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Things That Might Be Damaging Your Hair without You Knowing

Your hair is the crowning glory of your appearance. It’s also a big part of how you present yourself to the world, and it can make or break an outfit, so it’s important that we take care of our locks. But there are some things that might be damaging your hair without you knowing about them! 

Many people don’t know that their hair can be damaged by things they wouldn’t normally think of. In this blog post we will talk about some of the different ways you might be damaging your hair without realizing it!

Tight Hairstyles and Ponytail Holders

Your hairstyle is important, but it’s also important that you choose one that doesn’t damage your hair! One way to do this is by choosing a style where the tension on your locks isn’t too tight. Your ponytail or French braids should be loose enough not cause any pulling or breakage of strands when they are secured to your head.

If you have braids in for an extended period of time, take them out before sleeping so as not to strain the roots and flatten the shape of what would otherwise be healthy curls or waves. Using rubber bands made from non-latex materials like cloth can help reduce friction which could lead to split ends.

Excessive Heat Styling

Using a hair dryer, straightening iron, curling iron or hot rollers can cause damage to your locks. The best way to avoid this is by using tools with lower settings and taking breaks from heat styling for at least 48 hours between sessions. If you must use high-heat appliances on your hair take steps like applying a pre-treatment product before heating it up so as not to fry the cuticle, which will lead to split ends and other problems down the line.

Chemicals in the Hair Grooming Products

There are a lot of ingredients in hair products that you use on your locks every day, and some ingredients are just downright bad. Ingredients like sulfates can strip the natural oils from your scalp leaving it dry. These chemicals can lead to frizziness, split ends, an overall lack of shine and other problems with the look and feel of your hair! The best way to avoid this is by doing research into what’s in any product before putting it on your head. If there’s anything questionable don’t put it near your face until you’ve researched further because skin care issues often translate to scalp concerns as well!

Excessively Washing Your Hair

Avoid washing your hair every day. While it’s important to give your scalp a good cleaning regularly, washing too often can strip the natural oils from your locks and lead to dryness. Some people even believe that over-washing could lead to loss of hair in some cases! 

Using the Wrong Hair Care Products for Your Hair

While everyone’s hair is different, it can be hard to know which product will work for you. Using a shampoo and conditioner that doesn’t mesh well with your locks could cause damage from the get-go! It might take some trial and error before you find something that works great for your hair type, but once you do stick with it!

Using Too Much Heat Protectant in the Shower

If you’re using too much heat protectant in the shower when conditioning or washing out other products, you may not have enough left over on your strands to shield them from being exposed to high temperatures while they are wet .

This means that applying a blow dryer or straightening iron after rinsing these chemicals off could lead to heat damage! Only use enough of the product to cover your hair, and don’t apply it too often. Your locks can only handle so much before they start getting damaged.

Brushing Your Hair When They It Is Wet

It’s never a good idea to brush your hair when it’s wet. You could lead to breakage and split ends. This is because you are more likely to pull on the strands as they try to curl up again, which can cause them to stretch out of their natural shape permanently. To make matters worse this stretching makes them weaker over time! The best way around this problem is by using your fingers or a wide-toothed comb instead of pulling through knots with a bristled brush.

Sleeping On a Cotton Pillowcase

Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase can lead to hair loss. Cotton is very stiff and strong, which means that the hairs are more likely to get caught up in it or even break off while you sleep. You should consider using something silkier like satin because not only will your locks be less likely to snag but they’ll also have an easier time gliding over the surface so there’s no tension at all! 

Over Exposure to Sunlight

Too much sunlight can damage your locks. Even if you wear sunscreen on a daily basis, it’s important to limit time exposed to the sun and use hats or protective styles when outside for longer periods of time. You should also make sure that any products applied before going out in the sun are water resistant so they don’t wash off!

Just because something is SPF 30 doesn’t mean its strong enough either; read labels carefully and always reapply during your day in the sun just in case it’s been washed away by sweat or rain! In addition, making small changes like wearing sunglasses while driving or taking an umbrella with you can help protect from UV rays as well.


These are some of the ways you might be damaging your hair without even realizing it. So it is very important for you take necessary precautions with these activities so it does not affect your hair.

Note: This is a collaborative post