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Keep your Home Warm with Stylish Heaters

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The last thing we want when we’re lounging around at home is to be cold, and although we can wrap up with a blanket or jumper, it’s just not the same as being wrapped up in the heat of the house.  Although we may have timed the heating to come on when we get in from work, and we’ve even popped the fire on, sometimes getting warm can be hard – especially given the harshness of the UK’s winter weather. But what about heaters?

Although you may have an image of big and bulky electric heaters that just spoil the room, you can get a wide selection of stylish heaters these days from places like Coopers of Stortford. Let us talk you through your modern-day portable heating options.

Style and Substance

Of course, the last thing you want is something hideous in your living, dining or bedroom. But today’s heaters are a long way from the historic ones you can remember. Now you’ll find them in sleek, slimline designs that resemble something of an Apple product, which sit wonderfully in the corner of your rooms just waiting to be switched on to give you that extra blast of heat.

Old School Charm

Of course, maybe your décor theme isn’t modern, which would make an Apple style sleekly designed product a bit of a no go. However, even if you’ve gone for an older style of décor in your home, you can still find a wonderful electric heater that’ll add a little bit of décor magic to your home, while also bringing that extra bit heat. You’ll discover this in stove style designs that look like old fashion fireplaces, but are on hand for that added warmth when needed.

Hidden Away

Perhaps you prefer a more minimalistic style in your home, in which case the sight of a portable heater, regardless of how sleek and slimline, is just going to stick out like a sore thumb. But that doesn’t mean you have to accept that little chill every now and then. Instead, you can opt for mini heaters that can be easily hidden away. But how you may ask, well that’s easy. These mini heaters can be plugged into the wall like an electronic air freshener, meaning it can be hidden away at all times, depending on where you’ve chosen to plug it in.

And there you have it, three quick and easy ways to add extra warmth to your rooms at all times, without affecting the look of your home.


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