A glimpse at the main man in the Mamma Fairy house

So who is the Dada Fairy, the man who much prefers to stay in the background? Everybody knows I like to write, to blog, to ramble, to talk…..but what does the Dada Fairy do with his spare time??

car racing

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Well, to put it mildly he is car mad! Whether that’s racing, cleaning, looking at them, he doesn’t discriminate he loves it all equally!  Myself on the other hand can just about drive a car! However years of living with a car fanatic have taught me a few things. Roll back 10 years and I wouldn’t have had a clue what a slipstream was. Now I can talk somewhat confidentially about slipstreaming or in layman’s terms when a vehicle takes advantage of the space behind another vehicle where there are decreased air and wind resistance.

While I am nor will I ever be any kind of expert on motor sports. My knowledge does extend to having a vague knowledge of preparing for racing or track days to those more in the know. To be honest some of the tips here can be extended to everyday driving life, whether that’s proper servicing, safety features in the car such as fire extinguishers and first aid kits and critically proper tyres. The emphasis of this  cannot be stressed enough.

While I may not be into racing in the way that the Dada Fairy is id love so much to be driven in a racing car or maybe something a little gentler on the nerves like a driving experience in an Aston Martin or Ferrari. Now that is the kind of motor sport I can really get behind!!

I think its funny how in relationship while we are very much independent we do tend to gravitate to having a tangential interest in what the other person is doing. While he wouldn’t be into blogging he will happily chat to me about it even suggesting topics or new things to try on the blog. I suppose that’s how relationships work, its the give and take, the compromise and taking an interest in what the other is doing.

Anybody else with a car fanatic other half?? Do tell me more……..

Note: This is a collaborative post however I retain full editorial control


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