Tips and practical solutions for the working mother

Most working mothers, no matter how hard they try to think positively and struggle hard, are always faced with the same dilemma: How do they combine childcare with a career? In fact, they have two jobs with different requirements. In fact, they often feel that they are neglecting one job for the sake of the other. Strive for the best, but do not be disappointed by the difficulties that arise.

Children grow up fine when there is love and security, even if not everything is perfect. After all, even stay-at-home moms are not perfect. The main thing to remember is that every working mom needs valuable allies but also proper planning to be as effective as possible in her role.

The necessary settings

If you have recently become a mom, you should talk to your employer about alternatives before returning to work.

Part-time: You are legally entitled, and most employers agree to apply part-time, i.e. go an hour later and leave an hour or two earlier. By agreement with the employer, you can also normally work eight hours a week, but not work one day a week.

Work from home: It is a trend quite common abroad, which is beginning to gain ground in our country. With the use of telecommunications, the internet and computer, some tasks can be done from home. You can work part-time or agree with your employer – if possible – to work more or fewer hours at home. Doing a flexible job like that of a voice actress will allow you to manage your time at home better and become even more productive. With the right equipment at home, you can record all the required sound clips without having to be in a professional studio. Contact the Voquent company, which can offer you dozens of employment projects and career development opportunities.

Part-time work: You can discuss with your employer if there is a part-time job, e.g. a four-hour or five-hour job, that you could fill. If you are thinking of changing careers again, you can turn to part-time work.

At some point, of course, the benefits end, and you just need to cope with your role as an employee – working eight hours and often more – along with your family responsibilities. In any case, in order to be able to combine motherhood and career effectively, you must remember that you need:

  • Your partner
  • Responsible person to take care your child
  • Recipient employer

Relative trust person

Whether you decide to take full care of the child or not, remember that you should have a good relationship with this person, because you will definitely need his help, for example, in cases where the babysitter needs to be missing, or the child is sick and can not go to the station. If again this relative is going to take total care of the child, you have to remember that there is a quality difference compared to the babysitter. You need to set some fixed rules but at the same time respect that some things will be done differently from your own.

Babysitter business

Many parents prefer the babysitter solution, especially if they have a baby because this way they avoid the morning commute and have no problem when the child is sick. It would be best if you were extremely careful, however, when searching for the right babysitter. The solution of the woman who is hired for the housework with the prospect of taking care of the child is definitely not the best.

Preparing for kindergarten

It is the choice that you will end up with sooner or later. Some start kindergarten early, and others wait for children to reach the age of 3 years. In any case, remember that kindergarten is a transitional stage that requires good preparation.

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