How to Determine Bar Stool Height

Bar stools are nifty things to have around the home. You can place them in the kitchen, dining, and a few other parts of the house. Whatever purpose you want to use them for, the most important thing is getting the right height. Ergonomic seating is perfect for the kitchen and in places where you will not typically put chairs.

Factors to Consider When Determining Bar Stool Height

Some factors to consider to get the right height for your bar stool. Read more on each of them and how you can make the best decision.

Counter Height

The first thing most people consider, which you should, is the counter or bar height. Since bar stools are mainly used behind counters, it makes sense that the bar stool is tailored to a suitable height to match the counter. Bars are typically around 39 to 42 inches, so you should go for bar stools that are about 10 to 12 inches shorter. This is the standard requirement, as it allows you to hop on and down quickly while using the counter or bar.


A vital factor in determining a bar stool height is adjustability. Many bar stools have fixed heights that you have to match with your desired counter. However, some come adjustable, making it easy to change the height as desired. Adjustable bar stools are typically between 23.4 inches to 31.4 inches.

Preference for Legroom

When deciding on a preferred bar stool height, you should check how much legroom you can get. Ideally, you should ensure that your stool is high enough and positioned decently from the bar to swing your legs around. You must be able to get on and off your stool without any issues. You should also be able to move around without bumping into the counter or knocking things around.

Backrest and Footrest

As you tick the checklist for getting the right height for your bar stool, you should consider features like the backrest and footrest. Many people like bar stools with backrests because they tend to be more comfortable. They also give more depth, allowing you to settle in for a long time without discomfort. The same goes for footrests. This feature makes tall bar stools more accessible to shorter people as they can leverage the footrest to counter the height.

Additional Functions

After considering the primary features in determining the perfect bar stool height, you can consider possible different uses of the stool. If you think you will use the stool for another purpose, you should go the extra mile. Check to see if the height you are going for will suit current and future purposes.

In Conclusion

Bar stools come in slightly varying sizes. Therefore, you must select one that will suit your purposes perfectly. Getting stools with adjustable height features will greatly reduce your worries about getting a perfect height. You should also explore design options like no back, fullback, and traditional and modern bar stools.

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