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How To Freshen Up Your Home For Springtime

Spring has arrived, and there is no greater feeling than lighter nights and warmer days. It’s wonderful to wake up in the morning knowing that the sun will be shining and that the daylight will stay much longer. 

sunlight in a room

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 The only problem is, when the good weather comes, we can see problem areas in our homes much more easily. However, there are some simple fixes to ensure our homes are as fresh as the weather itself. Read on to find out more.

Move House

Moving house might seem like an extreme reaction to springtime coming around and wanting a fresher place to live, but if it’s something you’ve been thinking about for a while now, spring is a good time to start getting serious. 

 There are usually more properties on the market during this time of the year, often because, after being shut inside all winter, people are ready for something new. This means that, although you’ll have competition, you’ll also have a lot of choice when you start looking for somewhere to live. If you really want something fresh and new, a new home from Bellriver Homes will fit the bill nicely. 

 Embrace The Natural Light

Allowing as much natural light as possible to enter the house is crucial. This will make you feel good, and it will brighten up the space, and since there is so much natural light at this time of year, it’s wise to use it as much as you can. 

 Of course, there can be obstacles. However, you can increase the amount of sunshine entering the yard and house by installing bigger windows, removing window coverings, or cutting back any tall plants that might be in the way.

 Also, make sure you clean your windows regularly. When we take on the task of cleaning our homes, we often overlook the windows, yet it’s likely there are smudges and marks on every pane. Why leave them there when you can just throw on some gloves, grab some clothes, and wipe the windows clean? And, because it’s spring, it doesn’t hurt to open them up and allow some fresh air and warm sunlight in.

 Add Greenery

Plants can add life and colour to a room, making it seem more like a home. Certain varieties improve air quality and provide a mild, natural scent that rivals any synthetic air freshener and will unquestionably make your house look and feel fresh.

 Being outside in nature has been shown to alleviate stress and refresh your body and mind. Although it is not the same as wandering through a forest, introducing plants into your house may help you feel better at the end of the day. The ability of plants to filter the air also benefits your general health, allowing you to cope with stress more effectively.

Add Small Details 

If you haven’t changed the small details in your home for a while, now is the time to do it. You could add Luminati acrylic photo frames with up-to-date family pictures, a new feature wall in your living room, or a new rug under your dining table. These small details can freshen up your living space and make it feel more homely. You could even bring in some spring flowers and bring the outside in

 Rethink Your Layout

You can dramatically change the flow of a space with a pen, paper, and a little muscle. Plan an entirely new layout using your current furniture. This could mean placing your couch near a window or bringing furniture closer together and away from the walls. Don’t be afraid to bring in accent furnishings from other rooms or exchange artwork from one room to the next. You’ll be amazed at how fresh everything feels, and it won’t even cost you anything to do. 

Note: This is a collaborative post