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Imaginative Play during the summer holidays thanks to Casdon

School holidays are upon us and each year its the same challenge keeping my pair entertained.  While I do allow screen time it is very much in moderation.  I prefer to let them use their own imaginations through play. I have written about this before – imaginative play is always high on the agenda in The Mamma Fairy house.  We were very fortunate to receive a fabulous bundle of treats from Casdon for my crazy pair to try out.  As I mentioned before my youngest is affectionately knows as Mr Destruction possessing the unique ability to destroy even the best made toys!

We received three products to review:

  • Toy Play Food Set
  • Toy Shopping Trolley
  • Henry Mop and Bucket

First a little bit about the brand. Casdon have been making replicas of real products for over 65 years. You will see names like Hetty and Henry and the renowned Dyson brand.  When you have a look at their website you will want to be a child again. Huge selection of products available.

I’m going to review this in order of preference as determined by kids ages almost 6 and 3.  A First up is….

toy food

Casdon Play Food Set

Toy Play Food Set

I tried to get a picture before they tore the packing apart but had little success.  They were immediately drawn to the food set. There are 44 realistic items in it. They are a great size, realistic details and the size is just perfect for little hands.  I’ve been pretend eating all sorts of strange concoctions since this arrived! They are looking for an oven next. Hopefully some real life skills being learned here too!  This is a great gift idea as I can see how it would provide lots of varied play for kids.


Henry Mop and Bucket

toy shopping trolley

Shopping Trolley and Henry Mop

This is utterly adorable. My youngest in particular loved this one. We have a real Henry in this house so he loved following me around with his mop and bucket. Priced around €8 this is a a great little gift idea. Probably aimed more for the younger of the age bracket. Nonetheless a well made toys with lots of potential


Toy Shopping Trolley

toy shopping trolley with food

Pic Credit: Casdon

I’m DIY challenged so I delegated the making of this one to the Dada Fairy! He is much better (more patience) than me for these kinds of tasks! It did take him a little bit of time which either means its a bit fiddly or else he was distracted by the world cup! Once assembled again its a sturdy toy which comes with a selection food.  When coupled with the Toy Play Food set above the boys had a huge amount of pretend food in their supermarket.  Again probably aimed at the lower end of the age bracket as they handle isnt very tall.  However both of mine enjoyed this one and I can see lots of play from this one too.

I am a fan of real life simulated play and Casdon not only with the above but across their entire range deliver that in spades.  With the durability, selection and playabilty I will definitly but coming back to Casdon for future products.  Already on my list for my nieces upcoming birthday.


Note: We were sent the above for review, however all opinion are  mine or the boys where appropriate.