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5 Great Tips for Packing and Moving Valuable Art

We all love fine objects of art, and when it comes to moving such items, one has to be very careful indeed, as these delicate objects can easily get damaged. Here are a few tips from the professionals regarding the transportation of art.


Framed Art

A framed oil painting or print that has a glass front should be protected by first sticking a large cross of masking tape across the glass, which would hold any pieces together in the event of a breakage. If the art does not have glass, you need to protect the painted surface and wrapping the frame with cling film is the best solution, making sure, of course, that the cling film cannot touch the painted surface. Then, wrap the entire thing in a layer of bubble wrap, which protects against bumps and knocks of any kind, and the item is ready to be transported.

Packing Sculptures

Delicate sculptures need to be very well protected, and if you live in Australia, Vic Palmer Removals and Storage is the trusted office removals Brisbane expert with a lot of experience transporting objects of art and valuable antiques. They do not just offer office removals but residential home moving as well. When dealing with sculptures, start with wrapping the delicate parts with cling film which will protect the surfaces, and then wrap tailored strips of bubble wrap on top of the cling film, using tape to secure them. Eventually, you will end up with an egg-shaped object that is 100% protected and the item can be stored and tied down on the vehicle.

Large Sculptures

This would involve the use of a made to measure crate, and with lots of bubble wrap, the item will not move around while inside the crate. You are not advised to transport large sculptures, rather you should call in a professional removalist that has experiencing moving valuable objects of art.

Think Things Through

You need to look at the complete journey, starting with leaving your current home, right through to entering the new abode and arriving at the eventual destination just to make sure that there are no tight corners or other obstacles that might prove to be a problem. This really only applies to larger pieces of art, obviously, as smaller items are not usually an issue, and you should also look at the route, to determine if there are uneven sections of road that might be a problem.


If the piece is very valuable, then you should have it insured, and depending on the value, the removalist’s insurance might cover the transportation. Even when experienced people are handling the move, it is better to have it fully insured for every eventuality.

Whatever the items of art you need moving, talk to an experienced removalist who handles expensive art items, and they would be happy to visit you, inspect the items and offer a competitive quote to handle the project. By using the professionals, you can rest assured that your valuable art is in safe hands.


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