7 Fruits to Dry and Eat


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Fruits are not only delicious, but also healthy for consumption. This makes fruits a good alternative for people who want to pursue a healthy diet. However, fresh fruits do not always retain their freshness after a couple of days. Unless you are storing them in the fridge, the fruits may decay over time. Thus, an alternate method of keeping the nutrition high, while maintaining the richness in taste is by dehydrating the fruit. This post will share some of the best fruits that you can dehydrate and consume even after weeks. Go through the list of the fruits below and choose the ones that you love to consume.



These fruits are one of the most delicious, especially when they are dehydrated. Many people who go on camping trips, etc., like to carry these with them as a snack.



This fruit is available in many desserts. Besides being incredibly tasty, these are also incorporating many health benefits. A benefit of dates is that you can rehydrate them when needed so that you can add them in various recipes. Some recommended recipes that you ought to try using dried dates are chocolate tart, quinoa truffles with date nuts, almond butter / date caramel with apple (raw) sandwiches.



Tomatoes have also been considered one of the Best Fruits To Dehydrate, and many people do not even know about this. The method to enjoy dried tomatoes is best when you grind them after dehydrating them. Now, you have multiple options to use it to create ketchup, puree, or add them in other sauces as per your requirements for a particular dish.





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These sweet fruits taste very savory when one removes their moisture from them. The taste that you get is an exotic combination of sweet and tangy, which children love to eat. If you add dried strawberries to trail mixes and smoothies, you can enhance its flavor and make nutritious and appetizing recipes.




Dried banana chips have been known to serve as an alternative to regular potato chips as these are these contain much more nutrition compared to the latter. However, you should avoid munching them uncontrollably, as these are also containing fat. Regulate their consumption, as these chips can be highly addictive just like their counter part.  In addition, you can use dehydrated bananas for various traditional dishes for lunch and dinners.




dried fruit

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This fruit is one of the most dried ones used in several types of deserts and dishes. You can even try them as a snack dipped in peanut butter, etc. One of the best ways to consume it is by making an apple pie out of them.




You may have seen dried cherries on top of cakes, ice creams, mock tails, etc. These fruits have been known to serve its purpose really well. Kids love them too. 

Try dehydrating such fruits and add them to various recipes you have been waiting to try. You are surely going to love consuming them for their taste and health advantages.

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