Snack Condiments for Your Spicy Cravings

Snacking is essential for any diet.  Not only does it give you the calories you need to push through your day, but they also keep you from overloading your plate during your meals.  The capsaicin found in most spicy food takes this a step further by shrinking your stomach a little and making you feel fuller faster.  Unfortunately, pouring a little Texas Pete on everything you eat is going to get old fast.

Instead of reaching for the old and familiar, here are some other fun and spicy condiments you can pair with almost every snack out there!

Habanero Pepper Jelly

Why not have a little sweet with your spice?  Habanero pepper jelly is an incredible way to fill all of your cravings at once.  When served on a bagel, a burger, or even just crackers, this jelly packs some heat that will wake you up for the rest of the day!  You can make it a savory snack by having it on a cheesy bun or a sweet snack on top of some toast with honey, but any way you have it will make a fantastic snack.

Chipotle Aioli


Pic credit: Pixabay

Many refer to aioli as a dressed-up mayonnaise, and they’re not far from the truth!  Made by combining eggs, oil, and water- this sauce is fantastic on anything from burgers to fries.  It’s usually creamy on its own, but there’s no reason to let it stay that way.  Chipotle seasoning, powdered red jalapenos can be added to aioli while being whisked to create a beautiful and dangerously pink concoction.  For best results, you should let the aioli sit overnight in the fridge, which will allow the flavors to mingle truly.

Chili Garlic Sauce

From the same family of sauces as sriracha and gochujang, chili garlic sauce is a thick sauce that offers many flavors.  You can often find it fermented in sleek small jars that look radioactive because of how red they are.  This color is a clear warning to let you know about the heat inside!  Not only is this sauce incredibly spicy and ready to kick any cravings eating at you, but it’s also just a little bit sweet, with a deep savory flavor to back it as well.  This complex mixture may be a lot if you’re not prepared for it: but it’s one of the most delicious things you could eat.


This Tunisian condiment is relatively unknown next to the other spicy sauces on this list, but it’s quickly becoming a cult classic.  Made from a mix of extremely spicy roasted peppers, garlic, coriander seed, saffron, and other spices, this sauce can range from being served thin- or as a thick paste you can squeeze from a tube.  Regardless of how dense you like it, it packs a punch in the spice department.  Although it’s often used as a cooking ingredient for fish and meat dishes, it’s also just as delicious next to a plate of fries or a bowl of chips!  Just be sure not to eat it too quickly; the spice sneaks up on you!


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