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5 Ways Adult Braces Can Enhance Your Life

When it comes to scoring your dream job, finding a partner, starting a family, and simply living your best life, there may be one thing that’s holding you back – your teeth. If you have a crooked smile or overcrowding, this can severely hinder your confidence, which can affect your day-to-day life.

A good smile not only makes you more attractive to others, but it can also make you healthier too. Here are five ways getting braces can change your life for the better.

Help You Find the One

If we’re being honest, most of us are on the lookout for love. Many of us want to share our lives with a significant other, so if you want to go on dates and turn the dream into a reality, your teeth may be what are you holding you back. You only have one shot to make a good first impression, so if you want to feel more confident in yourself, now may be the time to get braces. 

More Likely to Get the Job

Job interviews can be incredibly stressful at the best of times, but if you’re not happy with your teeth and gums, this can affect you in the meeting. This is because some employers like their candidates to be smiley, happy, and cheery. If you have crooked teeth, for instance, you may not feel comfortable showing them off. You don’t want to look withdrawn in the interview or that you’re not interested, so considering orthodontic treatment from may boost your chances of getting the job, as you’ll feel more confident in yourself. 

Feel Healthier

You may not be aware, but your oral health can have a huge influence on the rest of your body. Oral health diseases such as gingivitis can increase your chances of developing heart disease later on in life. The reason for this is gum disease heightens your risk of bacterial infections that enter the bloodstream. Dental problems such as spaced or misaligned teeth can make it harder to get rid of bacteria and food from your mouth, resulting in tooth decay, tooth loss, and gum disease. Once you get your teeth straightened, you’ll feel much healthier. 

Improved Speech

For those who have been suffering from a speech impediment, the leading cause of this could be down to misaligned teeth. When we speak, we form words by using our teeth, lips, and tongue simultaneously. Should any of these be misaligned, you may have problems with certain pronunciations. Getting braces may improve your speech and boost your confidence and self-worth.

Better Breath

Crooked teeth make it harder to give your mouth, teeth, and gums a thorough clean. Unfortunately, bacteria and food particles can linger as a result, which can lead to a pretty nasty smell. If you don’t get your teeth thoroughly cleaned by a hygienist, the smell will only get worse. Getting braces will align your teeth and give you better breath. 

If you’re not happy with your teeth, considering orthodontic treatment may be the right option for you. Whether you opt for clear aligners or fixed braces, once treatment is finished and your teeth are aligned, prepare to reap all the benefits above! 

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Your Smile Direct – one month Review

Your Smile Direct Review 

Update: 30/10/2020 It appears that Your Smile Direct is now longer in business. If you are in search of an alternative, here’s a helpful list of UK aligner companies.


I think we all have that one thing that bothers us about ourselves or something we would perhaps like to change.  For me since I was in my late teens it was my teeth. They didn’t warrant braces as a teen but as I got older and wisdom teeth appeared it changed them a little.  I rarely, if ever smiled in a photo. I became very conscious of them. A number of times I made enquiries about doing something but life got in the way or large outlay house car etc took precedence.

Roll forward another couple of years, add a husband and two kids to an already busy life style and fixing my teeth fell lower down the list of proprieties. One night the kids were in bed perhaps there was some wine consumed! I mentioned it again to my husband, he said do it – go and make enquiries so that is exactly what happened.

I had some criteria in my head, I needed something that didn’t require a massive time commitment as any busy parent will know, time is a precious commodity. I feel silly saying this, I was also quite self conscious of being the wrong side of 30 and having braces so I was naturally drawn to the clear aligners being quite discreet.


Why Your Smile Direct

Your Smile Direct ticked all the boxes for me. My initial dealings with them were informative without being pushy. I like that!  A sure way to loose my custom is the hard sell!

The first box to arrive contained little tubs and a tray to make the moulds of your teeth to send back together with some photos from different angles of your teeth.  My top tip here would be to do as many moulds as you can with the putty substance supplied to ensure you have at least one good top and bottom set.

So I did the moulds at home, posted them back and a couple of weeks later a box of aligners arrived in the post.  I received an email in advance with the treatment plan. I needed to change aligners every 2 weeks for 20 weeks.  The process so far was so smooth and I was kept informed at all times. The advice is to wear your aligners all the time except for eating and drinking. Another top tip here is straws become your friend if you need to sip (water only) during the day.

The Verdict so far

I am currently on my 3rd set of aligners and hand on heart im so so happy to date. I never anticipated that I would notice a difference after one month.  The progression in such a short time has filled me with so much excitement for the final reveal. A couple of things to bear in  mind. There certainly is some discomfort for a day or two when you change to your new set but this is to be expected for the required change to occur. It does take a little getting used to, another unintended benefit for me is no snacking! I only take them out for my main meals which has resulted in a dramatic decrease in my nibbling during the day. I used to be cooking for the kids and be eating along with it!

The beauty of Your Smile Direct is the process has just slotted into daily life as a busy working mother to two young kids. All dealings with the team have been professional, helpful and courteous answering any questions in a timely manner. Price wise is it very reasonable and costs a lot less that I expected.

Sometimes mammies need to put themselves first too, having been guilty of saying I don’t have time to do things for myself for many years I am thrilled to be in the middle of this process.  My confidence has increased and my close family have even commented on my teeth.

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