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Top tips when choosing new windows

large window looking our over mountains

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We moved into our new house in 2014 with the decision that replacing the very old windows that came with the house was the first job we would tackle.  However….we simply couldn’t agree on what we wanted and shamefully only got the windows replaced in March of 2018.  I am not an expert not even close however I will share some tips on what worked for us in the end together with some key considerations having chatted and debated at length with a lot of window suppliers!

  1. It almost goes without staying – shop around and then shop around some more. We found some huge divergences in cost so using comparison sites for windows can be hugely beneficial especially when trying to compare like with like
  2. Drive around and look at similar type properties to see what works well and conversely what doesn’t for similar styles of houses. For example I love sash windows but they just wouldn’t suit the type of property we have.
  3. Agree key requirements before you start shopping, single, double glazing or even triple glazing- for us it was triple glazing for the back as our house at the rear backs onto a busy and noisy dual carriageway.
  4. Consider the energy efficiency of your windows as this could save you money on your heating in the longer term.
  5. There are lots of types of materials from wood, to aluminium to a alu-clad so decide which material you want within your budget constraints as there can be quite a difference.
  6. Consider options for child proofing – safety latches etc. This was critical for us with 2 busy boys!
  7. Ensure you supplier is reputable, look for references.
  8. Review whether the windows or workmanship comes with any guarantees or quality marks.

If anybody has any other helpful hints do add them in the comments section below.

Note: This is a collaborative post however I retain full editorial control
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