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DIY techniques to modernise your home

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As the season begins to change and we begin to plan our summer parties, we often think of how we can upgrade each room a little bit, without having to completely splash out and spend a ton on painting and decorating. Are you looking for some affordable and accessible ways to spruce up your space and get it looking a bit fresher? Why not take a look at this list of DIY techniques to modernise your home.

Clear your clutter and improve your storage

Modern minimalist designs are popular in modern homes, particularly among those who are working with restricted space. To achieve a home that is a little more simple and easier to maintain, why not start by decluttering things you don’t need? Recycling and donating old clothes, toys and furniture, rather than just throwing them in that dreaded cupboard we all have, can be a therapeutic process. A clean home has been proven to be good for concentration and relaxation after a long day.

In their luxury city-centre studio apartments, property investment company RW Invest entice young professionals and entrepreneurs with their state-of-the-art minimalist designs and smart-fitted technology. For inspiration, looking at designs like these might help you to visualise a home that can compete with desired modern trends, and inspire you as to how you might integrate what you have to make it feel more compatible with modern sensibilities.

Upgrade to a smart home 


Pic Credit: Pixabay

The idea of the ‘connected home’ is becoming more widely accepted by consumers every day, and is beginning to permeate the mainstream. With a vast number of different electronic devices in varying shapes and sizes available, smart devices such as speakers, lights and security can really help around the house, as they become more intuitive and easier to understand by the day.

Did-you-know? As of 2019, Amazon has sold over 100 million units fitted with their smart assistant ‘Alexa’, and they are quickly capturing the zeitgeist among consumers young and old with their ease-of-use and accessible functions. You might think it’s a little expensive to get involved in this ‘voice-activated’ trend, but with a variety of different models available, it’s easy to find the most cost-efficient piece for what you’re looking for

Scrub up on the outside

Moving out of the home, maintaining the garden can be a fun and rewarding way to get outdoors in the coming summer months. If you’re someone who wants to put as little effort into making sure your greenery doesn’t die, or just don’t have the time very often, there are plenty of low maintenance flowers and bushes you can plant that will be resilient when winter is coming.

Doing some simple tasks on your front path such as weeding or cleaning the windows can make your home look that little bit better to the average onlooker, giving you a home to feel proud about. If your path or patio needs a bit of a clean, why not invest in a pressure washer or something similar to give them a good hose down? It’s a lot cheaper than repaving your entire house and can be the perfect facelift your outdoor furniture needs pre-summer barbeque or party.


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