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How to Make the Home Chores Easier to Handle

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Dealing with household chores isn’t so bad when there’s only one of you, but when you have a family then the list of tasks expands.   Here are a few suggestions on how to make handling your household chores a little bit easier.

Divide the Household Chores Amongst Everyone

Create a weekend chores list and assign different family members to each task. Put it up in the kitchen for all to see.  For kids who are old enough, have them perform household chores to understand the value of work in their lives. Rule out the idea that pocket money – or, any money – is given freely. Developing a strong work ethic will serve them very well throughout their adult lives. Young kids can rake up leaves. Older kids can reorganise or move light furniture under supervision to help clean underneath.   For the parents, split up the chores that are best completed by adults. Treat some of them as learning experiences for the older children too. Add a fun element to it and see if they can invent new or different ways to get the task completed in less time. I will admit there are times when we are both really busy with work that we enlist the help of a cleaner. It can really save time at those critical times of year when life gets hectic. 

Eco Friendly all the way 


Credit: www.pattersons.co.uk

I used to feel so guilty using all the sprays, detergents etc until the rise of eco products in a more mainstream way, being readily available from places like Pattersons

I was delighted to see that they offer eco products for both the domestic and commercial markets. Eco products such as those from Pattersons avoid the use of chemically-reactive and toxic chemicals, which are considered safer and kinder to the environment. The environment is a hot topic at the moment and if we all make small changes together we can start to make an impact. They have very kindly shared with me their eco friendly Spring clean hacks which I have reproduced opposite with permission.

Remove Vacuuming from the Chores List Altogether

Vacuuming the carpets and dealing with the wooden floors isn’t difficult, it’s just tedious. If anyone has dust allergies, it does get more difficult when an old vacuum cleaner is spewing dust up at you. Seek out the best robotic vacuum cleaner to remove vacuuming from the task list altogether. Vacuuming the house might take 30 minutes every weekend and again half-way through the week. Why not let a robot vacuum clean the floors while you’re at work?    Look for reviews of robot vacuum cleaners to see which make and models are the most reliable and the best cleaners. You can start by checking out this list of the 17 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners to pick the one that is both effective and economical.

Keep Things Organised, Automatically

Create systems at home that everyone can follow automatically to avoid having to deal with clean up later. For instance, when there’s a tall laundry basket in every bedroom, it’s no trouble throwing a used t-shirt into the basket on the way out the door. Similarly, when having a set place to put the shoes outside the back door or in a shoe rack at the front door, none of the family tread dirt from outside the home to the interior. These items are difficult for a vacuum to suck up and dispose of.   Wash up the dishes or load up the dishwasher as the last task of the day before heading to bed. You won’t notice the little bit of extra effort when it’s something you do automatically as part of a nightly routine. This avoids dealing with sticky plates and cutlery in the morning and it just makes life easier.

When you get your thinking cap on for how to make household chores easier, then you have time to enjoy your house for what it is; a family home.


Note: This is a collaborative post
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