against all non-essential foreign travel now is the time to plan a staycation and rediscover everything Ireland has to offer.  Whether you’re planning a staycation at home with day trips to local sights or  going further afield for a longer trip, Google Maps is on hand to help staycationers rediscover the best of Ireland.

From isolated beaches to breathtaking mountains Ireland has some of the most spectacular scenery in the world and our cities, towns and villages are filled with museums and attractions that can keep all the family occupied for days. Google Maps has everything you need to plan the ultimate road trip at your fingertips, with Local Guides advice on hand along the way to help find the best route, best view and best place to have dinner and drink after a long day of sightseeing. Google Maps is the ultimate travel companion whether you’re driving across world famous routes like The Ring of Kerry, discovering the soaring Cliffs of Moher, braving the Wild Atlantic Way, uncovering the history of Newgrange or spending a day delving into Irish history through the many museums in the Capital.


These Google Maps features will help people have a staycation to remember this summer:

  • Create lists so you can keep track of your favorite places and share them with friends.
  • Find hidden gems: Use the Explore tab find the best restaurants, sights and events happening in the area.
  • Find things to do and places to eat based on your unique interests and preferences.
  • Go Handsfree Keep your focus on the road by using voice commands on Google Maps. Just say “OK Google, find petrol stations” or “ Show alternate routes” to get the information you need, hands free.
  • Offline maps: No data? No problem.

    Pic Credit: Pixabay

    You can still find your way even if you have spotty reception or an expensive data plans. You don’t need data on a road trip, you can download a map of an area so you can see directions and use turn by turn navigation even when you can’t get online.

  • Plan activities as a group: With group lists in Google Maps, planning travel with others is simple and efficient, giving you the ability to create an itinerary together by adding places to go and things to do as a group.
  • Plan ahead: Look for restaurants doing takeaway, dine-in or delivery. COVID-19 has forced many restaurants to change their operating models or even temporarily close, which makes planning ahead even more important. With Google Maps you can look for local restaurants around you that are open, offering takeaway, delivery, or no-contact delivery.

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The Canary Islands with Kids

The last few weeks have been a strange mix of emotions. I am thankful we are all well but I am aware it is not the same for everybody. I have been wiling away many hours pouring over family holidays. With both of us working out of the house full time to now both working in the house full time, we are acutely aware of how valuable time is as a family. I have only realised how much I looked forward to our trips away together, exploring, adventuring and educating ourselves on cultures and ways of life. My kids just love travel and its been an fantastic education for them to be able to have such experiences so young. So……as the world begins to re-open to travel, now is the perfect time to start planning your next trip with the kids!

From beautiful long beaches and glistening shallow water to theme parks and watersports, the Canary Islands has something for even the most demanding mini traveler. My pair are total water babies so this is right up their street!

Read on to find out more…

Siam Park, Tenerife – The World’s Top Artificial Waves

water slide

Siam Park

Tenerife’s Siam Park is one of the most popular parks in the world, according to TripAdvisor, and it’s easy to see why! Siam Park has a huge variety of pools, fun aquatic rides as well as a wave pool with some of the world’s best artificial waves. Siam Park also offers thrilling daredevil rides such as the Mekong Rapids, a fast-paced water slide ridden on a rubber boat, or the Dragon, a vertical funnel for up to four persons boasting a vertical zero gravity experience – perfect for keeping the bigger kids entertained! Wind down after your action-packed day on the white sand of Siam Beach, home to beautiful clear turquoise waters.

One day tickets for Siam Park begin at €25 for a child and from €37 for adults. Find more information at

Leap around like Tarzan in the Forestal Park, Tenerife

Leap off Tarzan Swings or fly down ziplines at the gates of Teide National Park. Forestal Park, Tenerife, offers a truly unique adventure for kids, both big and small! The park is surrounded by canary pines as well as a landscape full of biodiversity in the protected area of Las Lagunetas. Forestal Park consists of three different modules ranging in difficulty to suit all ages. Find out more information at

Camel Rides in Fuerteventura

Oasis Park Fuerteventura is one of the biggest animal parks in the Canary Islands and is also the largest camel reserve in Europe. It differs from a classical zoo by allowing visitors to view the beautiful fauna from the top of a camel! Visitors sit on a saddle perfectly adapted to the camel, which arrived in the Canary Islands from Africa in the fifteenth century. With an option to take a short or long trip, inside and outside the park, this is one experience not to be missed! Visit for more details.

Lanzarote – Dolphin and Whale Spotting

kids in a boat

Whale watching

Dolphins, whales, and turtles are all species which can be seen in the waters of the Canary Islands, on a number of different environmentally friendly tours offered around the islands. Kids will enjoy it as much as adults, and there’s no better way to learn about marine animals and how to respect them than seeing them in their natural habitats. In Lanzarote, there are even submarine trips to the seabed!

Discover the Volcanos in the Timanfaya National Park, Lanzarote

There’s no better way to introduce the kids to mother nature and the world of volcanoes than visiting the Timanfaya National Park in Lanzarote. The little ones are sure to enjoy the unique Martian-looking landscape – broken land and rusted, iron-red earth, as well as learning about the history of the park, which is centred around the volcanoes active during the island’s six-year Timanfaya eruption from 1730-1736. These eruptions covered a quarter of Lanzarote in lava, burying 11 villages and forcing the entire population to flee. To this day the heat of the ground and the sulphurous chemicals render it almost devoid of life; there are small bushes and lichens, but even three centuries later there are no grasses or forests.

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My Favourite Travel Apps

My favourite Travel Apps

For anyone from frequent fliers to travel amateurs, there are plenty of travel apps out there available for easy download to make planning your next trip easier than ever. Whether it is an app for finding the nearest bathroom on the road or alerting you when flight prices drop, there is no doubt that traveling is becoming easier and easier.


Hopper is an app used for analyzing different prices of flights and hotels daily, alerting you when prices are starting to drop. You type in your dream destination, and it will let you know if prices are low and you should book it, or if you should hold off until prices start to drop a little more. This app saves users so much money on trips that could have cost them thousands of dollars more.


aeroplane wing

Pic Credit: Pixabay

Kayak allows users to filter flight airlines, departure times, hotels, and car rentals, while also allowing you to change locations and dates. After booking your vacation, the app alerts and updates you on your flight’s status, security wait times, and where your airport terminal is. For these perks, Kayak wins the best app for filtering hotels and airlines.


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