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Gift ideas for women

Sometimes it can be tough to pick gifts for the woman in your life, so I thought why not compile a list of honest recommendations of what women really want, from the practical to the luxurious we have compiled some recommendations below.


Pic Credit:

I know you are thinking this is a high risk option!! Trust me on this, I found found the perfect offering with sizing that makes the decision a whole lot easier.   I bring you Identity Lingerie. These are a small family run company making beautiful yet practical nightwear and underwear.  The products are ethically made and environmentally friendly another mega plus in my book. In terms of sizing the products come in size s – xxl, by way of example 32A, 32B, 32C, 32D, 34AA, 34A, 34B represents a small so a lot easier to choose sizes.

I love good nightwear, it really is my treat to myself and I was lucky enough to be sent some of the nightwear product so I can hand on heart attest to the quality of the fabric and workmanship.  They are super comfy. I have the Japanese Silk in Navy and I adore them. The fit is excellent as is the quality and they have been washed multiple times are still perfect. I see they are 40% off at the moment making them £59.90 which in my mind is excellent value for what you get. Pic opposite from the webpage as im pretty sure nobody wants to see me in my pjs!

I am 100% going to invest in a shorts pair also for next summer. How adorable are the pink shorty pj’s one.  Actually come to think of it I must drop some hint for a dressing gown for Christmas, hint hint if you are ready this Dada Fairy!!!

I really think its hard to go wrong with some good quality nightwear. Its a splurge item many of us put to the bottom of our list but something that’s luxurious that we would all really appreciate. I think anyway. Do check out Identity Lingerie, speaking from experience and being fortunate enough to have some of their beautiful products you wont be disappointed.


Pic Credit: Halocline

An usual choice for a gift you might say but I can assure you if the women in your life is interested in water sports or like me has embraced the latest sea swimming trend she will really appreciate good quality swimwear. My top pick speaking from using the products all summer are swimsuits from Halocline Swimwear I know when I first started sea swimming I found it difficult to get longer length swimwear, I wanted something to my knee for comfort under the wetsuit and being honest im probably a bit more self conscious of my shape after having 2 kids so felt a lot more comfortable in the longer length. The swimwear is chlorine proof, UV 50+ Protection, sun cream and oil resistant.  Halocline don’t just do ladies swimwear they also do a great range of boys and girls swimwear and men not forgetting the men!!. My boys spent a week at sea swimming lessons and gave the jammers a big thumbs under for under their wetsuits.

I would highly recommend if you are thinking of going down this route for a gift idea is a towel robe for me this is a holy grail product for sea swimmer.  I was fortunate enough to be sent a towel robe this summer and I have made very good use out of mine having spent the entire summer by the sea.  I have had other towel robes in the past but what sets the Halocline one apart for me is firstly the length – its longer than most so ideal to throw it on as soon a you get out of the water to warm up and secondly it washes really and I mean really well. Its is still as soft as the day it arrived. Its the one thing that drives me mad is when after all the washing and saltwater contact they get hard, this one doesn’t so a winner in my book anyway.

On the off chance somebody that knows me well is reading this and thinking about what they would like to buy me for Christmas, I would really like a dry bag for my swim gear, the Halocline one is big enough for swimwear, a small towel and accessories like comb, goggles and a nose clip. Ideal addition for a swimmers kit.


Pic Credit: Gnoce

Jewellery is kind of like the old reliable, can be safe choice too. However there is an insane amount of choice out there so where do you even start?! While most people will have heard of Pandora bracelets and charms, Gnoce is a much more budget friendly option without compromising on quality.  There is a massive selection of bracelets and charms to choose from including my favourites personalised photo charms and engraved charms. There really is something special about receiving a personalised gift, it shows a lot of thought and care I think anyway.

They don’t just do bracelets, there is also a large selection of rings, earrings and men’s jewellery. However, I know a few people who absolutely adore Halloween (not me!!) and I noticed Gnoce do really cool selection of spooky Halloween charms, if this is your thing you will want to check this out. Do keep an eye out for offers as I see currently they are running a buy 2 keep one free offer.

The personalised photo charm is definitely on my list, I really do have a weakness for personalised item and love wearing them with pride.

Note: Where a product has been sent to me for review this has been mentioned above however all views are my own.

Mamma Reviews

Present idea’s for the men in our lives

Maybe its just me but I find it so hard to buy gifts for the men in my life, my dad, brother, in laws and not forgetting my amazing husband! I thought with Father’s Day almost literally around the corner I would compile a list of ideas that could be used year round whether its a birthday, special event or just saying thanks.


This one was actually by request here. My husband reckoned he just wouldn’t take the time to research a decent wallet so I did it for him!!! One of the things I knew I wanted was the RFID blocking technology. I am ultra safety conscious… him…..not so much. I fell for the Lincoln Grey & Tan leather wallet from Trendhim a mega bonus for me was the separate pull out card wallet, knowing my husband as well as I do he often pops into a shop with only the cards so I knew this would be well received.  It arrived quickly, really lovely quality leather too.  Can really recommend and at  €55 including delivery I think the price point is really good for the quality product.

Trendhim do a huge range of gifts from wallets, to watches to suit accessories. You really will find something for all occasions from their site.

Products for him


I am all about self care and looking after ourselves and our health.  I have been using the Superfacialist rose cream cleanser for a while, I find it brilliant for removing makeup and leaving my skin feeling really fresh and clean. What I did not know until more recently is that they do a really great range of men’s products which I think would make a fantastic gift.  There are some cool and reasonably priced gift set for men from Superfacialist which are well worth having a look at.  Having used some of the products myself I can attest to their quality. I buy mine in Boots but they are stocked in many pharmacies and online.


If you are looking for that wow statement gift than Manscaped has you covered. Our top pick would have to be the “Performance Package“.  Contained in this super well presented box are the following products:

  • The Lawn Mower 3.0™. Proprietary SkinSafe® technology helps prevent nicks, snags, and tugs

    Our Manscaped goodies

  • Powerful 7,000 RPM motor with QuietStroke™ technology
  • Waterproof for convenient wet or dry operation
  • the Weed Whacker™ ear and nose hair trimmer
  • the Crop Preserver™ ball deodorant and Crop Reviver™ ball toner
  • two free gifts – the MANSCAPED™ Boxers and the Shed Travel Bag.

From the minute this gift lands through the door you can’t but be impressed.  The super cool packaging, the product names and not too mention the quality, everything about it screams premium and the presentation is really good. I did ask the main man for some feedback and it was a huge thumbs up from him, in fact he has already ordered some more of the boxes as he reckons in his 40 years he cant remember a pair as comfy.  In terms of the products he said they totally live up to their claims and he would have no hesitation in recommending to anybody.

Days out 

Who doesn’t a day or a day to be spoilt. We have picked some of our favourites as gift ideas for the men in our lives:

Fitzwilliam Hotel Belfast

afternoon tea

Pic Credit: Fitzwilliam Hotel

In my previous job I spent many nights in the fabulous 5 star Fitzwilliam Hotel Belfast so I can say hand on heart that I recommend a stay here, it really is pure luxury and do check out the website as you will be surprised how reasonable some of the rates are. However that’s not what totally caught my eye. I see though that its not just for Fathers Day but every Saturday and Sunday between 1-4pm they will be offering “Crafternoon Tea“, which is a unique twist on the traditional afternoon tea, comprising of hearty  delights such as pork and leek scotch egg, mini steak burger, fish finger and homemade tartar sauce bap – all accompanied by two local hand-crafted beers from Whitewater Brewing Co. I love it, think ill take my own husband purely so I can enjoy it myself!!  Its priced at €35pp which I think is really good value, pre booking is essential so do call them in advance.

A nice addition could be to add an overnight stay from €90 per person per night again having stayed many times in the Fitzwilliam I can tell you that is really good value for 5 stay luxury.


Barge Trip

We did the Barge Trip on the Royal Canal from Sallins a couple of weeks back and it occurred to me what a wonderful gift idea it would be. At the moment its private hire only with a full bar on board. Kids and adults loved every minute. There are some pics on my Instagram if you want to have nosey. We were so lucky with the weather but its possible to also sit indoors so can be enjoyed whatever the weather.

Dreaming of adventures at Runway 28

Lunch with a cool view 

Last Sunday we called into the newly opened Runway 28 at the Carlton Hotel Dublin airport. It’s a outdoor terrace bar on the 3rd floor of the hotel overlooking the runway at Dublin Airport. The set up is really impressive. We loved looking over at the planes take off and land, dreaming of our next adventure. The kids were kept entertained for ages while we all enjoyed the lovely food on offer. The menu isn’t huge, mostly pizzas and I believe the brunch is really lovely.   I  did sample the cocktails and they were really good.

It’s something different to do and a real novelty especially at the moment when we can’t travel like we wish we could.  You need to book online and the slots do book up quite far in advance and I can totally see why.

Hopefully this is of some use to help choose a gift for the men in your life whatever the occasion.   If you have any suggestions pop them in the comments.

Mamma Reviews

Initial Purchases that Come with Getting a Dog

One of the most expensive times while owning a dog is the initial period, especially if you are purchasing a puppy. While you might be overwhelmed with excitement about your new addition to the family, it’s important to keep in mind the expenses so that you can budget properly. 


Your dog will need items to play with as soon as he gets to your house. They provide entertainment for your dog, keeping away the boredom when you’re not there to play. Get a large variety of toys so your dog can switch between them. 

Vet Bills

Your dog will need his vaccinations, along with anything else you decide, such as microchipping and neutering. Vet bills can be expensive, so visit for a more affordable vet that will provide your dog with quality treatment. 

A Leash 

puppy dog

Pic Credit: Pixabay

A leash is another necessity when first getting a dog. If you’re getting a puppy, then the chances are you won’t be walking him initially, but if you’re getting an adult dog, then you’ll need a leash right away. Research the best, most secure leashes for your breed to give your dog the most comfort possible. 

Food and Food Bowls

Your new dog will need to eat as soon as he gets home, so prepare for that! Get some quality food bowls that are the right size for your dogs’ portions, and buy enough food to last a week or two. Don’t buy a months’ worth at first, as you might find your dog doesn’t like it! 

There are plenty of dog-chew options that may appeal to your dog’s palate, but you may as well get treats that are delicious, organic, and good for their teeth. Consider getting a bully stick treat, since this treat is not only delicious but also provides tons of protein for your dog.

Grooming Equipment 

To keep your dog well-groomed, purchase a dog brush along with dog shampoo and conditioner. This way, when they get muddy in the garden, you can give them a warm bath to get them clean again. No one wants a smelly dog in the house!

A Bed 

Find the comfiest bed you can find for your dog, so he doesn’t start sleeping on yours! Take his size into account when looking; a Chihuahua doesn’t need the same size bed as a Great Dane. 


If you’re getting a puppy, then you might need to spend some money puppy-proofing the house. This includes covering wires and placing doggy gates at the top and the bottom of the stairs. After all, you don’t want your new addition to the family hurting himself!

The Dog Itself

One of the more expensive purchases might be the dog itself, depending on what kind of breed you choose. Of course, there is always the option of adoption, which will significantly lessen your spending and give a dog in need a home. If you’re set on purchasing one, however, then you end up spending over five-hundred dollars. 

There is no definite amount of money that’s needed when getting a dog, as it differs depending on vet bills, type of breed, and what kind of food you will feed them. Make a list of all your planned purchases so you can budget for them in advance.

Note: This is a collaborative post
Mamma Reviews

One time Before Book Review

Last month we were very kindly offered a copy of “One Time Before” to review with the boys.  My pair love reading and we have shared our favourite books over the years on the blog.  Reading before bed is one of my favourite times of the day. The boys love it too, it gives us all time to unwind and chat.

One Time Before

One Time Before is a personalised children’s book which takes you back in time to when you were little.  It’s so easy to do, input names, select characters with likeness to those you wish to include and select the time period where you were the age your child is now ie 80s, 90s etc.

The books itself is really beautifully illustrated throughout with little details and throwback nostalgia moments. What we really love about this is how it prompts conversation and thought. I suppose for my five your old he never really thought mammy was once young but now we love chatting about the cars they had in the 80/90s, the types of foods I loved and what school was like for me.  We spent a Saturday morning on youtube looking up the cartoons I used to watch as a child. I’m not sure he was overly enthusiastic about the graphics in the 80s show but Duck Tales, Inspector Gadget and the Chipmunks got thumbs up!!!

One other thing about this book is the option to add a personalisation. I really think by doing this it really becomes a keepsake for him and me if im honest.

I’m a sentimental soul and this kind of book is right up my street.

I asked my five year old what he liked most and he said the lovely drawings. I have to agree it is beautifully illustrated and some really nice attention detail throughout especially in the throwback pages where the story transports back to mammy’s time as a kid.

Genuine thumbs up from us both, do check them out at One Time Before   as it would make a lovely Christmas gift. Do keep an eye out for posting dates though.

Note: We were kindly gifted a copy of this book. We were not asked nor expected to write a review however we loved the product and more than happy to support an Irish business. All views mine or the kids where appropriate.



Mamma Reviews

6 Creative Projects You Can Do With Your Kids at Home

With the cold winter approaching, you and your kids are likely to be spending more time indoors. While it may be tempting to give yourself some much-needed peace and quiet and keep the kids entertained with video games or smartphones, you may want them to engage in a wider variety of hobbies. You never know, you may be able to get them involved in some family bonding time.

If you are scratching your head trying to think of projects that you can do with your kids at home, don’t worry. We have come up with a handy list of ideas!

Bake and Decorate a Cake

chocolate cookie

Pic Credit: Pixabay

It doesn’t have to be someone’s birthday for you to make and decorate a cake. Not only does baking teach kids useful cooking skills, it also provides them with an opportunity to get artistic with decorating it. This project has a great pay-off too – you get to eat the cake afterwards!

What you will need: Ingredients (or pre-made cake mix), icing, food colouring, baking utensils, oven.

Face Painting

Most kids love face painting – both having their faces painted and painting the faces of others. You can go for the classic designs like tigers or butterflies, or experiment with trying to recreate your kids’ favourite cartoon characters. Make sure to use paints that are non-toxic and kind to sensitive skin.

What you will need: Face paints, brushes, water

Make Slime

Making homemade slime is one of the most popular recent trends for kids, and some YouTube channels dedicated to it have millions of subscribers! Don’t worry – slime is not messy if you make it properly, so you won’t find it stuck to the carpet years later.

What you will need: School glue, saline solution, baking soda, food colouring

Design Shoebox Dioramas

Dioramas are scaled-down models of scenes or rooms. Old, empty shoeboxes are useful for making dioramas. Why not help your kids recreate scenes from their favourite books, TV shows, or video games. You could even design Halloween-themed dioramas, or a Nativity scene at Christmas! You can even pick up some string lights from an electrical supply shop to give your scenes some sparkle!

What you will need: A shoebox, paints, arts and crafts supplies

Build a Lego City


Pic Credit: Pixabay

Most kids love playing with Lego, and some adults also enjoy it! Instead of buying the pre-designed Lego play sets themed around Star Wars, Harry Potter, or other franchises, why not get loads of the plain blocks and challenge your kids to design their own city from scratch?

What you will need: Lego (obviously!), plenty of space

Build a Model Railway

If you have a bit more space and a higher budget, why not go even further and design model railway layouts with your kids? Building model railways can help develop creativity and problem-solving skills and can also be used as a lesson on how electrical circuits work. If you have the space for a permanent layout, you could even design buildings and landscapes for the layout!

What you will need: Model railway track pieces, locomotives, wagons, electricity, plenty of space.


Note This is a collaborative post
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Gift ideas for men

I always find it so hard to buy for the men in my lift – my husband, my dad my brother. Its just so hard! So what I have attempted to do is compile a list of some gift ideas for the upcoming festive season, for birthdays or just because.

Books, books, books

In our house books are always a winner. I love giving the gift of books especially at Christmas when the pace is slowed right down and in my mind anyway there is no better way to wile away a few hours.  I have set out my own top picks below:

  • Never Mind the B#ll*cks Here’s the Science – Professor Luke O’Neill
  • That Place We Call Home – John Creedon
  • Coming Home – Michael McCaughan
  • Saving the State – Ciara Meehan & Stephen Collins
  • The Tribe – Caitriona Perry
  • Nama Land – Frank Connolly
  • Missing – Barry Cummins
  • Recovering – Richie Sadlier
  • With Hope in your Heart – Martina Cox
  • A light that Never Goes Out – Keelin Shanley

You can buy most of the above direct from Gill Books or most online book retailers.

Personalised Frame

Another good idea I find is something personal and even humours. We are loving these character family portraits from Breezy Family  its super easy to design your own portrait on their site as it guides you through the process step by step. There are multiple options to choose your likeness, your hobby or occupation and even to include pets.

Delivery is fast and pricing starts around €18 and increases depending on specific requirements. We were fortunate enough to have been sent one and the quality is really superb. Can genuinely recommend. They are a family business who run the workshop from their home in France. Such a lovely story.

I have been very kindly offered a discount code to share MAMMAFAIRY10  will get you 10% of your order.



Pre-Covid I was based in Dublin City centre very close to the Jando  studio.  There is something about their prints that I find so captivating. I think the year that’s in it they would make a really lovely gift idea particularly for somebody living away.   I love the Trinity print, having went to college there and spent probably 14 years walking around the campus on my break I think it’s a really love gift idea.  I believe a portion of sales of this particular print goes to supporting Trinity and its academic mission.  Really worth a look and our support this Christmas. They are a husband and wife team of award winning printmakers. I promise once you have a nosey you will want them all like me!!!

Conor Merriman

Staying with local products and the art theme, another really nice gift idea is an art print from Conor Merriman what I like about these is that they are statement pieces and a real talking point. Personally im not very adventurous in terms of decorating but I really love statement prints to showcase personality and vibrancy.  Conors work is built on a eco friendly mission all is produced in Dublin which is makes the gift even more thoughtful.  Do check out the Christmas card bundle – love them.


Its very hard to go wrong with food and drink hamper this time of year and there are many great options out there, especially good for sending abroad.  I have to say I am loving the hampers from Green Grocers Daughter really great selection for all budgets. The hampers combine quality Irish staple pantry items from Artisan suppliers including Fitzers Catering’s home brand products, alongside sustainable homeware gifts, designed for a variety of different occasions.

The hampers I see on their site they have 10% off on orders placed before 31 October for delivery in December using the code GGD 001. Worth being organised!


I know I have this article titled gift ideas for men but if any of my own family are reading this….ahem this would be good for me 🙂  Loads of great options on WineLab here from monthly subscriptions to gifts boxes where you can select wine colour and the types the person usually drinks and once you pick your budget you get a carefully curated box of wines giving you the chance to try wines you might not usually choose. You can also team up it with a card from Jando – perfect combo.  Well worth a nosey and comes in at a good price point.

For the outdoorsy 

One thing I will say is that since Covid we have all made huge efforts at embracing outdoor living. It does the head and the heart good to get out and about. We have always been an outdoor loving family but at the moment we make that extra effort.  Good outdoor accessories should not be underestimated.  Our favourite accessory aside from good winter wear which I have a post on has to be quality water bottles. We love both the Hydro Flask  and Lifestraw and while they can be pricey you need to think about 1) it’s in almost daily use and 2) the sustainability credentials of your decision.

A surprise find this year was some Zippo products – my absolute favourite is the Zipp heatbank – a hand warmer and power bank in one! Genius.

Self Care

Aside from the old reliables  of the persons favourite aftershave. One other good idea is some teeth whitening sets from Spotlight they have some great products including gift sets.

I use their sonic toothbrush, the new flosser and the whitening products and really do think they keep my teeth really white.

Or for something more general and gifty looking have a look at the Christmas stocking from  they have a great selection of gifts suiting all budgets.

I love the look of the Christmas sets see pic opposite, the tactical sock makes a very nice looking gift. I know this is something my brother would really appreciate.



I hope the above gives you a steer in terms of gifts for the men in your life. If you have any other suggestions do leave them in the comments below.








Mamma Reviews

Smoothie Recipes we love

My kids aren’t always great for eating sufficient fruit and veg however one thing I can get them to eat/ drink with no complaints are smoothies. With Winter not far away and the added pressure of Covid I have been making a huge effort to up their fruit and veg nutrient content.  For me anyway I find smoothies a huge help to get the little people in our house to eat vegetables.  Surprisingly one of the big hits is a beetroot smoothie.

Beetroot-berry-kale-and-banana-smoothieI’m not particular about the quantities so roughly to make two children’s portions of the Mamma Fairy beetroot smoothie I use:

  • 2 cooked beets
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 apple
  • 3 small celery stalk
  • cup of water to give it a lighter consistency
  • some ice

There are so many variants of this smoothie based around beetroots for example substitute the apple and carrot for banana and kale. For us that’s half the fun trying out what works.


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How To Shave Your Legs With A Safety Razor

For many years, women and mens shaving products and razors have been kept in completely separate aisles of a shop, allowing women to fall under false pretences. While a pink razor that claims to make your legs as smooth as silk may be appealing, you can end up paying high prices for a razor that irritates your skin and will need throwing away after a few uses. 

Actually, there needn’t be a divide when it comes to mens and women’s shaving. A high-quality razor will work just as effectively for shaving a woman’s legs as it will for a man’s unruly beard – it’s all about the technique and making sure you take care of your skin both before and after. 

To steer you in the right direction and away from the aisles full of multi-blade bright pink and soapy razors, let’s take a look at safety razors and how they can be used by both men and women to achieve a close shave with no irritation. 

What is a safety razor?

Safety razors essentially have one blade that is double-edged, meaning it can be used in either direction. Instead of having to replace your entire razor once it becomes blunt, you only need to stock up on some new blades, making it far more of a worthwhile investment and much better for the environment. 

Safety razors are widely used by men to shave their facial hair because of the incredibly close and smooth shave that can be achieved with minimal pulling on the skin – if they’re used in the right way.  If you’re ready to say goodbye to the pink tax and start using a safety razor that will last you for many years, it’s important to go for a top-quality brand. The English Shaving Company only stock luxury and reputable shaving brands, offering a wide range of mens and women’s double-edged safety razors and blades allowing you to get rid of your disposable plastic options for good. 

How to shave with a safety razor… 

When starting out with a safety razor, it’s better to be more careful and gentle with the pressure than a disposable razor. The blades are sharper than those in a multi-blade razor, meaning they can easily cut-throat hair at the root and avoid any pulling or tugging on your skin, which is why rashes or razor bumps occur. It may take a few attempts to nail your technique but once you are familiar with the right angle and pressure to apply, you will never look back. 

  • Prep the skin

First of all, you should prepare your legs for shaving as you normally would. Use a good quality exfoliator to get rid of any dry skin and ensure your safety razor has a smooth and fresh layer of skin to glide across. Use hot water to open your pores and scrub away any skin cells that could get in the way of your safety razors blade. shaving legs

Next, apply a layer of shaving cream or foam to your legs so they’re all lathered up and raring to go and the blade doesn’t have an opportunity to drag on any dry patches of skin. 

  • Shave 

Hold your safety razor at a 45-degree angle to your skin and glide the blade over your legs in gentle and short strokes to ensure you can apply even pressure. You don’t need to get carried away and press harder or go over the same spot multiple times as this can irritate your skin and lead to cuts. Shaving your legs with a safety razor is essentially about letting your razor do its job – you just need to move it in the right direction and at the right angle. 

  • Moisturise

It’s always important to look after your skin post-shave too. While there should be little to no irritation when using a safety razor, your skin still deserves a generous amount of moisturising to prevent it from drying out once you leave the hot shower. 

As you can see, shaving with a safety razor isn’t as intimidating as it might seem. Once you get used to the angles and pressure needed to glide across your skin, your legs will be consistently razor bump and hair-free. 


Note: This is a collaborative post
Mamma Reviews

Looking after your teeth – some tips

I love that phrase “smile and the whole world will smile with you“. A nice smile really is something we all strive for. I know for myself personally I have had a long journey to achieving my own perfect smile after years of avoiding photographs and not smiling. This has totally changed once I got my teeth straightened. I thought it would be useful to compile the tips I gleaned into one post as it might help others. Please do bear in mind, I am not a dentist, im simply sharing the information I gleaned on my own new smile journey. Always consultant a dentist or similar specialist if in doubt.

  • Brush you teeth at least morning and evening and not aggressively or don’t over brush!
  • Brush your tongue too! Yes this is actually a thing – see healtline for more on this.
  • Use a good quality fluoride toothpaste and mouth wash. Over the years there has been debate about fluoride both good and bad however the American Dental Association  advocates its usefulness in terms of teeth and gum health and in fighting cavities.
  • Floss….do not underestimate the importance of flossing, even for younger kids too. Get them into good habit of regular flossing
  • Avoid smoking, too much caffeine and limit sugar filled drinks and snacks
  •  Try to limit acid based foods that could potentially damage enamel
  • Aim to visit your dentist for a check up at least once a year and one thing I try to do is take my kids to get them into good oral hygiene practice

    child at dentist

    Pic Credit: Pixabay

  • Some dentists will advocate the chewing of sugarless gums to aid with the rebuilding of enamel
  • If like me you have  need some assistance from the experts to straighten and whiten teeth have a look at a reputable cosmetic dentist such as cosmetic dentistry Tampa.  There is nothing wrong with seeking cosmetic assistance in this area. In fact hand on heart seeking assistance in the form of cosmetic dentistry has changed my life.
  • One of the things I did look into as an alternative to braces was veneers. I did decide it wasn’t for me however in terms what I learned, I though it might be useful to share that here in case it will help somebody.  In summary, the dentist drills the tooth an then bonds a porcelain cap to the tooth. I recall the dentist who I discussed this with saying it would take approximately 2 weeks to complete the process. I do love the look of the celebrity style perfectly white, straight teeth however the fear of the drill and the caps was too much!

I think from here on in my plan is prevention is better than cure. I do make a conscious effort to take good care of my teeth as naturally as we get older the enamel begins to wear and the more yellow dentine will show through and unfortunately no amount of bleaching or whitening can rectify this.  By taking on board some of the tips above hopefully his might help.  However as I said above I am not expert merely sharing what I learned over the years.

Note: This is a collaborative post
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Tips to Consider when Sourcing Childcare

Keep in mind that these tips might need to be altered a bit depending on the age of your child/children but they should be a good starting point for finding the help and the care that you need.

  • Check references

No matter what, check the references of the applicants. Find out who they’ve cared for before, see what ages that they have experiences with. From there you can see if it’s possible to talk to the other families that they’ve worked with. Do what you can to get a vibe and a feeling about their level of care.

  • Be realistic about what you can pay

kids writing

Pic Credit: Pixabay

Finding the balance between paying a decent amount for childcare and paying too little can be tough. You don’t want to overpay but you don’t want to hire “just anyone” because they’re more affordable than the other options.

Be realistic about your pay scale before you start to look to hire so that you can then not set yourself up for unrealistic expectations.

  • Make certain your child is comfortable with who you choose as well

If your child is old enough to talk and communicate with you, have them be a part of the childcare choosing process. Let them meet the person that you’re considering hiring and see what kind of vibe that your child picks up from them.

Children have a great instinct about people that shouldn’t be ignored. If your child feels comfortable with someone, consider that in your line of decision-making during the process.

  • Make out a list of qualifications that you’re looking for

kids laughing

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When you’re hiring someone to care for your child, it isn’t a time to just wing it and roll with it. Have a list of qualifications that are a “must” for your choice, and don’t stop until you find someone that fits the bill. Even though you aren’t there to take care of your child during certain points of the day, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find someone else who can do a stellar job like you’re wanting them to.

These simple tips for outsourcing childcare are a great place to start. When it comes to finding someone to care for and love your child as much as you do, it’s always going to be hard shoes to fill.


Following huge amounts of online research and asking around and taking the above into account, I have come across who are the largest childcare site in the UK where over 2 million people have used it to find childcare or a job in childcare since it was launched in 2009. That is very impressive and a firm testament to its usefulness and value.  It is super easy to sign up and no payment details are required. It has 2 main strands:

  1. Search for childcare – simply pop in your post code and it will identify providers near you. Setting our reviews, experience, qualification and fees. There is also the facility to chat to carers.
  2. Search for childcare job – again simply pop in your post code and it will bring up those seeking childcare near you. From there you can safely talk to parents through the secure platform. This side of the site also provides access to over 250 training courses from leading training providers.

Resources such as can prove invaluable for parents, after all leaving your most precious people can be a very daunting experience so a service which is backed my years of experience, real parent reviews and a secure platform to be able to engage with the potential carer is hugely important in my view.

The site itself is very user friendly with a wealth of other features, for example you can even use it to find a local private tutor.  Its akin to a social network for parents, childcare providers and private tutors.  Sites like these have really come into their own during the current worldwide pandemic as you can access short term/ emergency child care locally as well as the usual longer term positions.  The world is evolving, particularly in terms of ways of working and technology and sites like this are enabling us to keep pace with it, for example easily find last minute childcare in your area.

It really is worth a look and id love to know what you think in the comments below.

Note: This is a collaborative post