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Downstairs bathroom remodel

When we purchased our house over 7 years ago now, as it was a very old house it did not have a down stairs toilet but it did have a good sized cloakroom.   One of the items top of my last was a downstairs toilet for many reason including future proofing for our needs as we get older, to enable the kids grandparents to visit and also for sheer handiness for young kids.


Pic Credit: Pixabay

I naively thought it was more straightforward than it would be. There is a lot to consider including the applicable rules and regulations pertaining to your local area. While I a no expert in this area when I can do is bring some tips and advise based on my own experience in this area.


Doing adequate research before you begin cannot be underestimated.  For example check out local experts in your area, by way of reference shower remodel in Houston experts can be easily located.  Pay a visit to local display showroom, which admittedly can be a lot more difficult during the current pandemic. Another very useful piece of advice we got was to talk to our neighbours to see if any of them had completed a similar remodel. Those for us was so useful as we could go and see the size of the completed project and see the pitfalls from their perspective.


This sounds a little cliched but it can cost as much or as little as you want depending on how much you know your specification and are willing to compromise often on functionality versus aesthetics. What shocked me most when we commenced our research was that the entire project could be brought in completed for approx $2,500.  I was genuinely shocked, my expectations were closer to $10,000. However what we did do was we increased the spend to increase the spec and hopefully prolong the bathroom functionality.


Pic Credit: Pixabay

You will thank me later!! Good ventilation when retro fitting a bathroom cannot be underestimated. If you think when your main bathroom was fitted this was considered from the outset however for retrofit this is most certainly the after thought.  Poor ventilation can lead to the presence of mould which can prove hugely detrimental to health.  From our experience and talking to our contractor we erred on the side of more ventilation, not just for the obvious and essential health reason but because with a hallway toilet no guest wants to be greeted with lingering odours from your downstairs toilet.

Statement room

What we decided to do with our downstairs bathroom is make it a feature! The rest of our house is quite minimalist and neutral, except the downstairs toilet!! We went for totally out there wall paper and finishes and it really has had the desired impact and really becomes a talking point.  Can highly recommend, especially at the moment you can source really cool wallpapers and paints with most shops allowing you to take samples to try in your own space. I would really recommend using this room to let your personality shine!!!

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Creating a Happy Space for Your Little One

teddy on shelf

Pic Credit: Pixabay

Finding out you are expecting a baby is such an exciting time. Whether it is the first or your fifth, making plans and getting excited about your new bundle is what it is all about. One of the things to consider with your baby is what you are going to have the baby nursery look like. You might want to go for a classic look, a more modern style, or perhaps something unique and more vintage or boho. Here are some ideas and tips to help you to decorate the baby’s nursery, so that it is not only a practical space, but a space that is happy and safe for your little one.

Use primary colours

No matter the gender of your baby, primary colours work well. You can choose bright and bold options, as well as pastel versions of the primary colours in order to make the room look cosy and friendly. If your little one will be sharing a room with a sibling, then this can also be a good option for all.

If you are looking for a colour scheme that will work as your baby becomes a toddler and then becomes a tween, then choosing a monochromatic look could work well. You can accessorize with prints and wall stickers adding pops of colour, but keeping the base the same will help the room last and last and mean that you don’t have to redecorate every couple of years. 

Practical storage

There is no getting away from it that babies and children need a lot of stuff. So to make the nursery a great space to be, adding in some practical storage is a must, unless you want clutter and toys everywhere. Some great ideas for storage, that aren’t just typical toy boxes or shelving units, can be things like an Ottoman-style stool or a window seat with storage underneath. Sometimes you just need some items to be out of sight and out of mind!

Add personality with framed art

Instead of getting the walls in a bright colour or getting bright bedspreads, you could choose to add personality with framed art. If you’re not keen on big and bright Thomas the Tank Engine bedding, then go for framed prints of the engines, so that your little one still gets to see their favourite things, just in a more classic way. These can then be easily changed as the child gets older, adding in some Pro Hart art or perhaps artwork that they themselves have created. It will also help when they’re a teenager to use frames for their displays, rather than sticking bluetack all over the walls.

The key thing with a nursery is that you want to create it to last. Babies grow quickly, and before you know it, they’ll be a toddler, and you don’t want to keep having to redecorate. Thnk comfort and think longevity, and that will help as you create a bedroom space that will work well and that will grow with your little one. 

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Choosing the perfect outdoor canopy

It could not be a more perfect time of year to turn your attention to some garden improvements such as the addition of an outdoor canopy. I have been lusting after a pop up canopy for a long time and the recent good weather spell has made us see how useful one would be for shelter in the really warm weather and the converse is also true if the weather is really bad it means the kids are sheltered and don’t have to come in out of the rain.  One huge plus for us is that it effectively increases the footprint of the house extending out into the garden.

So you have decided to invest in an outdoor canopy, what are some of the key considerations you need to keep in mind when making that decision. Below I have set out some useful advise.

  • Something portable 

Pic Credit Costoffs

Speaking from experience, if like us you have a young family and pets you will want something portable.  Something that can be put up in seconds and put away then if needs be.  Following our own research it was clear what we needed was a pop up canopy. A pop up canopy as its name suggest literally pops up and you have it set up in mere minutes making it extremely handy.  It can provide shelter for pets, a safe play area for kids or a sun/ rain shelter for adults.

  • Reputable supplier 

When you have decided a pop up canopy is for you,  you need to consider your supplier carefully.   If you are spending the money on garden improvements, you will want to get good value and best functionality for your money.  We stumbled across Costoffs which which are an e furniture brand founded in 2020 which specialise in home and office furniture.  They also impressively offer free shipping & delivery and 24 hours after sales service….now that is impressive.

  • Functionality

After undertaking much research we were most impressed with the Costoffs pop up canopy, size wise at 3m * 3m is a really good size for most back gardens.  The major selling point for us was that it is waterproof and UV proof making it importantly suitable for all seasons which is very important, as mentioned above especially with kids and pet. Also critically is is CPAI-84 fireproof.  Also at $146.99 with free delivery you really could not go wrong.

I simply will not compromise on safety features when it comes to my kids so this pop up canopy really ticked all the boxes for us.  I see from their website that orders are currently arriving in 10-15 working days.

Do take a look at the blog posts on the Costoffs webpage as there is a wealth of information on choosing your canopy.  As mentioned above they don’t just sell canopies they have a huge range of good quality indoor and outdoor furniture.  With so many of us now working from home they do stock a very wide range of office furniture and chairs, which is exactly what is next on my list….

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Giving your bedroom a chic makeover

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in any home. It’s where you relax after a long day looking after the kids, where you spend intimate time with your loved one, and where you recuperate and prepare yourself for the day ahead. Unfortunately, after a while, it’s easy for any bedroom to become cluttered, outdated, and unappealing.

If your bedroom isn’t the Instagram-worthy room you’ve been hoping for, now could be the perfect time to invest in a quick, simple, and cost-effective makeover. After all, changing the atmosphere of your bedroom doesn’t have to be a time-consuming or expensive process.  A little rearranging, a good colour scheme, and even the right window dressings can make a world of difference.

  • Rearrange your furniture

Sometimes all you need to do to transform your bedroom from drab to fab, is to give yourself a different perspective. Look at where you currently have your drawers, wardrobes and bed, and think about whether they might work better at a different angle, or in a new configuration. You may be surprised at how easy it is to add charm to your sleeping space when you move the king-size bed into the middle of the room, rather than against the wall.

If you’re not sure how to rearrange things, try sketching out an idea of what your ideal bedroom might look like first. It’s worth keeping some cleaning tools on hand too – there’s likely to be some dust to clean up when you’re finished moving things.

  • Let there be light!

bedroom interior

With your bedroom’s new layout showing off your furniture in all its glory, it’s time to think about how you can let light into the room. Window dressings can be complicated in a bedroom, as you want the perfect combination of something that keeps out the sunlight when you’re sleeping but lets plenty of rays in during the day.

Switching to shutters could be a great way to give yourself the best of both worlds in your bedroom. has plenty of options that effectively block out light for when you’re snoozing, and also give you an extra level of privacy when you need it most.

  • Pick the perfect colour!

Colour is a vital consideration when you’re giving your bedroom a makeover. You’ll want something that demonstrates your unique personality but remember that going too bold with your shades could mean that you end up giving yourself a headache during those hours when you’re supposed to be getting plenty of rest. While there’s nothing wrong with having a passionate statement wall, it’s usually a good idea to keep most of your colours calm and neutral.

Remember, if you stick to soft shades and you want to add more chic style to the mix, you can always spruce things up with some colourful accessories, bedding, and throw pillows.

  • Draw attention to the bed

The bed is the central and most important piece of furniture in your bedroom, so make sure it shines. When we renovated our rooms recently, we went for king size beds. I just like that bit of extra space nothing of course to do with our pint sized nocturnal visitors!  The thing about buying the bigger can mean that they can be that little bit more expensive but one thing I resolved a a long time again was never to scrimp on bed linen. I sound like im being totally self indulgent but there is something so nice after a tough day in work to sink into fresh comfy sheets. 

When you’re changing the look of your room probably one of the most visually effective together with cost effective ways to freshen up your room is new duvet covers.  Where you go for a total colour revamp, patterns or bling. You can really use these to add texture and dept to your room. In fact you could vary the shades for the seasons or times of year. Its much lower cost and lower maintenance than paint or wallpaper. I saw some really stunning Catherine Lansfield patterns duvets which would really add a lovely depth to a room renovation.  Get your hands on king size quilt size quilt covers from Yorkshire Linen. Honestly some of the best value I have seen for that size duvets.  They also have some great kids duvets. The boys bunk beds are arriving in 2 weeks so we will have to have a nosey and let the boys pick what they would like.

urban wardrobes

Pic Credit: Urban Wardrobes

Many of the duvets have matching accessories available too which I actually really like.

However if for you space is a constraint or its a guest room you are renovating, a genius solution is  fitted murphy beds.  What this essentially is, is your bed is effectively hidden away in your wardrobe and you can pull it down as needs be (see pic opposite).  Just thinking this would be ideal in our new work from home world where a room could be an office by day and a bedroom by night.  Its very clever and cost effective way to make the best use of small spaces.

  • Add your finishing touches

Finally, remember that the little things can go a long way when you’re creating your perfect bedroom. Attractive bedside lamps and a few photos of your friends and family can help to bring warmth and personality to your room. The finishing touches you add will depend on your specific preferences. For instance, some people will want to go with a family-friendly look that features plenty of pictures of loved ones, while others will be prefer a romantic atmosphere with scented candles and luxurious textures.

Another way of incorporating a stylish finishing touch but still being functional is the use of sliding wardrobe doors. Choosing a good quality supplier is essential and can really work wonders in terms of the aesthetic of the room, playing with textures, colours and finishes.

Sweet dreams!

If you’ve been dreaming of the perfect bedroom, now’s the perfect time to take the plunge. With the tips above, you’ll be able to create your perfect bedroom experience in no time, without leaving your bank account in tatters!

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What to consider when changing the floor in your kid’s bedrooms

Creating a nursery that will eventually become a bedroom or renovating a bedroom in a new house for a young child comes with many challenges. One of these is choosing the right flooring. Choosing the flooring for anywhere in your home is challenging, but there are specific requirements for the flooring used in a nursery or young child’s bedroom that you need to think about. Changing the flooring in a room is not something many of us want to do very often, so making sure you get it right the first time is crucial. Because of this, below are a few helpful things you should consider when changing the floor in your kid’s bedroom. 

It needs to be practical 

While practicality may be something you’d associate more with kitchen or bathroom flooring, it’s also really important for children’s bedrooms. Choosing a flooring material that is both comfortable underfoot and easy to clean is vital for any child’s bedroom. The bedroom floor is often where young children will play with their toys, and no parent wants their child to play on a hard floor where they could get uncomfortable. While carpet may seem like the obvious solution to this problem, it is not as practical as other flooring options. Luxury vinyl flooring, for example, is far easier to clean while still being highly durable and comfortable underfoot, making it an excellent choice for a child’s bedroom. 

Underfloor heating can be a great addition 

Like flooring that is practical, you may not think of underfloor heating as something related to bedroom flooring. However, when changing the flooring in your children’s bedroom, considering adding underfloor heating is a great idea. There are several critical benefits to underfloor heating, but specifically, when you have a nursery or young child’s bedroom, this can really help keep their room warm during the winter months, which can help them sleep. There are two main types of underfloor heating, one using heated water in pipes under the floor an

wooden floor

Image credit – Amtico – Amtico Spacia Noble Oak SS5W3030

d the other using heated wires. There is lots of information online about underfloor heating, but when you’re taking up the floor and adding a new one, this provides an opportunity to add underfloor heating, which you may not get again for many years, so keep it in mind. 

Timeless and straightforward designs work well

Choosing colours for your child’s bedroom, especially when they are young and can’t have an input in the decisions, can be difficult. Something you should consider is keeping the flooring colour as simple as possible. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, as mentioned, changing the flooring can be time-consuming and not something you want to be doing regularly. So, choosing a bold flooring pattern for a child’s bedroom only to find they don’t like it in two years is not something you want to go through.

Secondly, with a neutral or simple flooring colour, it will allow you to change other aspects of the room without worrying that the flooring will look odd and out of place. Greys are a great colour option with any flooring material. Wood flooring styles, either with vinyl or traditional wood, can work well with almost any other design style. 

Getting the flooring right in your kid’s room is an important step and one that can help create a great environment they can enjoy for years to come if done correctly. When redecorating or renovating, try and keep the points raises above in mind, and hopefully, the finished floor will be something both you and your children will love. 

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Why Summer Is The Best Time To Service Your Heating

When you’re enjoying a hot summer, your home’s heating may be the last thing on your mind, especially when it comes to home maintenance. You may be desperately trying to keep cool rather than thinking about checking on your boiler or servicing your heating. 

Nevertheless, here’s a guide as to why summer is actually the best time to be thinking about your heating. 

You’ll Want it Ready for Winter

The last thing you’d want is to have to try to fix or service your heating precisely when you need it. So if you end up leaving your heating servicing until the cold winter months hit, you’re making it more of a risk that something might go wrong when your home is suffering in the cold. 

To avoid any risks of a freezing home, or boiler problems, servicing your system in the summer means it’s ready and working for when you need it the most. 

It Will Have Been Switched Off for a While 


Pic Credit: Pixabay

If the last time you used your boiler was last winter, and your heating system has remained unused up until the summer, your boiler will have been switched off after a period of hard work and high activity. It’s, therefore, the perfect time during the summer to have everything checked after its previous usage to make sure it’s all looking good for its next big switch on.

You Won’t Have to Contend with Long Wait Times 

Winter is naturally going to be synonymous with plenty of people making emergency calls for their heating systems or boiler replacements during the peak of winter. If you have your heating services completed in summer instead, it’s more likely you won’t have to wait long, and that services like will have more flexibility in coming out for a callout.

You’ll Have More Time During the Summer

Most people will have time booked off during the summer and have more flexibility in terms of free days. This means it is the perfect time to book a heating service instead of the winter months when you might be back at work and busy after the summer holidays

You’ll Feel More at Ease

You don’t want to have to worry about the worst happening when you need to use your boiler again, and you certainly don’t want all your summer to be spent wondering whether your heating system will actually work when you next need it. 

Therefore, for peace of mind, you can arrange a simple heating service to have everything checked and be able to rest easily knowing it’s all going to be in working order when you next need it.

Key Takeaway 

There are many benefits to having your heating serviced in summer, even if you don’t need to use your heating during the hotter months. Take advantage of a more flexible schedule, peace of mind, and good preparation for the winter months by being proactive and having your heating serviced in the middle of summer instead.

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How COVID Gave Me Time To Update My House

Covid has forced most of us to stay indoors within the confines of our homes. While the situation may be troubling, it is also a great time to start focusing on self-development or learn a new skill.

On a personal level, COVID has given me the perfect opportunity to upgrade my home. Growing up, I always bought stuff, filled my house with clothes and accessories, and loved to flaunt them. Having kids has greatly added to the clutter too. Today the family is embracing minimalism.

We decided to utilize our free time to do a complete home makeover. As a first step, we started by changing the walls using peel & stick removable wallpaper.

From there, there was no looking back. I am proud to say that I have an incredibly cozy home where we can work, rest, play, and relax. My children enjoyed picking and installing their kids’ peel and stick wallpapers too. This was a great learning experience for them.

How I used the COVID isolation period to upgrade my house:

My work never allowed me to do a major overhaul. With isolation, I got an opportunity to spend more time at home with my family. Since weekends meant more free time, we started planning the upgrade process.

This is how we approached the whole process of updating my home during these COVID times.

I started by decluttering.

Any cleaning expert will tell you that the first step towards upgrading your home is to declutter and downsize. Many of us tend to accumulate a lot of junk over the years and simply can’t let go. Upgrades are an excellent time to work on letting go of things we no longer use.

If you feel overwhelmed with this process, start with one room at a time. Have three boxes or garbage bags- one to keep, one to donate, and one for garbage. Make sure that all the items go into one of these categories. This process will help you declutter a lot of stuff and give a direction to go ahead with the update.

My kids followed the same process, and we could clear out tons of stuff from our home.

I gave my walls a fresh look with peel and stick removable wallpapers.

I was working under a tight budget and was looking for different ways to give a fresh new look to my walls. The paint was peeling off in many places, and the walls were screaming for a much-needed makeover. I realized peel and stick removable wallpapers are inexpensive and easy to install.

This also meant I needn’t call contractors or professional decorators to do the job in these Covid times. The process was so easy; my kids were able to finish installing their kids peel and stick wallpaper with a bit of help from my spouse and me.

We rearranged and repurposed all the furniture and accessories to suit the changing needs.

We also left out furniture we no longer use on the curbside so the needy can pick them up. This was a satisfying experience.

My Takeaways from the Covid Upgrade Process:

Peel and stick removable wallpaper are an excellent inexpensive way to give every room a complete upgrade. They are available in a wide range of patterns, colors, and designs.

If you have kids at home who want to change the look of their rooms, you can easily pick kids’ peel and stick wallpapers.

It is a beautiful experience that will bring the whole family together for great bonding. 

Note: This is a collaborative post 

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Money Saving Home Improvements

solar panels

Pic Credit: Unsplash

No matter who you are, you will want to make savings on your energy bills if you can, it also makes sense to reduce your energy consumption in general. In this article, you will find some ways to change the infrastructure of your home to save money and power as well as some cheaper alternatives to your home lifestyle choices.

Solar roof technology 

The sun is one of the most powerful natural resources the planet has to harness, so it makes sense to use it as much as possible to power your home and reduce your energy costs. This can happen in two ways: solar panels and cool roof technology. 

Solar panels need no introduction. They are more efficient than ever before and can be easily installed by a solar panel engineer. Cool roof technology uses angled panels to reflect the heat and keep your home cool. 

Energy-efficient windows 

Most of the heat lost from the home disappears through the windows, that’s not surprising since glass will easily transmit heat out of the home to bring it in if you have a south-facing window. Energy-efficient windows can save you money and make your home more efficient. 

Energy-efficient windows will trap the heat in your home when it’s cold and prevent it from leaving when it’s warm. You can choose between double or triple glazed windows for your home depending on your budget and energy needs. 

Spray Foam Insulation  

One of the most important aspects of reducing the energy you use and saving money is choosing the right insulation for your home. Heat energy is often lost through the roof and walls so you need to trap it using spray foam insulation. 

The great thing about spray foam insulation uk is that it can be used in your wall regardless of how old your home is or what insulation has been there before. Contact a spray foam insulation company for a quote that will save you money long term. 

Energy saving light bulbs 

Are you still using filament light bulbs or halogen light bulbs in your home? If you are, you are using inefficient lighting that not only costs you the most but uses energy needlessly. It’s much better to replace your light bulbs with LED ones. 

LED light bulbs use a far smaller amount of electricity and save you around £35 per year of your energy bill. That’s the same as one free month of the Internet or a dinner for two at a restaurant. As well as EE lightbulbs remember to turn off light when not in use. 

Eco appliances 

As well as installing the right infrastructure in your homes such as insulation, light bulbs and solar panels, you also have to use energy-efficient appliances and use them economically. Eco appliances are things like kettles, washing machines, and boilers. 

If you want to optimize your home for energy efficiency and make significant savings every year then choose the latest eco-friendly appliances and install a smart meter so you can efficiently track your energy usage. 

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Is now a good time to apply for a mortgage?

The housing market is booming but what does that mean for you? Is now the time to buy, sell, rent, or just stay put? It can be a hard decision but one that you can make when you’re ready. If you’re considering whether or not the time is now to apply for a mortgage, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

What is a mortgage? 


Pic Credit: Pixabay

At the outset I just wanted to give some context. I am not a financial advisor rather I have been through this process more than once therefore I feel equipped to give some tips and advice purely based on my own experiences in this area.  When we started on this journey of getting our first mortgage as a naïve 20 something year old, if I am honest I probably didn’t even know what exactly a mortgage was! In its basic sense, taking the definition from Investopedia a mortgage is “A mortgage is a loan that the borrower uses to purchase or maintain a home or other form of real estate and agrees to pay back over time, typically in a series of regular payments. The property serves as collateral to secure the loan.”

Home ownership has always been a hot topic and perhaps we tend to be somewhat conditioned from an early age into wanting to own our own homes. I know in some European counties long term rental agreements tend to be favoured.  I did some research around home ownership here in Ireland and note that the latest figures from the CSO which are for 2016 show “In 2016 in all 58.4% of homes that were ‘owned outright’ were a ‘detached house’, while ‘detached house’ was also the most prevalent dwelling type for those who ‘own with a mortgage or loan’ (47.8%).”

So the million dollar query……

Should you apply for a mortgage or wait?


Pic Credit: Pixabay

Owning your own home is never a bad idea. As long as you’re not getting into payments that are over your head, you should be able to invest in property and feel confident that it’s a strong investment. If you’re looking at a house that you know is too expensive, that’s a big indicator that it’s not the right time to make that purchase.

To figure out if you’re ready and able to buy a house, the first step you need to do is get pre-approved from a lender or bank. You’ll never know if you’re able to actually afford the house of your dreams if you first don’t find out how much you’re able to borrow as a home loan. A important step you can do is to utilise a trusted  online mortgage calculator this will give you an good clear indication of firstly the monthly payment and also how much the mortgage will cost you over its term.

Once you have that figured out, you then get to decide if you’re going to spend at the top of your allotted loan amount or try to meet somewhere in the middle or the lower end. Ultimately it’s your choice on what type of home loan and mortgage that you want to have but you do what to be careful that you don’t end up being “house poor”. This term comes from people who have overspent on where they’re going to live and then have no money leftover to purchase items for the home or to do anything fun out and about as well.

If you’re ready to apply for a mortgage and begin the house buying process, make certain that you speak with a trusted lender that can walk you through the process. With a home purchase being the largest item you’ll ever buy, it’s a big decision that you shouldn’t take lightly at all!

It would be remiss of me not to include details on where to go in the event you run into difficulties in making your mortgage repayments, the covid situation has had a very real impact on incomes and it is very important to seek advice in the unfortunate event you find yourself in this situation.  In Ireland, Citizens Information  have a list of bodies who you can contact for assistance or if you are in the UK, the Financial  Conduct Authority (FCA) have details on where to go for assistance.

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Kids bedroom renovations


Pic Credit: Pixabay

As is well documented on the blog over the last number of years, we have been undertaking quite a mammoth renovation project. Having now completed the sittingroom, the kitchen extension and the garden it is finally time to turn our attention to the upstairs bedrooms. We promised the boys we would do their room first as they have been so good and so patient while the rest of the works were going on.  I must admit I am quite impressed at how firm they are in setting out what they want from the room. They were absolutely adamant they wanted bunk beds which I didn’t have any objection too.  Their bedroom is quite an unusual shape so we went for custom built bunks but with some added rails around the top bunks as I know my two daredevils only too well!!

The room was totally re-plastered as we put in extra insulation so I needed it to disguise the extra boards that were put in.  We also went for bespoke storage again from the same company who built the beds.  All we have left to do is choose the finishes.  The boys wanted carpet but for loads of reasons I wasn’t in total agreement. Their strong argument was that is was cosy and soft while I felt it was a little too susceptible to environmental factors such as dirt, spills etc. I eventually won this argument but only on the basis that the could select the wallpaper for the room. We were always going to go for a cool, a little out there feature wall in their room. It is their sanctuary so armed with this confidence off they went searching for cool funky wallpapers.

Children’s bedroom wallpaper

I must admit I was pleasantly surprised at the myriad of option available for wallpapers for the bedroom especially for kids bedrooms.  I had been getting ideas from pinterest throughout this entire renovation and unsurprisingly there was just tonnes of inspiration there. After a tonne of research and debate we narrowed down our selection to 3 different wallpapers from Wallpaper from the 70s. Anybody who knows the boys will not be shocked by the theme!! Yep – you guessed it! Superheroes feature strongly in the selection.  Their top three are below: All pic credit is Wallpaper from the 70s webpage.

Aren’t they just fab? In terms of price point they are €35.90 which works out around €6.90 per m2 and they ship to Ireland within 5 working days or you can order express delivery. I know for some people they might not be keen to order online without seeing the product but you can order a sample.  The boys still can’t decide which one but I my own personal favourite is the third one. I  just love it and it will fit perfect with the colour scheme of the bed and wardrobes.



Pic Credit: Make My Blinds

Maybe its just me but a room really isn’t finished in my mind unless the windows are dressed and by that I mean good quality practical blinds.  On our research for the kids room renovations we came across Make My Blinds and they could not be more perfect…just check out the superhero range! They actually stock a really wide range of blinds for all rooms from bedrooms to office to nursery and conservatory. They even cater for some of the more obscure window types such as skylight or tilt and turn windows.  In the past I have found it challenging to source blinds for our skylights.

My kids must totally take after me, once they pick a theme they commit 100%!! You can order free samples from Make My Blinds and take my advice on this from experience, I would stretch the budget for the black out fabric. One of mine equates bright with no sleep so the rooms needs total darkness to get him to sleep which is obviously challenging in the summer months.

Another thing I noted with Make My blinds is that all of their blinds are child safe coming with a clear clip to hold the chain taught and against the wall so there are no free-hanging cords, vitally important in our house anyway.


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