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Business Ideas for Women That Want to Support Moms

Are you looking to take a leap of faith and go into business for yourself? Does the lure of flexible hours, working from home, and a better work-life balance peak your interests? Lots of women are making the transition into becoming their own boss for those very reasons. To be successful, however, they must come up with a business idea, product, and/or service that appeals to a large audience.

Fortunately, you don’t have to look very far to determine which people need the most help. As a mother yourself, you know the undue amount of pressure that moms are always under. You somehow manage to get through each day, but what if there were businesses out there that could make your lives easier?  What if there were businesses run and operated by women who can relate to and want to help you find balance? If you’re interested in helping fellow moms everywhere, these products and services can turn into profitable business ideas.

Mommy Blogger

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Women are always searching the internet with the hopes of finding relevant information on parenting. From learning how to reduce stress to tips on how to design a nursery or parent a teen, blogs are often their first stop. If you’re good at writing compelling content that women can relate to, this is a simple business idea to start.

You can create a blog specifically for moms that touches on topics ranging from health and wellness to terrible twos and teenage drama. You can monetize your blog by doing an affiliate marketing of valuable products and services women should use or selling blog space for advertisements.

Mobile Massage Therapist

If you have prior training as a massage therapist or have the time and financial resources to return to school for the proper certifications, you could start a great business. What mom doesn’t need to take more time to pamper herself? The only problem is finding a way to squeeze it into her schedule. As a mobile massage therapist, however, you would go to her. You can provide her with therapeutic services that include facials and massages to relax her mind and body.

Since you’ll be mobile, there aren’t many startup costs. You can find an affordable massage table for sale along with fresh linens, oils, stones, and other supplies you’ll need to provide her with the full spa experience. After just one session with you, chances are she’ll be reaching out to her friends and relatives in no time to pass along the word.


Babysitting isn’t just a summer job for teens, it can be a pretty lucrative business idea for women who want to support other moms. There’s always a need for trustworthy individuals to watch your kids. Whether they’re at home sick, have a scheduled day off from school, or you have something you’d like to do without the kids, it’s great to know you have someone reliable to call on.

You can offer babysitting services to women in your neighborhood. Offering to watch the children before school, on school holidays, when they’re sick, after hours, or weekends is great as this is when moms often need the most assistance.

House Cleaning or Organizing

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Are you great at doing household chores? Perhaps you’re very well-organized? If so, you could offer your services to mothers everywhere. Cleaning and getting organized, unfortunately, tend to fall to the bottom of the list when you’ve got your hands full. Before long, everything is in disarray and you can’t find anything you need.

You can offer cleaning services to women in the area or consult and help moms to get their house more organized by helping them to purge items, invest in organizational items, and so forth.

Moms are strong, willing, multitaskers, but even they could use a helping hand. If you’re thinking of starting your own business, truly there is no better demographic to cater to. As you can see from the above business ideas, there are a lot of ways to assist mothers in their day to day lives. From calming them down with a soothing massage to getting their homes organized and sanitized, your services will certainly be appreciated – and used time and time again.

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