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Why Halloween is a great time to get creative with your little one

Whether you’ve always fancied yourself as a bit of a DIY whizz, or want to run away and hide at the first sight of the crafts table – we have just the thing to ensure you and your little one can enjoy being lost together in the world of creativity and endless imagination. 

Arts and crafts are such an important part of your child’s learning and development, allowing them to freely explore colours, textures and emotions in a safe space. Sharing this with them can be the perfect opportunity for a little extra bonding, and there’s no better time to get creative than Halloween! Nurseries such as Kiddi Caru encourage children to get stuck in at the arts and crafts table, and in nature – providing day to day objects for those tiny hands to explore their big imaginations with. 

These Halloween activities for nursery children offer the perfect chance for you to get stuck in and teach your child all about the seasons changing, with the added fun of the spooky season. 

Read on to find out more. 

Costume Making

Spark your child’s imagination by grabbing some paper plates, cutting holes for their eyes and mouth, and letting them use the colouring pencils, paints or glitter to create whatever Halloween creature they’d like to become. All you have to do is encourage them to use the colours that best reflect what they are creating, and wait for it to dry before you put string from one end to the other to make the mask wearable. 

How about providing some orange and black paint, and creating pumpkin faces together – then dressing in all orange, adding a green hat, and going out Trick or Treating together so they can show off their mask-making skills? 

Hand Printing

Making decorations for your house is the perfect opportunity for your child to create something they are proud of – especially when they see it hanging in the window for all their neighbours to appreciate. Why not create a hand-printed memory with some white paint and black pens. Paint their hands – or feet – and as they print on the coloured paper, together you can draw three dots (two eyes and a mouth) where their palm was, to create some spooky ghosts. You could even make prints with your own hands too, so your ghosts come in all shapes and sizes, and you have a piece of artwork with equal input, that you can show off and treasure. 

Pumpkin Painting

Encouraging your child to carve their own pumpkin at their age might be a bit of a far cry, but you can still grab your wellies and head to a pumpkin patch to choose some pumpkins, take some photos, and make some memories whilst they learn about the seasons changing. Once you’ve chosen your pumpkins and taken them home, get the paints out! Glue and glitter are a bonus – as well as finding leaves to decorate and pinecones to paint – you could have a whole day of creating unique, colourful pumpkins and table decorations for you both to display. 


You could explore the season further by going apple picking, and then making jam – or, how about getting creative in the kitchen with some cupcakes or cookies. You can find a quick, easy recipe for cupcakes here. Why not enjoy the festivities by getting some spooky sprinkles and icing the cakes as a variety of monsters and pumpkins, ready to give out to friends, family, and eager Trick or Treaters? You could even buy ready-made cakes or cookies from your local supermarket, as well as a selection of icing colours so your little one’s imagination can run wild – with an edible treat as an end result of all their hard work! 

Note: This is a collaborative post