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Snow time fun or not!

After finally emerging from the “beast from the East” and the more recent snow fall I can safely say im pretty much snowed out for the moment. However im reliably informed that we can expect the return of some snow at Easter! Please…..enough now.  It was fun for five minutes but even the kids were glad to see it gone. So what did we learn from snowgate, snowmagedden, the beast from the east!!

  • Stock up, to see the supermarket shelves empty was quite surreal.  The shortages of bread made headlines through out the world and has generated tonnes of funny memes.
  • Snow equals tonnes of washing, the kids needed a full change of clothes every time they came in.
  • I spend more time preparing for the kids to go out side than they would actually spend outside, id guesstimate 30 mins preparation time -hats, scarfs, gloves equated to approximate 3 mins of snow play time!!
  • Community spirit is alive and well.  It was really heart warming to see people out helping to clear drives of elderly neighbours or those who needed assistance, getting shopping for them, bringing hot meals. Nothing like a crisis of sorts to bring people together.
  • We all need to own a pair of good waterproof boots just in case 🙂
  • On a more serious note it is important to keep all those key numbers handy as you just never know who you might need to call not just in the event of a weather emergency but at any time and to be honest not just when there is a emergency. Resources such as Contact Number UK are really useful. I book mark the site so that when/ if I do need a number in a hurry I have a central resource to find it.

According to media reports we haven’t seen snow of this magnitude in over 30 years. Don’t get my wrong I did enjoy playing with the kids, building snow men etc  however I probably wont be sorry if it doesn’t appear for at least another 30 years!!


Note: This is a collaborative post.