6 Steps to Creating an Effective Brand Awareness Campaign


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In a world where there are so many options for any given product or service, customers have the luxury of being able to pick or choose whatever they want. It’s up to you as a business owner to make sure they choose your business every time. It’s not just about attracting new clients but making sure they stay around and become loyal repeat clients. How do you do this?

Make Sure Your Website Is Intuitive and Easy-To-Use

An easy-to-use website will always keep customers coming back. No one wants to spend time and energy figuring out how to navigate a site. It should be intuitive and contain all the information they need at a glance. Get an expert designer such as Design4Retail to create the right brand and strategy that will keep your business soaring.

Provide High-Quality Customer Service

Do you go out of your way to make sure clients are happy and satisfied when interacting with your business? Your company should offer customers a better experience than anyone else can in your industry. 

Provide customer service that is open and available to everyone. Offer customers a hassle-free experience and quick resolutions when they have problems. Remember to be consistent in your interactions so you can maintain good relationships with clients.

Be Responsive

Be timely and responsive when interacting with clients through email, social media, and phone calls. Respond promptly within two hours of receiving an inquiry, and when you can’t, don’t let the business day end before communicating back. Although automated responses assure the client that you’ve received their message, it’s better if you can respond personally.

Create Offers and Incentives

Offers and incentives are the easiest way to get customers to choose your business. They also work well if you have a small marketing budget since they don’t require much money or time. The key is determining what offers will attract new clients and keep old ones coming back.

For example, you can reduce the price or offer discounts on bulk shopping, give away freebies with every purchase, or offer unlimited service for a limited time. However, always make sure your price is competitive. 

Offer Quality

The number one thing that will attract customers to your store is quality products and services. Offer what you promise. If you say a product is durable, it has to be. If you promise to make same-day delivery, you have to make sure customers receive the shipment quickly. Also, pack items correctly to avoid damage during shipment. 

If you offer products and services to the international market, go an extra step to make your company ISO certified. The effort will show your customers that the services or products they’re buying are reliable and safe. 

Offer a Guarantee

One of the best ways to attract customers is by offering them a guarantee. It’s hard for them not to shop from your store when they know there’s no risk in trying your products or services. You might offer free shipping, a try-out period, or cashback on items returned before a stated time frame.

When the brand awareness exercise is a long-term strategy, you achieve better results.


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