Setting Up the Perfect Study Space for Your Child


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A child’s study space plays an important role in their ability to learn at home and complete their homework efficiently, so it’s crucial for parents to help prepare this space with functionality in mind. There are lots of factors to consider, from the layout to the lighting. I have teamed up with a preparatory school in Richmond to offer you some tips on how to set up the perfect study space for your child.

First of all, it’s absolutely vital that your child’s study environment is free from distractions, like the TV or any other digital devices. If your child can see their PlayStation in the corner of their eye whilst studying, it will be so much harder for them to focus. Consider setting up the study space in an environment that is as far away from any distractions as possible. 

A messy environment can also be quite distracting and will make it difficult for your child to find the appropriate books and other study equipment. With that said, make sure that the space is neat and tidy by investing in some shelving or even just some storage boxes, to keep everything as organised as possible. 

Try to make use of natural light, if possible, by setting up the desk near a window. Of course, natural light isn’t always available, especially after school in the winter months, so make sure there are other appropriate lighting options in the room. For instance, a desk lamp will brighten up your child’s books so that they can read properly. Inadequate lighting in this sort of environment can lead to eye strain and headaches, which will obviously drastically reduce motivation and productivity. 

Speaking of aches and pains; make sure your child’s desk and chair are comfortable and adjustable, so that they don’t have to slouch or bend their wrists in strange positions. This can result in all sorts of problems, like repetitive strain injury or issues with posture. 

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