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Staying Calm After a Car Accident

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I Had a Car Accident: What do I do Next? A Handy Checklist

I Had Car Accident: What do I do Next? A Handy Checklist

Staying Calm After a Car Accident | Car Accident Tips | An Post InsuranceWhether it’s a nudge in a car park or a more serious crash on the road, many of us will hear the squeal of brakes and the crunch of a bumper at some point in our lives.  Thankfully, most car accidents involve no more than some scuffed metal and a bruised ego or two, but they do make for a stressful experience. Being prepared can help you avoid panic and get the best result from a difficult situation.

Based on An Post Insurance’s many years of experience working with Irish motorists, they’ve put together a handy checklist to keep in mind should the worst happen when you’re behind the wheel.

First things first

If somebody is injured, call the emergency services straight away. If not, you’ll still need to contact An Garda Síochána, as they need to be informed as soon as possible after an accident, and definitely within 24 hours if the crash injures a person or animal or if your car is stolen or damaged. Apart from the legal requirement to contact the Gardai, they’ve also seen plenty of accidents before, and will be able to help guide you through the process.Moreover, if anyone got severely injured due to someone else’s fault, you should immediately consult a personal injury lawyer and see if you are eligible for compensation. There are a multitude of options of Lawyers and legal firms available online that cover wide geographic areas, you may even have heard of some prominent ones already like War For Cincy. Regardless of who you choose, do spend time if you can on researching the firm, you will want to find someone experienced in car crash accident law to be able to specially build a case for you. The more specific knowledge they have the better chance you have of being fully compensated for damages and suffering you have experienced.  To get a better understanding of how a lawyer can help you in such cases, click for more information here. 

Keep your cool

It’s easy to get flustered and perhaps even angry in the event of an accident, but it’s important that you don’t get into a conversation about blame and don’t accept responsibility – you don’t want to make an off-the-cuff statement you might regret later.  Try to stay calm and polite – even if it means counting to ten several times over!

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