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Make the Most of Your First Ski Trip: Tips for New Skiers

Make the Most of Your First Ski Trip: Tips for New Skiers

Skiing is an exhilarating winter sport that is enjoyed by millions of people around the world. It can be a great way to exercise and enjoy the scenery of the mountains. Skiing can also be intimidating for people who have never tried it before. It’s important to be prepared and know the basics before you hit the slopes. 

Here are some tips for new skiers to make the most of their ski trip: 

Arrive On Time

The first thing is to arrive at the skiing destination to join your friends or family who are already experienced skiers for a better experience. This will help you to get comfortable and get the necessary equipment and things to know before a start.

Dress Appropriately

Dressing for the weather is essential when skiing. Make sure you are wearing a waterproof jacket and pants to protect you from the elements. Layer up with base layers, such as longjohns and a thermal top, to keep you warm. Wear gloves and a hat to keep your extremities warm. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun and the wind.

Get the Right Gear 

Renting or buying the right ski gear is essential for a successful ski trip. Skis should be the right length for your height and ability. Ski boots should fit snugly and be comfortable. You will also need ski poles and a helmet for safety. Make sure you are familiar with how to use your gear before you hit the slopes.

Take a Lesson 

Taking a lesson before hitting the slopes is a great way to learn the basics of skiing. A qualified ski instructor can teach you the fundamentals, such as how to turn and stop, and will tailor the lesson to your experience level. It’s also a great way to meet other skiers and make new friends on the mountain. 

Start Easy 

When starting, it’s best to begin on green or blue runs. These are the easiest and most suitable for beginners. Take it slow and get used to the feeling of skiing before you attempt a harder run. As you gain confidence, you can tackle some of the steeper, more challenging runs.

Stay Hydrated

It’s important to stay hydrated while skiing. Skiing is an aerobic activity, and you can easily become dehydrated if you don’t keep up your fluid intake. Make sure you take regular breaks to rest and drink plenty of water. 

Be Prepared 

Before you head out on the slopes, make sure you have all the necessary supplies. Pack a first aid kit, an extra layer of clothing, sunscreen, snacks, and water. It’s also a good idea to bring a map of the area and a cell phone in case you get lost or need help. 

In the end, skiing is a great way to enjoy the winter and get some exercise. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to having a successful ski trip. Make sure you have the right gear, take a lesson, and get familiar with the mountain before you hit the slopes. Most importantly, have fun and stay safe.

Note: This is a collaborative post 

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5 Tips for Tallinn with kids

5 Tips for Tallinn with kids

I was so excited to visit Tallinn, I was fascinated by the Medieval architecture and the fairy tale like streets.  However I hadn’t seen many posts on tips for Tallinn with kids so I vowed to do this post when I get back to help other families visit this stunning city.  Below are my top tips for getting the most out of your trip to Tallinn with kids.

1 – Get the Tallinn Card

We have used city attraction type cards in many countries around the world.  The Tallinn Card is available on-line or in person over in Tallinn and can be purchased for different durations such as 24, 48 or 72 hours.  The card itself covers free or discounted entrance into over 50 attractions. Tallinn isn’t a big city and very walkable, so we could plan our attractions easily. I asked the kids if they had a favourite attraction and between them listed their top 3 – Kiek in de Kök (I totally agree, spectacular) , Seaplane Museum and Proto Invention Factory (very cool …. so  much so we went twice!) all of which had free entry with the Tallinn Card.   Another huge plus of the Tallinn Card is that it grants you unlimited free public transport on Tallinn’s buses, Trams and Trolleys. To give you an idea of the price a 48 hour card is €51 for an adult and €26 for a child.  This is definitely one of our top tips for Tallinn with kids.

2 – Get lost in the medieval streets

The first thing you will notice in Tallinn is how stunningly beautiful the streets are, its impossible not to be awed.  The first morning we just wandered meandering around the quaint streets. The town hall square is really lovely as it the area around St Catherine Passage. I honestly felt like I was in an old movie, so beautiful and captivating.


3 – Sample a Medieval feast 

Dotted around the main square are little quaint medieval pubs like III Draakon and Olde Hansa.  Its a really cool experience, the staff are in traditional outfits and act our their roles really well. The food is served by candlelight making it really atmospheric.

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Snow Activities in Manchester | Embrace The Chilly Weather

Discover Snow Activities In Manchester!

Winter has arrive, and what better way to embrace the chilly weather than by engaging in some exciting snow activities in Manchester? If you’re looking for an adrenaline-fueled day out with family and friends, Chill Factore is the perfect destination to visit. Located just a few minutes from the city center, this indoor snow park boasts a range of activities that cater to all skill levels and ages.

The Snowpark

The Snowpark is one of the main attractions of Chill Factore. Here, you can slide down the slopes, spin around in the Snow Discos, and explore the Luge Slip ‘n’ Slide. The park also has a dedicated Kids’ Snow Park, where the little ones can enjoy their own snow adventures. With four different areas to choose from, there’s never a dull moment in the Snowpark.

Learn to Ski or Snowboard

child in snow

Pic Credit: Pixabay

For those who want to learn to ski or snowboard, Chill Factore offers lessons for beginners and intermediate level skiers. With highly experienced instructors, you’ll soon be carving your way down the slopes like a pro. The lessons include equipment hire and practice time, giving you plenty of opportunities to hone your skills.

Grab a bite to eat

After working up an appetite on the slopes, you can grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants and cafes located in the park. From hot drinks to hearty meals, there’s something to satisfy every taste bud. And if you’re looking to take a break from the snow, Chill Factore also has a variety of shops and leisure activities to keep you entertained.

One of the unique features of Chill Factore is the ‘Mini Moose Land’ area, specially designed for toddlers and young children. This safe and secure play area provides hours of fun for kids, while parents can sit back and relax in the nearby cafe.

If you’re looking for a winter wonderland experience without leaving Manchester, Chill Factore is the perfect destination for you. With a wide range of snow activities, lessons, food, shopping, and entertainment, there’s something for everyone at this indoor snow park. So why not grab your family and friends and head to Chill Factore for a fun-filled day out?

In conclusion, Manchester offers some of the best snow activities in the UK. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skier, there’s something for everyone at Chill Factore. So, next time you’re looking for an exciting day out, why not embrace the snow and head to Chill Factore for an unforgettable experience.


Note: This is a collaborative post

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5 Adventure Trips To Book For Your Next Holiday


Pic Credit: Pexels

When it comes to having more adventure in your life, a great way to fit it in is to escape on an adventure holiday. While a nice trip to somewhere warm to relax on the beach can be cathartic in an otherwise busy life, pushing the boundaries in a different setting and experiencing everything the world offers can offer you something you may not otherwise participate in daily life.

This post looks at different adventure holidays you can take to get the adrenaline pumping.

Outback Adventure

Australia is a beautiful country with so much to see and do. Stepping away from the popular tourist destinations and experiencing the outback can give your trip won under a whole new vibe and provide you with something you will likely never experience anywhere else in the world. A trip to The Outback, which is the name for more inland areas of New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, and the Northern Territory, can be a great addition to your trip, with so many areas of outstanding natural beauty, hiking trails and more booking a brand new 4 day Uluru tour when visiting Australia can give your tip something extra special.

Glacier Hunting

Glaciers are natural phenomena worldwide and can be breath-taking to experience in real life. There are various ways you can take in the sights o a glacier, from booking a day trip from your destination to see a glacier or heading to a national park to experience the local environment. From Alaska to Iceland, Canada, and more, you can choose the best option to view these monuments once and experience life as a local while visiting too.

Climb Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is located in the Andes. Often heralded as one of the top things local adventurers should do in their lifetime, climbing Machu Picchu. Depending on your activity level or experience, you can complete this trek in 5 days or pick one of the tour operators who can drop you at a closer point to complete it in less time. Either way, you will experience something that will be breathtaking when you reach it.

Underground Caves

If being underwater is more of your thing, why not head to one of the best underwater cave experiences in the world? Suit up and get below the sea and experience everything the underwater world offers you, from Waitomo Caves in New Zealand to Marble Cathedral, Chile, and Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula.


Paragliding is a popular activity in any country around the world. From Switzerland to Quebec, Nepal, and Valle De Bravo, Mexico, you can experience the world from up high and get your adrenaline fix at the same time. While paragliding in Turkey is often touted as one of the best experiences, you can pick a destination and see if this is available.


If sitting on a beach sipping cocktails sounds like the worst holiday in the world for you, then sinking your teeth into an adventure holiday can be the best way to explore the world and push your limits to give yourself a genuinely unforgettable experience.

Note: This is a collaborative post

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9 Exciting Things to do at Night Near Times Square

9 Exciting Things to do at Night Near Times Square

Times Square at night

Things to do near Times Square at night

New York is known as the city that never sleeps. And as soon as you visit, you’ll see just how true this is. Night or day, the city is absolutely buzzing with things to see and do, and many places stay open right through the night.

Nowhere is this more true than in and around Times Square. This brightly lit square is packed full of attractions, and the fascinating street life continues here right through the night. If you’re looking for things to do in New York after darkness falls, Times Square is the ideal place to start your journey.

Drop off your bags at a Times Square luggage storage, and you’ll be able to explore without carrying more than you need to. Try some of these nocturnal attractions in and around Times Square, and you’ll be seeing some of the best nighttime activities New York has to offer.

Enjoy the Midnight Moment

Times Square at night

Things to do near Times Square at night

With its eye-popping bright neon signs, Times Square itself is perhaps best enjoyed at night. Stick around until 12 AM to catch the Midnight Moment, when many of the huge screens and the square synchronized to display artwork by contemporary artists designed for this massive public space. It’s an unforgettable thing to experience in New York, and although it only lasts a moment, you’ll probably treasure the memory for a lot longer than that.

See a Broadway show

This is one of the quintessential things to do while in New York, and Times Square is the ideal place for it. Many theatres in the area offer matinee and evening shows, and some even carry on into the early hours of the morning.

Book tickets to a show, and you’ll be enjoying one of New York’s most iconic experiences while making memories that are sure to last forever.

There’s so much variety in the New York theatre scene that the chances are good you’ll find a show that appeals to you, no matter where your tastes lie. And if you’re willing to venture off-Broadway and explore more experimental work, you can get tickets for surprisingly affordable prices in this expensive city.

Tour the Theater District

Even if you don’t go to see a show, the theatre district around Broadway is well worth exploring all by itself. You can take a self-guided tour of some of these magnificent buildings and find out about the history behind them, or why not join one of the many guided tours to get a more in-depth look at this incredible part of NYC?

Go Bowling at Bowlmor

times square

Roof top view New York

This Times Square bowling alley is open until 2 AM on weekends, so you can enjoy some late-night fun with your friends or family. The alleys are brightly lit and attractively decorated, and there’s a huge range of different lanes to choose from. Plus, if the game isn’t going your way, you can always grab a snack or drink to fuel up between frames.

Admire the Skyline From a Rooftop Bar

There are few better places to enjoy a fancy cocktail with a view the New York, provided you have the budget for it. Explore in and around Times Square, and you’ll find tons of great bars with outdoor terraces that offer sweeping views of the city. Or you can try one of the rooftop bars in nearby neighborhoods like Midtown and Hell’s Kitchen, which also have great skyline views to take in as you sip your drinks.

Take a Helicopter Tour

Rooftop bars in New York don’t come cheap, but the views they provide make them worth considering as night-time activities. The same is even more true for a helicopter tour of New York. Expect to pay hundreds of dollars, but you can also expect a truly unforgettable experience as you explore the city from the unique vantage of the sky. It’s an experience you won’t find anywhere else and one that will give you totally new perspective on the city.

Explore a Speakeasy

A more affordable option is to explore New York City’s underground bar scene by seeking out some of its hidden speakeasies. These secret bars can be hard to find, but they’re worth it if you want to enjoy some drinks without paying too much. Some of these bars even have 1920s-era decorations, so you can get yourself in the mood for a true prohibition feel.

Take a Horse-drawn Carriage Ride

Times Square

Horse and Carriage Times Square

For something romantic, or even something fun to do with kids, consider spending part of your evening touring the sights in a horse-drawn carriage. Many tours include Time Square and other top attractions like Rockefeller Center and Central Park. If you’re in town at Christmas, the ride is even more magical, but don’t forget to bundle up as the temperatures can be quite chilly, especially at night.

Visit Hershey’s Chocolate World

For a more family-friendly experience, head to Hershey’s Chocolate World for some sweet treats and fun activities. This Times Square shop offers everything from factory tours and interactive experiences, to candy-making classes. Plus, you can even customize your own chocolate bar! The store stays open until midnight on Friday and Saturday nights, so there’s plenty of time to get your fill of all things chocolatey.


Any list like this can only hope, at best, to scratch the surface of all there is to do in New York. Whether by night or by day, the city offers almost infinite options for entertainment, shopping, dining, and just about everything else you want on a city break. So drop off your bags at a luggage storage and get ready to explore what may well be the world’s greatest night-time city on your next trip.

Note: This is a collaborative post

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5 Tips for Jordan with kids

Tips for Jordan with kids 

If travelling to Jordan with kids is on your agenda we have compiled tips and advice based on our recent trip to Jordan. I have lots of queries via our Instagram on our trip and it has taken me way longer to write this article but life has been busy with work and my kids play and compete in a lot of sport so time just run away on me!

  • The Jordan Pass 

Jordan with kids Jerash

Jordan with kids Pic Credit: The Mamma Fairy Blog

I had read a lot and I mean a lot while planning and researching this trip and the Jordan Pass was a no brainer it covers entry into over 40 of the key sites including Jerash, Wadi Rum Petra and also by purchasing the pass the 40Jd visa fee is waived. Kids under 12 go free anyway to the tourist sites in Jordan so you don’t have to buy a pass for kids however you do need to pay the 40jd visa fee. It’s comes via email which you can store on your phone, however we printed them out as I heard reviews of people have difficulty when scanning on the phone and also saves you having to hand over your phone every time.  In theory you are meant to also show your passport or a copy of it but we were never asked in any site but did have it copied and printed again just to save having to hand it over every time we wanted to enter one of the attractions.

  • Arriving into Jordan 

Jordan with kids Citadel Amman

Jordan with kids – Amman Citadel Pic Credit: The Mamma Fairy Blog

I find when travelling with young kids you need to be flexible and I feel anyway take it at a slower pace. Jordan has 2 airports one in Amman, its capital and the other in Aqaba in the south of the country.  Its certainly worth considering your key attractions and factoring the airport around that for example, Aqaba is closer to Petra and Wadi Rum where as Amman is closer to the Dead Sea, Jerash, Baptism Site, Madaba. The distance from Amman to Petra is over 4 hours each way.

Another thing to note is do be prepared to queue at visa desks, it took us quite a while to get through so I was glad I had snacks for the kids.  Also be sure to fill in the tourist form before you arrive to get your QR code. Its all online and quick to fill in.

Visas took so long that when we landed to the belt they had moved our luggage over to a holding/ storage area which nobody had told us. We have an old suitcase with a distinctive colour which one of the kids spotted quickly. In addition we did have a tile in it so we knew at the very least it had made it to Amman.

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Tips for skiing with kids

Tips for skiing with kids 

Getting your kids ready for their first lesson on the slopes is exciting but you might be thinking about getting a thousand things or doing a thousand things that you probably don’t need to or you might be forgetting something important. We love winter holiday with our kid having been to Tromso and Lapland in recent years.   Here’s our concise, handy guide on tips for skiing with kids with thanks to Maison Sport.


Keep in mind your kids will probably fall quite a few times before getting the hang of it, so it’s important to make sure their attire is appropriate so as to avoid snow getting inside their clothes. Here are our tips for clothing:

  • One-piece ski suit is better than a two-piece outfit. We’ve all experienced it, even as adults, it can happen that when you fall your jacket can ride up and some snow gets inside. Especially for young kids, 6 and under it’s better for them to wear a one-piece suit rather than a two-piece suit.
  • Mittens are better than gloves. Especially for younger boys and girls, mittens tend to be better not only because they keep their hands warmer, but also it’s easier to grip the ski poles. As a plus, the wrist straps will make sure they won’t lose their mittens even if they take them off.

    skiing with kids

    Tips for skiing with kids

  • Ski masks under the helmet. A ski mask protects head, ears, neck and face if needed. Again it’s practical because it doesn’t leave many gaps for snow or cold to get through.
  • Layer Up.  Layers will make sure your kids stay warm during their lessons. Typically you’ll want at least three layers –  thermal layer, a fleece layer, and a waterproof insulating layer.
  • Don’t buy too many things. Keep in mind that next year your kids will have probably outgrown all their clothes so don’t go crazy buying too many things, especially if you only ski once or twice a year. Better yet, if you have other friends with kids, you can always borrow a few things!
  • Ski Socks. It’s worth investing in a couple of sets of ski socks, much better than using normal or sport socks. They’ll only need to wear one set, don’t send them out in two layers of socks.


How cute is it seeing all the little kids with their little skis on or on their mini boards? Making sure they feel comfortable in their equipment is key for them to have a good time during their lesson.

  • Get them used to it. As soon as you have your equipment, make sure they are comfortable in it, especially the boots. Have them walk around, bend their knees, make a couple of movements they would do during their lesson in order to make sure everything feels good to them and nothing is too tight or hurts them.
  • Rent. As with clothes, what fits right this year, will probably be too small next year. Especially when it comes to equipment which is definitely more expensive than clothes, it’s always better to rent it.
  • Goggles. It is important your kids have goggles to protect their eyes from the glare and keep them warmer. A tip with goggles, try and keep the foam and inside of the goggles dry as the goggle can steam up if they get wet.

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Tips for visiting New York with kids

Tips for visiting New York with kids 

New York skyline

Pic Credit: Pixabay

New York is one of those cities I will never tire of visiting, I am lucky to have visited over 10 times and even more lucky to have spent time living and working there. However despite many requests from the kids who are 10 and 7 now we have never taken them. 2023 will be the year we change that. We are considering combining it with a return trip to Canada.

With that in mind, I have spent the last few weeks doing some research on tips for visiting New York with kids so I thought I would share the learnings as it might help other families thinking of doing the same trip.

1- Attraction Passes 

I don’t think this even needs telling but there is a myriad of things to do in New York from thrill seeking type attractions, to walking tours, to dizzying heights type tours to leisurely strolls around art galleries.  New York really is the city that never sleeps.  We always left wanting more there is simply so much to do and with that the cost does creep up and especially if travelling as a family. My top tip here is to consider getting the New York City Tourist Pass it covers over 90 attractions and you can get a pass from 1 to up to 10 days. Another good option is the New York Explorer Pass which is a smart card that you can purchase in order to gain discounted cash-free entry into 3, 5, 7, or 10 of New York’s top attractions. In many ways a “make your own NYC tourist pass” option, the New York Explorer pass is a flexible way to see some of New York’s greatest sights over a long or short period of time at a discounted price. You actually don’t need to determine the exact sights that you plan to visit ahead of time, you need only decide upon how many you want to see.

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The Best Ruin Pubs in Budapest

Pic Credit: Unsplash

Ruin pubs are one of the most iconic features of the Hungarian capital of Budapest. Ruin pubs are bars that have been established in the derelict buildings left over from Budapest’s Soviet era and before, and these legendary watering holes make for truly atmospheric places to enjoy the city’s unique culture.

You can’t ignore these lively bars if you’re looking for something to do at night in Budapest. Drop off your unneeded bags at a Budapest luggage storage and get ready to enjoy a fun night out. Ruin pubs are a major tourist attraction in Budapest, and so it’s possible to take a guided pub crawl which will bring you to some of the liveliest and best bars in the city. But if you prefer to explore for yourself, the bars on this list are a great place to start.

Szimpla Kert

Szimpla Kert is one of the most famous and well-loved ruin pubs in Budapest, and it’s easy to see why. This atmospheric bar is located in an old factory building, and it’s full of quirky details and interesting decorations. The outdoor courtyard is a great place to enjoy a drink in the summer months, and there’s always a lively vibe inside too.

Pic Credit: Unsplash

One of the best-known ruin pubs in the city, you’re always guaranteed a memorable night here. It is the perfect introduction to the ruin pubs of Budapest and a great way to meet other travelers and locals alike while you enjoy this celebrated aspect of the city.


Korzo is another well-known ruin pub located in an old factory building in the city. This bar has a more refined atmosphere than some of the other options on this list, and it’s a great place to enjoy a cocktail or two. The menu features a range of Hungarian and international dishes, making it a great option if you want to enjoy some evening food as well as drinks.

The bartenders here are known for their excellent cocktails, so be sure to try one (or two!) while you’re visiting. Even if you’re not a big drinker, Korzo is worth visiting for its interesting interior, delicious food, and central location on the Danube embankment.


This ruin pub is the perfect spot if you can’t decide whether you want a pub or club feel on your night out. Doboz offers the best of both worlds in one location and also has a lovely interior courtyard. The place as a whole is large, and the courtyard is lit up beautifully with colored lights to enhance the ambiance. And if that wasn’t enough, Doboz also allows you to peruse the works of local artists in their gallery.

You’ll find a good selection of drinks here alongside food that leans American, like hot dogs, burgers, and pizza. 


Pic Credit: Unsplash

Anker’t is another popular ruin pub located in an old factory building in the city. This bar has a more industrial feel than some of the others on this list, and it’s known for its excellent range of beers.

There’s also a great selection of cocktails and spirits available, and the bar often has live music playing. Anker’t is a great option if you’re looking for a more alternative night out, and it’s always lively and atmospheric.

Instant & Fogas Ház

These two ruin pubs are located side by side in an old building that used to be a dentist’s office and an apartment block. Instant is the more chilled out of the two bars, with a cozy interior and a range of beers and spirits available.

Fogas Ház is a more upbeat option, with live music and DJs playing most nights. It bills itself as the largest ruin bar in Budapest and is part of the Party Complex that boasts seven different clubs.

Both bars have outdoor areas which are perfect for enjoying a drink in the summer months, and they’re always full of both locals and tourists.

Csendes Vintage Bar & Café

Csendes Vintage Bar & Café is a more upscale option for those looking for a ruin pub experience. This bar is located in an old apartment building, and it has a stylish interior with vintage furniture and decorations.

The menu features a range of Hungarian wines and spirits, as well as a selection of cocktails and beers. Head to Csendes for a touch of elegance while still embracing the dilapidated feel of a ruin pub.

Mazel Tov

Mazel Tov is one of the most unique ruin pubs in Budapest, and it’s definitely worth a visit. This bar is located in an old synagogue, and it has a wide range of beers and cocktails available.

Pic Credit: Unsplash

The real draw here is definitely the food, which features a delicious fusion of Israeli and Hungarian cuisine. The dishes are all reasonably priced, and they’re perfect for sharing.

Don’t miss this one on your next trip to Prague, because how many people can say they’ve had a drink in a synagogue?

Szatyor Bar

If you insist on live music to accompany your drinks, Mazel Tov is the place for you. While they don’t offer music every night of the week, it’s safe to safe that you’re guaranteed a performance most nights.

As with a lot of the ruin pubs in Budapest, this one is also in an old factory, and the decor is eclectic and definitely fun, although verging on chaotic. This place is mostly known for its Hungarian food, like goulash, but don’t fret; you can also get your drink fix here, too.


Ruin pubs are the perfect places to go for a lively night out in Budapest. Not only are they a famous part of the city, but they are also a great place to appreciate Hungary’s complex history and culture. Each has its own vibe, but who can resist a drink or meal in a historical building lit up with twinkle lights? Stop by one or more of these entertaining bars on your next visit to Budapest, and you’ll be taking part in a true Hungarian tradition as well as having a fabulous time.

Note: This is a collaborative post 


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5 Amazing Things to Do On Your Upcoming Holidays in South Africa

5 Amazing Things to Do On Your Upcoming Holidays in South Africa

So, you’re planning to spend your next vacation in South Africa?? 

Well, the country is indeed a spectacular destination to chill out with your loved ones and make loads of memories. 

From amazing safaris, world-class wineries, and striking coastline to rugged mountains and rich historical background, this place has everything to be a perfect pick for spending your upcoming holidays. 

Here, we have discussed five amazing things you must do when in South Africa. 

#1 Go On Safari

giraffe at sunset in South Africa

Pic Credit: Pixabay

The moment you land in South Africa, your first plan should be to go on a safari as most tourists do. It’s the most fantastic experience you will ever have since it’s home to major home drives and has tons of national parks to roam around.

The most popular destination for safari has to be Kruger National Park, where one gets to see a lot of diversity and wildlife. So, while booking hotels, make sure you find Places to Stay Near Kruger National Park so that you can explore the natural beauty of South Africa. 

#2 Explore the Wineries 

South Africa is home to award-winning wineries which dates back to the seventeenth century. The country’s climate is ideal for grape production, and it has different varieties of white, red, and sparkling wines. If you’re an oenophile, you must explore South Africa’s wineries! 

The Cape Winelands region, at a distance from Cape Town, has a collection of over 150 wineries and some of the best restaurants to take a tour of. 

#3 Go Whale Watching

The most fun and exciting thing to experience in South Africa has to be whale watching. If you love aquatic life, you’ll go back home with a bright smile on your face. 

You should visit between June and November to spot the breathtaking view of Southern right whales, orcas, and Bryde’s whales playing along in the sea. You can book a tourist cruise which is especially for whale watching enthusiasts. 

#4 Take a View of the Table Mountain

table moutain south africa

Pic Credit: Pixabay

Capetown has to be the most happening city in South Africa. The city has it all – from Cape Peninsula and beaches to stunning Table Mountain views. It’s also popular for its delicious food scene and striking nightlife. 

What you absolutely cannot miss in Cape Town is to take a trip to the top of Table Mountain and Cape Peninsula. You will get to walk by beautiful beaches. If you want to see more African penguins, Boulder’s Beach should be a must-visit option on your list. 

#5 Take a Road Trip

No vacation is fulfilled without a road trip, be it any other country you’re visiting. And guess what! South Africa makes the most happening spot for road trips. Start by taking a tour of the Garden Route, which takes you to stunning views of coastal cliffs, forests, and mountain ranges. 

If you are an adventurous soul, you can stop by the highest bridge in Africa, the Bloukrans Bridge, and try bungee jumping there. 

Wrapping It Up 

South Africa is a large and diverse country that needs an ample amount of time to be explored. You’ll run short of your vacation days, but the country won’t stop surprising you with its incredible beauty! So, make sure you do your research beforehand and visit all the popular destinations. 

Note: This is a collaborative post