A Checklist for Planning a Funeral

It isn’t an easy topic, but it’s an important one. Especially when you’re a busy parent also trying to deal with their grief of losing a loved one, funeral planning can be a challenge, and you may even be uncertain where to start or which points you may have missed. 

Let this checklist help you. 

  • Decide Whether it Should be a Burial or Cremation 

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It may be that your loved one always spoke about their own preference, or perhaps they left instructions in their will or by other means. If not, then you should think about your loved one and what you feel they would have preferred. It can be a hard choice to make if you’re not sure, but you can always seek the advice of others. 

  • Choose a Funeral Director 

The right funeral director is going to make everything immeasurably easier. You can always visit a few places to see how you feel about the atmosphere and the interaction. You need to feel fully supported and comfortable with the director you are dealing with, and be sure they understand your loved one’s needs and wants. Professional companies like Exit Here offer full packages and 24/7 support. 

  • Pick the Right Burial Site or Crematorium 

This may be somewhere local to you, a location you knew your loved one enjoyed, or it may be that other relatives have been laid to rest in the same place, and you would like to, therefore, use the same site. 

  • Decide Whether to Have a Viewing 

You have the option of viewing an open-casket before the official funeral takes place. You might want to do this alone or invite close friends or family to attend, too. 

  • Choose the Extras 

You should make choices on flowers and arrangements for the place of service. Then, also choose a casket or coffin or an urn if there is to be a cremation. You will also have a choice for the headstone or plaque for the place of rest. 

  • Inform Family and Friends of the Time and Place 

You should send out invitations to those who you would like to attend, whether officially in the post or simply by letting people know when the funeral is to take place. Sometimes, you can put out a notice of the funeral and welcome anyone to turn up. 

  • Think About Transportation 

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Traditionally, you should arrange cars to transport key family members or friends to the place of the service, and have other guests make their own way there. You should think about how many vehicles or seats are required.

  • Choose What to Include in the Service 

There may be a certain piece of music your loved one enjoyed or a poem you would like to read. Remember, anything can be included in the service. 

Final Thoughts 

This checklist is provided as a guide only, and of course any funeral plans are completely personal to you and your loved one. You never have to feel pressured to be conventional or have a service that requires a significant number of attendees. Whether large or private, basic or extravagant, any service should be with your loved one in mind and within your chosen budget. 

Note: This is a collaborative post
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