5 Ways To Save Money While Driving That You Can Start Today

As families, we are always looking to save money on daily costs –  mainly so we can put it towards things that are more fun, such as days out and taking family trips together. Driving is usually a significant cost, both when it comes to buying a new car, maintaining it and paying for fuel and wear and tear. The good news is, there are lots of ways to save here and there on the cost of motoring. Some are large savings, others small, but taken together they can add up to a decent amount.

Use A Cashback Card To Buy Fuel


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If fuel is a regular outlay of a set amount for you, then it could be well worth hunting down a cashback credit card. Use the card to purchase fuel but avoid debt by setting a direct debit to pay it off promptly each month. Even though it’s only a small amount, this method can get you something back each time you drive, and over time it really adds up. Some supermarkets also offer loyalty card points when you refuel with them, so you can double up and get even more for your spend.

Assess Your Driving Style

You can learn to drive more economically in order to save fuel. Things like accelerating rapidly then having to come rapidly to a complete stop obviously consume more fuel than more measured driving. Some insurance policies will provide you with a ‘black box’ or sometimes a mobile phone app that monitors your driving style and can give tips on driving more safely and economically.

Shop Around For Car Insurance

One of the biggest money mistakes you can make is staying with the same car insurance provider – it’s one scenario where loyalty definitely doesn’t pay! Always shop around yourself or use price comparison sites to find the best deals, especially if you have more than one vehicle to insure. You will still be able to keep your no claims discount and benefit from introductory savings as well.

Make Sure Your Tyres Are Properly Inflated

It’s a simple fix, and yet it’s something that not many of us remember to do regularly – but keeping your tyres inflated to the correct pressure can really help reduce fuel consumption. You can get a tyre inflator to use at home or go to a garage or petrol station. Even the minimal difference of tyres under-inflated by just 15psi can use six per cent more fuel! That means on a 60 litre tank, you’d get 26 more miles of fuel. So it’s easy to see how that can quickly add up over time.

Find Cheaper Parking

Parking is an often overlooked cost that can also add up. If you’re going on a trip or driving to the airport, try pre-booking parking as that can often be significantly cheaper. Using apps like Parkopedia can also help you to identify much cheaper places to leave your car securely than the most obvious car parks you see driving into a city. 


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