6 Tips To Enhance Employee Engagement in the Remote Work Era

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Almost 40% of employees in the UK worked from home during 2020, and over a quarter of UK businesses reported embracing remote and home working. After all, for a portion of employees, these arrangements are much more beneficial and convenient than coming into the office every day. Whether you have decided to entirely switch to remote working or embrace a hybrid model of work, it is essential to understand how to engage with your employees. Here are some tips to help you get started. 

Use Technology and Social Media

Using technology and social media in the right way can help you build engagement with your remote team. Thanks to these channels, you can encourage education and training, but you can also launch fun initiatives such as contests and competitions. These can be tailored to your business or industry and can involve rewards for the employees that take part in them. 

Ask for Feedback

Gaining feedback and continuing to innovate is essential to growing your business. If this is your goal and you wish to keep your company up to date and competitive, you will need to analyse current trends and your employees’ needs and wants. For this, the best way to get started is to ask directly for your employees’ opinions. Listen to them and collect pieces of inspiration through surveys and reviews. 

Let Them Know What’s Happening

Statistics have shown that, for 70% of executives, employee engagement is important for the company’s success, and an engaged workforce can reduce absenteeism, productivity, and income. At the same time, over 85% of employees don’t feel engaged in the workplace – and this percentage is bound to continue rising when your talents work from home! 

To prevent them from feeling detached and isolated, make sure you keep all channels of communication open. Let them know what is happening inside the company at all times!

Provide Training

Providing training is crucial to increase engagement. In fact, training can be a strong motivator, especially if it involves training the employee on nationally appreciated industry standards. This knowledge can help them feel like they are developing their skills and knowledge and they are up to date with the latest developments. Make sure you schedule regular training sessions.

Ensure They Have the Right Tools for Productivity

While some of your employees might have adapted to working from home in no time, for others it is all more complicated. Make sure all of your employees have the right tools to give their best even when working from home. These tools include must-haves such as needed devices, collaboration software, and essential systems. However, you should also consider providing subscriptions to sports, meditation, and productivity apps that can help them achieve a new work-life balance. 

Organise Events

Events, whether these are online or in-person, can bring together all remote employees, giving them the chance to learn something new together, share ideas, and catch up. Of course, virtual hangouts are important but inviting experienced corporate event speakers, organising activities, and providing them with a safe space to interact is essential for team building. 

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