Why Sign Your Child Up For Football Lessons?

Why Sign Your Child Up For Football Lessons?

Hobbies and team activities play an important role in the development of children, helping them learn, grow and expand their horizons. For most kids, some sort of sporting hobby can be an excellent way to keep them occupied, healthy, and make new friends. 

One such sport is football – over the last decade, there has been a huge rise in the uptake of football as a hobby, for both boys and girls, of all ages. In this article, we look at the benefits of football and why it’s worth considering signing your child up for football lessons. 

The Benefits Of Football 

As mentioned, the popularity of football has increased amongst children. Although it has always been a popular sport, it has become much more inclusive, especially of girls, younger children, and children who want to participate at a casual level. No longer are football schools and lessons solely for children that show early talent – the game is for children of all abilities and levels of interest. 


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So, what are the benefits of football and why is it such a great hobby for kids? 

The primary benefit of football is that it helps children develop a great attitude towards health and exercise at a young age. Football is a great all-around workout that is good for cardiovascular health and keeping muscles in shape. Whilst it’s healthy, it’s also fun and is a good way for kids to burn off extra energy! Participating in football regularly will keep kids healthy and perhaps in the long term develop a good attitude towards looking after themselves. 

Football is also a game that teaches many lessons and values to those who participate. A key skill required for playing football is the ability to be a team player. Developing this ability in children from an early age sets them up for later in life when being part of a team will be crucial – in the workplace for example. Good communication skills are also required in a game of football, again, another essential life skill! 

There are many other lessons a child can learn through football too – how to show good sportsmanship, express empathy, and develop their understanding of others. 

Why Football Lessons For Kids? 

Football lessons for kids help formalise their hobby, make it a part of their routine, and enable them to socialise and make friends with other children. 

Football Academies for kids, like Kixx, who run football lessons up and down the country, place a big emphasis on the fun, social side of football. Open to kids from 18 months to 10 years of age, they welcome boys and girls of all abilities, to positively impact a child’s life at every opportunity. 

Building football lessons into a child’s life (if they express an interest in it!) can start as early as under five! From around 18 months old, a child will start to be able to make the connection between ball and foot, benefiting from the coordination skills that can be learnt through kicking a ball around. 

But, kids can join at any age too – even if it’s something they have recently gotten into. You may notice after events like the World Cup, that many more children may start to take an interest in football than were previously interested. 

What do you think? Would you encourage your kids to play football or sign them up for lessons? 

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