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Holidays for families with children


Pic Credit: Rithymna Beach

Holidays for families with children

Is it such a big deal for families to want to go on holiday with your children, and indeed to another country, to enjoy sun & sea and to be carefree & happy? Is this really a major challenge for a family with small children? Yes, it certainly is…because there’s so much to worry about: the journey, the accommodation… but above all, the safety of your precious children.

Most parents are looking to find just the right place for their holidays, and when we say holidays we mean a time for rest & relaxation and not running around after the children to make sure they’re safe & well.

kids play area

Pic Credit: Rithymna Beach

Let’s face it… as parents we all worry constantly about our children, especially when we are on holiday in an unfamiliar place that we know nothing about. Is the place safe for them, will they find things to do, find friends to play with? And will us parents manage to find even a few minutes to chill out & relax?

I wonder, could there be a holiday setting that offers our children a safe environment, one that allows them to be creative, to eat healthily and at the same time allows us parents to have some precious moments of worry-free enjoyment? If it does exist, it must be a truly magical place…

In fact, this wonderful place really does exist and its name is the Rithymna Beach Hotel, part of the well-known Aquila Hotels & Resorts in Crete.

The perfect holiday setting for parents with children…

Aquila Rithymna Beach is not just any ordinary hotel. It’s a little corner of the world that offers endless pleasure & unique experiences, for parents and children alike!

A premium hotel built in front of the beach, overlooking the infinite blue sea and spread over 20,000 square metres of absolute luxury. There are restaurants, bars, swimming pools and the ultimate setting for our young guests: the Kri-Kri Club, where our specially trained personnel creatively occupy the children throughout the day. There is even a specialist doctor’s office for your complete peace of mind.

The children are in a completely safe environment, where they’ll make unforgettable memories with creative activities such as theatre, music, dance and painting. The child-friendly Tasty Corner offers the children healthy treats & snacks all day long.

Best of all, the package is a free service for guests and is offered throughout the season.

While the children have the time of their lives, their parents can unwind & luxuriate on the golden sandy beach and enjoy a refreshing aperitif in front of the calm, aquamarine Aegean Sea!

At the Rithymna Beach, Aquila Hotels & Resorts has created the perfect conditions for an idyllic   vacation for the whole family.

swimming pool

Pic Credit: Rithymna Beach

And as for accommodation, the hotel’s suites cater for even larger families with more children or babies.

Finally, Aquila Rithymna Beach boasts huge swimming pools protected by lifeguards, tennis courts, basketball courts, water sports, amphitheatres, restaurants, tavernas, and much, much more…

We can say without a doubt that it truly is a paradise for kids & heaven on earth for parents!


Note: This is a collaborative post

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